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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. christmass gifts
  2. API's Stress Coat and water changes
  3. great place for supplies?
  4. Plant tank up and running
  5. 210 gal re-do. Want ideas please.
  6. Is there a shipping sticky anywhere?
  7. Can I move a thread I put in the wrong forum?
  8. Planted 37g and Intro
  9. Beginner Planted Tank.. A few questions pls!
  11. Fish near bottom of tank
  12. Nutients in soil vs water column
  13. Planting on HOB - discuss!
  14. all sales threads have 0 replies?
  15. Your favourite fish food?
  16. How to Root Plant Cuttings
  17. carbon
  18. Does one of my neon tetras hav ich?
  19. 3 schools is too much?
  20. Why would you use Alkaline buffer AND Acid buffer?
  21. Replanting stems through a carpet
  22. Are these fungus on my driftwood? HELP
  23. Do plants kill fish during power outages?
  24. Unrelated to Planted Tank, but I Need Help
  25. Platy's & Shrimp
  26. bubbles coming out of my filter
  27. Stable Conditions Questions
  28. Plant Identification
  29. Ideas for a 30g tall
  30. New to FW
  31. Filter baffel?
  32. The "Wall of Anubias" - sorta :) **UPDATED! (page 2)**
  33. Anyone have a large tank in a manufactured home?
  34. Did you ever trim a little too much? :)
  35. Aquarium Heaters Recommendations...
  36. Sudden Yellowing of water?
  37. Can anyone tell me the name of the plants and how to take care of them
  38. I need some uber help. I'm new at this.
  39. Aquarium dirt? Is it out there? (must be specific for aquariums)
  40. Something is wrong with one of my koi angels :(
  41. Tell me about FW refugiums
  42. More headache then its worth?
  43. What moss is this?
  44. Tank frame Problem
  45. Cleaning an Aquaclear filter
  46. Planted aquarium books
  47. A Quick Tank Note
  48. New project.
  49. Why do my water changes look like this?
  50. Gotta Admit, I'm pretty upset right now
  51. New low-tech set-up, now parameter questions
  52. "Witch's Broom" effect
  53. Freshwater fish Ecosystem Excursions
  54. Plant growing diagonally
  55. quite a few bubbles on the surface.
  56. Planted 180
  57. New bulbs-New algae
  58. Can high GH slow down tank cycling?
  59. Critters appearing in my tanks
  60. how to keep racoon out from my outdoor tank/jars?
  61. 55 gallon newb low/no tech advice needed
  62. what plant is this?
  63. Name this critter!
  64. Dirty tank... don't understand
  65. Can't find ammonia with no surfactant?
  66. How much flow in a 75 gal.
  67. Lighting Selection
  68. Dojo/Kuhli Loach question
  69. Things you learned in Reef, useful in Planted
  70. Step by step how to kill Planaria and Hydra!
  71. When do you trim the plants in your tank?
  72. What 3 species of plants would you choose for a 30g tank?
  73. Power is back!
  74. Help Filter/pump too strong
  75. just hi....
  76. any one scape with anacharis?
  77. sandy!
  78. Fern only Tank
  79. 2 tanks, 1 CO2 system?
  80. the hurricane is gonna kill all my tanks
  81. "Spray" from sponge filter
  82. How to kill Thread Algae...?
  83. Moss ID
  84. Over the top return
  85. Will Rainbows or Angelfish eat large shrimp?
  86. How exactly do you use fishing line to reign in floaters?
  87. Power still out in GW BRIDGE NYC, what are you doing
  88. Won't stay planted!
  89. Internal Parasites affect tank?
  90. Just getting back into plants.
  91. What kind of rocks to use?
  92. What are my Siamese Algae Eaters doing?
  93. zebra nerites
  94. Good plant/aquarium podcasts?
  95. Drift Wood Soaking
  96. Treating plants that MAY have planaria
  97. Feeding Fry
  98. did furan 2 kill my vals?
  99. temp range
  100. Recently got a job at a LFS
  101. New fish in the tank. Ammonia question...
  102. Can you identify these rocks?
  103. Trouble growing Dwarf Hairgrass
  104. Milwaukee co2 reg problems any advice?
  105. What is the point of airstone at night in high tech tank?
  106. OMG almost overflowed my tank!
  107. Clip on light question
  108. What kind of snail is this?
  109. Co2 controller pros and cons?
  110. Advise for those in path of the Hurricane
  111. Do I need to add KH to RO/DI water?
  112. Ebay Sellers - HELP!
  113. Rams and Danios
  114. One of the joys of fish keeping
  115. Who here has native species tanks?
  116. Oceanic bio cube 29gal
  117. activated carbon?
