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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Please help with cycling and ammonia reading questions
  2. What fish where?
  3. Sand or Eco-Complete for Biotope Tank?
  4. gross! Is this algae?
  5. Stunted Discus Growth
  6. am I safe?
  7. Is my tank cycled?
  8. Best place to buy Kordon breather bags
  9. HELP! PFR Dopped Eggs
  10. Snail shells good for tank?
  11. High phosphates and hair algae covering my planted tank
  12. planted 10 gallon help
  13. Keepin Cool
  14. Moving a 40 Gallon
  15. HELP! White worm in Java Moss!
  16. Surface Oil Film
  17. Do you ever buy a fish...
  18. Family Just Don't Get It...
  19. Wave Point Lighting
  20. Quick help! How to plant Hydrocotyle
  21. Buying livestock in bulk
  22. What happens when you collapse an underwater bubble with a soundwave?
  23. Using mini internal filter as DIY CO2 diffuser, turn it off at night?
  24. I finally gave up on ecocomplete/caribsea floramax
  25. Need input on setup - new to planted tanks
  26. Is this peice of driftwood ok?
  27. White/Milky/Cloudy water
  28. Is this ICH??
  29. Help identifying worm
  30. What kind of light do I need for a 2g bow?l
  31. New Freshwater Tank Setup Help
  32. Never thought I would have to trim my filter :)
  33. EI Water Change Schedule-Anyone Do Every Other Week?
  34. Using Ficus leaves in an aquarium?
  35. canister filter accidentally left off.
  36. Why can't I keep plants alive
  37. RO water and dirt
  38. Inserting root tabs
  39. Help me identify this algae/build up.
  40. any one knows this site to buy cree LEDs from it ?
  41. What kinda of plant is this?Angel fish breed
  42. dry cycle - moss
  43. Large Crinum calmistratum looking for a larger home.
  44. Using old driftwood
  45. How to remove excess water from your tank?
  46. Help/Opinion needed!
  47. alder cone twigs in shrimp tanks?
  48. Suggestions to increase co2 level
  49. Cleaning items for aquarium
  50. Awesome rock with lichen
  51. Aquarium Humor
  52. Bought a used tank that came with fish... now what?
  53. Question about root tabs
  54. Eheim 2213 Troubleshooting...
  55. Where to buy plants in NH
  56. Setting up a 110lg planted Discus tank
  57. Native Mosses
  58. Good "filler" plants?
  59. My New 20 Rimless
  60. Would dying moss ball cause Ammonia spike?
  61. Zoomed 501 vs. Eheim 2213 on a Fluval EBI
  62. An observation
  63. Any foreground plants with a color besides green?
  64. Algae Question: What is this?
  65. Best way to save bacteria when medicating?
  66. shipping priority: what day and when?
  67. Wow! who likes the old metaframe tanks?
  68. How to ship fish/shrimp?
  69. How long should I "prime" a sponge filter in main tank for my fry tank
  70. New tank....sealant on outside
  71. Recommend a background plant
  72. What is eating my snails?
  73. Refuguim on water butt? Advice needed
  74. Tank of death
  75. Aquarium friendly rock?
  76. Still making noob mistakes
  77. Mosquito larva not living in tank water?.
  78. Anyone doing a "plant only" tank?
  79. No power for 7 hours. I hope my tank buddies survive.
  80. DIY CO2 yeast solution spill
  81. Inner measurments of a 40b.
  82. Miracle Mud?
  83. Best nitrate sucking plants available?
  84. Aqueon 36 Gallon Deluxe Bow Front birthday present :3
  85. Moving fish tank to house 2 hours away
  86. Trimming Moss?
  87. arrghhhh
  88. How fast does HC grow?
  89. What is happening with this plant?
  90. Discus Fish
  91. 140 Cube - Aquascaping ideas please
  92. CO2 diffusers
  93. How I Go In Circles
  94. High Phosphates and Algae!
  95. Will my fish be ok?
  96. My Cherry Red Shrimp are acting weird - help
  97. Lights off for 2 days for plants.
  98. Does the bubble counter need to stay vertical?
  99. What is infusoria/baby brine shrimp used for?
  100. Stocked Tank Uncycled Filter and Algae, Plants not growing ....Please Help
  101. Magic Algae Eraser
  102. Amazon river white growth
  103. Cycling question
  104. Lighting ballast wet and heard pop.
  105. Eheim filter cocoa puffs
  106. Noob need help!!!
  107. Corner tank show and tell
  108. What is the ideal temperature for plants?
  109. HC dry start with excel OD after filling
  110. Fish Bioload comparisons
  111. Largest Betta tank?
  112. why won't my plants take off?
  113. New scape oops
  114. Aquatraders
  115. Picking dwarf sag.
  116. Duck Weed INVASION!!! QUACK!!!
  117. I have plunged into the Altum world.
  118. Plants?
  119. Live Streaming my tank!
  120. Noob need some help with ph problem
  121. My co2 set up and a question as to how to time it.
  122. 230 gallon on first floor apt, is it safe?
