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  1. Nutrient absorbing fast growers.
  2. I am torn need help to decide
  3. Need help with a 55 gallon
  4. Turn off air stone with co2?
  5. Looking for a tank journal but can't find it
  6. Planaria problems
  7. What would you do?
  8. low-tech excel based tank
  9. scuds beneficial to tanks? scavengers and as food
  10. how to catch a bn?
  11. My two low tech tanks as of today (Dec 25 2012) - 55G and 6G Nano
  12. Drop Checker Accuracy
  13. Newly planted 100G setup... looking for confirmation
  14. how to plant
  15. best live food?
  16. Dirty dirt tank 15 gallon
  17. CO2 Adapters
  18. A few pics pf my first shrimp....
  19. Filter is sucking up substrate!
  20. 20L Nano & Pogostemon Helferi
  21. Pothos plants in a HOB filter
  22. minimalism and the aquarium hobby
  23. Can Aquariums Cause Asthma?
  24. Eureka tanks beautiful again
  25. PLANT ID'S.... need help identifying these plants
  26. dwarf sag peeing er pearling
  27. Hydra, to care or not to care?
  28. Fish eating my new plants
  29. Few of my works - new tank planted - page 6
  30. How do I know my CO2 is working?
  31. Plants to absorb/export TDS/Organic Salts?
  32. 220g Planted Discus Tank Build
  33. Need to trim tomorrow, Advice? (free plants?)
  34. Help dosing dry fertilizers with my planted tank!
  35. first co2 set up
  36. Sweet takashi amano video
  37. Tanks Clearing up a bit
  38. Green smog in tank
  39. Mini Pellia
  40. What is this white fuzz on new driftwood?
  41. How to ship ROAKs
  42. SS Mesh warning!
  43. upgrade light on aqueon evolve 8
  44. A noob question if there ever was one - water change help
  45. Randomly thinking, anything special with adding fish to a tank that is pressurized?
  46. Panda cory cats and cherries?
  47. how to introduce livestock to recently flooded DSM tank?
  48. CO2/Bottom Dwelling Fish
  49. Black worm in the substrate.
  50. A better idea
  51. Newb ordering online - what should i expect
  52. 20 gallon long on dresser?
  53. What temp is desired for a planted nano shrimp tank?
  54. Airstone for Non-C02 injected tank?
  55. plz delete thread
  56. Some questions about planted tanks
  57. Goldfish tank setup advice needed
  58. Calling the Pros. Holes in Plants
  59. Please Advise Newbie on Tongs/Tweezers
  60. Ammonia Spike
  61. When $1.49 x 36 = 0: Fish psychology [gross pictures]
  62. Zig zag eel (Macrognathus circumcintus) Biotope info needed
  63. phosphate od
  64. New 20 Gal set up.
  65. Questions about the odyssea ps75 protein skimmer
  66. Cycling tank and vacation - ammonia and lighting questions
  67. Cool discovery - making daphnia sink
  68. Planning a 95g
  69. DMS Temperature Question
  70. Pinecone fish
  71. Start of new hardscape..advise needed
  72. Calling geologists! Should this stone be inert?
  73. So what now?
  74. Need help planning my planted tank
  75. No metal stands for 90g tanks? And a question about silicone seams...
  76. first planted tank question
  77. Algae removal
  78. Beginner to planting and looking for advice
  79. Old lights green water no alge anywhere
  80. Molly Tank w salt. How Much Salt Can Plants Take
  81. Anubias Nana Black/Dark Green Patches??
  82. Anyone tried the 42 LED (normally on the 12 gal) on an a 6 gal Fluval Edge?
  83. Pockets of gas in the substrate - a myth?
  84. Looking For Low Wattage Bulb
  85. Heavily planted dirt tank, adding c02 with algae currently present
  86. co2 and pearling?
  87. Furan 2 with plants?
  88. Beginner with some questions.
  89. HELP! High ph
  90. How much food for auto-feeder for 9 day vacation?
  91. opinion needed on planaria dishcharge/dead or alive
  92. Tubed plants at Petsmart...who likes them?
  93. Aqueon Betta Bow - 2.5 gal.
  94. Aqueon 36 Gallon [email protected]
  95. Am I setting up to fail??
  96. plant layout...
  97. Wabi Kusa
  98. What would you do with this tank?
  99. 911. Co2. Please help.
  100. Flourish tabs yay or nay
  101. Switching Bettas?
  102. Flex-seal.... anyone tried it?
  103. Bugs on my Frogbit
  104. Setting up a 30 gallon
  105. Chnaging my Fluval 6g to salt
  106. I found this on the outside glass of my shrimp jar
  107. Questions about moving a tank with water
  108. Need admin. Bronze membership.
  109. So disappointed with how my tank looks
  110. Question: c02 circulation. Circulation in general.
  111. Big Oops
  112. bolbitis with spots? help please.....
