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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. learned my lesson the hard way
  2. Aquired a new tank, but now what?
  3. Begone, protein film!
  4. paintball CO2 canister setup
  5. How to do water changes?
  6. Do you use Pre-Filter on on overflow PVC?
  7. How to protect bottom of stand?
  8. Advice for These Plants?
  9. best adhesive?
  10. GUIDE: How to Ship Fish/Shrimp/Plants? Need Your Input!
  11. Cover or Not to Cover
  12. Missing Inhabitants
  13. my first freshwater aquarium, tell me if this works
  14. zacheyp's 2.5 gallon betta!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Ram with growth off of face
  16. Java Fern in a cup on a windowsill?
  17. Help a newbie set up a tank.
  18. 20 gallon and 10 gallOn stocking ideas
  19. Ebay ph controllers
  20. Testing to see if my picture worked
  21. Look what I pulled out my tank tonite
  22. It is true that....
  23. Bulkhead access from stand?
  24. Cherry Barbs and Glosso?
  25. New Fish and Co2
  26. Emergency advice needed!
  27. New to planted tanks/dirty looking plants
  28. What am I doing wrong? My tanks is like a microwave, melts everything!!!!
  29. 40 breeder startup
  30. Using Potassium Permanganate
  31. ADA 60p a good starter sized tank or go bigger?
  32. Making water changes easier!?
  33. Little brown "worms" in my filter?
  34. saltwater/ marine planted tank?
  35. Switching Tanks
  36. back into the hobby, advice for initial planting/cycling
  37. EMERGENCY!! Cracked my Mini-M! :( :(
  38. pictures?
  39. Best part of water changes!!!!
  40. Opionions Needed - Green Water or bacteria bloom?
  41. Sump Layout
  42. Rescape inspiration needed
  43. Nerites
  44. collectoritis/farm tanks
  45. Need some mossy advice
  46. Plants melting on a newbie
  47. Malfunctioning heater?
  48. Test Kits??
  49. ei dosing question
  50. Post your sump picture?
  51. Best Way to Clean Old Tanks
  52. Best water conditioner,stress relief,de-chlorinator
  53. New high tech tank issues
  54. Cheap black background ideas
  55. a compelling reason not to buy cheap pipe brushes
  56. is it okay to fill up aquarium with hot tap water?
  57. Anyone know anything about this light?
  58. Thoughts/Opinions: - Aquarium Underlayment Idea
  59. new filter question
  60. annubias nana algae help ?
  61. low light plant suggestions
  62. How to sanitize a tank?
  63. Light for 7 inch Canopy?
  64. Water change freak out
  65. Case of BGA help!!!
  66. Can I put another betta in tank after death?
  67. What type of driftwood is this??
  68. Needing some stocking help.
  69. Surface Movement
  70. are hydra a problem?
  71. Melting jungle val
  72. Poll: Goldfish, Disgusting Hellspawn or Cute Gelatinous Blobs?
  73. Lighting and plants
  74. your next tank
  75. am i on the right track?
  76. High levels in newly planted tank ... should I be concerned this early?
  77. How to get rid of cyanobacteria?
  78. Suction cups
  79. Saltwater to Planted ?
  80. Fluval ebi help needed
  81. Glass Dividers for sump?
  82. Too much CO2
  83. Amusing family conflicts with our hobby...
  84. cleaner crew
  85. High Tech Planted Discus Tank Advice
  86. Is this a type of algae?
  87. Advancing the Aquarium Hobby
  88. Major re-scape, fish-in or fish-out?
  89. Assasin snails
  90. Lemon Tetras dying
  91. Power Heads
  92. bga
  93. New Build, need help
  94. Juli's First Planted Discus Tank Help Plz
  95. my water parameters
  96. New 60l shrimp tank build from newbie
  97. Need help diagnosing growth problems
  98. What's this on my driftwood??
  99. What is the best algae squad for HC?
  100. How many shrimp in a 10" cube?
  101. Bargain hunters anonymous!
  102. Upgraded lighting, CO2-When will plants improve?
  103. Sharpie on acrylic?
  104. First Tank, Tips?
  105. Fluval spec cycle
  106. Alot of weight - should I use padding?
  107. hello everyone - total noob here!
  108. Most important for plants?
  109. went from gravel to sand - cycle?
  110. searching 4 a certain thread
  111. Schooling fish
  112. tank scape
  113. estimated cost of a 75 gallon low tech setup?
  114. amazon compacta and micro sword requirements?
  115. Getting "Pond" Going
  116. Plastic Washer, Co2 Tubing
  117. question about emersed setups
  118. Need help with first "large" tank
  119. smarter than keeper..I give
  120. What are these
  121. Tank substrate...
  122. dosing nitrogen?
  123. Glass or Plexiglas for sump baffles?
  124. Substrate for EBI
  125. New Tank Moveability
  126. Complete noob!! Little help needed!
  127. Calcium
  128. Anyone with biology knowledge: boiling or baking to kill Mycobacteria/Fish TB?
  129. 3D background !?
