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  1. CO2 and airstone at the same time
  2. New and saying hello
  3. Green bubble build up in my tank
  4. Plant Suggestions
  5. Do Plants React to Quick Changes in GH?
  6. Low Tech Tank???
  7. Expert fish owner help please?
  8. Frustrated-Please help!
  9. My New 30 gallon
  10. Decreased Light Cycle, Increased CO2 Results?
  11. Water Cirulation Question
  12. Co2 question.
  13. 180 gallon tank drilled what to do?
  14. Floaters are melting, why?
  15. Dead Melon Swords?
  16. Cyanobacteria as an hydrogen energy source
  17. fert bomb to kill substrate worms?
  18. How many fish to add at once?
  19. Aqueon Evolve 8 Flow too much for Beta? Help?
  20. 40breeder new pics 8/28
  21. What fish should I get?
  22. breaking down and setting up tank
  23. Can't decide!
  24. Can an emersed tank cycle?
  25. My paintball CO2
  26. Background painting
  27. uses for a mason Jar full of copods
  28. Need a lux reading for coralife t5ho fixtures!!!!!
  29. Milky water, UV and a dead cory :(
  30. Lighting question
  31. Eheim 2215 in a 30 gal
  32. How to remove Algae from plants?
  33. Uh oh starting up another 5 gallon tank
  34. Planting 120g
  35. Creative Aquascape Union Defection
  36. Phosban reactor with Purigen
  37. High pH
  38. Mold(?) in cycling tank
  39. House plant recommendations?
  40. Convincing the wife...
  41. How to clean a Penguin 200 filter? Help!
  42. Local Beach Driftwood
  43. Question on soaking rocks with bleach
  44. Should I do a water change?
  45. Aquarium tracking apps for iPad?
  46. Bio-Bale Location in sump?
  47. Look what i found overseas!!
  48. Need help dusting my plants.
  49. Complete loss of all fish in my tank
  50. holding pond
  51. Cloudy water, established tank, 6 weeks running
  52. Cloudy water in new it from the Miracle Grow?
  53. quarantine tank setup
  54. Plastic trim cracked - important?
  55. Tank cycling: small ammonia spike, then... nothing?
  56. how long does manzanita leech tannins?
  57. Ideas needed to contain media in sump.
  58. Updated picture of my 20G long.
  59. Should you boil Malyasian driftwood?
  60. How often do you re-scape?
  61. Filter Socks Mesh or Felt?
  62. How is my setup?
  63. How to stop surface agitation from Aquaclear HOB filter?
  64. -
  65. I need advice on lighting for my 36gallon
  66. 2.3 wpg low tech advice
  67. Portable Air Condition Recommendation?
  68. DIY or reef ready?
  69. Electrical bill has doubled on t5's!
  70. 60p set up options
  71. mystery fish death question for a friend...
  72. Driftwood
  73. PH and plant question
  74. The Killing Fields
  75. Mystery in the substrate
  76. How many power heads?
  77. new zibra danio?
  78. PLEASE HELP: ID this algea, brown stuff eating away my recent flooded tank from DSM
  79. Question about my DIY CO2 reactor
  80. Something I found out when buying drift wood
  81. Cleaning Green Seiryu Stone
  82. Detritus worm explosion
  83. Tank Leaking, what to do?
  84. Can't post in for sale/trade with tapatalk???
  85. aquascaping suggestions / plant ID
  86. Beginner questions re: stocking options
  87. Help wanted on dry start design
  88. Driftwood question
  89. high phosphate level, advise needed
  90. Fungi on Driftwood
  91. Stoopid CO2
  92. Please HELP!!!
  93. Lighting setup for a planted discus tank?
  94. How diligent should one be in removing mulm?
  95. Random Driftwood Question...
  96. DIY CO2 check valve
  97. New tank!
  98. Can eco-complete be crushed?
  99. My aquarium inspired painting!
  100. Trip to vietnam, need help
  101. Do you know of any complete systems for large tanks?
  102. paintball c02 buyer
  103. Test Kits Question
  104. Is mixing substrate ok?
  105. First planted aquarium, am I on the right track?
  106. Largest fish for a 29 gallon tank?
  107. ich?
  108. Sudden Onset Dwarf Hairgrass Die-off
  109. How long to wait before adding new fish?
  110. My fishless cycle is becoming an abomination
  111. Raising Substrate level
  112. So no reef tank...
  113. diy background help
  114. Public popular voting for IAPLC 2012 is now open!
  115. CO2 question...
  116. Tons of anacharis for background and dwarf sag for carpet. Good?
  117. Can you give some thoughts on 30 gal setup?
  118. how to keep amazon sword from growing huge?
  119. 2 guppies with dropsy
  120. Angry fish!
  121. Need inspiration for an old odd sized metal framed aquarium.
  122. Oh great and powerful OZ! EI tuning question
  123. Dreaded Snails-tank tear down
  124. My first serious attempt at a planted tank
  125. It's CO2 not C02. (flame wars = on)
  126. Temp Control While on Vacation
  127. Will high nitrites (10+, off the scale) harm plants?
  128. Substrate for planted aquarium
  129. Does a Long-Uninhabited Tank Need to "Re-cycle?"
  130. Why do people still use DIY CO2? Am I missing something?
  131. First time co2 & EI Dosing, Few questions
  132. easy shrimp?
