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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Advice on my tank setup and algae issues.
  2. Keeping a Fishless Tank Cycled
  3. Anyone going stemless?
  4. DIY CO2ing a 55g tank
  5. PTF newbie question
  6. looking for japanese forum
  7. Glutaraldehyde?
  8. BioBalls in Sump and is sump working normal in general?
  9. atomic diffuser
  10. Yeah, so about those shipping prices... Any wiggle room?
  11. IAL in a non shrimp tank?
  12. simple emersed set up
  13. Frustrated....just frustrated
  14. Need help setting up 15 gallon.
  15. Working on a new setup
  16. General question on fish TB or old age...
  17. Vampire crabs
  18. How much would you spend
  19. Need help
  20. UV sterilizer
  21. best way to clean stained test tubes?
  22. Poll: Algae "Free" Tank Lighting Period
  23. disregard
  24. New Tank Planning Stages
  25. I want to turn my 10 gallon tank into an apocalypse themed tank, Help
  26. little bugs on top of my floating plants!!!!!
  27. Swap N Shop?
  28. tank cycled so i stocked it full today.
  29. Power Heads?
  30. How to raise the pH up?
  31. Reverse Osmosis mix-up?
  32. What to do with all my tanks??
  33. How to keep HC and other "sensitive" plants out of water
  34. Fungus in emersed setup
  35. LFS Portland, ME
  36. bubble counter question
  37. cryptocoryne wendtii shoots
  38. 40 Gallon Breeder Project
  39. Hitchhiker with my anubias
  40. Oxygen (O2) Questions.......
  41. What to do with overflow box in planted tank
  42. Plants, Fertilizer and Nitrates
  43. Help with Lighting
  44. Lichen and terrestrial mosses on Tank Rocks?
  45. what do you think of my first 5 gallon tank?
  46. water change using water straight from tap?
  47. Stirring sand?
  48. Water Change Water
  49. Saving my Hemianthus micranthemoides
  50. How do I do this? Guidance needed, various questions.
  51. Is a thin layer of coral sand ok?
  52. Ei dosing?
  53. Driftwood wont sink.. What to do?
  54. emersed or submerged form on PCSword?
  55. does my quarantine plan sound ok?
  56. help me spend some $$ ADA 120P
  57. Is it worth it?
  58. Can I use organic insecticidal soap in emersed setup?
  59. wc or not
  60. how much would you charge to take care of someone's aquarium?
  61. in vitro plants
  62. The Crazy/Unique/Wacky Fish Tanks Thread
  63. NEWBIE Getting Started
  64. Filter medai removal question?
  65. Where to buy custom size Foam?
  66. "PRO" diy co2
  67. Post you Favorite/dream tank!
  68. Best Water conditioner Declor product?
  69. Newbie Questions (Lighting, Substrate, Rambling)
  70. Ferts during dry start
  71. 60p help
  72. UP CO2 Long Term Monitor
  73. How do I clean the glass on my tank?
  74. Malaysian Trumpet Snail Timelapse
  75. Another DSM qustion (ideal temperature and humidity).
  76. Lighting/ misc. question
  77. Angel Fish Tank Mates?
  78. Deep! 3 foot plus!
  79. Lightly Planted Fluval Chi Questions!!!
  80. Naturally Dutched 40B Community HD vid
  81. no ammonia; INSANE nitrite level
  82. can I use a metal grate as an aquarium lid?
  83. substrate questions kind of confused
  84. Changing Filters
  85. How to hold driftwood down?
  86. Help for moving a rimless tank with critters
  87. Is this What My Micro Swords Should Look Like????
  88. Found a nice piece of driftwood
  89. Anyone have a par meter to lend?
  90. Stem Plant Maint?
  91. Oops... CO2 Poisoning?
  92. What's this... I have 2 planted tanks???
  93. Holiday and a new tank - Qs
  94. Shallow 18 Gal 24x24x7 Planted Tank (HELP)
  95. What substrate for new 10 gallon?
  96. Setting up CO2 in a 15g
  97. Growing HC emersed?
  98. Taken tank apart
  99. symbiotic relationships?
  100. Why are Vallisneria decaying?
  101. Thinking about switching my ten gallon over to sand from regular aquarium gravel
  102. Scored two free tanks today!
  103. 5x2x2 with sump new set up
  104. Overall electrical impact of a 29g?
  105. Fluval Shrimp Stratum
  106. Need some good advice!!
  107. how to ship crayfish?
  108. Nano Drop Checker?
  109. Flat stones
  110. always seeing white spots on fish at petco and petsmart
  111. How long does medication stay in a tank?
  112. Too Much Circulation?
  113. Tiny, almost microscopic bugs in my 2.5.
  114. working on a new tank have a pic want some advice
  115. Green Water
  116. It's a rimless thing, you wouldn't understand.
  117. Ferts to use with this plant combo?
  118. The cost of Co2
  119. Strange happenings
  120. 125g planted tank ideas?
  121. Wanted to start a Planted Aquarium
  122. Which way would you have the tank stand face?
  123. Customs sized my shrimp!
  124. Co2 Drop Checker Confusion
  125. cleaning driftwood guidelines?
