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  1. Ammonia, pH, Acclimation (and more)?
  2. Tank Size?
  3. New to forum and planted tanks. Advise welcome
  4. Clear spots on leaves?
  5. Newbie Looking for some help! PLEASE!!!
  6. Need some help
  7. -
  8. Filter decision...?
  9. Plant ID help needed
  10. Q-Tank Light suggestions
  11. Need help deciding on top dwellers
  12. Favorite CO2 drop checker?
  13. Confused
  14. H202 acted like Agent Orange!
  15. Breaking down and starting over 75g
  16. Starting my first aquarium! :D (need advice though)
  17. Driftwood
  18. Lighting for a 12x12x18 Help!
  19. On going battle with BBA- Raising Lights last solution?
  20. Vallisneria question
  21. Driftwood - Where to get the nice pieces
  22. Lighting and other Newb Questions.
  23. feeding peas to fish
  24. my very first planted tank
  25. removing no planera from tank water
  26. genaral advice
  27. New to Aquariums - Intial First Steps
  28. the holy trinity?
  29. Tank Done Cycling... Now What?
  30. New here. HELP
  31. Balancing an 8 gallon
  32. pH test kit results
  33. Will these shrimp produce enough waste to keep bacteria going?
  34. can i mix ecocomplete and floramax together?
  35. Need help ID this tank and plants
  36. New To Fresh Water
  37. Oxygenation
  38. Planning to redo 55 gal
  39. What Plants to get?
  40. Need filter advice...
  41. Aquasoil source
  42. H2O2 dip
  43. HELP Anachris dying and I don't know why
  44. plants are getting light green, yellow then became like a Sieve
  45. Healthy "overstocked" 5 gallon
  46. 90g tank for angelfish?
  47. High Light, CO2, and Algae?
  48. How to get rid of RICCIA!
  49. Best way to pull plants from a dirted tank
  50. Giving in to my water - Planted tank with Africans?
  51. Enough Light or too Much
  52. Need advice on moss placements (pics), please
  53. ACK!!!!!! termites
  54. old bio media
  55. Peacock Gudgeon Tank
  56. Foreground or carpet plants + new lighting
  57. Cloudy water/Stocking question
  58. Need advice - algae and nitrate problem in planted tank
  59. Low tech 10 gallon planted tank
  60. Should I dose at all?
  61. Tank Options
  62. No substrate planted tank
  63. How about this for a substrate?!?
  64. Nervous about switching to planted
  65. 10 gallon planted tank
  66. Tomorrow's my Birthday (Jan 4)
  67. ID: Creepy Amoeba things
  68. Heater makes popping sound
  69. What are these lil window crawlers? Should I be concerned? (pic)
  70. Should I even be dosing water column ferts for this tank?
  71. Many thanks to bettatail!
  72. Questions on anubias and ferns on wood
  73. Advice on new 125 java fern, anubias, jungle val aquarium
  74. Can adding substrate slow down a fishless cycle ?
  75. Additional Check Valve in Pressurized System
  76. Big help needed plz!!
  77. Tissue Culture question
  78. Can Dwarf Baby Tears take brackish water?
  79. Look what I found
  80. Info about the uniquarium.
  81. LED lighting advice before purchase
  82. How long will bacteria survive?
  83. Superglue Java Moss
  84. Pond snails. They dont seem to mind co2.
  85. I have no idea what to do about this
  86. Cloudy Waters
  87. New to Planted Tanks, Need Advice!!!
  88. Need help on growth of plants.
  89. What in the world am I looking at?
  90. dirt tank convertion how to:
  91. fertilizers for planted tanks hw to:
  92. It feels so nice to give away trimmings
  93. What to do with 12" cube tank? Need lighting help.
  94. new to Co2.. guage ?'s
  95. Where to start
  96. Betta vs shrimp tank?
  97. Questions about starting a 3 gallon nano ghost shrimp tank.
  98. wtb/raok?
  99. Check my math please!!!
  100. co2 question
  101. My Planted Tank Videos
  102. Easy stem plants
  103. Increased C02 without fish any benefit?
  104. HELP!- Science Fair: Shrimp Genetics
  105. Science Fair: Shrimp Genetics
  106. Vayu's 20 gallon Amazonian Biotope
  107. Discus....need tank suggestions please
  108. General Questions
  109. dirting the 5 gallons tank
  110. Setting up a new tank - use untreated water first?
  111. Low light plants dying
  112. Help!!!
  113. moving a 30g tank
  114. low light planted tank
  115. atmospheric air is 300-400 ppm CO2, Why inject CO2, instead of air?
  116. confusing ammonia readings
  117. How to clean lights
  118. Some of my expeditions:: Plants and fishes I found
  119. How to know when CO2 Running Low
  120. the things i do when i am bored...
  121. Please help my barbs pulling moss away and eating it
  122. Will large amazon swords grow well in just Flourite with no laterite?
  123. In defense of primary colored ceramic decorations
  124. Help - Baby Tears Mats
  125. Baby Tears Mat in Planted Tank - Help
  126. 120G Stocking Suggestions - Need more POP!
