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  1. Hydrocotyle Tripartitia Questions
  2. Bio Media - What to do with it when moving tanks around
  3. Quick question about carbon filtration
  4. Regular vs Low Iron Glass Tanks
  5. What is your favorite plant and why?
  6. Does Anyone Use Software Programs to Track Water Quality?
  7. Leave No Man Behind...???
  8. How to transport fish?
  9. Lighting suggestions and help for a 79 G heavily planted tank w co2
  10. Arty Backgrounds?
  11. No Filter!
  12. Low Light Scenarios
  13. New 2 me 55g
  14. CO2 Drop Checker Setup
  15. holy moly im still not happy with my tank.
  16. Growing baby Queen Marbled sword
  17. What the heck is this bug?
  18. Anyone have 3d background?
  19. Suffocating fish
  20. Total newby plant questions / problems in Fluval Edge 46L
  21. Tired of my tank, need a new look. Ideas?
  22. Plant suggestions corner overflows?
  23. Dosing Excel and CO2
  24. Algae in a fish less cycle
  25. Plant roots growing up, not down?
  26. 2nd day of dosing and uh oh!!!
  27. Plant deficiencies.
  28. Trying to get it right CO2
  29. Flowering plants
  30. What are these red eggs?
  31. planted pot aquarium?
  32. Should I... or shouldn't I?
  33. Which is better 20H or a 25 Gallon
  34. Making my way back into this incredible hobby (some help please)
  35. First DIY co2 have some questions...
  36. Plant suggestions, paired with swords
  37. Final consensus on these rocks? (To use/Not to use)
  38. Riparium plants in a filter box?
  39. 320 Watts Light for High Tech Tank?
  40. New planted tank cycle question
  41. Boy oh boy! Nitrites through the roof now.
  42. Super Mario aquarium lol
  43. Why won't my plants pearl?
  44. Pearling Algae?
  45. Might set up a 55 Gallon "Medium Tech" tank.
  46. Professional Help, Guidance, Recommendations Needed
  47. Lighting And Plants Help
  48. High temp plants and nitrate levels with ferts
  49. Sea-Life live plants: Anyone know the address?
  50. Amazon Sword 'Compact"
  51. 125 Gallon Tank Re-do
  52. 20 Gallon High Rescape
  53. Inherited setup, 37 gallon I believe (long winded, sorry)
  54. quick update on my gw problem
  55. Suggestions/Opinions on what to do with a 29 gallon standard tank
  56. Growing fish emersed
  57. Replacement for Hygro Corymbosa
  58. Mounting lily pipes??
  59. Spray painting rocks ?
  60. Crayfish scaping my tank.
  61. compleate tank redo
  62. Seachem’s Equillibrium or GH booster
  63. Why we have planted tanks and not Marine.
  64. RO water + Ferts
  65. Help me scape my little sisters tank!
  66. Tank water
  67. Separating mediocre from stellar.
  68. Easy way to take sand & dirt of tank?
  69. growth in my 120 in 2 months
  70. Don't tell me it can't be done!
  71. My planted 60g
  72. Sumo Regulators
  73. Moving a 40gallon?
  74. Completely new where do I start.
  75. Did I get ich from LFS?
  76. Alternative CO2 injection method
  77. mystery eggs? poop? ID help please :)
  78. New to Planted Tanks - Need Guidance
  79. 40g breeder CO2 distribution and diffusion
  80. Side of the road score!
  81. Is it safe for me to move this tank with hardscape?
  82. Do Nerite snails eat leaves? The carnage continues!
  83. How many fish in a 6 gallon?
  84. HOBs?
  85. Plants folding up toward the light??
  86. 40 gal breeder newbie
  87. What's most unliked about my tank?
  88. The death of Mr. Appleton, our beloved apple snail
  89. tank?
  90. Getting there
  91. Wild Aquarium video series
  92. Aquascaping contest.
  93. Planted aquariums of the gallery - videos
  94. Tank crashed
  95. Could i use this as substrate??
  96. Any WiLd ideas for my layout?
  97. purigen for green water?
