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  1. New to the hobby
  2. Mold on wood, dry start method
  3. Petco 6.6 Gallon Bookcase: Beginner
  4. Switching tanks: can I avoid cycling?
  5. Guppies w/ AWESOME color...
  6. Just Getting Started
  7. Spiderweb-like fungus and H2O2
  8. Hardwater stains
  9. Mystery Snails from Petsmart
  10. Opinions on discus
  11. Confused..
  12. Rectangular tanks vs. Bowfront setups
  13. Can I put dead coral in a freshwater tank?
  14. Need some help starting out
  15. newbie to Iwagumi style
  16. How many aquarium books do you own?
  17. Pressure foam under large aquarium advice
  18. Gluing moss???
  19. Fish avoiding new driftwood piece
  20. Anyone ordered from
  21. Spray Bar do I need one?
  22. Advise how to paint back of tank?
  23. Keeping fish in temporary container?
  24. Video Compilation of Planted Tanks in Taipei Stores
  25. A 20 gallon planted tank without fish?
  26. Film on Inside of Tank Glass...Need Advice & Help!
  27. First time tying moss to driftwood, did i fail or is it ok? (Pic)
  28. Craigslist humor
  29. Bad Tank Review
  30. Is this bad?
  31. critter ID please
  32. High tech and walstad questions.
  33. New to the forum and hobby, am I on the right track?
  34. New Stand Advise
  35. Anyone use white gravel?
  36. Show off your tank topic
  37. My overgrown & neglected 75
  38. What's your record between filter cleanings?
  39. Moving advise ?
  40. Used tank glass cleaning issue
  41. Mopani Driftwood Safety
  42. Changing to a new filter
  43. In-Line Heater or In-Tank Heater?
  44. "Dry Start-Up"?
  45. I'm pretty sure my Clown Loach has ADD
  46. Algae on plants
  47. Cloudy water?
  48. Regulator question
  49. CO2 danger (I've been thinking again)
  50. CO2 with Canister?
  51. Inline CO2 Difuser
  52. Rock hunting
  53. New planted setup, would appreciate any advice [video]
  54. Documentary: Elephant in the Living Room
  55. Is this a manzanita tree?
  56. Adding ADA soil to a stocked tank?
  57. ran out of CO2
  58. API CO2 booster does it work??
  59. Help Anyone?
  60. My MTS look very hungry...
  61. First Planted Tank
  62. VorTech pump placement
  63. Death and .10 ammonia - coincidence?
  64. wood ID
  65. 90 gallon aquarium
  66. Stand/Canopy Options?
  67. Hitchhikers on Salvinia
  68. Fertilizing Methods
  69. New Tank - Upgrading Current Tank - Advice?
  70. Here is my setup. Newly re-scaped
  71. Help with German Rams
  72. can someone please identify this type of organism??
  73. I've reached my picture limit, what does this mean?
  74. new to this
  75. OK I'm a pig (overstocking)
  76. 29G Cube Stocking Advice
  77. How hard would it be to have a tank with a lobster in it?
  78. Little plants...
  79. Cobalt Aquatics fish food???
  80. Anyone feeding with Omega One Veggie Flakes?
  81. DSM Mold
  82. Intake/outflow paint
  83. New 120 Tank (going to order this weekend)
  84. Funny'ish shrimp video
  85. Dsm???
  86. No need to cycle replacment tank?
  87. Drop checker CO2 solution off ebay. Anybody buy any? Does it work?
  88. Alternative fertilization strategy
  89. fishless cycle, snails and mosquitoes...
  90. New Tank Advise
  91. 29g low/medium light setup questions
  92. brown and Hair algae on HOB cause for concern?
  93. open top suicidal jumping fish
  94. Matheson 3102c-508 experience?
  95. Is ph reagent poisonous?
  96. Best Check valves to use...
  97. The Big Kill (with CO2). Was - D*mn it. Damselfly hatched in tank.
  98. How to become a planted tank guru?
  99. good old trip to walmart..
  100. Does anyone know if there are any aquascaping contests?
  101. keeping the glass clean
  102. Nitrates and Nitrites are HIGH
  103. Help-Nitrates and I cant get rid of them
  104. Planted tank advice
  105. advise needed on 'semi' starting up. (Iwugami)
  106. How low can you go?
  107. Pictures of krib babies!
  108. 10g plan
  109. Slight initial cloudiness
  110. Need filter / heater advice for a proposed Cichlid tank
  111. Approximately how much volume is in a bag of Azoo Plant Grower Bed substrate?
  112. New dp tank
  113. co2 is not working :(
  114. New here! What should i know before i try Moss for the first time?
  115. Getting rid of the "Freshwater Limpet - Acroloxus lacustris"?
  116. Storing quarantine tank in hot attic.
  117. Fixing background help
  118. GroW emersed?
  119. Trip Down Memory RD 56K WARNING
  120. Fishfood for planted tanks: good brands?
  121. 31g Tank Questions
  122. Purple snails... PLEASE help!!!
  123. How to create a beautiful Low-Tech scape?
  124. Aquatop CF500UV
  125. Algaefix help
  126. Orange clay pots
  127. 46 Gallon BioLoad
  128. How long would shrimp last in a cichlid tank?
  129. New 60 gallon Cube - stock suggestions
  130. help! Velvet, ick, and now possibly Camallanus worms...