  123. Balcony Planted Tank + Aquaponics (bye bye nitrates)
  124. Magazine Subscriptions?
  125. 36gal BF backwards
  126. 10Gal/Beginner/LookingForStockingAdvice
  127. Metricide 14 Alage spot treatment
  128. Evaporation in an open tank
  129. Questions about rhizomes and plants attached to driftwood
  130. Will a T5 light melt saran wrap?
  131. Fluval Edge 12-Gallon - Water to perfect?
  132. JBL BioNitrateX
  133. Is an air pump a must??
  134. I need suggest about this driftwood
  135. Community fish list?
  136. Plant Trimmings
  137. Creative Java Moss Ideas
  138. Purigen - did I get bulk by mistake?
  139. Sad Intro
  140. Dipping plants too long in bleach solution?
  141. Light issue WHAT KIND? PLEASE HELP
  142. Moving Long Distance
  143. this stuff ok?
  144. 6.6 gallon planted setup advice
  145. aquariasts with disabilities
  146. Shrimp and Root Tabs
  147. Suggestions for new fish after I move
  148. [updated] Opinions on upgrading from a 20g tall to Mr Aqua 33.6
  149. Science Experiment
  150. java fern rhizome black and hard
  151. Hatching brine shrimp - how to heat?
  152. Would this work? DSM in a bucket outside
  153. co2 leakage?
  154. What Plants Can I put in this tank??
  155. what kind of driftwood is this?
  156. quarantine tank, what filter?
  157. Intake, how deep in tank?
  158. Plant growth and CO2
  159. GH Booster- plants not so good
  160. Help with mold/fungus growing in aquarium
  161. filtering with peat
  162. any rock experts? are these safe?
  163. Lights / nutrient / algae / glosso growth
  164. How would you handle feeding for 12 tanks if you are vacation for a week?
  165. Spray Bar Advise
  166. Forum Menu Issues
  167. filter for mr.aqua 12g long tank
  168. Setting up a 45 gallon
  169. Ada 60P setup?
  170. Excel and Vallisneria
  171. Brown Water in planted tank
  172. Driftwood, BBA, and Anubias question
  173. NOT really "RAOK"
  174. I want to keep my one plant healthy
  175. HC drystart method?
  176. Are my Rams Make and Female?
  177. how about this? Goodbye Amano? Farewell SAE?
  178. new Petsmart stock- I'm impressed
  179. Need help brainstorming
  180. My 75 gallon return to the hobby!
  181. Horizontal Water Heater
  182. Done buying plants at Petco...
  183. Amazing oto!
  184. My 40b
  185. tiny worms in tank
  186. HC is so slow to grow...glosso any better?
  187. Bristlenose Pleco Eggs/Kuhli Loach
  188. My shrimp tank needs some aquascape love
  189. Potasium or iron deficiency
  190. GH and KH kit
  191. Lots of microorganisms
  192. How Much: Ferts and Co2???
  193. New to forum and to planted tanks
  194. do my plants need c02? (i list them)
  195. Help with 75 gallon low/med DIY c02
  196. price to good to be true
  197. Adding Ammonia
  198. Canister Plumbing
  199. Flatworm?
  200. New member with questions
  201. MTS...quite the sickness lol
  202. frosted backgrounds?
  203. Planting 46bow back words
  204. my 20 with all its new plants
  205. nitrate too high???
  206. Air Hogs RC Sub
  207. What to look for in a used filter?
  208. New to planted tanks
  209. Need advice on buying new aquarium
  210. Newly planted aquarium water change?
  211. 100% clear silicone
  212. Anyone tried Repashy feeding disks?
  213. Treating ick in planted tanks
  214. Hi my names is shawn
  215. My First Post
  216. Setting up a tank and then moving for a gift?
  217. Does this seem right?
  218. Hydra?
  219. Thoughts on IKEA Socker mini greenhouse?
  220. Requesting advice on moving my tank (but not the fish or plants)
  221. Tank now cycled - a few issues to address
  222. Baseline for Drop Checker
  223. What is this thing?
  224. I think I contaminated the tank
  225. ph Probe for CO2 monitoring? Or
  226. Flourish excel + Co2 + API Fertilizer???
  227. co2 set up for 5 gallon tank?
  228. How thick should the glass be
  229. ID this bug
  230. AquaFarm Kickstarter: Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food
  231. Zaire biotope tank, looking for feedback
  232. Anyone Run a Reactor After a Needle Wheel Pump?
  233. Recieved EI fertilizer package...
  234. Consistent Problem with DIY CO2
  235. Buy fish before plants?
  236. Eggs? From who?
  237. Diffuser under intake
  238. Just finished trimming some plants
  239. Age old background question...
  240. Plant Won't Stay Rooted in Substrate
  241. Which Tank?
  242. CO2 "Fade Time"
  243. Okay...fully hooked now.
  244. Moving
  245. Water softener
  246. Rocks
  247. bugs all over tank!
  248. just saying hi
  249. Single canister-Dual tanks
  250. Do I need CO2?