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  1. My first plants
  2. New to me CO2 System and have a question or two.
  3. Our newish 125 gallon tropical tank
  4. silly question
  5. Ich or fungus?
  6. Hello. New to planted tanks....
  7. Back to Planted Tank Basics with 60p - questions
  8. High alkalinity?
  9. Kens fish food?
  10. New Fluval 125
  11. New here with questions:Marimo, Blue Lobsters, Goldfish
  12. Cycle Questions
  13. 12 gallon lighting and Co2
  14. What's the difference between hu tech and low tech?
  15. Water change frequency
  16. Pearling
  17. Is there a time limit to artificially prolonging the nitrogen cycle?
  18. How long until new plants grow??
  19. First planted tank ever! 16gal
  20. Driftwood Noobie Question
  21. sagittaria platyphylla issues
  22. Alternatives for power sand? And other substrate questions...
  23. Stargrass question
  24. Beginner needs help
  25. Cherry Shrimp Sludge Buildup
  26. Aeration in heavily planted tanks...?
  27. replace plastic trim?
  28. How long does it take for dechlorinate to work?
  29. Cloudy Water, Won't Filter Out?
  30. clear water turning in cloudy water?
  31. I need a re-introduction to Shrimp Keeping....
  32. Bug larvae in the tank.. wth
  33. quarantine aquarium advise
  34. java ferns
  35. How to manage Duckweed
  36. Standard water changes
  37. How to relocate Multiple Tanks to New house
  38. CO2 combo?
  39. Metaframe Deluxe 28g Planted w/Co2 Build
  40. My new 75 gal
  41. 29 g Set up advice
  42. Dry Starting Stem Plants question?
  43. need advice, looking to make some tank changes
  44. 45 gallon 25"x18"x24" What should I do with it?
  45. Easiest soil to take plants out of
  46. ADA backgrounds any good?
  47. Seachem Prime
  48. Attn: Newbies Shopping on TPT
  49. Flourite lifespan
  50. To filter or not to filter... that is the question
  51. Where to use my UV?
  52. Hornwort with Eggs or Parasite - Please Help
  53. black spots on java fern, newbie here... please help!!
  54. New Platy fry, help!!
  55. Tried everything...maybe not
  56. Instant cycle?
  57. $1/Gallon Sale at Petco
  58. HC emmersed lighting
  59. Increasing photoperiod / light intensity to combat cyanobacteria?
  60. Need ideas for a new 65g Hexagon/octogan tank
  61. Nitrite spike in a cycled tank
  62. Newbie starting up.. What do you think so far
  63. Nitrate supplementation
  64. Holes in my new Swords / Plants
  65. Plants vs sponge/bio in filter?
  66. Diffusing co2 with power head
  67. 125 vs 120g discus tank...
  68. 55 Gal Build help plz
  69. Problems with starting up - please help!
  70. Ocean Aquarium, SF - Peruvian Altums
  71. ok, everything is going too well...moss scape help!
  72. New guy here, planted 55 gallon tang cichlid setup. Give me your opinions
  73. My 20-gallon everything post!
  74. Potassium Permanganate
  75. Ada mini m
  76. Brown roots
  77. Cleaning used equipment
  78. In Costa Rica....anything I can bring back?
  79. Some questions on my 1st tank - soil substrate low tech
  80. high nitrites
  81. Beach Driftwood
  82. Rescuing a JBJ nano cube
  83. Rotala tips stunting?
  84. potted vs bundled plants difference?
  85. sun sun filter question,
  86. my dream basement
  87. My fish keeping credentials
  88. Hi, I'm new here! Also, these plants?
  89. 12g long
  90. disintergrating bogwood mess
  91. Emersed Set Up! Suggestions welcome!
  92. bamboo in aquarium?
  93. What is this critter?
  94. Co2 read up? Newbie wanting to learn about it.
  95. Bunch plant "rootlets"
  96. 125g on a budget... QUestions
  97. Strange issues with DIY co2
  98. New tank question
  99. need opinions about getting used tank...
  100. Tank comparison: 6G low tech VS. 30G low tech
  101. dwarf sag MELTING? LOL
  102. From one newbie to another - A few "Getting Started" tips
  103. CO2 Levels Without Fish
  104. Tall tanks vs Looong
  105. Aquascape Tools
  106. grrrrr cloudy water...
  107. CO2 and bio-wheels?
  108. Lets talk c02 deficiency, gassing fish, and a solution to the problem
  109. New tank setup, some guidance appreciated
  110. Got my eheim 2217 yesterday. Got a question
  111. Heading up to them there hills
  112. Do I have enough lighting?
  113. Cheap lily pipes
  114. Plant ID
  115. Lighting/ Plant Needs
  116. tank size volume calculation ?
