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  1. Algae is the devil
  2. Is 4wpg too much without CO2? Algae Issues?
  3. 75 gallon background.
  4. Emersed set up temperature ?
  5. what Plants??
  6. water level question
  7. Covered or Uncovered??
  8. Question on 29 gallon tank
  9. Green water?!?!?!?!?
  10. which floater?
  11. brown nylon hairnets ok for moss attachment?
  12. ph/co2?
  13. Heat packs for shipping? Need ASAP!!
  14. USPS...uugghh
  15. Native Tank ideas?
  16. Threw together a little video of my 30g high tech, 3 months in
  17. plants pearling question
  18. Feature Fish Suggestions/Opinions - 20g High
  19. adding new substrate and plant suggestions needed
  20. newb forum?
  21. Canister Question?
  22. Let's Talk About Wood
  23. Cat Drinking Tank Water
  24. tall tank, small footprint
  25. New Magazine
  26. Storing used driftwood?
  27. Dark branchy driftwood?
  28. UnderGravel Filter
  29. Proposed setup -- any suggestions?
  30. Fluval Ebi on Glass table
  31. Types of Wood Suitable for Aquatic Use
  32. Cleaning hardscape rocks with bleach?
  33. Dear Santa...
  34. wabi kusa usa?
  35. drop checker says good fish are gasping
  36. Aquascaped Clown Loach Tanks...
  37. Toxic Mold created by fish tanks?
  38. which forum sponsor for ferts?
  39. Mold in Tank (Again)
  40. Shipping driftwood
  41. DEAL!!! $14.99 - Eco-Complete Black Planted Aquarium Substrate
  42. Sword, Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis brasiliensis) or Hairgrass, Dwarf
  43. What Powerhead for 75g
  44. 125g good deal or a scam?
  45. For people with MTS, how many have downsized?
  46. using hardwood LEAVES in aquarium
  47. activated carbon
  48. 77 gallon planted journal
  49. Which is better? MTS or MGOPS
  50. 1st post and sword question. pic included
  51. Is there a way to make a new tank shrimp safe?
  52. Snail eggs? Please ID
  53. how large are baby cherry shrimp when they hatch?
  54. Substrate
  55. Liquid CO2 question
  56. I would like to convert this african chichlid tank into a planted tank
  57. Plants destroyed in customs!
  58. CO2 and sponge filters?
  59. LONG planting tool recommendation?
  60. I have worms.
  61. Setting up my first planted tank, have afew questions.
  62. A sign of no calcium?
  63. I'm such a dumbdumb..saliva in aquarium
  64. boring N cycle question
  65. Too much flow???
  66. Plants you'd like to see farmed within the hobby.
  67. Going up north in a week or two!!
  68. The Planted Tank Forum terminology.
  69. Flowers
  70. Who decides?
  71. Unusual aquarium critters....
  72. ph controller problem
  73. Major problem with tank - power out for week
  74. Using sponge in canister filter for media?
  75. are worms beneficial?
  76. Complete Newb, Needs guidence
  77. any concerns about buying used rimless tanks?
  78. GPH to Aquarium Size
  79. my first neon tetra bach : )
  80. 120gal, new Eheim 2080, spray bar location?
  81. Plant weights?
  82. Hair Algae HELP!!!
  83. HELP! any advice?
  84. Cabomba Prunage
  85. Blogs and newsletters
  86. How can I make my dwarf sag put out runners
  87. riccia wall?
  88. Hi guys...
  89. quick simple question
  90. help with ID: dwarf riccia vs regular riccia?
  91. Good Books about this Hobby?
  92. HELP. I made my substrate too deep.
  93. What is The Point of The Planted Aquarium Hobby?
  94. Just ordered my lights!
  95. Need some advice - fish dying
  96. DIY CO2 questions..
  97. Fluval Setup
  98. Please Help Me Shop For A Nano Tank Christmas Gift!
  99. Newcomer, Needs help with first planted nano
  100. Venting about Petsmart...
  101. Aquarium Kits
  102. 20 high but really 10 stocking ideas
  103. Holiday Theme - Plants in the HOB
  104. New DIY CO2, rapid decline in pH
  105. can I use diy c02 and Excel?
  106. What to do with my tanks?
  107. Why so many filters?
  108. My co2 line exploded...
  109. is there a good bubble counter
  110. how to add a picture
  111. what is this in my substrate ?
  112. what is this in my substrate ??????
  113. Oh noes!! glass cracks and water leaks.
  114. Can this be grown as a riparium plant?
  115. This forum is the bomb.
  116. Is this the correct Silicone to use?
  117. How well made is your Aquarium?
  118. Fluval Edge plant suggestions? Decor?
  119. excited
  120. Mr. Aqua 12 gallon long dimensions?
  121. Driftwood?
  122. The Wikipedia entry for "Aquascaping" needs help.
  123. Pix of tanks with Led lights?
  124. Can I renovate a tank with fish still in it?
  125. DIY Yeast CO2 - possible to have it below the tank level?
  126. AGA contest results!
  127. Can someone make sense of this
  128. Identify this Moss please
  129. night-time aeration
  130. 20L vs 30 breeder tank (plant only) help!
