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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. what is growing on my driftwood? (PIC)
  2. Plant additions?
  3. Nitrate question - First Cycle
  4. Cycling help needed....
  5. Cleaning up a used tank
  6. When to get rid of a plant...
  7. Can A Reefer Convert and be Happy with a Planted Tank?
  8. Spray painting pipes?
  9. New tank cycling
  10. Thinking of getting back into the hobby - Want some Ideas
  11. Rookie..searching for advice and education!
  12. Rams and Barbs
  13. Help! 40 cube Reef to Planted
  14. Best Carbonate and General Hardness test kit?
  15. Question on a 20 long
  16. adding fish to Cycled tank?
  17. Help!! Crazy fish are eating my planted tank????
  18. Fertilizer dosing, while on vacation
  19. how do I get my ground cover to grow??
  20. question about convicts and plants
  21. Larva? ID question
  22. particals in water colomn
  23. is my tank overstocked?
  24. Cover for open top tanks?
  25. Excell and shrimps
  26. Why does Excel work? What's the science behind it?
  27. High temperature plants?
  28. C.a.r.e.s.
  29. CO2 Internal Reactor Questions
  30. will plants stop growing
  31. Eco-complete outta water?
  32. pet store in Bangkok
  33. low tech nano update
  34. Received a soda maker...
  35. Using Dehumidifier water?
  36. Osmocote plus used with shrimp
  37. Electronic GH/KH Meter
  38. duckweed + anacharis= bigger bioload?
  39. How to remove methylene blue stains from carpet?
  40. Boil in sections?
  41. Breaking Out of Nano
  42. Is it to close to Christmas to ship moss?
  43. Good Tank Day :)
  44. new to the game
  45. Dirted Tank Cloudy for 2 Months...
  46. Walkthrough
  47. Rimless Tanks - Options in Larger Sizes?
  48. Dont Buy Marineland Products
  49. Transferring 10G into 33G. Is the Cycle Shorter?
  50. Combat Hydra?
  51. bubble counter question
  52. Algae Shocking
  53. Where Are Your Tanks?
  54. Co2 equipment difficulties
  55. Cycle Question from Newbie
  56. Got some pearling! Yet I fail at carpet plants.
  57. Seachem Flourish Comprehensive enough?
  58. How to get rid of Snails?
  59. ph controller set up
  60. Increase KH/PH so I can dose more CO2
  61. need light timer help
  62. best way to eradicate leeches ?
  63. Questions using mgocpm sub
  64. Starting 10 Gal dirt tank NEED ALOT OF Help
  65. 55gal need help ideas from people
  66. Fertilizer First Timer
  67. Substrate
  68. Changing Filter Cartridges Cause Mini-Cycles?
  69. How much water movement?
  70. How Much light?
  71. Where does everyone buy there styrofoam insulation for shipping
  72. Is there a best time of day to clean and prune?
  73. Strange Bug
  74. One of those days
  75. 55g trim
  76. Help me get ready !
  77. Cleaning Question
  78. 20 gal long pleco tank. A few questions.
  79. Bad Smell From Boiling Driftwood?
  80. advise on fixing acrylic tank (windex mistake)
  81. stocking my 55 gallon
  82. plant ID?
  83. Hello all, glad to have joined!
  84. Worst day ever
  85. Stocking Ideas for 15Gallon Tank
  86. Changing filters
  87. i found a zebra Otocinclus!
  88. Pond snail relief
  89. little siphon/vaccuum?
  90. Glueing anubias
  91. Starting plant package list for new 20gal tank? Help wanted!
  92. Algea spikes when i use ferts
  93. First year tank journey!
  94. Fissidens and peroxide?
  95. Save or throw out?
  96. Rapid growth
  97. Question on Trimming Amazon Swords
  98. How do you guys manage to eliminate all dead spots?
  99. Putting together a 72 G Bow
  100. $400 CRS set up!
  101. Question about tank cycling....
  102. Temperature experiment with Amazon Swords.
  103. Mosses/plants
  104. Filtration
  105. my tank (tons of pics)
  106. cycling a new tank
  107. Earthworm in my substrate?
  108. End of tank dump
  109. Hi again guyz
  110. I been lazy and got algae problem
  111. Help needed reading my regulator readings
  112. Splitting CO2 output
  113. Shipping Shrimp
  114. How to stop white slime from covering driftwood?
  115. tank stand question
  116. Food/Feeding Guidance Thread?
  117. Most expensive shrimp purchase?
  118. [RESULT] IPPA Expo Aquascaping Contest 2011 (Indonesia)
  119. Questions on how to do things...
  120. help with crypt id (wendtii vs walkerii)
  121. First Time Actual Aquarium
  122. Narrow leaf melt (after high-tech)
  123. Power usage + utility company = police raid . . .??
  124. Question about Lights and Fans
  125. Potting Plants
  126. First Cycle Question
  127. HELP!!! After running my new filter on a new tank, I am getting brown/red water!
  128. Spots on plants and rock
  129. axolotl (sp?)
