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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. How much flow is enough?
  2. some advice
  3. Quick Question
  4. Getting Restarted
  5. I'm new to fish tanks, I just bought a 55 gallon tank. I need help!
  6. Fish Sent Priority Mail
  7. Anyone using this?
  8. Best growout size tank, and best aquarium stores in london/paris?
  9. Links to 75g tanks?
  10. Apono bulb madness
  11. Nitrates??
  12. planted tanks while on holidays...
  13. Power OFF time for Canister filters???
  14. why CAN I grow plants?
  15. About to start my first ever Nano Tank, but I got some questions
  16. what was cheapest price of Fluval Ebi Nano Shrimp Aquarium Kit - 7.9 gal.
  17. Is this normal?
  18. pressurized co2 or lots of fish
  19. Divide my 5 gallon
  20. Water circulation help
  21. Smell when Soaking Driftwood
  22. Cardinal Tetra difficulties
  23. Cash crops?
  24. HC in a high tech tank.
  25. Total rescape of my 10G (pic) What do ya think?
  26. first plant to reach the surface!!
  27. Glofish
  28. setting up a plant ONLY tank
  29. cleaning glass
  30. Help with anaerobes
  31. Inconsistent bubble count?
  32. New 40 gallon breeder
  33. Fish compatible with CRS/CBS?
  34. Disinfecting a tank?
  35. Purigen during cycling?
  36. Aliens have abducted my tank & left behind something
  37. Growing out BBS
  38. shrimp and cycling.
  39. Not again
  40. Appartment rules?
  41. How short of a photoperiod can I get away with?
  42. 1 or 2 plants? ID?
  43. 60Gallon Discus Cube
  44. im beating dollar per gallon..
  45. polished c02 bottle
  46. Soaking Seiryu stones in Muriatic Acid
  47. Bps?
  48. Can flagtail prochilodus live in a planted?
  49. Diary of a Serial Fish Killer (a.k.a. How NOT to set up a tank)
  50. Java Fern Question
  51. Couple questions regarding paintball CO2 system
  52. Planning a 29g blackwater.
  53. Just what would you put in this tank?
  54. Hc growing up, not spreading? What to do..
  55. first fish casualty - a carpet surfing rasbora
  56. need advice about achieving proper flow (circulation)
  57. Tiger lotus
  58. Awesome deal
  59. Juggling needs of the fish vs. aesthetic of the tank
  60. Introduction and video of my planted tank
  61. ebay deffuser
  62. Ph Swing
  63. Redness on otos
  64. Driftwood isn't sinking...
  65. tube plants.
  66. DSM = easy part .... what about after the flood?
  67. Leaving on vacation, tank at home
  68. vodka rather then excel
  69. What's your tank's temperature in Summer?
  70. New 125g Tank - ADA Amazonia Ammonia Issue
  71. What do you use to do water changes?
  72. Bubble counter water evaporating?
  73. Taking CO2 off a tank?
  74. Cloudy 40 gallon start
  75. My surface agitation super slow motion video
  76. Entering a contest. How to transport your tank.
  77. Just installed a new canister filter (pics)
  78. whats a iwagumi
  79. Where are the O rings in the paintball CO2 system and how many are there??
  80. Plant deficiency or snails?
  81. pool filter sand.
  82. pool filter sand.
  83. Unknown Nymphaea (Please Help!)
  84. Zacheyp's no gallon long cichlid build
  85. new to diy with CO2
  86. new to the planted tank
  87. How would you fill this sump?
  88. Lily pipe or spray bar
  89. Foam in Sump
  90. Mr. Aqua Tank
  91. my wife's tank
  92. My Swords Probably Hate Me
  93. opinions please
  94. Ich
  95. pygmy chain sword isn't growing
  96. Columbian Tetras TEETH and H. Rasboras sparring
  97. How long does it generally take first class mail to deliver?
  98. Java fern question
  99. What is the "Off" position on the needle valve for a paintball CO2 system??
  100. planted blackwater tank... need thoughts
  101. water change how often and how much
  102. White fuzz on my fish food while cycling tank?
  103. Going to abandon DSM this time around
  104. How to rid Planaria?
  105. Detrivores to eat dead leaves? Apples snails maybe?
  106. ...Can I add more fish in now?
  107. how fast will this tank cycle?
  108. tank heights
  109. Ammonia Question
  110. Natural Sun Light
  111. Give me a gauge?
  112. threadfin rainbow compatibility question
  113. Mosquito Netting in tank
  114. Cycling a Planted a tank without plants?
  115. Does Petco or Petsmart Carry Glass Tops?
  116. would you trust forest deadwood?
  117. Why do allot of plant vendors think it's ok to substitute?
  118. Leaving for 10 days, how to keep the tank alive?
  119. Addicted to plants now?
  120. What's Your Tap Water TDS?
  121. Biocube 29 in process. Ideas?
  122. ebay plants?
