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  1. Dry start method (Need Advice)
  2. Sad end...But a new beginning
  3. Weird white dots in my tank!?!?
  4. Holy crap!
  5. been away for a while
  6. Rimless 20gl at PetSmart
  7. New Tank Cycling
  8. Free Otto Catfish
  9. Manzanita making a mess
  10. How big are your water changes?
  11. Water changes today!!
  12. might sound silly..buuuut...sand from the beach? Will it work?
  13. Biocube 29 Pump
  14. New to Plants
  15. Cloudy Water?
  16. White spots mostly on plant stems. Please help!
  17. Your opinion on this tank?
  18. Too much light?
  19. Petco $ gallon sale
  20. Glosso growth update
  21. Dirty Water?
  22. fish food
  23. Powerhead for circulation
  24. Medicate Indiscriminately for Mysterious Fish Deaths???
  25. Help ID unknown red plants
  26. Help me decide!
  27. Recipe for DIY CO2
  28. Where to get shipping supplies?
  29. Consensus on how to ship plants
  30. Looking For A Step-By-Step Guide For Carpet Moss
  31. How long can I keep my new fish in the QT bucket with just an airstone and floaters?
  32. ada substrate additives?
  33. looking for a list of native plants
  34. Did I do good?
  35. What is this gunk?
  36. Help! Fuzz algae!!
  37. Newcomer to planted tanks.
  38. Will moss stick to sand?
  39. Breeding room.
  40. how long will bacteria live?
  41. Keeping fish tanks in areas with water limits
  42. Plantin ADA Aquasoil. HOW I LOVE YOU!
  43. Expiration Date for Cycled Bacteria?
  44. Need Help with my first planted tank.
  45. What plants did my LFS sell me?
  46. Amano shrimp: where to get besides Drsfoster&smith?
  47. painting room with tank in it
  48. Mr Aqua Reactor Bubble Counter
  49. New to planted tanks, help me out!
  50. Brazilian Pennywort won't stop melting!
  51. What's the best algae magnet?
  52. Found a picture of my old tank
  53. Moving Fish Tanks...
  54. For those who ask, "What's wrong with scuds?"
  55. Weird Worms?
  56. Carpeting plant?
  57. Mts??
  58. Pokerist chips for your plants or shrimps anyone?
  59. Using a Prefilter Sponge
  60. Your opinion welcomed! First tank recomendations
  61. Repairing Cracked Tank
  62. Adding new plants to established tank
  63. Should I be concerned...?
  64. Fluval leaking!!!
  65. Dirty, smelly, infested tank
  66. Plants melting in new 40 gallon tank..
  67. How fast is ammonia produced?
  68. New to the hobby and looking for some advise
  69. Algae issue
  70. Stand for 40 gallon long
  71. Question about Excel and Lighting
  72. Warm water and algae
  73. Hrmm i messed up?
  74. Lighting reco for deep tank
  75. tank troubles
  76. Mystery plant attched to microsword that I bought online
  77. Major Renovation
  78. Emergent Plants: Recommendations
  79. Quarantine Tank
  80. Leaking clippard Solonoid
  81. Bio-Media Holder suggestions for sump?
  82. Advise - Planted Fish Tank Setup -
  83. Does driftwood still sink after not being used for a while?
  84. Fishless Cycling Question
  85. Purigen regeneration disaster
  86. Some questions for the experts!
  87. GH / KH questions
  88. Hc melting with web looking alike on them. Please advice quick :((
  89. Planted Tank Help
  90. What is this spider web like that killed my rotala?
  91. Oceanic
  92. How much salt per gallon will kill Hornwort?
  93. Plants pearling without CO2?
  94. Adding Salt to Guppy Tank?
  95. Basic cleaning/trimming question
  96. Help! Is this a good lighting layout to battle algae?
  97. -
  98. Kolkata... You're sexy.. sexy.. sexy..
  99. any ways to feen zucchini without fouling water?
  100. newly hatched kribensis!
  101. Oops....
  102. White Foam on Surface?
  103. They have me beat. Maybe you could help?
  104. Cheap Manzanita... yeah!
  105. Treating fungus(?)
  106. What Is This Thing??
  107. Weird milky "aura" around driftwood?
  108. New Planted Tank Lighting Help
  109. Ethics Of Collecting From Nature
  110. Drop Checker color question.
  111. Need Some Paludarium Input
  112. AmQuel?
  113. I have to start over, need advice
  114. Wow!!!
  115. breaking down tank - catching inhabitants
  116. Heating shallow emersed tank - question?
  117. Otto stuck in lily pipe intake :(
  118. Urgent! Help me save the betta
  119. 30 or 55 gallon with my setup idea?