  98. Abruptly stopping CO2
  99. Favorite fish and/or plants?
  100. A Religious Analogy
  101. Excel
  102. Longevity of a Moss Tree?
  103. WTB plants
  104. First Berried RCS Quick Q
  105. Removing substrate
  106. Help with Anubias Nana
  107. Found this, looks cool...
  108. updated pictures of tank
  109. Purple Crypt
  110. Help identify the problem
  111. filter media
  112. Converting from SW reef tank to FW planted...need advice
  113. My new setup
  114. Adding soil to my substrate?
  115. Overstocked?
  116. Filter questions
  117. New to Planted Tanks and need help
  118. Co2
  119. Filter Help
  120. Can you re-use a brackish water tank for fresh--esp. with freshwater shrimp?
  121. Opinions.....
  122. Bad experience with using non LFS Furniture?
  123. Getting unruly roots into the gravel?
  124. Driftwood Question
  125. How old is your tank setup ?
  126. Should I avoid cleaning my substrate?
  127. Light vs dark substrate
  128. Aquariums of InterZoo 2012, Nürnberg, Germany - photos & videos
  129. GPH flow in a 75 gallon
  130. oxygen levels in planted tanks
  131. Should you mix ro/di water with tap water?
  132. Anticipation is Killing me
  133. How long can you float plants before planting?
  134. Writing a guide for planted tank beginners
  135. Pogostemon stellata?
  136. How is this setup for plants?
  137. some of the better pics of my tank critters
  138. How do I make this title bold?
  139. Java Fern, where to put it?
  140. Considering tearing down my 29g to add dirt...
  141. Gee, this hobby is so much more rewarding than computers
  142. Best live plants for small tank
  143. Stopping Grasses from Spreading.
  144. Ammonia in my Tap Water...
  145. Stop spreading dhg???
  146. Desperate to find home for planted tank and fish near Greensboro, NC
  147. how many fish
  148. Seachem Equilibrium
  149. 150 unkempt reef to planted tank!
  150. Bottom Grids for Tanks
  151. Tank selection?
  152. Need advice to convert 55 gal WITH FISH to good planted tank
  153. Buying a betta from Aquabid
  154. Snails & 3D Backgrounds
  155. Possible Acryic Cracks
  156. How to get crystal clear water?
  157. Getting rid of bladder snails?
  158. Algae Questions
  159. Melting Plants, first NPT
  160. Building Tanks
  161. Surface Agitation
  162. New dirted tank concerns
  163. Which tank is better
  164. Where to fill CO2 in Huntsville?
  165. Easy dry fertilizer dosage
  166. New here just switched from salt water!
  167. How can you be sure of CO2 levels if microbubbles are getting caught in drop checker?
  168. All-Glass Replacement Overflow Box
  169. Help with angel fish
  170. Great Forum -new member - question
  171. Need some help with my new 30g tank
  172. Trim day
  173. Aponogeton bulbs!
  174. Using peat to lower pH?
  175. Wisteria problems
  176. Would this table support a 120g?
  177. Did some trimming today. What do you think?
  178. Slight gap between tank and stand at the corners.
  179. How to clean water stains on *INSIDE* glass of an establsihed tank?
  180. First Tank, What Am I missing?
  181. New Guy biocube
  182. Scratches in a 10g
  183. updated pics of tank!
  184. I'm looking for a small predator fish
  185. Plants Are All Turning Brown
  186. Just My Luck!
  187. Fish and Shrimp
  188. Help with 5 gallon tank
  189. How do new plants typically react?
  190. Where to buy hornwood?
  191. Leveling a 6 foot tank.
  192. Aquatic Jungles?
  193. Shrimp from Borneo
  194. How much C02 and light can I put into a tank before moss starts dying?
  195. New to co2
  196. Ancient Aquaria
  197. Emergency -- Just broke my lily pipe...
  198. Crypts that can survive in high pH
  199. Is there any Crypts that can survive in a high pH?
  200. Opinions needed - stands
  201. Some Crypt Questions
  202. Mesquite Wood
  203. How often do you change filter floss?
  204. Copper wire
  205. tough working with plants and substrate fert
  206. 10 gallon planted
  207. diffusing co2 thru maxi-jet powerhead?
  208. Repashy food alterations
  209. at what point do you...
  210. Filter Wool? Where to buy?
  211. how do i approach this..please read
  212. Tank getting to hot
  213. lighting question
  214. What and When to Use?
  215. Rare stuff?
  216. Wabi-kusa pimp club! - WE HAVE A WINNER (RAOK)
  217. Distance between plants
  218. Fishless Cycling with Household Ammonia - What went wrong?
  219. Moss balls - DISLIKE!
  220. What is this Algae or Bacteria or Fungus?
  221. replacing my substrate advice required please
  222. Major Tank Make-Over! I Have a few Questions.
  223. Java Fern plant help..
  224. Converting a Reef tank for Planted shrimp use
  225. putting RCS with red rili?
  226. New plants ID?
  227. advise to get congo tetras out of tank?
  228. Lighting options?
  229. Light Reduced nitrogen levels, right?
  230. lots of debris floating in tank?
  231. Please define Low Tech, High Tech (your take)
  232. Plant ID Help - I know the basic names - Picture Heavy.
  233. GPH Flow
  234. Some pics of my planted 55g
  235. any way to avoid gunk going back into your tank after cleaning HOB filter?
  236. When will the next Petco $1 per gallon sale be?
  237. Binding driftwood
  238. Newer to the fun and have? S
  239. Will this work?
  240. What went wrong? CO2 or Excel?
  241. Algae Eaters!!!!!
  242. Need Help!
  243. How big should my "algae control team" be -60p
  244. Lined-Up Aquariums?
  245. I need help...
  246. removing center brace?
  247. Id this plant
  248. Starting a new Planted tank 101
  249. Suggestions for websites
  250. How long will it take to see my HC spreading well with my setup?