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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. water change how often and how much
  2. White fuzz on my fish food while cycling tank?
  3. Going to abandon DSM this time around
  4. How to rid Planaria?
  5. Detrivores to eat dead leaves? Apples snails maybe?
  6. ...Can I add more fish in now?
  7. how fast will this tank cycle?
  8. tank heights
  9. Ammonia Question
  10. Natural Sun Light
  11. Give me a gauge?
  12. threadfin rainbow compatibility question
  13. Mosquito Netting in tank
  14. Cycling a Planted a tank without plants?
  15. Does Petco or Petsmart Carry Glass Tops?
  16. would you trust forest deadwood?
  17. Why do allot of plant vendors think it's ok to substitute?
  18. Leaving for 10 days, how to keep the tank alive?
  19. Addicted to plants now?
  20. What's Your Tap Water TDS?
  21. Biocube 29 in process. Ideas?
  22. ebay plants?
  23. 75 Gal Soon to be planted?
  24. Red Belly Piranha
  25. Is this the work of a snail, or nutrient deficiency?
  26. Charcoal as a substrate?
  27. APC Filtration Thread
  28. Help--weird pH changes going on in brand new 55 g tank
  29. If stacking rocks, do you silicone them together?
  30. Have I worked out my watts per gal right?
  31. Shipping Fish First time
  32. the no more tanks tank!
  33. Some kind of worm?
  34. Home Page Fish Image
  35. All Advice Welcome: Tell me anything and everything.
  36. Am I being inhumane?
  37. Anyone ever made Seachem Flourite Plant Substrate pillows/pouches?
  38. Marimo moss balls
  39. Carpeting question- Please Help!
  40. fish not as they should be?
  41. My Dream Tank
  42. Any UK based plant importers here?
  43. Am I missing Something?
  44. Sometimes this hobby makes me feel like a rube :)
  45. Hi :) all new here :L
  46. What is the hardest plant you have ever grown or attempted to grow?
  47. Is this MTS? Who wants some?
  48. What kind of snails are these?
  49. eclipse II tank
  50. True Aquatic Plant?
  51. I can't find plain ammonia
  52. Yellow, oily water?
  53. 2 Oscars in a 20Gal!
  54. What plants would ya suggest?
  55. What should I do in this situation?
  56. Try DSM One more time
  57. Happy B-Day - To ME!
  58. Using a UV, is it needed?
  59. craigslist find!
  60. pH question - how low is too low?
  61. has anyone had any bug issues with DSM??
  62. Skinny White worms?
  63. How Do you Level a 55 gallon tank?
  64. spongebob
  65. 90g plant suggestions
  66. Can you use too much chlorine remover?
  67. 150 gallon Iwagumi planning - Help!
  68. Is this DW safe?
  69. diy CO2 Question
  70. What is this strange creature..........
  71. TOTM Youtube
  72. GE silicone 1 everyone says safe for aquariums... but how come the bottle doesnt?
  73. First Tank - High Temperature (Please Help)
  74. tapatalk
  75. 40 gallon long?
  76. What are the best fish for CRS?
  77. are my plants getting eaten?
  78. My Planted Shrimp Tank Method/theory (almost no WC)
  79. what's that smell
  80. Individual Driftwood/rock pieces.
  81. help from the kids.
  82. my driftwood collecting mobile
  83. i proposed using my fish tank... anyone else?
  84. So I'll be out of town for five days... Any tips?
  85. Good fish for nano tank.
  86. Well I have made a start!
  87. Some foreground plants are white during DSM
  88. Can I use twist ties in aquarium?
  89. Please help. Will this support my tank or is it just a disaster waiting to happen?
  90. Keeping sand and gravel seperate?
  91. Yellow water, Newbie
  92. Converting ozelot sword to emersed
  93. High Tech vs Low tech
  94. fishless cycle question
  95. your co2 recipe?
  96. New Dirted tank Question,
  97. Planted tank cleaning?
  98. Where would you place a powerhead in this setup (pic attached)
  99. USPS is worrying me...
  100. Got that urge again...
  101. is salt okay to use with tetras?
  102. Hey all, new here
  103. Cycling Tank Problems
  104. Crypt confusion
  105. Amazon sword question
  106. need good check valves
  107. HC carpet question
  108. Continuous water change system for planted tank
  109. ICH Question
  110. Activated carbon = useless?
  111. Trying to keep aponogeton from going dormant
  112. Two "WHAT is that?" moments
  113. 20g Long (rimed) or 17g Mr Aqua (rimless) for shrimps?
  114. planaria
  115. API strips vs wet testing
  116. Will my light enough?
  117. Black CO2 tubing
  118. before i start...
  119. Pros & Cons about DSM
  120. picked up a 55G someone was tossing out.
  121. My new 40 breeder setup
  122. Capping with Eco Complete
  123. Lighting question
  124. Lighting question
  125. Substrate Question
  126. I need to decide
  127. Gah, My Poor Plant! Who Did It?!
  128. will diy co2 be enough?
