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  1. Does a Long-Uninhabited Tank Need to "Re-cycle?"
  2. Why do people still use DIY CO2? Am I missing something?
  3. First time co2 & EI Dosing, Few questions
  4. easy shrimp?
  5. Water Conditioner in Plant-Only Tank?
  6. dwarf hairgrass
  7. Is this ok? Startup advice plz..
  8. Should I keep adding ammonia? fishless cycle
  9. nitrates/plants/discus
  10. PLANT BANK: journal of my emersed collection of plants...
  11. DIY co2 stopped working
  12. Light Recommendations
  13. Start with a few plants or just go for it?
  14. Slow plant growth
  15. Who could live in here? 1 gal tank
  16. diy co2
  17. DELIVERY DAY!! post pics of your deliveries..
  18. Driftwood
  19. A UV Sterilizer question
  20. Bad isopod and pond snails
  21. Mag Float - how many of you use one?
  22. When is this driftwood going to be ready?!
  23. Little White/Clear Bugs? - Freshwater planted tank
  24. co2 ?
  25. Treating ICK With Temperature & Salt
  26. Just a simple question
  27. Direct Sunlight Without Algae Problems
  28. Getting ready to place an order for equipment, am I missing anything?
  29. Missing rasboras
  30. Plant Ideas
  31. How to get rid of white fungus?
  32. Froggies
  33. Overdose DIY CO2?
  34. New use for Ada style tank
  35. Idea parameters for Amano shrimp?
  36. Malaysian trumpet snails.
  37. Using copper sulfate to disinfect plants
  38. Starting up...
  39. Chemipure/carbon interfere with co2?
  40. Is freshwater and saltwater bacteria the same?
  41. use a tank outdoors year round as a planter?
  42. Seeding and cycling aquarium
  43. Zen Rock Garden Goldfish Tank
  44. New backround,opinions please.. what about GRAY?
  45. Snail eggs.... right?
  46. Anyone with a backup bacteria tank?
  47. am i doing this right?
  48. driftwood question
  49. That plastic 'cloth' grid for moss walls...
  50. Hi!!! New to forum!
  51. Good all-in-one aquarium for planted tanks?
  52. Came home to find all my shrimp and fish dead !!!!!
  53. Question about an old CO2 tank
  54. Anyone ever obtain vintage aquariums?
  55. Really Appreciating this Community
  56. one leaf of java fern
  57. Radical rework needed? Crypts/Substrate
  58. Freshwater limpet?
  59. Good plant to replace Wisteria
  60. Converting my saltwater tank over to a planted tank, need help!
  61. read ammonia dosage wrong during initial fishless cycle, sound like a problem?
  62. Head is SWIMMING! Please help consolidate my tanks?
  63. What Driftwood Does to Your Water
  64. One specific question about... you guessed it... paintball CO2 system
  65. Window Seal tank.
  66. DIY Moss Tree Idea
  67. Dwarf Cichlids Spawned!
  68. Re-scaping a tank
  69. Growing Aponogeton Bulbs
  70. Leak in my shrimp tank! EDIT: NEED YOUR DETECTIVE SKILLS!!!
  71. Are jungle vals not that popular anymore?
  72. Fairly new to planted tanks. Couple questions.
  73. Nitrite problems with my fishless cycle
  74. fresh river plants?
  75. Other plants for DSM
  76. worms in rili tank?
  77. Still more paintball CO2 system questions... wouldn't you know it?
  78. Just set up my first tank:) But what is this thing inside it?:(
  79. co2 bubble cluster
  80. worm in my tank
  81. My Driftwood Has a Pencil Marking...
  82. Help with Sword melt, die off
  83. fish dying
  84. Thumbsup to Orlando from GLA!!
  85. Looking for inspiration
  86. Fish in space (or the most expensive tank)
  87. Full aquarium or paludarium/riparium?
  88. pleco
  89. Small white dots on mopani driftwood?
  90. Need Help
  91. Beginner General Tank
  92. Painting the back
  93. Aquaone Aquastart 320 Light
  94. moving Bed filter?
  95. Guide to Starting a Freshwater Aquarium (including Planted Tanks)
  96. Moving tank around the house
  97. another diy CO2 question
  98. another diy CO2 question
  99. Want to accumulate some plants!
  100. River Wood & Tannins
  101. Another tank for the trimmings???
  102. How much flow is enough?
  103. some advice
  104. Quick Question
  105. Getting Restarted
  106. I'm new to fish tanks, I just bought a 55 gallon tank. I need help!
  107. Fish Sent Priority Mail
  108. Anyone using this?
  109. Best growout size tank, and best aquarium stores in london/paris?
  110. Links to 75g tanks?
  111. Apono bulb madness
  112. Nitrates??
  113. planted tanks while on holidays...
  114. Power OFF time for Canister filters???
  115. why CAN I grow plants?
  116. About to start my first ever Nano Tank, but I got some questions
  117. what was cheapest price of Fluval Ebi Nano Shrimp Aquarium Kit - 7.9 gal.