  117. Wallpapers
  118. Am I supposed to trim these?
  119. Silly moss question
  120. Hydro Sponges and Air Valves
  121. Anybody see anything wrong with this setup? going away on vacation
  122. I need sources for my psych report.
  123. Help needed in RO/DI remineralization
  124. Glossostigma trimmings
  125. Dream piranha setups
  126. Aqueon Full-Spectrum Daylight T8 for plants?
  127. Still debating on fish...
  128. Filter for 90 Gallon Aquarium
  129. Moss for terarrium
  130. Good way to get rid of nematodes?
  131. CO2 Oring... why would I use those wacky cardboard ones?
  132. Sand Trail
  133. Will blue led lights effect plants?
  134. fishfood cycling vs liquid ammonia
  135. New tank water is tea color
  136. What do you think? Aqueon evolve 4
  137. What is the white stuff on my moss?
  138. Help my 4 months old shrimp tank got very cloudy water there is pics
  139. Nitrogen cycle help: low pH
  140. Cloudy water
  141. Best RO system for drinking and tanks?
  142. peat moss?
  143. My neon tetras disappeared .........
  144. Can I trim Mirco Swords?
  145. Quick rock-testing question
  146. Star grass with excel
  147. Needed more buckets.....
  148. Marineland t8 Natural Daylight bulb for plants?
  149. Major Help People- 1st Planted Tank- Need Advice on my dirt!
  150. Is this Substrate Safe for Fish?
  151. whats yalls opinion of feeder fish?
  152. HOW TO: Acclimate Fish/Inverts
  153. 24" lights odyssea bulbs?.
  154. Mini L gone?
  155. Good Shelter/Object for Quarantine Tank?
  156. help cleaning a news used tank.
  157. Trouble with DIY co2
  158. stocking suggestions for my 2 community tanks?
  159. Ich Infection
  160. RO waste water?
  161. Help! Help! A Snail!!!
  162. uv sterlizer
  163. Where did these pond snails come from?
  164. Question about red tiger lotus
  165. Could buying bags of Flourite from Petsmart bring in pathogens?
  166. Glossostigma and excel
  167. Help me help customers!!
  168. Trimming Advice
  169. Canopy & Light Advise needed
  170. Oliver Knott : Salieri :: Amano : Mozart, planted tank celebs
  171. zoomed 501 on mini L
  172. stability using peat and/ or alder cones
  173. Starting a 10 gallon dirted aquarium
  174. how to reduce green algae on glass tank ?
  175. Help with glosso stigma
  176. Will 2 t5ho bulbs over 50g with no co2 cause an algae bloom?
  177. Marsilea minuta will not grow for me
  178. Eco-Complete by itself, or as a cap?
  179. 75g on 55g stand?
  180. Legality and sunset hygro
  181. what should i do with my old gravel and filter?
  182. Good Freshwater Plant Guides/Books
  183. aquarium suggestion under 10 gallon
  184. thoughts?
  185. Treating a planted tank ICH!!!!!
  186. Darf Hair Grass and Dwarf Baby Tears
  187. Question for people that have houseplants growing out of open top tanks
  188. Problems woth my new 75
  189. Twigs/ branches question
  190. JBJ build?
  191. egg id
  192. Well that was stupid.....
  193. Drop Checker Solution Spilled :(
  194. "Creation of a World" | Video
  195. Brown Fuzzy Fungus on Driftwood
  196. Copperless fertilizer
  197. dwarf sag is spreading SLOWLY...
  198. Friggin' Java fern melt!
  199. First High Tech setup any Suggestions
  200. New Guy Questions
  201. CO2 setup help
  202. Wild Plants for the Aquarium
  203. Best online store to order plants?
  204. Betta tank filtered vs non filtered
  205. Okay to eat moss?
  206. Thought I would finally share some pics of my 25g setup
  207. Do you know what I really want to see?
  208. ph levels keep rising
  209. Is my aquarium overstocked?
  210. Leaking Bowfront Aquarium, Need Help!!
  211. Where can a newbie get plants?
  212. Moving need to move planted tanks
  213. Snails
  214. Cycling a tank
  215. Substrate/Lighting/Moss
  216. Pricing for the Alternanthera reineckii mini
  217. Mystery invert question
  218. are these rocks safe for freshwater planted tank?
  219. What are these plants?
  220. Scud/plant/copper question.
  221. Leaving town during Dry Start...
  222. skin breakout after aquarium maintenance.....
  223. Anyone know where to get amazing rocks?
  224. 50 gallon versus 65 gallon - opinions
  225. Angel or Discus biotope
  226. fluval fx5 spray bar?
  227. Dry or wet start
  228. Pre cycling the filter media.
  229. Does trimming moss promote growth?
  230. 70 gallon corner demention
  231. CO2, necessary?
  232. Help!!!
  233. 57 rimless ordered
  234. More problems!! (56k warning)
  235. Which plants benefit from Root Tabs?
  236. Do i have any chance growing Glosso
  237. To cycle or not to cycle?
  238. Aeration after cycling
  239. Starting Large Planted Aquarium...Need advice!
  240. Why are ants attracted to my water?
  241. Thread like worm
  242. Evaporation during cycling
  243. Would a filter or water change fix this?
  244. CPDs and Microdevarios in planted Fluval Edge
  245. DHG and 20w CFL
  246. cycle oddity
  247. Wide or Narrow
  248. Dwarf Sag + H2O2 = Lush Growth?
  249. Plants & Temp while cycling
  250. New 2.5g trouble