  130. Will SAE eat baby shrimp?
  131. Plumbing for 125g and Sump?
  132. Marineland Deep Dimension tanks (36" deep)
  133. Finding plants in your local lakes and rivers
  134. Red sea drop checker
  135. Debris question
  136. How often to fertilize a ten gallon?
  137. The scape ... suggestions?
  138. Enough light?
  139. What type of Bulbs do you use?
  140. Little does the wife know...
  141. Otocinclus water temp
  142. Reactor (Carbon) or something else?
  143. Ehiem filter (professional)
  144. Background Options
  145. The Art of The Planted Aquarium 2012 contest - movies
  146. Bump?????
  147. Is Excel More for Algae Control or a True Fertilizer?
  148. How Long Should The Lights Stay On?
  149. Light Options
  150. 3 gallon eclipse marineland
  151. 20 gallon stands
  152. Nano tanks
  153. bolbites trimming
  154. Basic dosing?
  155. CO2 to kill limpets, ____pods, and worms?
  156. Someone is digging in my planted tank!
  157. New to the Forum
  158. Cloudy tank after adding ammonia?
  159. High nitrates in tap water?
  160. What would you do if you had a 100 gallon setup...
  161. 10 gallon aquaculture tank help
  162. unfired red clay in gravel substrate
  163. The Story of the amano shrimp...
  164. Do you check the reciept?
  165. Shrimp from Nikki
  166. Best CO2 substitute?
  167. Any useful aquarium Apps....droid/Iphone
  168. Co2 systme needed for EBI
  169. Dwarf Cichlid Suicide! How to prevent in a rimless open top tank?
  170. SOS!!!! Noisy marineland penguin 200 and inlaws coming!
  171. Near Beta Suicide
  172. Shrimp Happy: White Cloud Minnows dying
  173. Co2 thru canister
  174. Seltzer water look from CO2
  175. Starting a planted tank
  176. Yay!!!
  177. ferts
  178. Longtime Aqua Soil Users
  179. Heads up- $1 a gallon sale at Pet Supplies Plus!
  180. How To Control Tiny Surface Bubbles in Surface Scum?
  181. Using my upcoming 125 gal aquarium as a room humidifier...
  182. different types of drift wood?
  183. High light 125Gallon tank.
  184. Using RO water questions
  185. Rainbow like film on tank
  186. Need Help with Fluval Edge 6G (LED version) stock lighting
  187. 1/8th inch glass strength
  188. beginner plants easy grow/low light-medium help!
  189. Tank move/rescape, advice needed
  190. stem plant problem
  191. tear down, or rehab it?
  192. fert question
  193. I fear for the life of my fish, please advise.
  194. Brown Algae?
  195. retro fit kit 72 inches 125 g tank?
  196. Going from Silk to dirt tank, how are my plans?
  197. Need help converting tank into planted aquarium
  198. HEY everyone im NEW from PA
  199. Durso Standpipe/Maggie muffler
  200. How deep?
  201. What's Growing on My Plants? How to Mitigate?
  202. Started Over in Frustration; Suggestions Appreciated
  203. 125g = decision time! What to get rid of?
  204. 125 gallon tank HELP
  205. Video, dropbox note and request...
  206. Anyone need planting tongs? $6 on Amazon
  207. i think i'm getting a new, bigger tank!
  208. Fluval Nanos
  209. new driftwood
  210. High pH Levels...
  211. Should A 10-Year Old Substrate Be Changed?
  212. Cloudy water in NPT
  213. Sump Design for 125 gallon
  214. Just wanted to say hi and won't spam lol
  215. I think this is going to be quite challenging I need help
  216. will these rootcaps work?
  217. Noooo!!!
  218. Rock turned yellowish after water change
  219. Fluval Profile 1000 72g help
  220. Co2 question
  221. Prime (Dechlorinator / Heavy Metal Neutralizer) + CSM+B/Fe Traces?
  222. Curing Diftwood
  223. Check out what I picked up for......
  224. Tannins in water...drop check and water tests still accurate?
  225. My girlfriend thinks this forum is called....
  226. Floor Braces for 125g tank?
  227. Shrimp
  228. What plants will work with t5?
  229. Will Maracyn Plus crash a cycle?
  230. Need help identifying possible eggs on Java Fern
  231. Is this even possible????
  232. how much will ferts help jungle vals grow
  233. cutting up bottom feeder pellets
  234. Need Nano Help
  235. Floor Mat?
  236. De rimming a tank is it safe???
  237. Tank on carpet
  238. I'm confused about teminology
  239. need suggestions and guidance
  240. Hi all, new here and need advice.
  241. Can you re-use heatpacks?
  242. Eheim 2217 Water System Installation Set help!
  243. Where to buy filter media cheap?
  244. water sprite
  245. Background?
  246. Should I use fluval stratum to lower my pH?
  247. Guppies = Pocket Frogs 2.0
  248. Top Fin Aquarium?
  249. Need Experts: Transparent/Clear Plumbing Fitting, Filtration & Automation.
  250. White swimming particles "alien"