  123. 75 Gal Soon to be planted?
  124. Red Belly Piranha
  125. Is this the work of a snail, or nutrient deficiency?
  126. Charcoal as a substrate?
  127. APC Filtration Thread
  128. Help--weird pH changes going on in brand new 55 g tank
  129. If stacking rocks, do you silicone them together?
  130. Have I worked out my watts per gal right?
  131. Shipping Fish First time
  132. the no more tanks tank!
  133. Some kind of worm?
  134. Home Page Fish Image
  135. All Advice Welcome: Tell me anything and everything.
  136. Am I being inhumane?
  137. Anyone ever made Seachem Flourite Plant Substrate pillows/pouches?
  138. Marimo moss balls
  139. Carpeting question- Please Help!
  140. fish not as they should be?
  141. My Dream Tank
  142. Any UK based plant importers here?
  143. Am I missing Something?
  144. Sometimes this hobby makes me feel like a rube :)
  145. Hi :) all new here :L
  146. What is the hardest plant you have ever grown or attempted to grow?
  147. Is this MTS? Who wants some?
  148. What kind of snails are these?
  149. eclipse II tank
  150. True Aquatic Plant?
  151. I can't find plain ammonia
  152. Yellow, oily water?
  153. 2 Oscars in a 20Gal!
  154. What plants would ya suggest?
  155. What should I do in this situation?
  156. Try DSM One more time
  157. Happy B-Day - To ME!
  158. Using a UV, is it needed?
  159. craigslist find!
  160. pH question - how low is too low?
  161. has anyone had any bug issues with DSM??
  162. Skinny White worms?
  163. How Do you Level a 55 gallon tank?
  164. spongebob
  165. 90g plant suggestions
  166. Can you use too much chlorine remover?
  167. 150 gallon Iwagumi planning - Help!
  168. Is this DW safe?
  169. diy CO2 Question
  170. What is this strange creature..........
  171. TOTM Youtube
  172. GE silicone 1 everyone says safe for aquariums... but how come the bottle doesnt?
  173. First Tank - High Temperature (Please Help)
  174. tapatalk
  175. 40 gallon long?
  176. What are the best fish for CRS?
  177. are my plants getting eaten?
  178. My Planted Shrimp Tank Method/theory (almost no WC)
  179. what's that smell
  180. Individual Driftwood/rock pieces.
  181. help from the kids.
  182. my driftwood collecting mobile
  183. i proposed using my fish tank... anyone else?
  184. So I'll be out of town for five days... Any tips?
  185. Good fish for nano tank.
  186. Well I have made a start!
  187. Some foreground plants are white during DSM
  188. Can I use twist ties in aquarium?
  189. Please help. Will this support my tank or is it just a disaster waiting to happen?
  190. Keeping sand and gravel seperate?
  191. Yellow water, Newbie
  192. Converting ozelot sword to emersed
  193. High Tech vs Low tech
  194. fishless cycle question
  195. your co2 recipe?
  196. New Dirted tank Question,
  197. Planted tank cleaning?
  198. Where would you place a powerhead in this setup (pic attached)
  199. USPS is worrying me...
  200. Got that urge again...
  201. is salt okay to use with tetras?
  202. Hey all, new here
  203. Cycling Tank Problems
  204. Crypt confusion
  205. Amazon sword question
  206. need good check valves
  207. HC carpet question
  208. Continuous water change system for planted tank
  209. ICH Question
  210. Activated carbon = useless?
  211. Trying to keep aponogeton from going dormant
  212. Two "WHAT is that?" moments
  213. 20g Long (rimed) or 17g Mr Aqua (rimless) for shrimps?
  214. planaria
  215. API strips vs wet testing
  216. Will my light enough?
  217. Black CO2 tubing
  218. before i start...
  219. Pros & Cons about DSM
  220. picked up a 55G someone was tossing out.
  221. My new 40 breeder setup
  222. Capping with Eco Complete
  223. Lighting question
  224. Lighting question
  225. Substrate Question
  226. I need to decide
  227. Gah, My Poor Plant! Who Did It?!
  228. will diy co2 be enough?
  229. Advice on small tank
  230. Stocking 25 gal planted tank
  231. Hello....and a little help please
  232. Getting started with co2
  233. Best place for the co2 diffuser?
  234. Snail explosion
  235. Dwarf Hairgrass Proper Length after Submerging?
  236. No Tapatalk, No TPT?
  237. 50g plants suddenly/long term dying?
  238. Redid my substrate and aquascape!
  239. STILL too much light?
  240. what are the benefits in haveing almond leaves for CRS?
  241. If you started over what would you never do?
  242. Cycling question
  243. I'm Back
  244. Tank support/stand question
  245. testing beyond the standard API kit...
  246. What is this white stuff?
  247. fry; damaged or disease?
  248. Heat and starving fish
  249. 20g Rainbowfish
  250. Worms in New Plants