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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Started CO2, stem plant roots everywhere now?
  2. Should I cut this out?
  3. Any suggestions?
  4. Help! Proserpinaca Palustris leaves are rotten.
  5. What are these?!?
  6. OMG! I'm a "grandmother"! Need advice from all you fish experts!
  7. oto/corys/shrimp...??
  8. Got a minute? Check my situation.
  9. Acrylic Aquariums Direct
  10. Any way to limit plant size?? (pics)
  11. New Fauna for Amazon Biotope! Input required :)
  12. Check out my giant two foot tweezers.....haha
  13. HOB to Canister filter
  14. Laterite and Plant Tabs
  15. What to do to plants from LFS
  16. Need help with my Co2 regulator --- pics
  17. What did people do before...
  18. Brand New Fx5 wont start
  19. Am I cleaning too often?
  20. Best method for COČ in a 40g breeder with a HOB filter??
  21. Pretty sure I killed my sick Bolivian Ram
  22. How Can I Tell When My 20 Gallon Is Fully Cycled?
  23. mts strikes again, check it out (pic)
  24. Nervous about new stand stability
  25. Shrimp Lab? Whats up with it?
  26. Is it safe to have CO2 tank in new born room?
  27. miracle gro cycles?
  28. Finally set up my tank
  29. Pearling question
  30. Where to buy this ADA tank setup?
  31. The inner workings of the USPS's back-end? (o..O)
  32. can anyone id this? found today during water change
  33. Plant Nursery
  34. Another plant I.D.
  35. CO2 Equipment Issues on Med/Low Light Tank - Lights out for a few days?
  36. Lighting it looks like
  37. Advice for my 150 gallon tank
  38. Effectiveness of PraziPro?
  39. National/International Fish & Aquaria Show
  40. How long have you been doing this?
  41. Dosing excel for staghorn..
  42. adding plankton to new tank
  43. Question about Co2 and Light schedule
  44. Loyalty pays!
  45. RCS & Selective Breeding..
  46. Regular miracle grow in aquarium?
  47. Mangrove Riparium
  48. Do I have to waterchange after H2O2 treatment?
  49. Java fern gametophyte?
  50. co2 levels
  51. Lots of "Dust" or Debris In Aquarium
  52. Trying something new
  53. Where to buy Co2 Equipment?
  54. Misc Problems I need help with
  55. quarentine tank advise
  56. Plant stems keep rotting
  57. Help with planning, lots of light.
  58. Water bug? Did I get lucky and get some weird shrimp?
  59. Amano shrimp keep dying
  60. 500gph Too much?
  61. selling driftwood?
  62. angelfish with crooked mouth
  63. Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae)(Pot) questions
  64. Sailfin Molly picking on Platy....suggestions?
  65. A long way to set up a planted tank
  66. My FishRoom
  67. Drop Checker???
  68. Ready for some tank drama?
  69. Starting a Tank
  70. How to Clean: Eheim Pro3e Canister Filter
  71. adding water to dry start tank
  72. I feel like rescaping is a mental disorder...
  73. CO2 Questions
  74. Getting the Lights Right
  75. Filter for the "scum"
  76. I think it's time for window please
  77. DIY reflector for T8
  78. 55 g, substrate, HC, lighting
  79. Green Cabomba
  80. stacking large aquariums on one stand?
  81. Project Bonito in Brazil a Huge Planted Pond
  82. Newbie question??
  83. Thinking about starting a planted tank
  84. might be setting up a planted tank
  85. Skinny fish...not eating?
  86. Flat worm?
  87. Viewing Aquarium Critters: New Microscope for my eleven year old son.
  88. Happy New Years!!!
  89. Gentian violet as a substitute for potassium permanganate?
  90. Solder as plant weights?
  91. What's your New Years Resolution?
  92. Algae on Tank Glass
  93. Need help!!!! ASAP PLEASE
  94. making of changes!!
  95. How does your significant other feel about the hobby?
  96. Painted myself in to a corner
  97. Plant ID?
  98. need new ideas for tank!!
  99. Need help finding a canopy for light requirment.
  100. My 15 Gallon **Pic Heavy**
  101. Is this enough light?
  102. Onyx Sand and layering?
  103. redoing my tank room
  104. Hydrogen peroxide and moss.
  105. Rena XP2
  106. the impossible dream
  107. check out my new 2.5g setup (PICS)
  108. Need some help with a nano tank!
  109. The THING in the Substrate
  110. What's on my glass?
  111. How to Store Driftwood
  112. Shrimp & fish combo platter
  113. Wood
  114. bare bones 29g...
  115. 40g breeder el natural (troubleshooting)
  116. Allergic to my tank!!?!
  117. What is EI dosing and do I need to do it?? HELP.
  118. Cheap Glass???
  119. Canadians - where do you get?
  120. id my new plecos (PICS)
  121. Liquid CO2, Moss, Crypts and Shrimp
  122. Complete newbie needs help!
  123. want to make my tank a jungle!