  113. I went to the fish store today
  114. New 180liter /48gallon tank. Stocking ideas for 1 large fish?
  115. Water changes with baby guppies
  116. Is having zero algae in heavily planted tank good?
  117. Can you identify these?
  118. How do I know if I have too many malaysian trumpet snails?
  119. Whadya think of my 5month old low tech low maintenance tank???
  120. Convert or no?
  121. Snails?
  122. Tub/Patio Ponds/Grow out Tubs in the North East
  123. 29 Gallon Planted Tank
  124. Thermometer thinks he's so tough, he ain't that tough...
  125. What to do with extra 10 gallon?
  126. Best outlet for aquascape rocks??
  127. Roots On Stems
  128. Ordered all these ADA parts, now what?
  129. My first planted tank
  130. Drift Wood/Rocks, Tell Me Your Secrets!
  131. Marineland built in overflows and plants
  132. BEGINNER-Looking to start a planted tank
  133. How important is conductivity?
  134. Emersed Staurogyne Repens / Tropica 049
  135. White sand?
  136. 75g High Tech Planted Discus Build!
  137. How Do You Vacuum Gravel In A Planted Tank?
  138. Who runs filterless aquariums
  139. Cube Thread
  140. Use Seachem Matrix to seed other tanks?
  141. Need help! HC questions, along with lighting, substrate, and aquascaping!
  142. What's going on with my plants!?! Help!
  143. First Planted Tank
  144. Tool for draining water
  145. do i need co2
  146. Input needed
  147. Filling an Eheim 2215 full of ATI hydro sponge
  148. Real quick, favorite master test kit?
  149. whats a good cleaner inhabitant?
  150. Baby Tears & Fern growing together. How do I separate them?
  151. Spent the big $$$, now what?
  152. Osaka 41: 4 months On
  153. So tell me how it looks
  154. CO2 pump for sump? Now what??
  155. Well looky here... wanting recommendations for possibly high tech tank
  156. Holiday Vacation Planning
  157. Shutting Off CO2 At Night On A Large Tank
  158. Powerhead questions
  159. Wisteria Dying
  160. Marimo Ball Necklace
  161. Plants Melting
  162. mid ground plant
  163. ntur, by requality. Kokedamas and Wabi Kusas
  164. Tom Barr's Low Tech (already have fish)
  165. Driftwood from petsmart?
  166. surface movement?
  167. new to planted tanks
  168. Ehiem vs. Wet/Dry
  169. keep in bunches or break apart?
  170. Looking for Good/Quiet Needle Wheel Pump
  171. Alternate source for planted tank filters.
  172. How long has your diy c02 lasted?
  173. Ich
  174. Aqueon evolve 8 troubles
  175. Check Valve Flow Question
  176. Anybody have a leak in this spot of their EHEIM?
  177. Possible allergy? Intense burning after water change
  178. Will an old filter help a new nano cycle quicker?
  179. Simplest/easiest method for care of planted tank
  180. 75g planted troubles
  181. Pimafix and Coolie Loaches?
  182. hard water
  183. Co2 diffuser or Co2 reactor??? Any help???
  184. Do I need a new heater?
  185. new tank - water parameter concerns
  186. ten gallon planted
  187. Could I use branches from these trees?
  188. Help! Cannot get tank to work
  189. Month old planted aquarium, and advice or direction is helpful (W/ Pictures)
  190. Should I add ferts to my low tech 30g?
  191. Suggestions Wanted - Blackwater Tank
  192. Root tabs for eco complete + pygmy chain swords?
  193. Takashi Amano article
  194. Lightning
  195. New tank advice/help
  196. Why are my Co2 bubbles coming in groups of 4?
  197. How long can a fully cycled fishless 10 gallon tank go without ammonia source?
  198. Can you pour in CO2?
  199. New Dirt Tank
  200. Fishless cycle help
  201. Planted Tank Guide Help
  202. Hardcore Pawn Fish Tank
  203. Platy Situation
  204. So surface agitation is not bad in a planted tank?
  205. Cloudy Water, EI Dosing, Red Mouth Otos
  206. Help would be nice
  207. Hospital/quarantine/just in case tank ?'s
  208. Am I in the right direction?
  209. help HC carpet plant came before tank
  210. Recommend an automatic fish feeder
  211. What media do you use?
  212. Sump Media?
  213. Removing an Amazon Sword
  214. Miracle-Gro Organic Choice - Sift or not?
  215. SeaClear 20 gal Acrylic
  216. east coast Giesemann
  217. How to deal with tank sabotage, the story of the destruction of my main tank.
  218. New 20 Gallon
  219. Lighting.. Adding more lights or increase strenght
  220. How much ammonia to cycle?
  221. light color question
  222. CO2 mist
  223. Shipping Costs Question
  224. Very lame craigslist ad
  225. Difficulty with my first planted tank
  226. Aquarium ferts for Xmas tree ?
  227. Can ADA 60-P take this weight ?
  228. Pea soup anyone?
  229. Help IDing Algae
  230. I need some advice on my aquascape! (Pics included)
  231. Excel Question(s)
  232. Weird tanks, Need Ideas...
  233. -
  234. Moving into house, worried about water quality.
  235. Hardwood floor and fish tank
  236. Wood Working Forum?
  237. Too much light?
  238. Substrate and lighting idea
  239. There is only one way to come out of the closet...
  240. New tank update 38G
  241. Please help
  242. Really strange worm in substrate...
  243. Starting a blackwater tank, need help!
  244. Saltwater Hobby Threat
  245. LFS Aquascaping Contest - Please vote for me!!
  246. The 29g rant
  247. 29Gal setup SOOO Close!!!(a bit lengthy)
  248. Finnex ray II 24" on a 60p - enough light for the highest light plants?
  249. Quick Questions for New Tanks
  250. Utricularia graminifolia pearling, tell me your secrets!