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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Pressurized co2
  2. Setting up my first real planted tank, need your help!
  3. First emersed set up
  4. Tank Cycling Products
  5. Soliciting Tank Suggestions
  6. Tank Advise..
  7. Great way to count bubbles per second!
  8. "Rebooting" your tank... steps?
  9. Ideas for a 20gal clean up crew
  10. Man! Wish I worked here!
  11. Aquarium Budget & Planning Spreadsheet
  12. Potassium Permanganate dip: Which plants?
  13. What will help get rid of blue-green algae?
  14. Help me build my new frameless aquarium :)
  15. when to fert
  16. Emersed vs DSM
  17. A Few Questions on Snail Care
  18. Purigen Increasing pH?
  19. hiding clown loaches
  20. Tank Weight?
  21. Potassium Permanganate instructions
  22. Does Methylene Blue expire?
  23. cycle question, switching tanks
  24. Co2
  25. How do I transfer some of my fish to a new tank
  26. need help with jungle vals
  27. I got gravel down the disposal...boy am I gonna get it. lol
  28. Amano & Cherry Shrimp - Time Lapse Video
  29. Curious, What kind of water does everyone use??
  30. Any Advice for a Moss Tank?
  31. Film on surface of open top tank??? Milky White :(
  32. Water movement in my tank question
  33. Very concerned about my new plants, have questions!?
  34. Stand Suggestions?
  35. Anybody have a grow out tank?
  36. Can I de-rim
  37. Oh my word, I'm inspired
  38. Moving...
  39. Petco has 29G kit for $69.99
  40. To sump or not?
  41. iPhone tracking app?
  42. Should I got from 90g to 125g?
  43. new planted build
  44. Where to buy fish?
  45. Air- Stones + CO2?
  46. Would a goldfish eat a riccia carpet?
  47. FE refills?
  48. Breeding apistos in 10 gallons
  49. JBL co2 systems?
  50. top for a 55g?
  51. what causes water to turn green?
  52. silly swapnshop question
  53. is there any benefit to CO2 under low-light?
  54. roots!
  55. marineland c160 - should I use the carbon filter?
  56. Where to buy lily pipes?????
  57. Worm in New Tank
  58. Orchids in the aquarium?
  59. Help with starting planted tank
  60. Tannins???
  61. Lily pipes for Rena filstar xp2
  62. Newbie intro / future build planning
  63. Is it possible to over-bleach Purigen?
  64. What to put underneath?
  65. test kit
  66. High light require CO2 or algae will grow- WHY
  67. Missing Cardinal Tetras
  68. Maybe crazy.....
  69. Where to buy new tank?
  70. planted discus tank advise?
  71. Collecting Species?
  72. Critter ID Needed
  73. emersed setup pots
  74. Help with Ideas and info
  75. Paintball CO2 Safe?
  76. Adverse effects from injecting CO2 into substrate?
  77. Hot topic-where to buy heat packs
  78. Oak leaves lowering pH
  79. utricularia graminifolia wallpaper (DUW)
  80. ph probe
  81. Biocube 14 gallon Aquascape Make-Over
  82. What just happened?! Help!
  83. algae pearl?
  84. Feeling down...
  85. help,
  86. Pretty aquarium stands / cabinets?
  87. Hello and some questions
  88. What the heck is this? Microscop pic and video included
  89. Cotton on wood??
  90. Painted back grounds
  91. Does anyone know how to post pics to the forum using iPhone4
  92. Leaving your aquarium for a week or more.
  93. New planted tank-first try
  94. Noob Question
  95. What are your favorite plants?
  96. First Planted Aquarium...Please Help :)
  97. How bad of an idea is this?
  98. Posting a Vid?
  99. UG in a 210?
  100. New Tank Setup - Advise Needed
  101. First ever planted tank finally up and running!
  102. The new tank delimma
  103. Initial Planting of a Large Tank
  104. Bamboo in aquariums
  105. When Do You Use Carbon?
  106. Lotus & CO2 theory
  107. am I normal?
  108. Weird smell
  109. 5 gallon cycling
  110. Bubble nest?
  111. CO2 refill cost
  112. Lowering pH?
  113. Random thought for the day :)
  114. filter recomendation needed
  115. Copepod Overload
  116. Sanity check
  117. Should I dip my new plants in anything?
  118. What do you do for a living?
  119. How to Clean Driftwood?
  120. Puntius denisoi w/red cherry shrimp
  121. want to redo, what to do with my fish?
  122. Good LFS in Sacramento
  123. Miracle Gro
  124. Photos from Aqua Forest in Tokyo
  125. What's the most aquarium water you ever had on the floor?
  126. what do Assasin snails eat?
  127. what are these worms?
  128. 2nd canister on a 4' tank...
