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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. open top aquariums and evaporation/water damage
  2. New CO2 diffuser/reactor question
  3. Anyone had experience with "AquariumGuys?"
  4. OK I'm dumb!
  5. bolbitis heudelotii "compact"?
  6. New ADA 60p Set-up Q's
  7. Hello, Stocking Q
  8. Should I do a water change on my cycling tank?
  9. powerhead question
  10. excel question
  11. 55 Gallon Planted setup questions.
  12. 240 Gallon Planted Tank (Fish Compatibility)
  13. Things not going as planned. What is off?
  14. How Dirty is your sump?
  15. Your experience with Liquid CO2 with Shrimps
  16. wood floating since 1.5yrs...
  17. Dry start and miracle grow
  18. want to "build" a cabin in my tank
  19. Physically Tough Plants
  20. anacharis issues
  21. How much No Planaria is needed to kill MTS snails?
  22. Brown algae covering sand and glass in cycling tank?
  23. wanting to set up CO2 and Dry Ferts
  24. The I.D. This Game
  25. I think Ill add more light
  26. Wow grow your own clownfish at home!!!
  27. Water surface movement? good or bad?
  28. Question about R.O. water and using search.
  29. Why did my hornwort die?
  30. new to moss
  31. 1 of set up. please help guide me.
  32. what are these red worms
  33. Fluval Edge pre-filters
  34. Will this
  35. My Fluval Flora !
  36. Starfish on java fern
  37. What to do with Subwassertang?
  38. ? Light Too close to surface!!
  39. Having a Tank in your Bedroom
  40. What is this???? white furry things please help
  41. Harvesting Blackworms from Substrate, Techniques?
  42. do i soak or dry manzanita
  43. tanins y u no go away?
  44. Pump for python syphon
  45. Happy Friday. :)
  46. Mesh?
  47. Snail breathing @ surface
  48. Roseline Barbs at Petsmart for 3.49
  49. HELP! Something causing my plants to die!
  50. CO2 check valve?
  51. First planted tank
  52. My 1st foray into the planted world
  53. Dragonfly larvae - what to do?
  54. Excited to be building a pond!
  55. Went to the LFS the other day...and saw something interesting
  56. New to planted tanks
  57. Something weird has appeared
  58. Best fish to keep with res cherry shrimp?
  59. Suggestions for horror-themed tank?
  60. Heater Problem almost disaster
  61. Doing something right?
  62. ID on some natives
  63. Finally got the big tank now what should I do! lol
  64. My new Fluval Chi 5 gallon planted
  65. New 55 gallon hex
  66. Water change idea
  67. Ellioti help.
  68. Driftwood question
  69. How long does your CO2 tank last??
  70. 150 gallon Marineland corner flo
  71. use of common moss
  72. Questions about infected tank.
  73. De-Rim an Acrylic Tank?
  74. End of tank dump. CO2 disaster.
  75. Snail ID
  76. Am I dumb not to buy this??
  77. 1st Casualties
  78. What filter do you use on Mr Aqua 12g?
  79. Need a quick plant I.D.
  80. Releasing non native species. (fish and plants)
  81. Shipping inverts
  82. My Ghost Shrimp?!
  83. My first RCS
  84. Native Tanks?
  85. Planted Aquariums of ZooExpo 2011, Warsaw, Poland - videos
  86. Need co2 ceramic diffusor placement advice?
  87. Cleaning anubias/curing C. Wendtii
  88. adding salt?
  89. petco 40g breeder, tempered bottom?
  90. Return Pump - Plumbing
  91. Plant I.D.
  92. Growing Aquatic Plants DIY
  93. Megapost: 60g System 40gBreeder/20g Planted/Sump tank please help!! **PICS**
  94. Pogostemon erectus ??
  95. Gotta love friends or not.
  96. I need your creative minds
  97. Betta + Ghost shrimp = :(
  98. new to plants and site
  99. Driftwood.... Requests?
  100. when re-scaping your tank...question
  101. Terrarium/vivarium idea... need advice... if its even possible
  102. Hemianthus callitrichoides/ Enough Light?
  103. Options
  104. 90 Gallon stock?
  105. Will this be enough lighting?
  106. Geez. The most irritated I've ever been with myself and fish keeping.
  107. Best moss for moss wall
  108. anyone repair metaframes?
  109. Feeding neon tetras (frozen food)
  110. Removing drift wood?
  111. STunted Sword
  112. Field Stone
  113. Can Ferts Cause Crypt Melt?!?
  114. What is this killing my plant?
  115. Can't keep plants looking healthy =(
  116. any members living in japan
  117. Worm prevention/management?
  118. Dry start method questions
  119. Got a piece of driftwood from local pond/lake
  120. General consensus on bubbles?
  121. Catastrophe in my tank today (from Black water extract?)
  122. Weird question about plants
  123. Moss balls
  124. how does a 40g heavily planted breeder with 20-30 green tiger barbs sound?
