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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Is snail slime clogging my media
  2. Terms used on site
  3. Make use of an Overflow and sump?
  4. in setting up a new tank, just throw some rotting junk in?
  5. any ferts not specifically made for aquariums that you can still use?
  6. Seachem Clarity made my tank worse!?
  7. New Plants
  8. Is it a problem that I have no nitrates?
  9. Time of Day for a Water Change?
  10. Driftwood ph /assassin snail question.
  11. Nitrate testing
  12. Tiny bugs in aquarium ?
  13. tell me about excel
  14. Where to buy val?
  15. glass chipped on the free 40B i got. can i still trust the tank?
  16. newbie here pls help
  17. Surface Skimmers?
  18. Rebooting my tank today
  19. Special Thanks To Everyone
  20. 10# co2 tank over fill?
  21. water change/fert question
  22. switching from 10G to 40B
  23. New summer project
  24. Nitrogen/Phosphate deficiency help?
  25. New and I have questions on Dwarf Grass
  26. Zacheyp's 29 gallon planted tank!!
  27. I'm sure you've seen this before
  28. Return pump?
  29. How do sumps work?
  30. excel don'ts
  31. Aquatic plants experts botanist?
  32. New here and looking for advice
  33. Amphibious plants
  34. guys i'm freaking out here. I'm seeing tiny worms on the glass. Like..a LOT of them.
  35. Starting ~100 gal tank & thinking about going planted
  36. Two fish dead after 3 days. Too much current?
  37. Rotala rotundifolia to look like this?
  38. Nerita Snails and Zebra Loaches?
  39. How long do you leave your lights on?
  40. Question for you Acrylic Builders
  41. "Beginner Red Plants?"
  42. A question..
  43. New dsm tank set up
  44. How long till plants take root?
  45. Odd question about the 86 Axelrod Photo Atlas
  46. Dwarf baby tears
  47. Glass paperweights
  48. whos eating my plants
  49. how to fix scratches in glass
  50. will driftwood salt my tank?
  51. Water logging ADA driftwood
  52. Derimming a 75 gallon
  53. Will my tank bow when its full?
  54. Using Rocks I found
  55. Picked up another 40B for the low low price of FREE!
  56. Tissue culture needed
  57. I had a superhero tank last night
  58. amazon sword flower stem
  59. My 10g planted tank
  60. Newbie- DSM IN A EVOLVE 8
  61. New to live plants!
  62. Creating a link/name in your signature?
  63. Peace Lilly filter/riparium
  64. Hawaiian collected plants and mosses, Help w/ ID?
  65. Houseplant Fertilizers...
  66. Cool rocks for one of those small rubblescapes (what I like to call em)
  67. Where did I go wrong
  68. First RAOK
  69. Low iron glass (starphire)
  70. I want!
  71. UV Sterilizer or not?
  72. What Should I do?
  73. Background plants
  74. Bunch of questions about my first planted tank.
  75. Orangespotted sunfish?
  76. Danio choprai (glowlight danio) with angelfish?
  77. all my years on the internet, ive never come across a friendlier forum.
  78. Snail wars
  79. Please help on photosynthesis...
  80. HC dying, Dry Start
  81. Unintentional emersed collection
  82. 55 gallon Shrimp Tank
  83. Broken Fluval 306. Need help priming.
  84. powerhead for 40B?
  85. Established 26G Bowfront Conversion to Planted
  86. Co2 and Flow
  87. 20 gallon long SCORE!
  88. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 125g drama!
  89. 75 gallon stocking ideas and help?
  90. Aquascaping Tools eBay Item!!
  91. Dimmed the lighting
  92. My tiger barb!!
  93. Can anyone ID this moss?
  94. Planted Tank Acronyms List
  95. Need some help shrimps are dying everyday
  96. When CO2 strikes: killing all my fish
  97. Emersed HC is turning brown!
  98. Transporting planted tank?
  99. Bubbling from substrate killing fish?
  100. Question about pearling
  101. Argentine Sword Flowering
  102. help me review for a friend: setup to minimize maintenance & water changes
  103. Stringy slime after water change?
  104. Please Critique my Tank Plan
  105. farm tanks
  106. no planaria
  107. UV light gizmo hype
  108. MIT Researchers just created a NEW, glare free, shine free, self cleaning glass!
  109. Moving an Established Aquarium
  110. Oh My . . .
  111. HELP: proposed bathroom tank!
  112. where to buy driftwood?
  113. DIY bottom minerals/soil
  114. Cycling a bare tank?
  115. Need help on light bulb 10 g
  116. Dart frogs in a paludarium.
  117. Glass defusier vs reactor
  118. Starting my first planted tank. Could use some help.
  119. San Francisco Bay Brand® Frozen White Mosquito Larvae Fish Food
  120. TDS Readings Confusion.
  121. Powerhead advice?
  122. I.D. This thing
  123. Please, help my HC grow, it cost me soo much!
  124. New light fixture HELP!
  125. getting crystal clear water?
  126. Cheapest place to buy a 5gal tank?
  127. Ghost Shrimp Vs Red Cherry Shrimp
  128. 33 or 20L? What's your opinion??
