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  1. UK plant supplies
  2. Kinda wanna tear down my big tank
  3. ACF Emergency! Please help!
  4. Driftwood preparation
  5. Switching to a planted tank I have a few questions..
  6. Spray bar issues
  7. My planted tank
  8. Moving a Heavily Planted Dirt Tank
  9. Critique My Plans!
  10. Think outside the glass box.
  11. Shrimp eat snails?
  12. You all should be proud!!
  13. 14 gallon aquariums?
  14. Newish Tank..
  15. Amazon sword and root tabs
  16. Scored a 30G!
  17. fungus on driftwood
  18. New member, new tank
  19. Mystery Rimless Tank?
  20. Help me with my 25 gallon
  21. Home RO unit - does it affect PH?
  22. Ammonia in tap water
  23. First Planted Tank - Questions about Lighting, CO2 and Plants
  24. Little help
  25. Ammonia Cycle Specifics How To
  26. Sprout eating culprit?
  27. Fishless Cycle w/ Plants Question
  28. Advice - Starting a New Aquascape
  29. Heeeelp
  30. Cloudy glass / mineral buildup / vinegar doesn't work
  31. *&%$*&*^&*&_(*
  32. Anyone else like variations in the intensity if light over a tank?
  33. Need help on planted tank!
  34. Should I be worried about nematodes?
  35. Cycling A Cold Water Tank - Question?
  36. Let's talk worst case scenarios: Leaks, and how to prepare for/prevent them
  37. Is there a piece of IKEA Furniture to hold a tank
  38. Glass top+raised light?
  39. Question about algae on plants
  40. DSM Start this week - few questions
  41. How to get plants to grow on mesh
  42. Out with the old (setup) and in with the new 220 gallon UPDATED 3-20-13
  43. Trouble growing bulbs from wal-mart
  44. New to planted tank - need advice on substrate, lighting, plant selection
  45. New too planted tanks. Looking for help
  46. Cloudy water after each water change
  47. Noisey Filter
  48. Serious issue with tank... I am doing something really wrong. (pictures)
  49. Should Maracide be staying blue in the water?
  50. New Fluval Edge- planted
  51. diatom if it won't rub off?
  52. Amazing planted tank.
  53. Baking Soda Effects
  54. Keeping crabs in a planted aquarium. Yes or No?
  55. dwarf hair grass worried.
  56. bacterial bloom
  57. I cut my amano shrimps head off!
  58. My 29 gallon- First Timer
  59. Need help understanding sump filtration please
  60. Plant advice?
  61. live fish food
  62. Not enough light or nitrogen deficiency?
  63. Yoyo vs Zebra Loach
  64. Helping a friend rehab a saltwater tank...advice needed
  65. New Tank
  66. Plants Not Growing
  67. Why are my valls growing like grass?
  68. How to attach Taiwan moss
  69. Modern, sleek, attractive fish food storage?
  70. An interesting idea...
  71. PH regulation with CO2
  72. $1 Per Gallon @ Pet Supplies Plus - 1/24 till 2/20
  73. Bulb recommendations
  74. Should I and how would I lower the ph?
  75. When To Plant
  76. Seachem matrix turns bright pink, what's wrong with my tank???
  77. Thoughts on my new setup?
  78. HELP! I'm A NOOB In Over My Head!
  79. LED tradeoff between 'shimmer' and brightness
  80. Dustinsfishtanks
  81. Just got a crazy idea....Iwagumi aquascape in a massive tank with large rocks.....
  82. RCS and Cory Fry
  83. Questions/Answers
  84. ADA poor mans alternatives
  85. Starting a Planted Tank
  86. Rhizome Cutting?
  87. Bubble Counter
  88. Imdr
  89. seeding a new tank
  90. Amazonas Magazine App
  91. Wanting to switch from gravel to floramax
  92. LOL - weird question about pantyhose and aquarium water
  93. My Planted 90gal. project update
  94. <3
  95. Plants are curling up. Need Advice!
  96. Banana Plant Question
  97. Light n CO2
  98. Question about Planted Tanks
  99. Dechlorinating Water - Question
  100. Extremely hard water advise needed
  101. Storing fish food
  102. Strange PH pattern
  103. Need advice on scraping and resiliconing my tank...
  104. New Tank setup Help
  105. Fish compatibility in shallow tanks.
  106. Ehiem 2215
  107. Start?
  108. peat moss co2
  109. New 10 gallon Walstad setup - Ph rising?
  110. okay to add shrimp?
  111. Can you ID this plant?
  112. Can you identify this plant?
  113. Tank self cycled?
  114. light question
  115. It boils down to two options: 6.6g Bookshelf or 12" Cube.
  116. Glass sliders
  117. Ph wont go down
  118. Do you plant with tank empty or full?
  119. metal frame tanks
  120. Stocking Plan
  121. Getting ready for ghost shrimp birth
  122. 650nm bulbs
  123. Fish for Food???
  124. How to siphon a planted tank?
  125. macros and micros
  126. CO2 reactor - and Air
  127. 10000K and Full-Spectrum Lighting
  128. Instead of actually doing tank maintence
  129. Mineralized topsoil questions
  130. Pink vs. Blue Bulb
  131. Fish murder, guilty :(
  132. Best Tropical Fish and Plant Guides?
  133. Melted Jungle Vals
  134. Help Identify this Floater I got in the mix
  135. More surface agitation in my 35G?
  136. Help with Eheim 2234
  137. brown water
  138. Newby 125l Planted Tank...Comments and Advice please!
  139. 10 gallon grow all...
