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  1. new be Home Schooling project
  2. How do folks keep stable pH in their planted tanks?
  3. How do I do DIY co2 on a small tank?
  4. Go GUPPY!!!!
  5. day and night
  6. Installed Pressurized Co2 to tank
  7. Questions about RO, Well & Softened Water
  8. Blue Velvet baby questions
  9. update on my tank
  10. Old Faithful passed...
  11. Small tank on a glass table
  12. think i figured out the algae problem on my nano
  13. Insect ID ... really strange! -pics-
  14. Cycling a new tank.
  15. Question On Angelfish and HC
  16. black worms in planted tank?
  17. New tank - 160 Litres
  18. Driftwood tannins?
  19. Should I be "charging" STS substrate?
  20. Stocking and Plant help
  21. back online
  22. Forum navigation
  23. Couple Noob Questions, Plz Help
  24. Cycling and products like Prime and Purigen
  25. Particle Poop Problem
  26. First Attempt - Planted Nano Tank
  27. New 20 long- does this sound right?
  28. How much co2 bubbles do you see in your water?
  29. Algae and plant problems when I move to soft water.
  30. The ultimate schooling fish!
  31. Whats up with my snail?
  32. Can I trim Vals?
  33. can i raise clarkii in high PH?
  34. Need some help with a betta tank (Pretty Much Fixed, thanks :)
  35. High quality fish/plant vendors?
  36. looking for your opinion
  37. Neon Tetras ?s
  38. fish death - water issues?
  39. A gap between stand and tank! Help!
  40. Fishless Cycle Problem
  41. Fluidized Bed Filter
  42. What range of light do I have?
  43. Had my heart attack!!!!
  44. How to improve my tank (a work in progress)
  45. Group Effort: Help build my 12g Long Setup
  46. Cichli planted tank
  47. How long to leave lights on 75g?
  48. Upgrading my lighting for little to no money invested, thoughts?
  49. am i overstocked?
  50. Co2 controller or bubble counter and duffuser??
  51. I failed.....
  52. Speeding up melting process?
  53. Overdose on Purigen ?
  54. does changing substrate break cycle?
  55. Flucuating pH killing kuhli loahes?
  56. Nano 20L: Rock hardscape - First steps
  57. Planted Tank Info
  58. New high tech tank
  59. I need sand...
  60. My >.5 gallon nano
  61. Just got done cleaning my tank
  62. Hitchhiking Snails. OK or Bad?
  63. I'm getting rid of my goldfish to get new fish this weekend, suggestions on new fish?
  64. Getting Sun-Sun CANISTER HW-303B Need media advice
  65. Posting Picture With Links
  66. Plant growth problem
  67. Stunted Growth?
  68. Planning on a 75 Gal
  69. How do we count 'stems'? (R-rated pictures)
  70. seeking input on used tanks
  71. Help with my 38 Gallon Tank & Plants
  72. Bones as decoration?
  73. Gassed my entire tank!
  74. My tanks made it onto Kessil LEDs' video!
  75. Slimy white redidue on surface
  76. Water acting funny.
  77. Oto Cats and Shrimps are lazy
  78. My mystery snail mystery
  79. Co2 v liquid carbon
  80. Vacation Question - Algae Eaters
  81. I don't know if my tds is ok.( just got the Meter)
  82. Non-invasive background plants for 10g tank..
  83. How do you clean your carpet?
  84. Purigen... Anyone know how to properly regenerate?
  85. Soil Under eco-complete?
  86. Forgot to turn canister back on?
  87. Planted tanks on Fringe?
  88. New planted aquarium. Need advice please
  89. Free Fish Food!!!
  90. Would anubis nana thrive tied to these twigs?
  91. RO/DI dechlor question
  92. plant tabs
  93. Temp swing bad?
  94. Shrinking down to 10G - Move To Other City
  95. Can't remember how many bags of aqua soil I need
  96. API Quickstart: Is it Legit?
  97. 3 plants & 1 worm like thing that I need help with ID
  98. Hi (new to the forum)
  99. General Plant Questions
  100. What is this awesome fish
  101. HGTV has a Aquarium show!
  102. Help! Plants dying!!!
  103. Help ID this beauty
  104. Diagnose my fish plz!
  105. HELP !!!! What are these things!!
  106. Crazy Co2 with SunLight!?
  107. Seachem Flourite vs Carib Sea's Eco-complete?
  108. My green tree python paludarium
  109. Is a tank without CO2 better off with more Aeration?
  110. My New 150 Gallon
  111. Planaria, White Worms, Hyrads, I didnt know I had it. Now I do, fix? (with pictures)
  112. Can my floor hold a 100g tank!
  113. Is blue light ok during night
  114. Free Tank! What would you do?
  115. Harlequin rasboras jumpers?
  116. is my cycle over?
  117. How to build a stand for a 50 gallon acrylic stand?
  118. shrimp not berried?