  133. Water Conditioner in Plant-Only Tank?
  134. dwarf hairgrass
  135. Is this ok? Startup advice plz..
  136. Should I keep adding ammonia? fishless cycle
  137. nitrates/plants/discus
  138. PLANT BANK: journal of my emersed collection of plants...
  139. DIY co2 stopped working
  140. Light Recommendations
  141. Start with a few plants or just go for it?
  142. Slow plant growth
  143. Who could live in here? 1 gal tank
  144. diy co2
  145. DELIVERY DAY!! post pics of your deliveries..
  146. Driftwood
  147. A UV Sterilizer question
  148. Bad isopod and pond snails
  149. Mag Float - how many of you use one?
  150. When is this driftwood going to be ready?!
  151. Little White/Clear Bugs? - Freshwater planted tank
  152. co2 ?
  153. Treating ICK With Temperature & Salt
  154. Just a simple question
  155. Direct Sunlight Without Algae Problems
  156. Getting ready to place an order for equipment, am I missing anything?
  157. Missing rasboras
  158. Plant Ideas
  159. How to get rid of white fungus?
  160. Froggies
  161. Overdose DIY CO2?
  162. New use for Ada style tank
  163. Idea parameters for Amano shrimp?
  164. Malaysian trumpet snails.
  165. Using copper sulfate to disinfect plants
  166. Starting up...
  167. Chemipure/carbon interfere with co2?
  168. Is freshwater and saltwater bacteria the same?
  169. use a tank outdoors year round as a planter?
  170. Seeding and cycling aquarium
  171. Zen Rock Garden Goldfish Tank
  172. New backround,opinions please.. what about GRAY?
  173. Snail eggs.... right?
  174. Anyone with a backup bacteria tank?
  175. am i doing this right?
  176. driftwood question
  177. That plastic 'cloth' grid for moss walls...
  178. Hi!!! New to forum!
  179. Good all-in-one aquarium for planted tanks?
  180. Came home to find all my shrimp and fish dead !!!!!
  181. Question about an old CO2 tank
  182. Anyone ever obtain vintage aquariums?
  183. Really Appreciating this Community
  184. one leaf of java fern
  185. Radical rework needed? Crypts/Substrate
  186. Freshwater limpet?
  187. Good plant to replace Wisteria
  188. Converting my saltwater tank over to a planted tank, need help!
  189. read ammonia dosage wrong during initial fishless cycle, sound like a problem?
  190. Head is SWIMMING! Please help consolidate my tanks?
  191. What Driftwood Does to Your Water
  192. One specific question about... you guessed it... paintball CO2 system
  193. Window Seal tank.
  194. DIY Moss Tree Idea
  195. Dwarf Cichlids Spawned!
  196. Re-scaping a tank
  197. Growing Aponogeton Bulbs
  198. Leak in my shrimp tank! EDIT: NEED YOUR DETECTIVE SKILLS!!!
  199. Are jungle vals not that popular anymore?
  200. Fairly new to planted tanks. Couple questions.
  201. Nitrite problems with my fishless cycle
  202. fresh river plants?
  203. Other plants for DSM
  204. worms in rili tank?
  205. Still more paintball CO2 system questions... wouldn't you know it?
  206. Just set up my first tank:) But what is this thing inside it?:(
  207. co2 bubble cluster
  208. worm in my tank
  209. My Driftwood Has a Pencil Marking...
  210. Help with Sword melt, die off
  211. fish dying
  212. Thumbsup to Orlando from GLA!!
  213. Looking for inspiration
  214. Fish in space (or the most expensive tank)
  215. Full aquarium or paludarium/riparium?
  216. pleco
  217. Small white dots on mopani driftwood?
  218. Need Help
  219. Beginner General Tank
  220. Painting the back
  221. Aquaone Aquastart 320 Light
  222. moving Bed filter?
  223. Guide to Starting a Freshwater Aquarium (including Planted Tanks)
  224. Moving tank around the house
  225. another diy CO2 question
  226. another diy CO2 question
  227. Want to accumulate some plants!
  228. River Wood & Tannins
  229. Another tank for the trimmings???
  230. How much flow is enough?
  231. some advice
  232. Quick Question
  233. Getting Restarted
  234. I'm new to fish tanks, I just bought a 55 gallon tank. I need help!
  235. Fish Sent Priority Mail
  236. Anyone using this?
  237. Best growout size tank, and best aquarium stores in london/paris?
  238. Links to 75g tanks?
  239. Apono bulb madness
  240. Nitrates??
  241. planted tanks while on holidays...
  242. Power OFF time for Canister filters???
  243. why CAN I grow plants?
  244. About to start my first ever Nano Tank, but I got some questions
  245. what was cheapest price of Fluval Ebi Nano Shrimp Aquarium Kit - 7.9 gal.
  246. Is this normal?
  247. pressurized co2 or lots of fish
  248. Divide my 5 gallon
  249. Water circulation help
  250. Smell when Soaking Driftwood