  125. Glosso
  126. Planted HOB thread.
  127. Hardware
  128. maintaining echinodorus tenellus
  129. EI dosing water changes and rest days
  130. six small fish too much for ten gallon?
  131. Inconsistent co2 measurements
  132. Vernal/temporary pool invertebrates
  133. Banana plant vasectomy
  134. To dose or not to dose
  135. Introducing native plants to ponds
  136. Just went to get a bulb and fert
  137. Ordering plants from Taiwan?
  138. The WORST things about keeping fish
  139. Is Metricide with activator still good?
  140. Never enough tank space
  141. Something in the filter box "stung" me- what was it?
  142. Canister disaster
  143. Sump Design
  144. Did some aquascaping
  145. I need a bigger house!
  146. HELP problems with new fish tank
  147. Tiny invertebrates to provide a constant source of live food?
  148. Rescuing my planted tank
  149. seiryu stone safe for fish
  150. seasonal hobby?
  151. How much of a problem is Low PH?
  152. angelfish tank driftwood
  153. Which LFS to visit near Stoughton, Ma.?
  154. What else do I need just to grow plants
  155. Cool Stuff
  156. Dirt for dirt tank
  157. Herbie Overflow Standpipe with 2 Corner Overflow Boxes?
  158. Strange Brown Dust in Aquarium
  159. When is the $/gallon sale?
  160. Establishing a new canister filter?
  161. Is This Desk OK
  162. Restarting a 29gallon tank
  163. diatoms!
  164. How long should i wait for rimless ???
  165. I can't believe that just happened!
  166. Gnats
  167. My water temp
  168. growing stem plants
  169. very low light tank
  170. Mixing Eco and gravel
  171. co2 question
  172. I have a 40G breeder tank and have no idea what to do with it yet
  173. Tank renovations
  174. Florida biotope
  175. How to ship tadpoles?
  176. what light
  177. best substrate?
  178. Plants for windowsill Bowl
  179. I have a weird problem
  180. So is my 250L tank 55G or 66G?
  181. Swap N Shop
  182. Meijer dead fish
  183. New to Freshwater and new 15g
  184. substrate for black water crypts?
  185. Fishless cycling casues pH spike?
  186. 75 Gallon Discus Tank Remodel
  187. How much does seiryu stone cost generally?
  188. This can't be good?
  189. My first tank. Suggestions and comments
  190. Tear-down/Start over
  191. Tiny snails in nano tank?
  192. Types of plants i can grow in a 20g L aquarium?
  193. java fern question
  194. Best way to move an established aquarium? Help!!
  195. Red plants not keeping redish, CO2 problems?
  196. photo period during dry start
  197. New level of fish nerd
  198. Fishless cycling - no spikes?
  199. White Translucent Sheets?
  200. What Causes??
  201. Nomenclature fore Corydora trilineatus
  202. Really need help! Weird black film
  203. Using miracle Grow
  204. First tank video
  205. Purigen causing cloudiness?
  206. Balancing act
  207. high humidity in fishroom
  208. blackwater
  209. Not getting optimum growth
  210. Glass cover?
  211. Stocking advice?
  212. Humic and fulvic acid
  213. Ntd
  214. Will this fixture work?
  215. Your aquarium maintenance!
  216. Fish Follow Corrys for Food
  217. Made a quick video called Aquarium Life
  218. Too much light? Red plants not red? & Green spot Algae
  219. anybody notice this
  220. Why so much filtration
  221. I wish there were more native fish in the hobby
  222. Help! Black mollie dead
  223. my planted tank : )
  224. Pleco and Acrylic Tanks
  225. Help please! Pop eyed Cory!!
  226. Have you ever wondered
  227. Tetra plant co2 optimat
  228. Staurogyne Repens & Blyxa Japonica in DSM
  229. Multiple Eheim LED's on a new 120g?
  230. Feeling Discouraged.
  231. the urge to add flow...
  232. Shoalers
  233. Know of an excellent plant index?
  234. Mts!
  235. I think my axolotle is morphing!
  236. looking to put together a new aquarium setup
  237. Best finish to a night in a long time!
  238. Mounting?
  239. Easiest way to make a black background?
  240. Heating Water for Changes
  241. How much flow?
  242. Please tell me what this is!!!!!
  243. Water Change fact vs fiction
  244. What is this white/gray dust on everything?
  245. upgrading bulbs to start planted tanks, would appreciate suggestions
  246. Do I need to cycle if I move everything?
  247. Before planting low budget 55g
  248. How do you defend the hobby?
  249. Whats in your stand?
  250. New Tank Fungus