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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Filling an Eheim 2215 full of ATI hydro sponge
  2. Real quick, favorite master test kit?
  3. whats a good cleaner inhabitant?
  4. Baby Tears & Fern growing together. How do I separate them?
  5. Spent the big $$$, now what?
  6. Osaka 41: 4 months On
  7. So tell me how it looks
  8. CO2 pump for sump? Now what??
  9. Well looky here... wanting recommendations for possibly high tech tank
  10. Holiday Vacation Planning
  11. Shutting Off CO2 At Night On A Large Tank
  12. Powerhead questions
  13. Wisteria Dying
  14. Marimo Ball Necklace
  15. Plants Melting
  16. mid ground plant
  17. ntur, by requality. Kokedamas and Wabi Kusas
  18. Tom Barr's Low Tech (already have fish)
  19. Driftwood from petsmart?
  20. surface movement?
  21. new to planted tanks
  22. Ehiem vs. Wet/Dry
  23. keep in bunches or break apart?
  24. Looking for Good/Quiet Needle Wheel Pump
  25. Alternate source for planted tank filters.
  26. How long has your diy c02 lasted?
  27. Ich
  28. Aqueon evolve 8 troubles
  29. Check Valve Flow Question
  30. Anybody have a leak in this spot of their EHEIM?
  31. Possible allergy? Intense burning after water change
  32. Will an old filter help a new nano cycle quicker?
  33. Simplest/easiest method for care of planted tank
  34. 75g planted troubles
  35. Pimafix and Coolie Loaches?
  36. hard water
  37. Co2 diffuser or Co2 reactor??? Any help???
  38. Do I need a new heater?
  39. new tank - water parameter concerns
  40. ten gallon planted
  41. Could I use branches from these trees?
  42. Help! Cannot get tank to work
  43. Month old planted aquarium, and advice or direction is helpful (W/ Pictures)
  44. Should I add ferts to my low tech 30g?
  45. Suggestions Wanted - Blackwater Tank
  46. Root tabs for eco complete + pygmy chain swords?
  47. Takashi Amano article
  48. Lightning
  49. New tank advice/help
  50. Why are my Co2 bubbles coming in groups of 4?
  51. How long can a fully cycled fishless 10 gallon tank go without ammonia source?
  52. Can you pour in CO2?
  53. New Dirt Tank
  54. Fishless cycle help
  55. Planted Tank Guide Help
  56. Hardcore Pawn Fish Tank
  57. Platy Situation
  58. So surface agitation is not bad in a planted tank?
  59. Cloudy Water, EI Dosing, Red Mouth Otos
  60. Help would be nice
  61. Hospital/quarantine/just in case tank ?'s
  62. Am I in the right direction?
  63. help HC carpet plant came before tank
  64. Recommend an automatic fish feeder
  65. What media do you use?
  66. Sump Media?
  67. Removing an Amazon Sword
  68. Miracle-Gro Organic Choice - Sift or not?
  69. SeaClear 20 gal Acrylic
  70. east coast Giesemann
  71. How to deal with tank sabotage, the story of the destruction of my main tank.
  72. New 20 Gallon
  73. Lighting.. Adding more lights or increase strenght
  74. How much ammonia to cycle?
  75. light color question
  76. CO2 mist
  77. Shipping Costs Question
  78. Very lame craigslist ad
  79. Difficulty with my first planted tank
  80. Aquarium ferts for Xmas tree ?
  81. Can ADA 60-P take this weight ?
  82. Pea soup anyone?
  83. Help IDing Algae
  84. I need some advice on my aquascape! (Pics included)
  85. Excel Question(s)
  86. Weird tanks, Need Ideas...
  87. -
  88. Moving into house, worried about water quality.
  89. Hardwood floor and fish tank
  90. Wood Working Forum?
  91. Too much light?
  92. Substrate and lighting idea
  93. There is only one way to come out of the closet...
  94. New tank update 38G
  95. Please help
  96. Really strange worm in substrate...
  97. Starting a blackwater tank, need help!
  98. Saltwater Hobby Threat
  99. LFS Aquascaping Contest - Please vote for me!!
  100. The 29g rant
  101. 29Gal setup SOOO Close!!!(a bit lengthy)
  102. Finnex ray II 24" on a 60p - enough light for the highest light plants?
  103. Quick Questions for New Tanks
  104. Utricularia graminifolia pearling, tell me your secrets!
  105. Water flow question
  106. How to replant/redesign a tank?
  107. I'm NOT a good fish mom...cloudy eye, bad water.
  108. algeafix question
  109. Please delete meant to post in Invert section
  110. Evaporation cover for my tank
  111. Anyone have experience with repashy
  112. What fish food do you use
  113. Some questions about set up
  114. Is this a good possible set up?
  115. Slime on wood
  116. DSM HC Clippings Tupperware! *****Week 4 Update
  117. Any one from twin falls Idaho? Free plants
  118. "petco preferred" herbal ich treatment? Anyone used this?