  131. 29g struggle. Please look.
  132. CO2 question
  133. Is This Too Much Water Flow? Video Include
  134. 65 gallon aquarium
  135. Does anyone have any female Endlers in Northern Virginia?
  136. Accelerated evaporation?
  137. what are these?
  138. TWIST TIES: safe for fish/plants?
  139. Lighting question. Please help
  140. Best way to ship aquatic moss?
  141. First Iwagumi Tank Help
  142. tetra easy balance plus
  143. Could my high iron substrate be causing my brown algae?
  144. Treating algae with H2O2
  145. Hard water planted tank question
  146. 29 gallon help
  147. How to bring fish to swap?
  148. Water changing below the filter intake?
  149. Question about Green Cabomba bubbles.....
  150. Plant/scaping suggestions for 20L
  151. Species only tanks
  152. The big tank...
  153. The only way for every aquarist to succeed
  154. Is this a problem?
  155. Crinum calamistratum Help
  156. What moss?
  157. Planted Tank Test
  158. stupid willow moss: how to use?
  159. Questions about water (go figure)
  160. New member here, first post questions.
  161. Lighting Question
  162. Fluval flora
  163. Driftwood Question
  164. I'm just not happy with this tank ~ ideas?
  165. Amazon has a discount on Seachem products right now
  166. Need idea help!!! temple/mayan/indiana jones tank
  167. Mulm/debris from other filters..can i add it to my new-ish tank?
  168. Plant die off
  169. totally bummed right now!
  170. Swap Shop Rules?
  171. Help a beginner out :red_mouth
  172. Growth Time Lapse Video - 1 min = 3 weeks
  173. Tips On Cutting/Trimming Please
  174. CO2 issues. Again.
  175. Fishless cycle question
  176. Help! What is this EGG SACK On my lid?
  177. Great Video for everyone
  178. I need basic set-up help!
  179. designing an experiment
  180. 2x2215 or 1x2217 for 60p?
  181. How much does it cost to run your tank?
  182. Best way to transport my guppies?
  183. What should I expect?
  184. "sigh' it had to be done
  185. How do I get my water Crystal clear?!
  186. plant safe fish?
  187. Showing off my 10 gallon
  188. Which option sounds better to you guys?
  189. 600 Gallon leaking tank solution and Indiana Jones
  190. is all wood safe in an aquariums?
  191. Question about starting up 55 gallon fish-less cycle
  192. Is GH Booster from GLA and the same?
  193. What fish is this?
  194. New member first post!
  195. Goldfish wheelchair
  196. NEW member, new tank, issues...
  197. Added FAKE decor in tank! lol
  198. Cichlids in a planted tank?
  199. Leqkint 60 gallon HEX
  200. Will cherries be okay with apple snails?
  201. Help, 5 days later water is still cloudy
  202. 3d background, removing top brace for install
  203. Two tanks next to each other
  204. anyone using Seachem's AquaVitro line?
  205. Are SPIRAL HORN SNAIL good algae eaters ?
  206. Strictly RED planted tank
  207. Wholly filtration batman!
  208. Stainless steel for java moss carpet?
  209. How much floramax do I need to cap dirt?
  210. New 90 Gallon Planted Tank
  211. Brown spots on my plant?
  212. 1 Amano shrimp with 5-7 Cherry Shrimp?
  213. for all you pond people out there... a killer is on the loose in England
  214. Newbie 10g setup!
  215. Utricularia Gibba took over my hc carpet, what to do?
  216. Need Plant Advice
  217. GRRR! Was there ever that ONE fish you couldn't catch?
  218. 10g Planted
  219. Light or co2?
  220. water change suggestions?
  221. Dilema...?
  222. 1st real post... 30G Breeder
  223. Introductory post
  224. Have a Mr. Aqua 17.4 g tank?
  225. What to use for background?
  226. New 125G Tank
  227. UK plant supplies
  228. Kinda wanna tear down my big tank
  229. ACF Emergency! Please help!
  230. Driftwood preparation
  231. Switching to a planted tank I have a few questions..
  232. Spray bar issues
  233. My planted tank
  234. Moving a Heavily Planted Dirt Tank
  235. Critique My Plans!
  236. Think outside the glass box.
  237. Shrimp eat snails?
  238. You all should be proud!!
  239. 14 gallon aquariums?
  240. Newish Tank..
  241. Amazon sword and root tabs
  242. Scored a 30G!
  243. fungus on driftwood
  244. New member, new tank
  245. Mystery Rimless Tank?
  246. Help me with my 25 gallon
  247. Home RO unit - does it affect PH?
  248. Ammonia in tap water
  249. First Planted Tank - Questions about Lighting, CO2 and Plants
  250. Little help