  118. Is this normal?
  119. pressurized co2 or lots of fish
  120. Divide my 5 gallon
  121. Water circulation help
  122. Smell when Soaking Driftwood
  123. Cardinal Tetra difficulties
  124. Cash crops?
  125. HC in a high tech tank.
  126. Total rescape of my 10G (pic) What do ya think?
  127. first plant to reach the surface!!
  128. Glofish
  129. setting up a plant ONLY tank
  130. cleaning glass
  131. Help with anaerobes
  132. Inconsistent bubble count?
  133. New 40 gallon breeder
  134. Fish compatible with CRS/CBS?
  135. Disinfecting a tank?
  136. Purigen during cycling?
  137. Aliens have abducted my tank & left behind something
  138. Growing out BBS
  139. shrimp and cycling.
  140. Not again
  141. Appartment rules?
  142. How short of a photoperiod can I get away with?
  143. 1 or 2 plants? ID?
  144. 60Gallon Discus Cube
  145. im beating dollar per gallon..
  146. polished c02 bottle
  147. Soaking Seiryu stones in Muriatic Acid
  148. Bps?
  149. Can flagtail prochilodus live in a planted?
  150. Diary of a Serial Fish Killer (a.k.a. How NOT to set up a tank)
  151. Java Fern Question
  152. Couple questions regarding paintball CO2 system
  153. Planning a 29g blackwater.
  154. Just what would you put in this tank?
  155. Hc growing up, not spreading? What to do..
  156. first fish casualty - a carpet surfing rasbora
  157. need advice about achieving proper flow (circulation)
  158. Tiger lotus
  159. Awesome deal
  160. Juggling needs of the fish vs. aesthetic of the tank
  161. Introduction and video of my planted tank
  162. ebay deffuser
  163. Ph Swing
  164. Redness on otos
  165. Driftwood isn't sinking...
  166. tube plants.
  167. DSM = easy part .... what about after the flood?
  168. Leaving on vacation, tank at home
  169. vodka rather then excel
  170. What's your tank's temperature in Summer?
  171. New 125g Tank - ADA Amazonia Ammonia Issue
  172. What do you use to do water changes?
  173. Bubble counter water evaporating?
  174. Taking CO2 off a tank?
  175. Cloudy 40 gallon start
  176. My surface agitation super slow motion video
  177. Entering a contest. How to transport your tank.
  178. Just installed a new canister filter (pics)
  179. whats a iwagumi
  180. Where are the O rings in the paintball CO2 system and how many are there??
  181. Plant deficiency or snails?
  182. pool filter sand.
  183. pool filter sand.
  184. Unknown Nymphaea (Please Help!)
  185. Zacheyp's no gallon long cichlid build
  186. new to diy with CO2
  187. new to the planted tank
  188. How would you fill this sump?
  189. Lily pipe or spray bar
  190. Foam in Sump
  191. Mr. Aqua Tank
  192. my wife's tank
  193. My Swords Probably Hate Me
  194. opinions please
  195. Ich
  196. pygmy chain sword isn't growing
  197. Columbian Tetras TEETH and H. Rasboras sparring
  198. How long does it generally take first class mail to deliver?
  199. Java fern question
  200. What is the "Off" position on the needle valve for a paintball CO2 system??
  201. planted blackwater tank... need thoughts
  202. water change how often and how much
  203. White fuzz on my fish food while cycling tank?
  204. Going to abandon DSM this time around
  205. How to rid Planaria?
  206. Detrivores to eat dead leaves? Apples snails maybe?
  207. ...Can I add more fish in now?
  208. how fast will this tank cycle?
  209. tank heights
  210. Ammonia Question
  211. Natural Sun Light
  212. Give me a gauge?
  213. threadfin rainbow compatibility question
  214. Mosquito Netting in tank
  215. Cycling a Planted a tank without plants?
  216. Does Petco or Petsmart Carry Glass Tops?
  217. would you trust forest deadwood?
  218. Why do allot of plant vendors think it's ok to substitute?
  219. Leaving for 10 days, how to keep the tank alive?
  220. Addicted to plants now?
  221. What's Your Tap Water TDS?
  222. Biocube 29 in process. Ideas?
  223. ebay plants?
  224. 75 Gal Soon to be planted?
  225. Red Belly Piranha
  226. Is this the work of a snail, or nutrient deficiency?
  227. Charcoal as a substrate?
  228. APC Filtration Thread
  229. Help--weird pH changes going on in brand new 55 g tank
  230. If stacking rocks, do you silicone them together?
  231. Have I worked out my watts per gal right?
  232. Shipping Fish First time
  233. the no more tanks tank!
  234. Some kind of worm?
  235. Home Page Fish Image
  236. All Advice Welcome: Tell me anything and everything.
  237. Am I being inhumane?
  238. Anyone ever made Seachem Flourite Plant Substrate pillows/pouches?
  239. Marimo moss balls
  240. Carpeting question- Please Help!
  241. fish not as they should be?
  242. My Dream Tank
  243. Any UK based plant importers here?
  244. Am I missing Something?
  245. Sometimes this hobby makes me feel like a rube :)
  246. Hi :) all new here :L
  247. What is the hardest plant you have ever grown or attempted to grow?
  248. Is this MTS? Who wants some?
  249. What kind of snails are these?
  250. eclipse II tank