  140. lighting / cover question
  141. Has anyone bought these root tabs from him?
  142. Ehiem 2215 vs fluval 205
  143. Price of ADA 90P
  144. Will the fluval 305 push around my fish
  145. Adding fish and beneficial bacteria
  146. new canister filter
  147. CO2 output straight into a filter?
  148. About ready to give up.
  149. Media.bag or free
  150. Too little O2 = need more light?
  151. gallons per hour
  152. Aquascape Feed Back
  153. Egg or Bacteria?
  154. Dwarf Hairgrass mat - how to weigh it down
  155. Tips for moving 10g and 37g tanks?
  156. Melted Jungle Vals
  157. co2 bps ?
  158. Pics of newly set up 40b
  159. Where do you guys find your drift wood?
  160. Frozen Plants
  161. Quick question: now that I'm using well water is using Prime still necessary?
  162. looking for a quiet filter
  163. How often do you clean your Eheim / Fluval?
  164. Kh/gh testing help?
  165. Do changes in pH due to CO2 affect fish?
  166. Does the carbon inside your filter remove nutrients from the water?
  167. Does Garra Rufa eat blue green algae?
  168. Happy Eheim Comsumer
  169. DSM Algae?
  170. My planted tank.
  171. Mellow CA Cichlid setup w/live plants -thoughts?
  172. There is no reason to "manually" cycle a small tank
  173. How old is your aquarium?
  174. Help with new planted tank please
  175. Help! Sister overfeed my fish.
  176. Question about DIY co2 using a mini filter as a diffuser...
  177. a good new light?
  178. 12 oz co2 paint ball tank only lasted 2 days?
  179. Help me understand KH and GH test results...
  180. Sump Questions?
  181. lets expierment !
  182. Hey guys. I'm back! Kind of.
  183. Where can I buy bottle brushes for cleaning intake tubes?
  184. 40 par substrate foreground plant
  185. Boiling BBA
  186. Why do plants grow algae free in nature?
  187. Help with my pelvicachromis taeniatus kienke
  188. Brown algae spots. Tank not fully cycled. Can I...?
  189. 75 gallon vs 120 Long
  190. Making him happy?
  191. Pressurized Co2 help needed
  192. diy co2 question
  193. blue green algae, so frustrating :((((
  194. my female guppy
  195. need help with gill flukes
  196. Frog Bite
  197. Need help with CPD biotope plants
  198. Seachem SulfaPlex
  199. Behold! The power of peas!
  200. quiet canister filter?
  201. Fish Poll!! Need Help Deciding on Schoolers
  202. Can I put Cardinal Tetras in a fluval edge 6?
  203. Does this T5 starter unit match the tube?
  204. Returning to the Hobby After a 2-Year Break
  205. Using Groundwater for freshwater planted aquarium
  206. Misting vs Fogger for emersed setup
  207. Soliciting advice on a future 75g build (x-post from low tech)
  208. Wood covered with something after moving location of tank
  209. am i overstocked?
  210. Need for aeration in planted tank
  211. Question about this specific lighting
  212. Help me plan out my next tank.
  213. Good aquatic humor
  214. I think one of my fish is sick or dying
  215. Flourite that has been left outside. Still good?
  216. Why do my plants love water change day ?
  217. Help solve my PH conundrum
  218. New 37 gallon
  219. Short video of hydra
  220. Plant Selection
  221. 90 gallon planted tank
  222. Question about Loaches
  223. determining mosses from hair algae
  224. How to plant guppy/ninja grass?
  225. Swapping Tanks?
  226. One last Malaysian trumpet snail question (or two).
  227. Decorations from bearded dragon cage safe??
  228. Why? Why this ADA? :(
  229. Does anyone else have MTS?
  230. DIY co2 final checks..
  231. Got my *SS back into caring for my tanks!!!!
  232. New Tank Cycle
  233. Clear Tubing / Lily Pipes Questions
  234. 40 Breeder or 40 Long
  235. Salt treatment and plants
  236. Wild Jungle or trimmed down, which of these tank pics do you prefer?
  237. algaecide to kill snails?
  238. Plants won't root! Don't know what to do.
  239. How to get rid of HUGE worm things
  240. am i overstocked?
  241. co2/gk/kh chart?
  242. Help With 10 Gallon College Set Up
  243. ACE Ammonia (Janitorial Strength) Failed Shake Test
  244. Centerpiece fish for 15 gallon/60L?
  245. Why do people get in and out of this hobby so frequently?
  246. Shipping Question!: Average weight of plant packages?
  247. ADA mini m vs mini s
  248. Fishless cycling ammonia spike (is it true?)
  249. air stone and co2
  250. quick question