  129. My tank has been ugly.
  130. way to much hc
  131. co2 vs none pics please
  132. The international aquatic plants layout contest
  133. Ceramic diffuser big bubbles
  134. new seachem line?
  135. My tank 2 months in with pic
  136. help with pricing a java fern
  137. Need a nice schooling/social fish for my 60P
  138. My tank 2 months in
  139. stocking my 10 gallon planted
  140. High light on low light plants
  141. Keeping Your Cool
  142. Just got cardinal tetras..acclimating them with co2 tank.
  143. $50 tank on Craiglist. Is this a good deal?
  144. Plant I.D.
  145. Very simple quarantine tank?
  146. Velcro in the tank?
  147. oh no! my filter is BUSTED!
  148. How do I do it?
  149. Keeping water cool
  150. Tracking Software?
  151. tiger barbs not shoaling
  152. what wrong ?
  153. girlfriend is very insistent on putting fish in the shrimp tank
  154. I got my two foot tweezers today
  155. New to forum, first question
  156. What is this moss ? Algae ?
  157. New, lots of questions
  158. 2 Equipment Questions
  159. White Worms help!
  160. rebooting my planted tank
  161. Several beginner questions
  162. another "your next set up" thread
  163. Dirt everywhere! Will my fish be safe?
  164. Must See Sea Slug!
  165. First-timer with no experience. Warning: Not for the faint of heart.
  166. Vote - Move my 5 Serpae Tetra to 40B with shrimp or leave them in the 10G
  167. Best way to plant Dwarf Baby Tears mat
  168. Hello :) New Guy. Some questions!
  169. 75g Tall High Tech Help
  170. the standard newbie
  171. you have to check this out!!
  172. Serial Tank Syndrome
  173. need help arranging filters for 90
  174. Newly bought emersed Java Fern introduced to tank. Need to inject CO2 and add Excel?
  175. Ramshorn Snail: Kill or leave in my 5 gallon?
  176. 10 gallon stocking
  177. Co2 just for algae?
  178. drop checker reading
  179. I want a a shrimp with some color in my tank, who can I mix with ghost and amanos?
  180. would anybody pay with/recieve payment other than paypal?
  181. A Question About Water Changes
  182. Thinking about a 100g high-tech tank. Looking for advice
  183. just hatched a shiz load of brine shrimp in a 3 gallon plastic tank
  184. Did a little rescape. pics.
  185. First Tank Death Trap
  186. What power head in planted tank?
  187. New fish species discovered
  188. Should I Really increase my CO2 with good growth Already??
  189. Polishing pads yes or no?
  190. Which shrimp are bulletproof
  191. Curious about plant health and cycle
  192. my new tank
  193. Overdose of Seachem Prime?
  194. Good idea for a nano heater?
  195. Need help 1st 10g planted tank!
  196. Treat an old tank / soil.
  197. Brainstorming here. Help?
  198. Help with fishless clycle!!!
  199. Integrating planted tanks into landscaping?
  200. How many?
  201. Zacheyp's 20 gallon long planted tank!!!
  202. Just venting...
  203. 8 gallon paludarium
  204. How to tie down mini pellia?
  205. Seachem Stability or Tetra Safe Start?
  206. 29 gallon discus??
  207. Amateur Need Suggestions
  208. Never mind, sold
  209. Put a pill bug in my emersed setup - and a snail!
  210. 29 gal stock suggestions
  211. Good fish nutrition?
  212. Hope I can pull this off (EDITED MORE INFO)
  213. BGA problem - help me determine the cause!
  214. Malaysian Trumpet Snails in dirt tank?
  215. What is this orange rust colored stuff?
  216. What is the purpose of a sump?
  217. to be successful, i need...
  218. Good amount of carsdinal tetras in a 55 gallon?
  219. What looks to be algae covering leaves of plants?
  220. NEED HELP, sulfur smell in tank
  221. Tank placement vs. floor registers?
  222. plant suggestions
  223. Figure 8 puffer
  224. Emersed/DSM with Sunlight
  225. New Sump Design
  226. Snagged a free 26g bowfront... remake my 20L shrimpie tank or new SW waterfall tank?
  227. Leaving Blyxa japonica in my tank when I move it?
  228. Revamped the nano!
  229. Does petrified wood raise pH?
  230. How much money for a DIY ~220 gallon tank?
  231. the planted bowl...
  232. Why is my HC dying? Always!!!
  233. Seachem prime stinks!
  234. $1500
  235. Finally, pictures of my tank!
  236. The Nitrogen Cycle
  237. how does my first tank look?
  238. New and need Direction
  239. Marimo riparium? crazy idea?
  240. Flixel Your Tank!
  241. Why is dislike my local pets plus
  242. holes in plants
  243. Low PH (5.8)
  244. Advice on my tank setup and algae issues.
  245. Keeping a Fishless Tank Cycled
  246. Anyone going stemless?
  247. DIY CO2ing a 55g tank
  248. PTF newbie question
  249. looking for japanese forum
  250. Glutaraldehyde?