  119. Biotope Recommendations, WWYD
  120. ADA 60F - With a Bonsai?
  121. Too much fert/fish going nuts
  122. Chain Sword Problem
  123. Can I go for a planted tank?
  124. Dry start method with dwarf hairgrass and fissidens fontanus?
  125. Are these type of rock okay?
  126. Why do bottoms of stem plants turn brown?
  127. Best method for containing Purigen in a canister?
  128. What test kits would be recommended for shrimp?
  129. Face fungus help!
  130. Set my foot into live plant
  131. Aquabid is down...
  132. Is my Plantex CSM+B bad? (w/ pics)
  133. Good plant food with 10% water change
  134. exactly how much light is needed for anubias to grow?
  135. will tannins block the light enough to kill plants?
  136. I am a chronic overfeeder
  137. 5 dead cardinals the morning after purchase
  138. question on ick
  139. Large leafed plants dying?
  140. Need your advice for my new aquascape!
  141. Snail shells
  142. Water Fall Effect!!!
  143. Eheim Professionel 2324 External Filter with Heater any good?
  144. What the hell is this thing, and how did it get in my tank?!
  145. Pearling and Current
  146. Algae Problems With Fluctuating City Water Quality
  147. Ever look at your fish tank water with a microscope?
  148. can i feed my fish eggplant/ aubergine?
  149. almost ready to give up
  150. water change question ?
  151. Vitamin C Dechlorination
  152. New startup 29G planted tank.
  153. Need a cycled tank asap
  154. Changing gravel to sand... need help here
  155. Less water circluation at night?
  156. New plants!
  157. Sponge filter question...
  158. how would you boil this?
  159. Lowering the need for water changes
  160. Research Paper references needed
  161. Black tubing for canister filter?
  162. Mini L with Archaea LED
  163. Leaves curling on tips of java fern
  164. ...
  165. Easiest water changes
  166. Buying a tank "Kit"
  167. Angel's Devouring Hygrophilia?
  168. stocking levels for a walstad tank
  169. Problem with filter
  170. just wondering about sales and trades
  171. Speed of HC growth in substrate with large granules vs small
  172. Tank turnover vs. fish comfort
  173. Algae Problem - Help Needed
  174. Black Wormy Parasite?
  175. Happy plants!
  176. scratches
  177. Plumbing for water drain - through the wall and basement?
  178. New Aquarium questions
  179. what is this plant
  180. Multi - Tank Stand
  181. How to catch a CAE??????
  182. What ferts am I missing?
  183. co2 and uv before reactor?
  184. Help with Angelfish
  185. Tear down or save?
  186. FW, marine look invert tank
  187. Plant quarantine
  188. Goldfish left on my doorstep
  189. Has anyone ever been to ATM - featured on the show "Tanked" ??
  190. Need advice with the following 10g tank
  191. Prime.... smell
  192. Need to setup a Hospital Tank, and fast
  193. Any idea what this could be?
  194. TPT Lingo. . Help a Newbie Out Please :)
  195. eyes kind of popping out on bloodfin tetra?
  196. Switching from CO2 to no CO2
  197. help finding a thread
  198. What type of plants can i have
  199. Transfering fish to new tank. Correct me if I'm wrong...
  200. protein skimmer on a PLANTED TANK? what????
  201. I've joined the Ich club!
  202. DSM water question
  203. doodoo brown!
  204. Can I add DIY CO2 in a low light tank low tech tank.
  205. Change of plan! Maybe a shrimp tank!!
  206. Tiger barbs/ tank size?
  207. Does Aging WC Water Help?
  208. AAAAH. Question about Sponge Filter/Plastic Smell.
  209. best way to remove white hard water line?
  210. Large bubbles coming out of ADA diffuser
  211. Woke up to the smell of death :(
  212. rooting hormone?
  213. Fastest way to cycle a tank?
  214. Help with mineralizing soil
  215. injecting co2 under one T8 17watt bulb, 6.6gallons?
  216. How to move tanks to a new house?
  217. Fluctuation In pH Questions
  218. 40 B into 2 20G cubes?
  219. "Blocking" the filter intake for aestetics--can I go too far?
  220. How do you naturally lower pH
  221. Stainless Steel Effect Water Parameters?
  222. Posting Pictures?
  223. CPD Breeding tank!
  224. Live plant delivery
  225. Still more planted tank questions....
  226. , Sales section issues!
  227. Death Tank
  228. Problems with Plants
  229. Plants I want...
  230. Found A WORM!!
  231. What do you all think?
  232. Carpet plants without Co2
  233. Setting up my first tank after a while of being away
  234. JusT venting!!
  235. Stand top question
  236. Who's got an idea for this tank?
  237. Anyone have eheim on rimless tank
  238. hair algae
  239. Are lights necessary for bare tank
  240. CO2 question
  241. Newbie wanting to start a nano
  242. algae is winning
  243. Just a pic
  244. Fiberglass insulation for shipping livestock?
  245. rotten fin and dead
  246. Aquatic Plants of the Orinoco and Negro Rivers
  247. New wood
  248. Potentially dumb planting question--I've just not seen it clarified before.
  249. Questions for a new 50 gallon tank.... help me out here.
  250. Have I used correct filter media