  129. Advice on small tank
  130. Stocking 25 gal planted tank
  131. Hello....and a little help please
  132. Getting started with co2
  133. Best place for the co2 diffuser?
  134. Snail explosion
  135. Dwarf Hairgrass Proper Length after Submerging?
  136. No Tapatalk, No TPT?
  137. 50g plants suddenly/long term dying?
  138. Redid my substrate and aquascape!
  139. STILL too much light?
  140. what are the benefits in haveing almond leaves for CRS?
  141. If you started over what would you never do?
  142. Cycling question
  143. I'm Back
  144. Tank support/stand question
  145. testing beyond the standard API kit...
  146. What is this white stuff?
  147. fry; damaged or disease?
  148. Heat and starving fish
  149. 20g Rainbowfish
  150. Worms in New Plants
  151. t5 question
  152. Power head placement question? Need a little help!
  153. Oto fry, berried shrimp, and baby snails!
  154. Zebra Loaches & Cherry Shrimp
  155. what are these plants?
  156. Who use tap water for shrimp?
  157. Mobile site
  158. Dry Start Method issue
  159. Aquatic mushroom?
  160. Tank cycling - Natural vs Chemical based
  161. Fluva Flora tank questions
  162. Free CO2!
  163. I'm done for now anyways
  164. 33 Gallon Long Emerged Tanks!
  165. Need Some Help....
  166. High Nitrates and Fert info needed
  167. Started my first planted tank.. am I cycling it right?
  168. Can anyone identify this lil critter
  169. Shrimp, frogs, fish for a high pH tank
  170. Newbie introduction
  171. Why are Eleocharis Parvula leaves turning white?
  172. Types of shrimps that does well in warm water?
  173. IAPLC - Top 200!
  174. 1st planted tank/ introduction?
  175. Another newby question from me concerning water
  176. The low ph 2.5g planted tank experiment
  177. 30B plan?
  178. Ackkkk... Need Suggestions for Background Plants
  179. What would you do?
  180. I thought this was a cool picture and thought I'd share it.
  181. Deionization Filter Recycling of Tank Water?
  182. 75 tank turning into cooking pot, need to change plans, ideas?
  183. Chiller Suggestions
  184. Need some info on how to keep plants alive before planting!
  185. Tubifex worms
  186. What to be careful when doing a WC?
  187. Good plant growth and my second tank is ready!
  188. Oh no my tank
  189. Really stupid question
  190. Decomposing plant leaves bad for fish?
  191. Dirty Rocks Possible Outcomes?
  192. HC carpet, PFRs Dwarf Cories and Platies
  193. inconsistent pH due to Co2
  194. Chicken and egg order puzzle!
  195. Introduction and Tank info
  196. Question on working with canister tubing
  197. Extra Plants to give away
  198. Got MTS ?
  199. Retrofitted Hood for Screw In CFL
  200. New dwarf sag acclimating?
  201. cloudy water
  202. Opinions on my 20L hardscape?
  203. Leaving on vacation. How do you prepare?
  204. Help! I got Ick in my tank!
  205. Water???
  206. Starting 20L today. Here's what I plan on doing.
  207. What size tanks do you own?
  208. what, now my tanks are MAKING me do water changes?
  209. Iwagumi style glowing background
  210. First Planted tank build - 40g Breeder
  211. activated carbon
  212. Extra Plants to give away for cheap
  213. Stringy pain in the ass algae
  214. New Tank Scratched
  215. Water changes on large tanks?
  216. Excel issues?
  217. fish food?
  218. fluval only?
  219. Dirt with no cap?
  220. New 20L stand I built last night.
  221. Black Diamond 20/40 Closeup
  222. Blogs?
  223. A few questions from a newbie
  224. Please help - what rock is this?
  225. water change??
  226. Well, that was a dumb thing to do
  227. filter
  228. Flat Worms and Hydra How can I get rid of them?
  229. Airstone at night: who does it and for how long?
  230. Summer Heat Tips
  231. What to do with 90 Gallon Tank
  232. What are these little black bugs in my vase?
  233. Hydor Koralia Powerhead Sale
  234. What is my Co2 tube size?
  235. Right way to start a 55 Gallon to possibly avoid future headaches
  236. Tank Temperature Help
  237. Beginner needs some guidance.
  238. Iwagumi style tank without plants?
  239. Cryps have me confused
  240. black diamond / beauty grit size
  241. Driftwood how to?
  242. Why is my Ludwigia repens melting?
  243. hello hate to be one of those people who joins when they have a problem...but...
  244. What diffuser to get ? Reactor/atomiser etc etc
  245. Top Fin (petsmart store brand) packaged Dwarf Hair Grass
  246. which do you like better about learning things about fish, tanks, plants, etc?
  247. Best rimless cube?
  248. How to get rid of brown algae?
  249. Red cedar wood safe?
  250. Best filter media to grab fine particles?