  127. Wood that won't sink!
  128. Forum Moderator contact me please
  129. Checking in after 9 day vacation
  130. Why do we start co2 an hour before light ?
  131. Newly planted tank! Need help.
  132. Want to do a single angel planted tank (budget concerns)
  133. Good nano tank for plants?
  134. Tank Re-Cycle?
  135. Is this a SAE or flying fox?
  136. A bit of buyers remorse but ha to buy this bonsai driftwood!
  137. hospital tank
  138. Epoxy question - what's your favorite?
  139. CO2 regulator choice: Paintball or CGA320?
  140. New CO2 System. Need a little help
  141. BN pleco finally out after 1 year
  142. What would you do? 55G
  143. airstone and Co2
  144. Your Dosing Schedule
  145. Huge Aquarium explodes in china
  146. Shrimp Tank Need Help!
  147. Algae scraper for acrylic tanks
  148. live food v. freeze dried v. frozen
  149. 3rd attempt at high tech planted aquarium. Please Help
  150. Superior Filtration, or Superior pain in my Butt.
  151. Switching tanks help?
  152. New HC baby tears with old shrimps?
  153. Reseal a 20L
  154. Is my 55g Overgrown?
  155. This Came Out Of My Shrimp Tank....
  156. New 65 gallon planted first hi-tech
  157. Eheim Suction Cups
  158. Drop Checker Color Order
  159. Nutrient absorbing fast growers.
  160. I am torn need help to decide
  161. Need help with a 55 gallon
  162. Turn off air stone with co2?
  163. Looking for a tank journal but can't find it
  164. Planaria problems
  165. What would you do?
  166. low-tech excel based tank
  167. scuds beneficial to tanks? scavengers and as food
  168. how to catch a bn?
  169. My two low tech tanks as of today (Dec 25 2012) - 55G and 6G Nano
  170. Drop Checker Accuracy
  171. Newly planted 100G setup... looking for confirmation
  172. how to plant
  173. best live food?
  174. Dirty dirt tank 15 gallon
  175. CO2 Adapters
  176. A few pics pf my first shrimp....
  177. Filter is sucking up substrate!
  178. 20L Nano & Pogostemon Helferi
  179. Pothos plants in a HOB filter
  180. minimalism and the aquarium hobby
  181. Can Aquariums Cause Asthma?
  182. Eureka tanks beautiful again
  183. PLANT ID'S.... need help identifying these plants
  184. dwarf sag peeing er pearling
  185. Hydra, to care or not to care?
  186. Fish eating my new plants
  187. Few of my works - new tank planted - page 6
  188. How do I know my CO2 is working?
  189. Plants to absorb/export TDS/Organic Salts?
  190. 220g Planted Discus Tank Build
  191. Need to trim tomorrow, Advice? (free plants?)
  192. Help dosing dry fertilizers with my planted tank!
  193. first co2 set up
  194. Sweet takashi amano video
  195. Tanks Clearing up a bit
  196. Green smog in tank
  197. Mini Pellia
  198. What is this white fuzz on new driftwood?
  199. How to ship ROAKs
  200. SS Mesh warning!
  201. upgrade light on aqueon evolve 8
  202. A noob question if there ever was one - water change help
  203. Randomly thinking, anything special with adding fish to a tank that is pressurized?
  204. Panda cory cats and cherries?
  205. how to introduce livestock to recently flooded DSM tank?
  206. CO2/Bottom Dwelling Fish
  207. Black worm in the substrate.
  208. A better idea
  209. Newb ordering online - what should i expect
  210. 20 gallon long on dresser?
  211. What temp is desired for a planted nano shrimp tank?
  212. Airstone for Non-C02 injected tank?
  213. plz delete thread
  214. Some questions about planted tanks
  215. Goldfish tank setup advice needed
  216. Calling the Pros. Holes in Plants
  217. Please Advise Newbie on Tongs/Tweezers
  218. Ammonia Spike
  219. When $1.49 x 36 = 0: Fish psychology [gross pictures]
  220. Zig zag eel (Macrognathus circumcintus) Biotope info needed
  221. phosphate od
  222. New 20 Gal set up.
  223. Questions about the odyssea ps75 protein skimmer
  224. Cycling tank and vacation - ammonia and lighting questions
  225. Cool discovery - making daphnia sink
  226. Planning a 95g
  227. DMS Temperature Question
  228. Pinecone fish
  229. Start of new hardscape..advise needed
  230. Calling geologists! Should this stone be inert?
  231. So what now?
  232. Need help planning my planted tank
  233. No metal stands for 90g tanks? And a question about silicone seams...
  234. first planted tank question
  235. Algae removal
  236. Beginner to planting and looking for advice
  237. Old lights green water no alge anywhere
  238. Molly Tank w salt. How Much Salt Can Plants Take
  239. Anubias Nana Black/Dark Green Patches??
  240. Anyone tried the 42 LED (normally on the 12 gal) on an a 6 gal Fluval Edge?
  241. Pockets of gas in the substrate - a myth?
  242. Looking For Low Wattage Bulb
  243. Heavily planted dirt tank, adding c02 with algae currently present
  244. co2 and pearling?
  245. Furan 2 with plants?
  246. Beginner with some questions.
  247. HELP! High ph
  248. How much food for auto-feeder for 9 day vacation?
  249. opinion needed on planaria dishcharge/dead or alive
  250. Tubed plants at Petsmart...who likes them?