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  1. Best Schooling fish
  2. Aquabid Question
  3. Have a question
  4. Things I can't figure out
  5. sell the light, or buy a tank to match
  6. Low Tech Plants
  7. Sand+rocks scape ?
  8. Dying fish won't die?
  9. Aquascaping around swords?
  10. Help! Overdosed Melafix...
  11. what's a fair price for red cherry shrimp?
  12. drop checker question?
  13. Spring Break: Some party, some of us rehab old biocubes.
  14. 4dkh solution
  15. tank
  16. Breeder Roll call
  17. Tannin issues?
  18. My rebuilt tank pic!
  19. Help a planted tank novice
  20. When to introduce shrimp
  21. So it's not plant decay. Must be algae!! I made adjustments so what next? (PICS)
  22. Filter Cherries
  23. Oily surface wont quit!
  24. micro crabs
  25. Is this enough rhizome exposed?
  26. Mold in the gravel?
  27. Planaria- not that bad?
  28. Moss only tanks
  29. Difference between L. 'red' and L. 'hybrid'
  30. New 55 gallon planted tank: Goldfish?
  31. Few new additions
  32. jungle val question
  33. 20g questions! Shrimp stratum & De-rimming
  34. getting nervous about picking up the 125g tank!
  35. Black water or not?
  36. tank-related ideas for moving day, gap between leases
  37. Alternative to Filter Socks in Sump?
  38. Breeding Blacktail Shiners Cyprinella Venusta
  39. Help with water changes and cleaning gravel
  40. Anyone have any experience with Bee shrimp?
  41. Old filter material
  42. Fish color not so good
  43. Amazonas,New fish Magazine in USA
  44. Plants INSIDE a log?
  45. Is DIY yeast CO2 too much?
  46. Guppies eating Java Moss Algae?
  47. Is my Otto playing games with me?
  48. help with programing coralife power centre
  49. Plants Sad, but Determined
  50. worm?
  51. before and after spring cleaning in my 120G
  52. Experiences with a tank in an unfinished basement?
  53. Using RO water -- please help?
  54. Problem: Adding new fish to aquarium
  55. Whats the cheapest moonlighting?
  56. Where to put inline pH Probe?
  57. What are these eggs?
  58. Hornwort Vs. Anacharis
  59. Apparently I'm going high tech here... Questions!
  60. Fertilizing a Low-Tech Tank
  61. New here and to this hobby. Need help with planted tank
  62. Photocycle/Light Schedule
  63. What is the best all around fertilizer?
  64. Ive got bubbles..WOOHOO!!!
  65. just ordered an eheim!!
  66. Plant suggestions!
  67. UV sterilization - yes or no?
  68. New Black Background
  69. Fluval Chi on sale for $35 at Petsmart
  70. Is this how I should trim my bacopa?(pic)
  71. planted tank novice
  72. Dry-start, Hemianthus Cuba, looking for help
  73. Feeding Fish While Away
  74. How long for lights?
  75. Water/Gravity - Filter elevation Questions
  76. Floating Particles and Oily residue.
  77. 100 gallon high tech startup
  78. which do you like better?
  79. Is this safe?
  80. PH Controller and EI
  81. New to the forum and tanks in general!
  82. short term plant storage
  83. 2 yr old may have ingested freeze dried bloodworms
  84. Newbie to forum and planted tanks here's my 45g corner....
  85. Grindal Worm issues
  86. White fuzzy stuff - on dead fish & then algea wafer
  87. Planted marine tank
  88. Driftwood for dinner
  89. UV light=less flow=Bad?
  90. Does uv light kill brown algae?
  91. breeding black tail shiners
  92. Anyone use the Fluval Pressurized 88gm CO2 Kit
  93. carpet plant material
  94. Soaking Cholla Wood STINKS!!!
  95. CO2 Regulator
  96. picotope nano tank
  97. How about families enjoying our tanks?
  98. General Help
  99. Anyone ever find a moth in their tank?
  100. Tank Cycle time
  101. 72 Bow Project, Suggestions?
  102. At a loss
  103. So, I woke up in the middle of the night... (Tank & BBA related)
  104. Should I Fert?
  105. How Long Does it Take??
  106. Do i need co2 also a few general questions
  107. Help With Research Paper! Java moss
  108. switching from EI method to MTS?
  109. Check out this cool raok!
  110. bioballs & heater?
  111. can my 3rd floor apartment sustain a 75 gallon tank?
  112. first freshwater in a decade
  113. College tank?
  114. Where to buy tanks for hatchery???
  115. How is the fluval Chi? Worth $30?
  116. Temperature Sensitivity
  117. Amano shrimp or Red cherry shrimp?
  118. Next $1/gallon sale???
  119. Finally starting to set up my new tank pics
  120. Sale Alert: Fluval Spec 2 Gal $44.99 at
  121. Affordable pH Controller?
  122. Tank thriving = boredom!
  123. Where to buy iwagumi-type rocks?
  124. Upgrading from 2.5g to mini-m
  125. New 90 Gallon
  126. Substrate Cleaning vs. Not
  127. Dry start tank - Vinegar safe to clean glass?
  128. just got my yellow cambodian ct betta in amazing 10g
  129. Plumbing for UV, CO2 Return.
  130. Scheming on a plan...
  131. fingers crossed. hope the house isnt flooded.