  124. Adding Eco-Complete.
  125. how can i get my fish to school?
  126. Prime by seachem and diyco2
  127. How to fix reactor problem
  128. Ready to give up. They're all dying *sob*
  129. is click-n-ship a good choice
  130. amazon sword two week before and after (PICS)
  131. HELP! with my newly set-up low-tech dirt tank please
  132. PetCo $1/gallon sale
  133. new vallisneria leaves look weird? (PICS)
  134. 4dkh solution
  135. How much dirt?
  136. problems with DIY Co2
  137. CO2 bubbles in the tank - doing something wrong?
  138. Neon Tetra help
  139. aqueon 2,4,8 cube
  140. why is my ph all over the place?
  141. wet/dry for use w CO2 ???
  142. Automatic Fishfeeder?
  143. poor growth at lower portion of stems
  144. pre-tank setup almost done, what next!?
  145. Plants plugging filter intake
  146. holy crap. i think i should start over
  147. Merry Christmas everyone
  148. Help
  149. 10 gallon CO2 tank freeeeeebbbbbiiiie :-)
  150. Merry Xmas to me- New ADA Mini-M !
  151. good books on planted aquariums???
  152. Light upgrade help
  153. Stocking flora and fauna help
  154. buffering ph?
  155. Good Air Purifier
  156. thefisherman's 20 long update (pics)
  157. Moving...tank help
  158. Boiling clay pot?
  159. smokey top of water
  160. what is growing on my driftwood? (PIC)
  161. Plant additions?
  162. Nitrate question - First Cycle
  163. Cycling help needed....
  164. Cleaning up a used tank
  165. When to get rid of a plant...
  166. Can A Reefer Convert and be Happy with a Planted Tank?
  167. Spray painting pipes?
  168. New tank cycling
  169. Thinking of getting back into the hobby - Want some Ideas
  170. Rookie..searching for advice and education!
  171. Rams and Barbs
  172. Help! 40 cube Reef to Planted
  173. Best Carbonate and General Hardness test kit?
  174. Question on a 20 long
  175. adding fish to Cycled tank?
  176. Help!! Crazy fish are eating my planted tank????
  177. Fertilizer dosing, while on vacation
  178. how do I get my ground cover to grow??
  179. question about convicts and plants
  180. Larva? ID question
  181. particals in water colomn
  182. is my tank overstocked?
  183. Cover for open top tanks?
  184. Excell and shrimps
  185. Why does Excel work? What's the science behind it?
  186. High temperature plants?
  187. C.a.r.e.s.
  188. CO2 Internal Reactor Questions
  189. will plants stop growing
  190. Eco-complete outta water?
  191. pet store in Bangkok
  192. low tech nano update
  193. Received a soda maker...
  194. Using Dehumidifier water?
  195. Osmocote plus used with shrimp
  196. Electronic GH/KH Meter
  197. duckweed + anacharis= bigger bioload?
  198. How to remove methylene blue stains from carpet?
  199. Boil in sections?
  200. Breaking Out of Nano
  201. Is it to close to Christmas to ship moss?
  202. Good Tank Day :)
  203. new to the game
  204. Dirted Tank Cloudy for 2 Months...
  205. Walkthrough
  206. Rimless Tanks - Options in Larger Sizes?
  207. Dont Buy Marineland Products
  208. Transferring 10G into 33G. Is the Cycle Shorter?
  209. Combat Hydra?
  210. bubble counter question
  211. Algae Shocking
  212. Where Are Your Tanks?
  213. Co2 equipment difficulties
  214. Cycle Question from Newbie
  215. Got some pearling! Yet I fail at carpet plants.
  216. Seachem Flourish Comprehensive enough?
  217. How to get rid of Snails?
  218. ph controller set up
  219. Increase KH/PH so I can dose more CO2
  220. need light timer help
  221. best way to eradicate leeches ?
  222. Questions using mgocpm sub
  223. Starting 10 Gal dirt tank NEED ALOT OF Help
  224. 55gal need help ideas from people
  225. Fertilizer First Timer
  226. Substrate
  227. Changing Filter Cartridges Cause Mini-Cycles?
  228. How much water movement?
  229. How Much light?
  230. Where does everyone buy there styrofoam insulation for shipping
  231. Is there a best time of day to clean and prune?
  232. Strange Bug
  233. One of those days
  234. 55g trim
  235. Help me get ready !
  236. Cleaning Question
  237. 20 gal long pleco tank. A few questions.
  238. Bad Smell From Boiling Driftwood?
  239. advise on fixing acrylic tank (windex mistake)
  240. stocking my 55 gallon
  241. plant ID?
  242. Hello all, glad to have joined!
  243. Worst day ever
  244. Stocking Ideas for 15Gallon Tank
  245. Changing filters
  246. i found a zebra Otocinclus!
  247. Pond snail relief
  248. little siphon/vaccuum?
  249. Glueing anubias
  250. Starting plant package list for new 20gal tank? Help wanted!