  130. New to planted, need a little help plz
  131. HELP ....My diy co2 melted my blyxa
  132. New Tank, Size?
  133. Best med for internal parasites?
  134. North Carolina residents
  135. killing hydra and pond snails
  136. Source for Potassium Permanganate
  137. How should I change the moss on my driftwood?
  138. Question about plants after purchase
  139. Looking for really pure muriatic acid (aka HCL)
  140. How long to leave lights on?
  141. Need experienced opinions
  142. Potassium permanganate: how long is too long?
  143. Doomed myself
  144. Can you grow live food?
  145. Most Nutritious Live Foods?
  146. 3 week Vacation...
  147. Amanos with betta
  148. Using the Search Feature Efficiently
  149. Extremely low pH in established tank...Need help
  150. Blyxa in gravel?
  151. CLR vs. Muriatic acid to remove hard water scale?
  152. Cloudy Water and Stuff
  153. SW sponge ID, my buddies tank
  154. Final piece to the puzzle....please help
  155. Upgrade advice
  156. backgrounds
  157. New to this, got a few Questions (or a lot)
  158. Moss id plz
  159. Stinkin winter! Should I consider a sump?
  160. Setting up a new tank *Equipment list update
  161. 100gal easy or hard?
  162. How to make small profits to pay for hobby?
  163. new to fish keeping deciding on tank ?
  164. Plant moving
  165. Attempt at low tech!
  166. Interested in a plant swap
  167. I'm Back!
  168. Killed off my plants
  169. Wanted Plant Product Testers
  170. best way or diffuser
  171. I can find a 1/32 to dose my dry ferts on my ten gallon
  172. Leaves getting brown/black
  173. Filter Media question during Ich treatment
  174. 40b or 60g cube?
  175. Average Plant Prices
  176. Driftwood
  177. Rock ID?
  178. Need advice on upgrading
  179. how much water movement in tank?
  180. PH what do you keep it at?
  181. How important is the Cap depth on a dirt tank?
  182. Aquarium Tops
  183. Made video for how to cycle a tank. Let me know what you think
  184. LOL - flag pole tetra?
  185. Fish apocalypse aftermath
  186. Correct soil / Osmocote?
  187. Metering Valve HELP!
  188. How do you plant deep / tall tanks?
  189. how can u
  190. Where to find Potassium Permanganate
  191. Manzanita replacement?
  192. Working at a LFS?
  193. Pleco Poop!
  194. Light Time Schedule
  195. Very sad day today
  196. Collectoritus
  197. Painting acrylic
  198. High Tech 75g Help
  199. RO water
  200. Plumbing with Canister
  201. 2 Gallon office tank
  202. Mineral oil in the aquarium....
  203. Newbie Looking for Set-Up/ Equiptment Advice.
  204. my new/switchover tank (need guidance)
  205. Night lighting for tanks?
  206. baby bettas at chain stores
  207. timming vals
  208. MTS stands for too many things.
  209. Shrimp help
  210. Suggestions for tank in 5-30 gallon range???
  211. Moving across town - need some info
  212. ADA has its own youtube channel!?
  213. ADA products in NYC
  214. Shipping some frogbit
  215. Starting Emersed Plant Setup: Need Your Thoughts!
  216. Brown Algae?
  217. Hello, a couple questions and my tank...
  218. Who got the Largest Tank Here?
  219. How to use bonsai soil?
  220. Gray Granite Tank Frame?
  221. Ludwigia inclinata var Cuba
  222. Waaaaait for it... (video)
  223. Safe (dry prime) water conditioner
  224. C02 Setup
  225. Water Movment?
  226. How often do you rinse your filter...?
  227. PinHole Leak Fix
  228. idea for tank..
  229. Co2 problem
  230. New guy making old mistakes
  231. Water Question
  232. what is up with my paintball co2?
  233. Particles in water...?
  234. Why dont people use airstones to diffuse CO2?
  235. Please critique my plans (short, not wordy :-))
  236. Enough light??
  237. Water turnover
  238. What should I do next?
  239. nitrogen cycle
  240. Algae is the devil
  241. Is 4wpg too much without CO2? Algae Issues?
  242. 75 gallon background.
  243. Emersed set up temperature ?
  244. what Plants??
  245. water level question
  246. Covered or Uncovered??
  247. Question on 29 gallon tank
  248. Green water?!?!?!?!?
  249. which floater?
  250. brown nylon hairnets ok for moss attachment?