  120. Worm or parasite... can you identify?
  121. Iwagumi(sort of)- Dry Start Method - 2 months later -
  122. Skimmers... Yay or Nay?
  123. Dosing ferts after DSM?
  124. Problem with using app? please help?!
  125. Frank Wazeter daily water change method
  126. Cleaning Aragonite Rocks?
  127. Covering Filter Intakes to Prevent Fry Death?
  128. will this stocking work
  129. new to planted tanks
  130. Bubble count for mini-m since changing to atomic diffuser also is mini-m really 5.5g?
  131. black phantom tetras
  132. Erio Parkeri Flower
  133. Hit a wall with my main planted tank :(
  134. Plant ID needed
  135. Petco's 6.6 gallon bookshelf aquarium?
  136. Should I dose more Iron?
  137. MT snail and their ability to survive
  138. Cloudy Water New Tank?
  139. Reptile Wood safe for an Aquarium?
  140. Glass top for 20 gallon high
  141. Anyone ever do group buys on here? Say for RO/DI systems?
  142. Water change w/out Disturbance
  143. film on the surface
  144. Hugeeeee projects!
  145. Brown mulm on aquarium gravel
  146. I got's teh ICH!!
  147. Sump re-design
  148. Raleigh, NC - Free to a Good Home
  149. Away from tanks for 2 weeks.
  150. Substrate for emerged grow-out setup?
  151. Lava Rock Toxic?
  152. New Fluval Edge 6, suggest some ideas!
  153. Where discus come from
  154. My tank is beautiful, but…I got issues
  155. Amano shrimp and BBA?
  156. plants you never see in contest tanks
  157. Back in the hobby: Plant/fert choice for a 26g bow
  158. co2 levels at the substrate and lack-lustre hairgrass
  159. Non CO2 Planted tank owners..please share :)
  160. What's a good middle level swimming fish for 20 gallon long?
  161. Best Betta food combo?
  162. How much would you pay for this tank?
  163. Hikari Bio-Gold alternative
  164. Plant Suggestions for 125 G Tank
  165. who needs miracle grow
  166. buoyant mossballs!
  167. whole layer of HC/dwarf baby tear lift off the substrate
  168. Lotsa-Guppies Red Lace Snakeskins?
  169. Walmart's hybrid aponogeton bulbs, anyone?
  170. Gold Rams
  171. New Fluval Spec being sold
  172. Lets try that again. Need some advice.
  173. Suggestions on substrate
  174. hey ppl please share your current method of co2 diffusion.
  175. Planted Tank - Looking for Guidance on CO2 and XP2 Canister setup
  176. Pearling and Growth
  177. Post pics of a tank that really inspired you.
  178. Opinion on my scape?
  179. How do you..
  180. Growing my own driftwood... Work in progress
  181. Tank still giving me issues with Nitrites
  182. Best tank to buy for a beginner...
  183. Moving plants from current tank to a new tank
  184. Help!! What are these tiny particles on my glass ?
  185. Need Help on co2. Leaking :(
  186. Standard Plants Among Aquarium Hobbyists
  187. the perks of being a powerseller
  188. Aquaeon Evolve 4g Planted Tank
  189. Planted aquarium help.
  190. Growing HC with Very strong light and lot of CO2?
  191. rescape and algae
  192. Finally!
  193. ID plant
  194. Stocking my toddler's 36g bowfront
  195. Help with ferts for planted tank
  196. Mystery Plant
  197. New layout! (pics)
  198. Kinda bored so here's a current picture of my tank
  199. Converting to planted tank - question on removing fake plants
  200. Guidance for a 190l corner bba and slow plant growth.
  201. emersed plants to submerged
  202. Nitrogen/Fishless cycle
  203. green water/purigen update
  204. What to clean empty tank with?
  205. Cycle complete?
  206. I need feedback on new hardscape
  207. Is 7.2 WPG too much?
  208. Sad Planted tanks!
  209. lighting help
  210. Really cold water plants
  211. adding CO2
  212. German Blue Rams
  213. Substrate Dust Question
  214. Do I have to clean my ceramic rings?
  215. New tank score. Petco feeder tank 110g
  216. Restarting 10G and thinking about switching out Floramax substrate for Eco-Complete
  217. Farm tank train wreck
  218. 39gal Tall....oh the possibilities!
  219. Am I Doing It Wrong? Stem Plants
  220. rescaping, what to do with fish
  221. What to do with Plants while moving tank?
  222. For a 10/20gal tank which is better?
  223. How to get the co2 high enough for high light.
  224. A sad day :(
  225. Can someone recommend a light fixture?
  226. Is there any rare - uncommon plant I can grow?
  227. 1st dirt tank, where did I go wrong?
  228. New Hobbyist. 120g Need help with plant Indemnification. (Video inside)
  229. Fish die off =(
  230. How to set up an aquarium
  231. Who submitted their tank to IAPLC 2012?
  232. Are Malaysian Trumpet Snails worth adding to a tank?
  233. Question about changing substrate
  234. Baby tear requirments
  235. Sitting tanks on carpeted cement
  236. Cool NOVA video
  237. How would YOU stock a dream 1400 Gallon tank?
  238. Jungle Val trimming and multiplying info
  239. purigen in an internal filter?
  240. Seeking Advice/Help. Algae and Dying Plants
  241. Hydrocotyle Tripartitia Questions
  242. Bio Media - What to do with it when moving tanks around
  243. Quick question about carbon filtration
  244. Regular vs Low Iron Glass Tanks
  245. What is your favorite plant and why?
  246. Does Anyone Use Software Programs to Track Water Quality?
  247. Leave No Man Behind...???
  248. How to transport fish?
  249. Lighting suggestions and help for a 79 G heavily planted tank w co2
  250. Arty Backgrounds?