  118. Surviving a power outage
  119. Keeping the Kitten out of my tanks
  120. 120L Eleocharis Parvula tank
  121. Heating water in a kettle
  122. Planaria ID with PICS?
  123. Resolved
  124. Snail ID
  125. shark
  126. plant question
  127. Happiness
  128. Tiny white floating worms - who'll eat them???
  129. What to get for 50 gallon...
  130. Snail Question
  131. co2 diffuser placement?
  132. Low tech plants
  133. modular "substrate" idea
  134. Where do you get dry fertlizer?
  135. preparing the tanks for the storm?
  136. NEED HELP... white gloopy sludge on everything
  137. man...
  138. Time to quit....
  139. TDS 444 out of tap
  140. Re-Doing a Tank
  141. Figuring out PAR on my new light
  142. im in over my head
  143. Rookie for advice
  144. Getting Better Growth
  145. how much Fertilizers for 3 gal
  146. Bulb Change = Major Bubbling
  147. most expensive mistake
  148. Advice?
  149. Fertilizers - double checking
  150. Need ID for unknown eggs??
  151. Setting up a new 20 tall
  152. 6.6 Gallon Bookshelf Tank Can I Modify???
  153. Advice on breeding blue tiger shrimp
  154. What schools to select?
  155. Eggs! Yay!
  156. New to me 60 gallon
  157. high quality suspension system for light fixtures?
  158. College Aquariest Problems(Christmas Break)
  159. High CO2 level fish gasping, CO2 off since last night
  160. Otto's behavior
  161. Lily Pipes or Spraybar?
  162. Help! Weird behavior with my Chili Rasboras
  163. Newly planted problems!?!
  164. Getting Rid of BBA
  165. getting iron into my sub.
  166. help!! foggy water!!
  167. Help! Please and thank you! (Iron Deficiency)
  168. does anyone know what these are
  169. How to keep plants in substrate?
  170. Water temperature vs plant color
  171. Slug like thing...?planaria
  172. Which type of driftwood attached plant is best for this sacpe?
  173. fish for 40b
  174. Newbie advice
  175. Which Tank?
  176. Moldy Wood?
  177. Ludwiga from Immersed to Emmersed
  178. How effective is an HOB vs a canister filter?
  179. Rescape question
  180. Question For The HC Experts
  181. SunSun/Aquatop filters
  182. My first 7 months and why my DIY yeast isn't working anymore
  183. Who doesn't like the idea of a moss tank?
  184. Some new additions!
  185. Dirt question
  186. Swaping established HOB filters to cycle new tank?
  187. Do Oto Cats jump out of tanks?
  188. New Tank coming. Need Planning Advice.
  189. Fishless cycle - how much ammonia?
  190. 125G Stocking
  191. Drop checker
  192. Extremely unhappy right now!!!!!
  193. River scapes.
  194. Pure luck!
  195. drift wood?
  196. What is your favorite thing about/in your tank?
  197. Underwater caterpillar - video
  198. Anubias/Val Advice
  199. Lonely Platy?
  200. Brass CO2 fitting stuck
  201. Basement 125 Gallon, how much insulation?
  202. Need Advice Ordering Plants Online In Cold Weather State?
  203. Newbie
  204. Pre filters
  205. SMB Tank!
  206. white fuz
  207. Seachem Purigen
  208. help with building ADA stand like for a DIY 120p tank
  209. Some of my Eco-Complete turning orange?
  210. Can I feed my fish termites?
  211. Transplanting carpet
  212. Water test meter ?
  213. Tannins and nitrates
  214. how deep and how often do you vacuum
  215. drop checker
  216. Super low light plants?
  217. Floating plants
  218. Another lighting question
  219. Is it normal to tire of fish and get rid of them?
  220. captively bread rummynose vs. wild rummynose
  221. Where to get carpeting plants?
  222. Otocinclus Catfish in 8 g. tank???
  223. RO water systems???
  224. Algae returns again and again
  225. Overflow Drain Standpipe type?
  226. Ideal height of ADA-like stand?
  227. off the deep end
  228. What is this fuzzy purple stuff growing on my aquarium wood? (freshwater)
  229. Snail living in new 2.5g nano tank
  230. strange smell - cant put my finger on it.
  231. root tabs?
  232. stupid snails
  233. AZGARDENS ORDER? Anyone buy? Problems
  234. 10G is about ready to get some more stock. Thoughts?
  235. stuff in water
  236. why is my plant doing this and is this normal...
  237. benefit from saran wrap?
  238. Why is my HC coming up
  239. Which daphnia should I get?
  240. new be Home Schooling project
  241. How do folks keep stable pH in their planted tanks?
  242. How do I do DIY co2 on a small tank?
  243. Go GUPPY!!!!
  244. day and night
  245. Installed Pressurized Co2 to tank
  246. Questions about RO, Well & Softened Water
  247. Blue Velvet baby questions
  248. update on my tank
  249. Old Faithful passed...
  250. Small tank on a glass table