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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Where to buy hornwood?
  2. Leveling a 6 foot tank.
  3. Aquatic Jungles?
  4. Shrimp from Borneo
  5. How much C02 and light can I put into a tank before moss starts dying?
  6. New to co2
  7. Ancient Aquaria
  8. Emergency -- Just broke my lily pipe...
  9. Crypts that can survive in high pH
  10. Is there any Crypts that can survive in a high pH?
  11. Opinions needed - stands
  12. Some Crypt Questions
  13. Mesquite Wood
  14. How often do you change filter floss?
  15. Copper wire
  16. tough working with plants and substrate fert
  17. 10 gallon planted
  18. diffusing co2 thru maxi-jet powerhead?
  19. Repashy food alterations
  20. at what point do you...
  21. Filter Wool? Where to buy?
  22. how do i approach this..please read
  23. Tank getting to hot
  24. lighting question
  25. What and When to Use?
  26. Rare stuff?
  27. Wabi-kusa pimp club! - WE HAVE A WINNER (RAOK)
  28. Distance between plants
  29. Fishless Cycling with Household Ammonia - What went wrong?
  30. Moss balls - DISLIKE!
  31. What is this Algae or Bacteria or Fungus?
  32. replacing my substrate advice required please
  33. Major Tank Make-Over! I Have a few Questions.
  34. Java Fern plant help..
  35. Converting a Reef tank for Planted shrimp use
  36. putting RCS with red rili?
  37. New plants ID?
  38. advise to get congo tetras out of tank?
  39. Lighting options?
  40. Light Reduced nitrogen levels, right?
  41. lots of debris floating in tank?
  42. Please define Low Tech, High Tech (your take)
  43. Plant ID Help - I know the basic names - Picture Heavy.
  44. GPH Flow
  45. Some pics of my planted 55g
  46. any way to avoid gunk going back into your tank after cleaning HOB filter?
  47. When will the next Petco $1 per gallon sale be?
  48. Binding driftwood
  49. Newer to the fun and have? S
  50. Will this work?
  51. What went wrong? CO2 or Excel?
  52. Algae Eaters!!!!!
  53. Need Help!
  54. How big should my "algae control team" be -60p
  55. Lined-Up Aquariums?
  56. I need help...
  57. removing center brace?
  58. Id this plant
  59. Starting a new Planted tank 101
  60. Suggestions for websites
  61. How long will it take to see my HC spreading well with my setup?
  62. Question on lighting
  63. Proof Osmcote works (w/ pic)
  64. How best to prepare driftwood!?
  65. Looking for some insight
  66. Red Star Champagne Yeast (10 Packs) Dried Yeast
  67. Fluval 305 for $50 worth it?
  68. How long does it take for HC to start spreading?
  69. Fishless cycle before or after plants?
  70. What is this on the glass?
  71. What is this on the glass?
  72. Help! Snails, snails, everywhere!
  73. micro swords
  74. Would a 27 W bulb be sufficient for small plant tank?
  75. pictures
  76. plants turning black
  77. What is this?
  78. need help with testing
  79. Silver in planted tank?
  80. Removing super glue from acrylic?
  81. Snail
  82. Can plants get nitrogen from NH3?
  83. Gonna be a daddy, but what kind of daddy?
  84. I got my plants tonight!!!
  85. My Tanks
  86. New fish room/breeder!!! NEW VIDEO 11-11-13!!!!!
  87. Beard Problem.
  88. H.O.T Magnum 250
  89. Is "Dry Start" for wimps?
  90. New planted tank
  91. Fish room questions.....
  92. Planting New Tank
  93. What is the basic??
  94. Adding flakes to new planted tank
  95. direct sunlight verses LED/lamps
  96. Co2 reactor/diffuser?
  97. I can't find this tank!!!
  98. Plants look sick -- probably impatient but frustrated
  99. Fluval 406 Canister Return
  100. Where are all the tanks on the Finnex website?
  101. Replanting and would love suggestions
  102. Tell me of your planted tank disasters!
  103. Where to get..
  104. Want a new to you 10 gal?
  105. black beauty
  106. Vacation Question???
  107. Different lighting-hours every day ?
  108. Am I doing this right?
  109. obsessed with shrimps
  110. What type of stone??
  111. Wanting to start 40 breeder planted
  112. New Tank set up questions
  113. Oh No!!
  114. Water terminology
  115. Tank score!
  116. Dutch Aquarium Stand
  117. Pics of Your First Tank
  118. Help with lighting in DIY canopy
  119. Failing Filter
  120. New Amano Tank - Pics and lots of questions
  121. Considering a planted tank, had a few quick Q's.
  122. Hornwort driving me crazy-suggestions?
  123. Fissidens
  124. Going dirted, best way to water log peat?
  125. Using dry Ferts in dirt near pond
  126. Cleaned out my filter today...
  127. Cleaning a Planted Tank
  128. Fluval roma 125 conversion to planted what lighting is needed?
  129. Need some advice on my first planted tank.
  130. Changing Filters?
  131. Hi all..New to plants
  132. Maintenance of ten gallon hand-me-down
  133. Advice on Tank Nuke
  134. First Planted Tank
  135. Tank age and integrity question
  136. Why are my swords 'melting' ??
  137. Blue stuff they soak nets in at fish store
  138. what on earth is this stuff in my tank???
