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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. NOT really "RAOK"
  2. I want to keep my one plant healthy
  3. HC drystart method?
  4. Are my Rams Make and Female?
  5. how about this? Goodbye Amano? Farewell SAE?
  6. new Petsmart stock- I'm impressed
  7. Need help brainstorming
  8. My 75 gallon return to the hobby!
  9. Horizontal Water Heater
  10. Done buying plants at Petco...
  11. Amazing oto!
  12. My 40b
  13. tiny worms in tank
  14. HC is so slow to grow...glosso any better?
  15. Bristlenose Pleco Eggs/Kuhli Loach
  16. My shrimp tank needs some aquascape love
  17. Potasium or iron deficiency
  18. GH and KH kit
  19. Lots of microorganisms
  20. How Much: Ferts and Co2???
  21. New to forum and to planted tanks
  22. do my plants need c02? (i list them)
  23. Help with 75 gallon low/med DIY c02
  24. price to good to be true
  25. Adding Ammonia
  26. Canister Plumbing
  27. Flatworm?
  28. New member with questions
  29. MTS...quite the sickness lol
  30. frosted backgrounds?
  31. Planting 46bow back words
  32. my 20 with all its new plants
  33. nitrate too high???
  34. Air Hogs RC Sub
  35. What to look for in a used filter?
  36. New to planted tanks
  37. Need advice on buying new aquarium
  38. Newly planted aquarium water change?
  39. 100% clear silicone
  40. Anyone tried Repashy feeding disks?
  41. Treating ick in planted tanks
  42. Hi my names is shawn
  43. My First Post
  44. Setting up a tank and then moving for a gift?
  45. Does this seem right?
  46. Hydra?
  47. Thoughts on IKEA Socker mini greenhouse?
  48. Requesting advice on moving my tank (but not the fish or plants)
  49. Tank now cycled - a few issues to address
  50. Baseline for Drop Checker
  51. What is this thing?
  52. I think I contaminated the tank
  53. ph Probe for CO2 monitoring? Or
  54. Flourish excel + Co2 + API Fertilizer???
  55. co2 set up for 5 gallon tank?
  56. How thick should the glass be
  57. ID this bug
  58. AquaFarm Kickstarter: Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food
  59. Zaire biotope tank, looking for feedback
  60. Anyone Run a Reactor After a Needle Wheel Pump?
  61. Recieved EI fertilizer package...
  62. Consistent Problem with DIY CO2
  63. Buy fish before plants?
  64. Eggs? From who?
  65. Diffuser under intake
  66. Just finished trimming some plants
  67. Age old background question...
  68. Plant Won't Stay Rooted in Substrate
  69. Which Tank?
  70. CO2 "Fade Time"
  71. Okay...fully hooked now.
  72. Moving
  73. Water softener
  74. Rocks
  75. bugs all over tank!
  76. just saying hi
  77. Single canister-Dual tanks
  78. Do I need CO2?
  79. no green thumb:/
  80. This stuff is driving me nuts!!!
  81. Time to let the 75 grow back in
  82. RO water PH is 6.4???
  83. Stagnant Canister > Benificial Bacteria Life
  84. Dry fertilizer ei dosing
  85. So what the perfect planted tank size?
  86. Jordanella floridae (american flag fish)
  87. Stem plants breaking
  88. Want to Kill This Tank!!!!!!
  89. I've got snails!
  90. White fungus
  91. Can I go with no light at all?
  92. Spray Bar Location?
  93. Poor success w/Jungle Val
  94. Setting up a 37 gal with ground cover
  95. can i use these branches in my tank?
  96. HC Cuba Stem Plant or Lay them out?
  97. I Messed up!
  98. which one of these diffusers should i buy?
  99. Advise needed for 90 Gallong Setup
  100. Doom: trying to catch skunk Botias
  101. Testing nitrates while dosing ferts
  102. Worm cultures for food?
  103. 1 Inch of Eco Comp or 2? HELP.
  104. petrified wood?
  105. How does frequent Water change for fish affect your plant care?
  106. Why are my stem plants growing crooked?
  107. ID this plant please
  108. Plants for Silent Cycle?
  109. Has anyone used the Finnex 30inch LED Daylight?
  110. API Leaf Zone causing erroneous nitrite readings?
  111. WOW! Snail hotel canister filter!!
  112. Is there any interest in a tank like this?
  113. CO2 in nature
  114. Near dead Riccia
  115. Planters in Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point, NC ?
  116. Did my cycle just restart?
  117. Starting over?
  118. Is my cycle almost over?
  119. Help with lighting plz!
  120. How to make your test kits go further...
  121. Where do you get your stats?
  122. Fish/fry get burned by heater?
  123. How to heat my fish room?
  124. What room do you keep your favorite tank in?
  125. Planted tanks are so much prettier topless
  126. API test tubes...
  127. Outdoor DSM growout?
  128. Will this hold? one time...
  129. Hydro sponge pro safe for fry?
  130. how do u know if u need to add more lights?