  119. Floaters with overflow?
  120. DIY CO2 or time to upgrade?
  121. Planted 55g question
  122. Smith & Fosters lately?
  123. 75 gallon questions
  124. Longest Time You
  125. Everything has gone horribly wrong no matter what I do!
  126. Help Me Revamp My 10g!
  127. What is wrong here? HELP!
  128. Ph ponders.
  129. does HC need co2
  130. Time to thin the heard, what to rehome?
  131. Admin- Please delete duplicate.
  132. Great experience. PHOTOS
  133. Best way to transport aquatic life on a long car ride
  134. Thread Name Change
  135. C02 or Lights
  136. Another Moving Thread.
  137. Admin Please Delete
  138. Need help to ID a plant
  139. Post pictures of your larger(4+') iwagumi setups
  140. Fish "Room" Idea
  141. HC (Hemianthus Callitrichoides): Possible to grow?
  142. need help on chipped tank
  143. -
  144. Painted Background on a 150 gallon planted?-UPDATED WITH PICS
  145. The love shack?!
  146. help with a carpeted 10 gallon
  147. How to get rid of scum on the surface?
  148. Help me set up my tank? =)
  149. What's happening ot my java moss?
  150. Need help with moss mystery.
  151. my tank
  152. substrate for cory's
  153. Tiger Nerite hitching a ride
  154. Cycling ADA New Amazonia & Power Sand question
  155. What plants would work in my setup
  156. good lowlight cover plant
  157. Plants keep uprooting
  158. Sump Down Grade?
  159. Planted Tank Open House
  160. So, I'm using plants as reinforcers for my Psych project...
  161. Plant identification
  162. I think I'm addicted!
  163. Cork bark in the high tech aquarium
  164. How to lower pH?
  165. What is happening to my HC? pic inside
  166. Noob needs help!
  167. weird little bugs
  168. tank tops
  169. Trouble finishing out a DSM
  170. Cycling with Plants
  171. is a lush Low-tech tank possible with pea gravel
  172. what is this moss?
  173. how does this look
  174. Please help with Madagascar Lace
  175. Betta w/ swollen mouth, weird eye
  176. Happy shrimpmas!!
  177. Bloodfin tetras dropping eggs. What is next?
  178. Tank gets sunlight a few hours a day
  179. New tank what to do?
  180. Would love to see some 40B tanks!
  181. Maybe time for a do-over?
  182. Question about Purple Mombomba
  183. I love my Koi Angels :)
  184. AC 70 way to much flow
  185. Java Fern Acclimation Time?
  186. How soes the tank look aquascape wise
  187. Trimming plants a different way?
  188. 20 gallon low-tech planted tank
  189. Can't post in FAQ
  190. Stocking a 40b with microfish, need suggestions
  191. success!
  192. Setting up new 10g tank
  193. Moving to new city, best way to take aquarium?
  194. filter question
  195. ich treatment for scaleless fish
  196. Stealing a great idea for a QT tank...
  197. Score! :D
  198. Purigen bags vs pantyhose?
  199. Ich
  200. Sand residue on plants!
  201. Sump Repair?
  202. Alternative for java fern?
  203. Marineland Rimless Cubes
  204. Green hair algae!
  205. Black Friday Success! Did you have any luck?
  206. Newbie Catching up 20 Yrs
  207. Opinions wanted on glass thickness for glass lids
  208. Submersed to emersed
  209. Easy/Sustainable Red Plants
  210. Black Friday deal - aquarium stuff
  211. Too much light for moderately planted 5.5 gal?
  212. Ah looky here... more paintball CO2 questions...
  213. Cold weather-good or bad for shipping live things?
  214. Any co2 tank or LED light sale during black friday?
  215. Weird bug on my frogbit!!
  216. Need help, Tank is leaking!
  217. Hi new here
  218. May have made a mistake in substrate choice
  219. Brand New Dirted Tank Question
  220. How many tubes of silicone?
  221. White Film
  222. Need for a good aquarium iOS game
  223. Ammonia cycling
  224. Removing vegetable oil from fishtank glass?
  225. Fishless cycling...
  226. What is this?!!
  227. opinions on my setup
  228. weird bug in the filter
  229. Emergency! 55 gallon brace cracking! Help!
  230. help with planted tank guide
  231. 4 weeks of growth - 4 pics
  232. Shopping for LED light on BlackFriday
  233. What fish to stock my 60-F with?
  234. Finish or sell my ADA setup? I don't know what to do.
  235. Problimatic 29g. Please help.
  236. Help UG is melting!!
  237. Carbon Filter necessary?
  238. Shipping plants in cold weather
  239. Does Anyone Use The Nutrafin CO2 system?
  240. Anyone else get itchy palms when working in their tank?
  241. I Just Don't Get It...
  242. diy co2 cold weather
  243. New Sub-Species of Cory Cat
  244. Acrylic vs. glass for 125g
  245. Number of plants to start
  246. Need help in choosing plant (rescaping)
  247. Gonna start a new tank after 2 years of reading
  248. Name for style of Tank/Layout
  249. Tank Size Really.
  250. Planted tank, I'm getting frustrated...need input