  129. High and low flow in one tank (~240gal)?
  130. If you were me, WWYD? Converting to Planted
  131. Planning a 10g planted community tank, need input BEGINNER
  132. ph-monitor
  133. New Tank Setup-What's the Definition of "Planting Heavy"?
  134. Hobby study: Has the planted aquarium hobby grown in the US. Please participate
  135. Deciding on Tank
  136. Fungicide for aquarium plants?
  137. Snail infestation! How do I get rid of these? HELP PLZ :(
  138. bare minimum for a quarantine tank?
  139. Has anyone noticed that eels....
  140. Drop checker to determine Co2 Out of water?
  141. Hello! And help!
  142. Help with Plants for Crayfish?
  143. UNBELIEVABLE sale in UK...
  144. Moving back to Alaska from Washington. Help?!
  145. What should i do?
  146. just starting off, 55 gallon planted-low tec
  147. Shedding some light on co2 in a dry start.
  148. Problems with my tank
  149. Making a Sump and Overflows Co2 Friendly
  150. To those of you with tanks in the garage...
  151. easy question
  152. Move a 20g with fish/plants/substrate inside?
  153. My first planted tank
  154. Tall 'foreground' plant
  155. co2 question
  156. Will i be okay or should I not do it??????
  157. Tips on moving?
  158. Setup help/suggestions
  159. Adding peat filtration to an established tank?
  160. How to keep top of aquarium clear?
  161. Lowering TDS and conserving water? Using an RO unit ON the tank itself?[censored]
  162. Looking to start a aquarium
  163. Does Carbon remove all types of DOC's?
  164. Aqueon Evolve2 - need some feedback
  165. Should I be dosing? Plants not showing signs of life.
  166. Few updates!
  167. Regulator for DIY CO2?
  168. What's your favorite live food?
  169. They Survived!!!!
  170. filter help please!!!
  171. Finalizing Tank Plans...
  172. Can a stable repair be made this way?
  173. My 29g is at a turning point, am looking for advice on direction.
  174. Which Lights for 15 Gallon?
  175. New-ish Tank - taking suggestions
  176. No One WARNED me!
  177. Question about aquarium stand
  178. First 20 Gallon Setup
  179. Please Help! Tweak My Tank!!!
  180. Goldfish Laid Eggs!!!
  181. Trimming java fern roots
  182. fluval edge review needed
  183. Mixing your substrate, sands and gravel
  184. Bugs spawning on water lettuce
  185. Please help
  186. Hello everybody! My 20L plans...
  187. Distance between filter intake/output for flow?
  188. If you were given..
  189. Substrate question.
  190. Probably know the answer...
  191. Need advise on the number of cory habrosus in 15 gallon long
  192. Water Parameters?
  193. What's this white stuff??
  194. College tank ideas?
  195. Plant Storage and set up question.
  196. 2 new project tanks
  197. spot treating algae
  198. What are the best plant anchors?
  199. co2 system worth it or not?
  200. New to plants and writing a shopping list
  201. painting the back of my tank - what paint to use?
  202. What happened to msnikki?
  203. Why can't I upload my tank picture in your tanks?
  204. Looking for an external pump
  205. Evaporation Rates
  206. Why do algae grow on slow growing plants?
  207. Planted axolotle tank? Can I do it?
  208. What type of plant is this??
  209. Getting old water stains/ crud off glass tips please
  210. What is this plant?
  211. cuttlebone and indian almond leaves?
  212. making changes
  213. 55g and Petco sale
  214. attaching photos from my i-phone
  215. 65 gallon tank question
  216. Tungsten in an aquarium
  217. Algae in my tank help
  218. OK chemists, edumacate me
  219. Over Stocking my 11 gallon aquarium?
  220. tank ideas
  221. Styrofoam in tanks
  222. A question I might not want answered... Tank creaking noises during water change
  223. best place to get plants
  224. Moving plants?
  225. Current - high or low better in a planted tank?
  226. tank programs
  227. Glass top/lid or not???
  228. Tank re-org....questions
  229. Aquariums are just amazing!!!!
  230. I Need Help- Cloudy Water! I don't know what I'm doing wrong
  231. Submerged Cork?
  232. Question about the Aqueon water changer
  233. Red Worms For Feedin Da Fishies?
  234. Co2, nutrients & lighting - balance?
  235. ranchus with live plants!
  236. How do plants suppress algae growth
  237. Adding DIY CO2 -- When to expect changes?
  238. Resealed tank?
  239. anyone ever hear of Healthy Tanks SW program?
  240. Giving Away African cichlid Free (NYC)
  241. how to sink manzanita wood?
  242. Magazine?
  243. The benefits of a planted tank
  244. 10 gallon first attempt
  245. Help me plant my first emersed setup
  246. 75 gal high tech planted tank project suggestions please!! 1st timer!
  247. Plant Dummy with lots of questions
  248. What kind of camera?
  249. Beech driftwood
  250. bugs in aquarium