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  1. New additions
  2. dwarf puffers or rainbows
  3. Will this co2 regulator kill my fish?
  4. Correct or incorrect advise from PetCo?
  5. rid ich affect pH test kits?
  6. Concrete safe?
  7. co2 tank dump :(
  8. Planted Tank Troubles
  9. DIY CO2 suffice for growing HC?
  10. 45 inches of awesome
  11. Bluish-green Water
  12. Which is more accurate? (huge pic, thermometer)
  13. Plants that can withstand cool weather
  14. German Blue Ram for a 10 gallon
  15. can you eliminate pond snails by hand?
  16. Filter for quarantine tank
  17. Fish Starring at the wall ?
  18. Rocks ID - Is it safe for aquarium
  19. Green water algae after 12 hours?
  20. New tank plants withering
  21. Need advice: Manzanita Driftwood
  22. What does MTS mean to you?
  23. your input on my first layout, please!
  24. Dry fertilizer dosing question.
  25. New to the Site, A few Questions
  26. A want without a need...
  27. aquarium plants blooming underwater
  28. 35 y/o Goldie!
  29. Bet how many times they'll ask
  30. Which light is better for my plants?
  31. what is this swimming around in my breeder tank???
  32. I'm new this might be a dumb ?
  33. Is obsidian rock safe?
  34. Big piece of driftwood, do I have to boil it?
  35. Tank cycle
  36. Man these LEDs are bright
  37. Fishless cycling procedure
  38. low tech loach safe plants?
  39. Fish waste
  40. Cloudy water new tank
  41. Custom acrylic tank- What would you do
  42. Transporting a tank of fish
  43. How soon before starting ferts?
  44. Are these rocks safe for planted tank?
  45. Emptying out a tank with no siphon
  46. new to planted tanks, do i need ferts?
  47. can u slow down plant growth with pressurized co2 set up?
  48. Some of my plants are melting. Help
  49. setting up new 55 gallon planted with cycled water?
  50. Advice before I tear down because of BBA
  51. What is this thing on my aquarium?
  52. Should I Start?
  53. Do fish meds hurt plants?
  54. petco dollar per gallon sale
  55. Help me plan my 40b
  56. co2 system enough for my large tank?
  57. Pogostemon won't stay planted
  58. Hello and upgrade questions
  59. Boredom turned productive
  60. Don't Release Your Fish!
  61. First Planted Tank Questions
  62. HELP! Newb Failing at Planted Tank
  63. BBS eggs not hatching
  64. Suction cup and bracket for 3/4 PVC?
  65. Clown Pleco Concerns
  66. question on API KNO3 test kit
  67. Moss outside of tank
  68. Evidence of eaten plants right after adding janitor crew
  69. getting a 75 g ready for planting
  70. Finally upgraded
  71. What's in my filter?
  72. Does manzanita rot?
  73. Monroe Washington Area = Manzanita?
  74. How to clean off silicone in tank
  75. Manzanita
  76. Time for an Upgrade, $400 Budget
  77. Newbie need some help with snail problem
  78. Driftwood Woes
  79. I got some new driftwood, what do you think?
  80. Do I need anything else to start my planted tank?
  81. Any experience w/ Panacur? Dumb Mistake!
  82. Acclimating plants to brackish
  83. Foggy water
  84. Fan Help
  85. Plants that Grow Best in and Unheated Tank
  86. Plants that play well together from your observations
  87. What kind of flow-- water movement
  88. Dry start method with sand as cap?
  89. Moving with fish?
  90. The Little Tank that Could [help please]
  91. Hallelujah Mountains
  92. Are the plants ok in the dark?
  93. Tank stands with bookshelf above?
  94. Paludarium Build/Suggestions/Need help!
  95. What strain of MTS do you have?
  96. Emersed plants, no humidity??
  97. Help for a newbie
  98. Fishless cycling?
  99. driftwood, to attach or not attach???