  131. Co2 with metricide(or Excel)?
  132. Hard Water Issues
  133. Adding Fresh Water
  134. Dark airline tubing vs clear
  135. Hairy algae. Whats cause and treatment?
  136. Turtle tank or BN Pleco breeding tank?
  137. Dusty tank
  138. Which heater for 2.5g?
  139. EI dosing
  140. Replanted tank today, should I expect a mini-cycle?
  141. Snails, unwanted guess
  142. What foam / pad?
  143. Tank upgrade from 40 Breeder to 75 or 80 gallon
  144. Waterlife Haloex
  145. Fishless Cycle with Seachem Stability
  146. Fishless cycle progress
  147. problem with persistent weird algae
  148. lighting concern
  149. Treating tank with maracyn one and two at the same time?
  150. Will my tiny QT keep my new plants alive?
  151. cyanobacteria?!
  152. Emersed plants?
  153. air pumps and aquatic plants
  154. Question re upgrading a 20g high
  155. Cerges reactor with Fluval FX5
  156. New 125 Gallon Up and Running
  157. Dry start HC five weeks and counting and not much happening...
  158. Getting to the Bottom of Why Guppies Jump
  159. Brown Algae
  160. treating velvet in planted tank
  161. Inspiration - The Makiki Forest Reserve, Honolulu, Hawaii
  162. Keeping discus in plant tank
  163. Need advice on new 125 gallon
  164. Advice on 55g scape
  165. Seachem Prime
  166. Ph rise from ammonia addition?
  167. Collecting Madrone
  168. Drop checker
  169. 150 Gal Tank Black Beard Algae HELP
  170. What is the problem with these plants?
  171. Converting 400g Marine. Need technical advice on what I can reuse!
  172. Beginner - How I instant cycled my first tank
  173. My 30g cube
  174. What a deal!
  175. Fishless Cycling Question - Water parameters
  176. Are none of my fry REALLY. surviving??
  177. When can u dose ferts for new tank cycling?
  178. Buying used, chipped tank.. input needed
  179. Help on lighting for a 29 gallon tank
  180. Dresser as a stand
  181. Nematode Worms?
  182. Heating a Fluval Ebi
  183. Question about Driftwood
  184. Does removing tannins remove the benefits of it?
  185. tank ideas for a 60 gallon 60x60x60cm aquarium?!
  186. Bacteria Products
  187. Yellowing of leaves...
  188. Cycling question
  189. crinum thaianum water onion propagation
  190. Is this the right Alum for killing pest snails
  191. Need to cycle new tank quickly, worried about transferring BBA...
  192. established water into a 2.5g?
  193. 30 Gallon Dirted Low Tech
  194. Longest bout with ICH in planted tank history
  195. Quick new guy question
  197. Sponge Filter? What to put on the bottom of it?
  198. what else can live in my snail breeding tank?
  199. Moving 90 gallon DIRTED planted tank help, please!!!!
  200. Home Page fish found!!
  201. Is there a such thing as too much oxygen?
  202. Multiple Breeding tank setups, please share
  203. Quarantine set-up questions
  204. Where is Fluvals made?
  205. Chlorine Test Kit
  206. New 2.75g bowl, HELP!
  207. Got my water distiller... Old school
  208. Co2 question
  209. Co2 Thread converter
  210. how to eliminate bubbles coming from co2 reactor return
  211. Glossostigma planting
  212. lfs ordering tanks
  213. newbie
  214. I'm changing to Pressurized Co2, was wondering if this equipment is ok?
  215. how do YOU plant stems???
  216. Plants pearling their best just before lights go out?
  217. Swaping from gravel to dirt and sand in an established tank.
  218. My ghost shrimp beat my Red Cherry Shrimp
  219. Tap Water Conditioner
  220. Everything I know of aquaria just crashed in on itself
  221. Fishless Cycle? am i doing it correctly?
  222. Plant ID
  223. Video from my local aquarium
  224. Green Water and MTS Boom
  225. $100 to spend
  226. Converting to a planted tank
  227. Lighting Question
  228. Need help with lights asap!
  229. Ooops-Alcohol Fueled Purchase
  230. algae Please Help
  231. Need some lighting help ASAP :)
  232. Dry Ferts - How much to get and of what
  233. Help Identify Problem Please
  234. Raise blackworms or brine shrimp?
  235. How much, and how quickly, should I change the pH, beginner with new tank needs help.
  236. Good fish for 10g
  237. Best way to completely kill off snails
  238. Driftwood
  239. New additions
  240. dwarf puffers or rainbows
  241. Will this co2 regulator kill my fish?
  242. Correct or incorrect advise from PetCo?
  243. rid ich affect pH test kits?
  244. Concrete safe?
  245. co2 tank dump :(
  246. Planted Tank Troubles
  247. DIY CO2 suffice for growing HC?
  248. 45 inches of awesome
  249. Bluish-green Water
  250. Which is more accurate? (huge pic, thermometer)