  139. Do Any Aquatic plants improve indoor air quality?
  140. Optimal CO2 diffuser placement?
  141. My brother wants to give up on his tanks. Any advice?
  142. Eheim 600 Classic on a 75g tank.
  143. 4kdh solution from API KH kit??
  144. moving a 6 year tank
  145. Excel and Dry Start
  146. Hc
  147. Fluval co2 setup
  148. constantly having to clean prefilter on my maxi-jet intake
  149. Input on ferts
  150. Score
  151. Giant Crypt, sell sections or let it grow?
  152. Is snail slime clogging my media
  153. Terms used on site
  154. Make use of an Overflow and sump?
  155. in setting up a new tank, just throw some rotting junk in?
  156. any ferts not specifically made for aquariums that you can still use?
  157. Seachem Clarity made my tank worse!?
  158. New Plants
  159. Is it a problem that I have no nitrates?
  160. Time of Day for a Water Change?
  161. Driftwood ph /assassin snail question.
  162. Nitrate testing
  163. Tiny bugs in aquarium ?
  164. tell me about excel
  165. Where to buy val?
  166. glass chipped on the free 40B i got. can i still trust the tank?
  167. newbie here pls help
  168. Surface Skimmers?
  169. Rebooting my tank today
  170. Special Thanks To Everyone
  171. 10# co2 tank over fill?
  172. water change/fert question
  173. switching from 10G to 40B
  174. New summer project
  175. Nitrogen/Phosphate deficiency help?
  176. New and I have questions on Dwarf Grass
  177. Zacheyp's 29 gallon planted tank!!
  178. I'm sure you've seen this before
  179. Return pump?
  180. How do sumps work?
  181. excel don'ts
  182. Aquatic plants experts botanist?
  183. New here and looking for advice
  184. Amphibious plants
  185. guys i'm freaking out here. I'm seeing tiny worms on the glass. Like..a LOT of them.
  186. Starting ~100 gal tank & thinking about going planted
  187. Two fish dead after 3 days. Too much current?
  188. Rotala rotundifolia to look like this?
  189. Nerita Snails and Zebra Loaches?
  190. How long do you leave your lights on?
  191. Question for you Acrylic Builders
  192. "Beginner Red Plants?"
  193. A question..
  194. New dsm tank set up
  195. How long till plants take root?
  196. Odd question about the 86 Axelrod Photo Atlas
  197. Dwarf baby tears
  198. Glass paperweights
  199. whos eating my plants
  200. how to fix scratches in glass
  201. will driftwood salt my tank?
  202. Water logging ADA driftwood
  203. Derimming a 75 gallon
  204. Will my tank bow when its full?
  205. Using Rocks I found
  206. Picked up another 40B for the low low price of FREE!
  207. Tissue culture needed
  208. I had a superhero tank last night
  209. amazon sword flower stem
  210. My 10g planted tank
  211. Newbie- DSM IN A EVOLVE 8
  212. New to live plants!
  213. Creating a link/name in your signature?
  214. Peace Lilly filter/riparium
  215. Hawaiian collected plants and mosses, Help w/ ID?
  216. Houseplant Fertilizers...
  217. Cool rocks for one of those small rubblescapes (what I like to call em)
  218. Where did I go wrong
  219. First RAOK
  220. Low iron glass (starphire)
  221. I want!
  222. UV Sterilizer or not?
  223. What Should I do?
  224. Background plants
  225. Bunch of questions about my first planted tank.
  226. Orangespotted sunfish?
  227. Danio choprai (glowlight danio) with angelfish?
  228. all my years on the internet, ive never come across a friendlier forum.
  229. Snail wars
  230. Please help on photosynthesis...
  231. HC dying, Dry Start
  232. Unintentional emersed collection
  233. 55 gallon Shrimp Tank
  234. Broken Fluval 306. Need help priming.
  235. powerhead for 40B?
  236. Established 26G Bowfront Conversion to Planted
  237. Co2 and Flow
  238. 20 gallon long SCORE!
  239. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 125g drama!
  240. 75 gallon stocking ideas and help?
  241. Aquascaping Tools eBay Item!!
  242. Dimmed the lighting
  243. My tiger barb!!
  244. Can anyone ID this moss?
  245. Planted Tank Acronyms List
  246. Need some help shrimps are dying everyday
  247. When CO2 strikes: killing all my fish
  248. Emersed HC is turning brown!
  249. Transporting planted tank?
  250. Bubbling from substrate killing fish?