  100. Good short foreground carpet for this tank?
  101. This made me laugh pretty hard..
  102. Pogostemon helferi
  103. 130g New Tank advice
  104. The Starting Plane: contrsuctive criticism really helps
  105. Buying used aquariums
  106. Buying plants online
  107. What overflow return is better for plants?
  108. Fish massacre
  109. Help with ID?
  110. How to protect stand under sump?
  111. Fish Moving Basics Please
  112. Tank Trouble, new substrate?
  113. Best vallisneria for background plant?
  114. New Member: Please help with Moneywort
  115. Infernal bacterial bloom
  116. Sudden plant loss - need advice please!
  117. Eric's Rimless 20g Build
  118. Fishless cycle in plant tanks?
  119. Automatic Ammonia Dosing During Fishless Cycle
  120. Starting a 20g tank looking for advice.
  121. How do I trim and vacuum with shrimplets present?
  122. Dry Start Method - Web Fungus Question
  123. Waiting for stand... What to do now?
  124. How many Otocinclus can I have?
  125. Water?
  126. Surprise Oto Cat fry...
  127. Aquarium Dream turns into a Nightmare.
  128. Plant care = Fish trauma?
  129. help buying manzanita
  130. Light location
  131. Help! Worried about otos and biological filter.
  132. 265 lowtech plant fish stock suggestion
  133. The abbreviations are annoying
  134. Filter for my QT tank
  135. Nerites vs Mysteries
  136. N. CA: Mr Aqua pre-order
  137. 3-way Divided Betta Tank
  138. BBS eggs not hatching
  139. First Planted Tank Idea
  140. Did I do good?
  141. 34 gallon setup questions
  142. Need suggestions for a less messy substrate
  143. Amazing chunk of Driftwood
  144. Best cleaning crew for lowtech plant tanks
  145. Brackish popularity?
  146. Milwuakee regulators. Frustration at its finest.
  147. Planning a first proper aquascaping project.
  148. Tiny white worms?
  149. FW planted tank look like Saltwater? LOL
  150. Drop checker solution
  151. API test kit. There's gotta be something better.
  152. Submersed to immersed?
  153. Oh. My. God. Did my angles lay eggs?
  154. overflow/sump vs canister filtration in LARGE heavy planted tank?
  155. Derimming good idea?
  156. What's this plant?
  157. Newbie with a 75 gallon and to much information and not any knowledge
  158. Getting rid of pest snails
  159. Help! Suddenly cloudy after co2 increase
  160. Fluval Edge 6g - Upgrade w/ 12g Edge LED Lamp?
  161. Fluval edge 6 or 12 low iron clarity?
  162. New Iwagumi Setup, Check out the pics! Need some advice too.
  163. what are these??????
  164. S c o r e ! ! ! !
  165. New tank, need advice
  166. rotala indica sending out roots from nodes
  167. Creating "The World" tank
  168. Snail problem
  169. Did I just get screwed over?
  170. New tank with ADA substrate questions
  171. HC trimming and Cleanup routine
  172. Aeration confusion
  173. My first plants
  174. New to me CO2 System and have a question or two.
  175. Our newish 125 gallon tropical tank
  176. silly question
  177. Ich or fungus?
  178. Hello. New to planted tanks....
  179. Back to Planted Tank Basics with 60p - questions
  180. High alkalinity?
  181. Kens fish food?
  182. New Fluval 125
  183. New here with questions:Marimo, Blue Lobsters, Goldfish
  184. Cycle Questions
  185. 12 gallon lighting and Co2
  186. What's the difference between hu tech and low tech?
  187. Water change frequency
  188. Pearling
  189. Is there a time limit to artificially prolonging the nitrogen cycle?
  190. How long until new plants grow??
  191. First planted tank ever! 16gal
  192. Driftwood Noobie Question
  193. sagittaria platyphylla issues
  194. Alternatives for power sand? And other substrate questions...
  195. Stargrass question
  196. Beginner needs help
  197. Cherry Shrimp Sludge Buildup
  198. Aeration in heavily planted tanks...?
  199. replace plastic trim?
  200. How long does it take for dechlorinate to work?
  201. Cloudy Water, Won't Filter Out?
  202. clear water turning in cloudy water?
  203. I need a re-introduction to Shrimp Keeping....
  204. Bug larvae in the tank.. wth
  205. quarantine aquarium advise
  206. java ferns
  207. How to manage Duckweed
  208. Standard water changes
  209. How to relocate Multiple Tanks to New house
  210. CO2 combo?
  211. Metaframe Deluxe 28g Planted w/Co2 Build
  212. My new 75 gal
  213. 29 g Set up advice
  214. Dry Starting Stem Plants question?
  215. need advice, looking to make some tank changes
  216. 45 gallon 25"x18"x24" What should I do with it?
  217. Easiest soil to take plants out of
  218. ADA backgrounds any good?
  219. Seachem Prime
  220. Attn: Newbies Shopping on TPT
  221. Flourite lifespan
  222. To filter or not to filter... that is the question
  223. Where to use my UV?
  224. Hornwort with Eggs or Parasite - Please Help
  225. black spots on java fern, newbie here... please help!!
  226. New Platy fry, help!!
  227. Tried everything...maybe not
  228. Instant cycle?
  229. $1/Gallon Sale at Petco
  230. HC emmersed lighting
  231. Increasing photoperiod / light intensity to combat cyanobacteria?
  232. Need ideas for a new 65g Hexagon/octogan tank
  233. Nitrite spike in a cycled tank
  234. Newbie starting up.. What do you think so far
  235. Nitrate supplementation
  236. Holes in my new Swords / Plants
  237. Plants vs sponge/bio in filter?
  238. Diffusing co2 with power head
  239. 125 vs 120g discus tank...
  240. 55 Gal Build help plz
  241. Problems with starting up - please help!
  242. Ocean Aquarium, SF - Peruvian Altums
  243. ok, everything is going too well...moss scape help!
  244. New guy here, planted 55 gallon tang cichlid setup. Give me your opinions
  245. My 20-gallon everything post!
  246. Potassium Permanganate
  247. Ada mini m
  248. Brown roots
  249. Cleaning used equipment
  250. In Costa Rica....anything I can bring back?