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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. 75 gallon Riverscape
  2. something on the glass and not algae
  3. Growth has become sluggish
  4. water wisteria/nana spreading ?
  5. how to avoid that 'fish tank' smell
  6. Shrimp Nano Tank plans
  7. Petco 20H with a leak
  8. Where did all my moss go?
  9. Dead Fish Question
  10. Molds during DSM.. Adding H2O2.. advice?
  11. Planting advice (‘how to’ .. rather than ‘where’)
  12. Whats growing on my driftwood?!
  13. Re-setting up tank help
  14. Maggots during DSM
  15. Pretend you just obtained a 20g tall tank...
  16. emergent planted beach?
  17. Got a little problem.
  18. To use activated carbon or not????
  19. Quarantine tank
  20. What kind of cactus did I buy?
  21. walstad tanks
  22. Ceramic tile
  23. Tell Me that My House Is too Small!
  24. Do many people ask if your planted tank is saltwater?
  25. low grade CRS seller?
  26. What's happening to these plants?
  27. Need Advice Quick !!!!
  28. medium lighting for a 10 gallon?
  29. my new 75g
  30. Have you seen any real Altums for sale anywhere??
  31. 55g Tank Update! Things have come a long way!
  32. Help :(
  33. paint seal
  34. To all my college friends...
  35. water change or no
  36. Vacation-fertilizer
  37. What are these - flatworms? Some other nematode?
  38. best vacation feeder machine or blocks?
  39. 1st post
  40. Newbie help
  41. New with Questions
  42. UV LEDs
  43. Do You Know What This "Stuff" Is?
  44. Problem with plants in new tank
  45. Seiryu and Ryuoh Stone
  46. suggestions for automatic feeder schedule
  47. best aquarium to buy with $55?
  48. Newb Looking for Simple Answers
  49. Need help QUICK
  50. Is nematodes harmful?
  51. Cloudy tank water
  52. Shrimp dying off slowly... whats wrong?
  53. Oil film on water
  54. Test kit issues
  55. So I took you're advise update pics
  56. Over planted?
  57. plants to pull nitrates/phosphates down BIG TIMe ?
  58. Stocking.. w/CO2, shrimp, cories....
  59. catching fish in a densely planted tank
  60. Planted tank HELP!!!
  61. Diatoms Invasion
  62. Emergency!
  63. First time tank/planted/iwagumi style
  64. Planning my next project
  65. can i feed common house ants to my fish?
  66. strangest feed
  67. Look at my tank :3
  68. SS Mesh question
  69. HELP - My tank is toxic and it is killing my fish... but not my shrimp...
  70. jelly-like thing on my red lotus - what is it?
  71. Source for lily pipes, shrimp-safe strainers?
  72. Do I need to test for water hardness?
  73. Little Black Swimming Dots?
  74. New tank Potting soil help
  75. In preperation
  76. schooling fish
  77. Floating potomageton flower
  78. Do shrimp cause a lot of bio load?
  79. $1 per gallon sale
  80. driftwood question
  81. unexplained fish deaths - any ideas?
  82. bio load too high?
  83. What Tank?
  84. When should I see a change?
  85. Talk to me about Dwarf Gouramis
  86. bio ball bacteria question.. kinda
  87. Having a tough time figuring my plants out.
  88. Acceptable nightly temperature swing
  89. Schooling fish?
  90. Thoughts on 7.5 gallon hardscape?
  91. How to get larger Tank under Cabinet?
  92. I have the rescape bug!
  93. Silicone issue
  94. initial CO2 lag?
  95. Hydor inline heater just wiped out my tank :/
  96. Cold water nano planted...?
  97. why does moss attract algae?
  98. I have got to get one of these!
  99. PH Crashes - Please Help
  100. New to planted tanks
  101. new tank project
  102. Is slate safe to use?
  103. How to keep filter cycled while moving tank for 2 weeks?
  104. GH/KH test-help?
  105. DIY Excel using glutaraldehyde
  106. Good places to buy plants online?
  107. water quality question - cloudy
  108. Publications
  109. white film (protein?) issue
  110. combine emerse setup with live culture?
  111. End of my 125
  112. Been a long time.
  113. noob water change question
  114. How to de-rim a glass tank? (eta: LOL broke off a chunk of glass)
  115. 13000 Gallon Tank Cracks
  116. Disappointed with Fluval, VERY impressed with PetSmart
  117. Just had to have it!
  118. HC melting like chocolate on a double boiler!
  119. Amano molting?
  120. oh no planaria!!
  121. new filter cycling in an old tank
  122. Lighting Choice
  123. cleaning tank for freshwater
  124. office tank questions, and which beta?
  125. Anyone know anything bout rainbow fish?
  126. Monthly periodical?
  127. How to avoid ammonia spike
  128. frustrated
  129. Using tank water to water house plants
  130. Softened Water Fine in Aquariums?
  131. co2 regulator solenoid and needle valve problems.