  132. looking for a cool idea for RAOK
  133. Just startin out advice needed!!
  134. High Tech CO2 ... Ay, yi, yi
  135. re did 10g came out amazing!!!!
  136. Hooking up kitchen faucet RO to aquarium
  137. Emersed growth, Cycle and filter?
  138. The 4-1-1 on Rosy Barbs.
  139. What do I need to get started
  140. want to grow plants outdoors
  141. Bubbles at the top of my tank???
  142. Newbie 20 gallon high planted tank setup
  143. Discus substrate question
  144. long time fishkeeper new to plants need help
  145. Marineland 55 Gallon w/ LED Hood Kit any good
  146. How long until driftwood is usable?
  147. i have a question...
  148. Is Fluval Plant Stratum any good?
  149. Do you quarantine fish you get from other TPT members?
  150. Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  151. Ammonia-based floor cleaner ok ?
  152. Plant Physiology
  153. Denitrification/Dissolved Organic Carbon as anaerobic fuel source?
  154. planted brackish?
  155. Explosive Growth
  156. H2O & MTS, waterchanges
  157. Bugs on frogbit?!?
  158. What is this? A limpet?
  159. Java Moss in a 10 gallon Lighting Question
  160. Emersed HC next to window?
  161. Feeding time at my house!
  162. top swimming fish
  163. A silent tank, is filterless the best option?
  164. Artemis - 36" T5HO Fixture w/ timer
  165. Green Thread Algae
  166. Raok
  167. hmm.. is this normal? "growth on filter"
  168. Tossing Around Some Ideas.
  169. non iodized table salt for freshwater aquarium?
  170. Utricularia graminifolia
  171. Christel Kasselmann to Speak 9/15/12
  172. Input needed for new freshwater filter for 45g
  173. Rotala indica
  174. Outgassing, strange tank cycle, or bad luck?
  175. How long should a non-aided cycle take?
  176. Anyone know what these egg looking things are?
  177. Plant Eye Candy!
  178. Nano Heaters?
  179. So....... i have nano tank lying around empty......
  180. Tank to suit light.
  181. Surface Scum..
  182. Anubias nana
  183. Inline heater/co2 reactor reduction of GPH
  184. Pics of how to safely cover the openings in your tank lid
  185. My first flower in a planted tank..... ((banana plant))
  186. Went hiking at a river and picked up tons of driftwood!
  187. So what is this brown stuff?
  188. Castles, columns, and other kitch
  189. Swordtail Breeding
  190. Ceramic Filter Media
  191. Such a con..
  192. To Much Light
  193. Looking for some ideas
  194. How many plants are to many?
  195. Lots of RAOK's going on...
  196. Let's see your colors
  197. Does your LFS ever try to make you feel "guilty" when the know you go elsewhere?
  198. Is this a good price for a 60g..?
  199. Fluval Edge help
  200. Soaking Driftwood - Green Tannins?
  201. Acronyms, Frequently used list
  202. Clean Up Crew
  203. Keeping roselines with discuss
  204. When should I fill my tank? Dry Start.
  205. Discus close up per request!
  206. Proper use of a needle wheel in sump
  207. One more question about Panacur treatment
  208. Brown Goop?
  209. Need Help with my Plant Growth Graph.
  210. Bringing plants back from Thailand
  211. To Co2 or not to Co2......sorry...
  212. Planning on setting up an emersed plant greenhouse!
  213. Plant Ideas
  214. new to the planted game
  215. Discus success with CO2 and ferts??
  216. Got my new lights!
  217. Plumbing for converted Wet/DRY CO2 loss?
  218. Java Moss
  219. my Anacharis are dying....please help!
  220. 1st planted tank
  221. Converting from no co2 to pressurized, expected changes?
  222. Advice on thia new setup
  223. what are these little critters?
  224. The wooly stuff in aquatic plant pots - can I keep it on there when I plant?
  225. Please Help with Plant Holding System
  226. Thoughts/Advice on my new 75g Planted Tank
  227. Has anyone every incorporated "Lucky Bamboo" into a planted tank?
  228. Carpet in Low Tech
  229. Substrate Question
  230. 37 gallon rescape
  231. New tank Dilemma
  232. Four Story Aquarium Anyone?
  233. What next?
  234. Restriction Adjustment for Eheim Classic w/Reactor and Inline Heater
  235. Overflow on the back of 90 gallon tank cracked, replacement?
  236. Boot Tray for under Sump inside of stand?
  237. Additives and CRS?
  238. First Questions
  239. New to forum
  240. driftwood dilemma (2)
  241. Driftwood dilemma Pics
  242. Here it is, my first planted tank....
  243. image test
  244. Sump? What next?
  245. Corys chewing stem plants in half
  246. Liquid Fert stock in old Pepsi Bottles
  247. LEAK FROGS ON SALE for the next 24 hours!
  248. Hairy popcorn?
  249. Overflow Question
  250. Thinking Amazon, is anyone else?