  126. Can I start my CO2 now without my drop checker yet?
  127. 75 gallon stocking ideas? Plant ideas?!
  128. receiving/making payment for sales?
  129. Heater failed
  130. Aquarist nightmare
  131. 10 inch cube ideas?
  132. Would this work? (water changes)
  133. first planted tank done!
  134. How can you have too much of a good thing?
  135. Is this really being caused by excel
  136. Best water temp?
  137. Bacterial Bloom.......
  138. Need Help! Problem with new diffuser!
  139. Excel
  140. Poly filters
  141. Aqueon Evolve 8 Lighting - Asked support but can you help me decipher the answer?
  142. Diffusing diy CO2 into a 5 gallon
  143. Hartz Fish Food Recalled.
  144. Help! UP Atomizer
  145. Would apple tree wood work in a tank?
  146. Position of Diffuser in relation to filter flow?
  147. Genuine Dogfish Ferti-Poop Plant Capsules ongoing review.
  148. Planted Tank Noob Questions...
  149. To much light/What to look for
  150. HiGh TEcH mADe VeRy EAsy
  151. Beach driftwood: no tannin leaching. Is it ready to go?
  152. Crazy Idea after I move to japan.
  153. mulm
  154. Anubias roots
  155. Wabi Kusa help?
  156. Advice on a tank I am adopting, lighting ect.
  157. open top aquariums and evaporation/water damage
  158. New CO2 diffuser/reactor question
  159. Anyone had experience with "AquariumGuys?"
  160. OK I'm dumb!
  161. bolbitis heudelotii "compact"?
  162. New ADA 60p Set-up Q's
  163. Hello, Stocking Q
  164. Should I do a water change on my cycling tank?
  165. powerhead question
  166. excel question
  167. 55 Gallon Planted setup questions.
  168. 240 Gallon Planted Tank (Fish Compatibility)
  169. Things not going as planned. What is off?
  170. How Dirty is your sump?
  171. Your experience with Liquid CO2 with Shrimps
  172. wood floating since 1.5yrs...
  173. Dry start and miracle grow
  174. want to "build" a cabin in my tank
  175. Physically Tough Plants
  176. anacharis issues
  177. How much No Planaria is needed to kill MTS snails?
  178. Brown algae covering sand and glass in cycling tank?
  179. wanting to set up CO2 and Dry Ferts
  180. The I.D. This Game
  181. I think Ill add more light
  182. Wow grow your own clownfish at home!!!
  183. Water surface movement? good or bad?
  184. Question about R.O. water and using search.
  185. Why did my hornwort die?
  186. new to moss
  187. 1 of set up. please help guide me.
  188. what are these red worms
  189. Fluval Edge pre-filters
  190. Will this
  191. My Fluval Flora !
  192. Starfish on java fern
  193. What to do with Subwassertang?
  194. ? Light Too close to surface!!
  195. Having a Tank in your Bedroom
  196. What is this???? white furry things please help
  197. Harvesting Blackworms from Substrate, Techniques?
  198. do i soak or dry manzanita
  199. tanins y u no go away?
  200. Pump for python syphon
  201. Happy Friday. :)
  202. Mesh?
  203. Snail breathing @ surface
  204. Roseline Barbs at Petsmart for 3.49
  205. HELP! Something causing my plants to die!
  206. CO2 check valve?
  207. First planted tank
  208. My 1st foray into the planted world
  209. Dragonfly larvae - what to do?
  210. Excited to be building a pond!
  211. Went to the LFS the other day...and saw something interesting
  212. New to planted tanks
  213. Something weird has appeared
  214. Best fish to keep with res cherry shrimp?
  215. Suggestions for horror-themed tank?
  216. Heater Problem almost disaster
  217. Doing something right?
  218. ID on some natives
  219. Finally got the big tank now what should I do! lol
  220. My new Fluval Chi 5 gallon planted
  221. New 55 gallon hex
  222. Water change idea
  223. Ellioti help.
  224. Driftwood question
  225. How long does your CO2 tank last??
  226. 150 gallon Marineland corner flo
  227. use of common moss
  228. Questions about infected tank.
  229. De-Rim an Acrylic Tank?
  230. End of tank dump. CO2 disaster.
  231. Snail ID
  232. Am I dumb not to buy this??
  233. 1st Casualties
  234. What filter do you use on Mr Aqua 12g?
  235. Need a quick plant I.D.
  236. Releasing non native species. (fish and plants)
  237. Shipping inverts
  238. My Ghost Shrimp?!
  239. My first RCS
  240. Native Tanks?
  241. Planted Aquariums of ZooExpo 2011, Warsaw, Poland - videos
  242. Need co2 ceramic diffusor placement advice?
  243. Cleaning anubias/curing C. Wendtii
  244. adding salt?
  245. petco 40g breeder, tempered bottom?
  246. Return Pump - Plumbing
  247. Plant I.D.
  248. Growing Aquatic Plants DIY
  249. Megapost: 60g System 40gBreeder/20g Planted/Sump tank please help!! **PICS**
  250. Pogostemon erectus ??