  132. The Use of Dwarf Pennywort to Generate Electricity
  133. Custom tank (96" long)
  134. Kribs with Bolivian rams in 40b?
  135. water volume: 55 vs 40b
  136. They say not to mix some of these fish but..
  137. Next custom tank
  138. tank is running for 2 and a half weeks.. shrimp?
  139. good specimen Boesemani Rainbow in the uk? not hybrids
  140. Glass scraper
  141. Driftwood?
  142. What type of driftwood is this?
  143. How Much Sand?
  144. lighting questions...
  145. Cycle question
  146. Rimless tank?
  147. Interesting question, smartphone light meter
  148. Anyone else getting all broken images?
  149. Removing a layer of fallen soil?
  150. Buying shrimp items
  151. Possible redo?
  152. Plant Atlas
  153. Fish die-off after water change/plant moves - anyone ever had this?
  154. sneak peak....
  155. What to use underneath tank stand on concrete floor?
  156. Can anyone tell me what fish this is? I rescued it from the drying up water hole.
  157. Advice on pruning planted water sprite
  158. Fuzzy wood!!! please help.
  159. How many rainbow fish in 55gallons?
  160. Best beginners substrate?
  161. plants in fluctuating temperatures?
  162. Sump Media? Advise needed.
  163. I just setup a 60 gallon hexagon what plants should I put in it
  164. bleaching the aquarium help please
  165. Broad Leaf Ludwiga Melt During WC
  166. Plant id.
  167. which one??!?!?!?!
  168. Cuts and Scrapes
  169. pressurized co2 kit meant for nano for a 55gal?
  170. Snail population getting out of control
  171. To Snail or Not to Snail... That is the Question
  172. co2 regulator recommendations!
  173. Rife Lake Washington. Thinking about catching a baby cat fish!
  174. How test PH with API tubes in CO2 injection
  175. A question about water additives
  176. co2 regulator help! please help me!
  177. Cube system project, your thoughts
  178. wanted: Crypt hudoroi
  179. petco labor day (weekend sale) 20% off
  180. What's up with my inline reactor?
  181. Bryozoans!
  182. Oh so Tempting!
  183. Controlling Green Water?
  184. corys and substrate
  185. Lily pipe recommendations?
  186. oops
  187. How much to fertilize (macros/micros)?
  188. Shipping Fish
  189. DSM method with HC
  190. CO2 Ceramic Diffuser vs Canister filter diffusion
  191. Excel/carbon supplement and moss?
  192. Salt killing MTS?
  193. How much light
  194. What fish are compatible with shrimp?
  195. Planting advice
  196. API fertlizers or Seachem Flourish?
  197. ADA120P help me plant it. Finally have some cash. Found
  198. Newbie question for a 120 gal tank
  199. CO2 questions?
  200. How to control java fern size?
  201. 100 Glow in the Dark Garden Pebbles
  202. Aqua soil amounts?
  203. Where to buy all the ferts for complete EI dosing?
  204. Quality Drop Checker
  205. young plecos ?
  206. cycling ew tank
  207. Fish Food Expiry?
  208. Lily pipes for 2211
  209. Suggestion of fish stockings.
  210. DSM help needed!
  211. Emersing Sword plants
  212. Sculpy III polymer Clay
  213. Need help with this plant!
  214. May have killed bio filter - what to do?
  215. snail control - not eradication?
  216. SHRIMP- do they mind strong current?
  217. micro sword in low-light low-tech?
  218. Shrimp low tech tank- am I missing anything?
  219. Stocking my 75G
  220. De-rimming full 5 gallon+other questions
  221. GE silicone I vs II
  222. Return on my filter
  223. Big clean
  224. Outside emmersed buckets pics
  225. So Im revamping the 75g...
  226. Suggestions how to clean spa flex PVC
  227. Hello all!
  228. A puzzle: Does Seachem Stability reduce nitrates (yes, nitrates, not nitrites)
  229. Going on vacation...fertilising problem
  230. pros and cons
  231. Drop checker with 32dKH solution!!!
  232. Moving plants around and dirt tanks questions
  233. Filters filter out zooplankton?
  234. New to plants.... questions
  235. check out my bush!!!
  236. White discus - Internal Parasite?
  237. 27G Cube With double bright LED
  238. fastest/best way to clean tank?
  239. Vacation food
  240. need help with bacteria bloom
  241. What is the cheapest and best way to ship shrimp?
  242. Please Help African Cichlid ID
  243. Peristaltic dosing pump question
  244. building my tank, normal glass or tempered am confused
  245. Rescaped, ammonia 0.25? Mini-cycle?
  246. Are Sponge Prefilters Bad for the Filter?
  247. Deadline for AGA Aquascaping Contest Entry Approaching!!
  248. Jbl Manado problems!
  249. Dosing ferts to kill hair algae?
  250. Where do I get lightstand LEGS?