  131. How to avoid fish jumping out on rimless tanks?
  132. Locally collected rock question
  133. Water Circulation in a Planted Tank
  134. Eco Complete on sale at Petco
  135. Does my water look cloudy?
  136. Lighting question on second planted tabk
  137. goldfish, snails, and shrimp-- oh my.
  138. Right clay for making MTS?
  139. frustration
  140. Two questions
  141. How important hardness and PH are for the plants?
  142. Brand new filter impellar not turning...
  143. is my filter screwed?
  144. Help Identify this 210gal tank brand?
  145. I know nothing... want to get started!
  146. Custom stand price?
  147. The long journey ahead for my next planted tank!
  148. what are your top 5 favorite plants?
  149. Feeding amanos, otos
  150. equipment for a 1 gallon shrimp bowl
  151. Mistery plant.
  152. Is botia / loach safe for anubias, bucephalandra, microsorum & bolbitis?
  153. Can I get some start-up advice?
  154. filter inlet +outlet placement
  155. Daphnia to Control Greenwater?
  156. any tips for growing algae-free riccia?
  157. finnex pf-5 filter dimension
  158. Plumbing Advise?
  159. Deep tank ??
  160. Seeding sponge filter?
  161. 2 Months in, just did a large trim, hows it look?
  162. co2 drop checker
  163. Custom 55 gallon king size bed aquarium!
  164. quick question?
  165. Tanks and Kids....
  166. total noob -- needs lots of advice
  167. need advice for new 29g low tech & aquasoil and cycling questions
  168. Do You Have a Planted Riparium?
  169. Cardinals -- will they breed in my tank?
  170. Are Aqueon stands decent quality?
  171. 8' long 160 gallon recomendations!!!
  172. Platys as snake food?
  173. What kind of wood is this?
  174. How soon should I wait until I start...
  175. How soon should I wait until I start...
  176. canister media
  177. Your Oldest Tank
  178. Do you still have your starter plants????
  179. to much fuval filter?
  180. Calling all Captain America's...
  181. Look what I found in my tank
  182. Does algae cycle?
  183. books
  184. Suggestion for "Best Looking" Canister filter for 10 gallon?
  185. Burnt Driftwood?
  186. Which Aquarium?
  187. I was thinking of putting some water lettuce in a plastic tub to let them spread
  188. 29 gal with fish - now want to plant
  189. 10 Gallon Lighting
  190. SO many white worms!
  191. How do you?
  192. How's my bioload?
  193. using powerhead/sponge for the 1st time...
  194. best plant tank filter
  195. What test kit to purchase?
  196. Planted 3D Background
  197. Getting Started: 10 gallon
  198. Ammonia 0. Nitrites 0. Nitrates 20.
  199. An outbreak of some sort
  200. filtering, substrate cleaning w/ plants in
  201. Stainless steel filter
  202. dwarf baby tears on rock?
  203. Hi!!
  204. What are you "D'oh!" moments in planted tank/fish keeping?
  205. How to remove snails?
  206. Any tricks to keeping stem cuttings from floating
  207. Cycling a new tank
  208. Fluval Spec tank
  209. Ehiem 2211 filter bottom intake spiget issues
  210. stupid question
  211. Help! Moving a tank?
  212. For those of us that actually have a winter
  213. Co2... how many bps??
  214. CFL Flood Light
  215. Trimming dwarf hair grass
  216. please help fast!! what is that?
  217. Rainforest aquarium in German aquazoo (video)
  218. safe place to buy plants?
  219. best ground cover
  220. Best snail for planted tank?
  221. bloodworms and brine shrimp - eewwww!
  222. Tiny white critters
  223. What's peacock moss?
  224. What is considered heavily planted?
  225. Tetra Mess-Up - Was it ever fixed?
  226. seeding noodles...
  227. My 20gL setup after 4 weeks.
  228. Should I add CO2?
  229. Feeding Nori to plecos and other herbivores?
  230. Advice needed new tank setup!
  231. Stop tank top condensation?
  232. Outdoor Tank
  233. May be a weird question...
  234. Lighting selection
  235. How Often Do You Do WC and Fert Dosing?
  236. Fluval Edge 12 gallon : Is it worth it?
  237. Watt ratio for LED?
  238. Low-light plants, ferts via column not roots....?
  239. What do I need?
  240. Fogged Glass
  241. New to the site :)
  242. Help to understand when to run CO2
  243. Smartest Plant Tool Investment for Beginner who needs extra-long tools
  244. Powerheads
  245. Growing plants fast and lush in high light/CO2, then switching to low-light?
  246. My fist Fluval Ebi
  247. Planted tank "art galleries"
  248. what's involved in cleaning a planted tank?
  249. What plant is this?
  250. New Tank Ammonia back?