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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Thoughts on Aquatek CO2 regulator mini?
  2. Causes of cloudy water?
  3. Coming From Reef Aquarium Hobby, Trying to Understand Freshwater Aquariums
  4. Moving my 20 gallon tanks - twice
  5. What is this?
  6. White Cloud Minnows dying
  7. Petco bookshelf tank cleaning
  8. Pleasant surprise
  9. Death in my tank :(
  10. green dust algae questions
  11. Lowering Water Temperature
  12. raising live food?
  13. what kind of peat moss is best?
  14. Avatar help!!!
  15. New to me 40 long and some questions :)
  16. same newly rescaped... before/after pics
  17. Where to buy plants free of pests?
  18. Is my upgraded tank cycling.
  19. How many plants are enough?
  20. Lighting 90g tank
  21. Newbie planted tank questions (co2, lighting, etc)
  22. Starting a betta fish 10 gallon planted tank, need tank mate advice
  23. Accidentally burnt some bogwood
  24. Tank only with java moss?
  25. Any steps to do before planting?
  26. Need suggestions
  27. What is this in my tank???
  28. Melting Crypts(no ,the question is not why)
  29. Keeping small tanks cool in the summer
  30. Kinds of driftwood?
  31. Plants, Plecos and substrate
  32. New Tank Questions
  33. new to plants, got a 38gal, need some advise.
  34. New Nutrafin cycle test
  35. Re-scaping or let it mature on its own
  36. Will submersed fiberglass harm fish?
  37. Stocking help
  38. How not to fix a tank - Warning to queasy stomachs
  39. Help w/ turning High tech into low tech, Lighting wise
  40. My snails are suckers!
  41. new nano setup
  42. What is this little critter?
  43. Need 650 nm supplement LED lighting
  44. Cold climate shipping question
  45. Going to start a 29g planted, would like some advice!
  46. Would like some insight :)
  47. My First Planted tank
  48. How do I go about rescaping?
  49. Starting New! - In DESPERATE need of help
  50. Ecology of the Planted Aquarium - Now in Digital!
  51. Tank is filled with filter running
  52. Best place for questions?
  53. Salvaging a nice carpet
  54. Cycling question
  55. Shipping livestock - need purigen?
  56. all java fern QUICKLY AND SUDDENLY dying
  57. New Cichlids Tank
  58. what are these creatures?
  59. Lucky the Flood didn't knock my power out phewww!!
  60. Too much flow?
  61. Pond snails and bladder snails
  62. Emersed plant suggestions
  63. Decide the fate of my tank, Malaysian trumpets...
  64. Anacharis, Snails, Algae, oh my.
  65. Can a plant live with no leaves?
  66. Diy Co2 vs. excel vs. none
  67. Website using my plant pics.......
  68. Any suggestions for a tall red background plant?
  69. So I probably screwed up my cycling, but planted anyway
  70. How to divide tank?
  71. Circulation dead spots. Options?
  72. Rescuing a dirty 50 gallon-- many questions
  73. Problem with Impeller in Sun Sun 304B
  74. DBP 45g frag tank?
  75. 60 gallon cube aquarium
  76. Petsmart plants
  77. Sump-in-tank?
  78. Let me know how I am doing.
  79. Will a small amount of CO2 make a difference?
  80. What kind of moss is this?
  81. question about snail and snail eggs
  82. Assassin snails in uncycled tank
  83. lighting
  84. thinking about making a carpet in my 120G
  85. snails and cucumber\lettuce
  86. Deficiency?
  87. Lowering PH in a nano tank
  88. Cloudy Tank, Need Suggestions
  89. HC DSM Time Lapse Video
  90. How to to prevent floating plants from getting stuck behind HOB filter
  91. How to cycle a shrimp bowl?
  92. help me im a poor newbie and i bought sad 2nd-hand plants!
  93. Ammonia in rainwater
  94. worm thing identification?
  95. silver eggs? huh?
  96. no light
  97. Live Aquarium Plants
  98. new guy from indiana
  99. Magnolia leaf advice?
  100. Transparent film on water surface
  101. moved some stuff around for my new plants
  102. New 150 gallon planted with questions
  103. help-logistics on setting up a 5ft dirt tank
  104. Restricting Flow
  105. Need some advice on shipping live stuff
  106. tiger barbs, cycle, plants...oh no...suggestions please
  107. 3 day old tank=Can I do a partial water change?
  108. Creating flow in a bowl?
  109. How long to seed/colonize media for a new tank?
  110. The self containted betta
  111. Getting ammonia to zero
  112. Planted Walmart Blubs/ Address/ Warranty for real?
  113. Moving a 12g Long
  114. Recommend a timer for two lights-on periods per day
  115. Uncycled Newbie with Fry - Eeeek!
  116. Where to find wabikua tanks?
  117. An Ecosystem Tank
  118. Raising up bucket for water changes
  119. rocks from lake michigan?
  120. Ick treatment in planted cherry shrimp tank
  121. new mopani wood
  122. brown, dying patches in Taiwan moss...
  123. My discus grow out tanks
  124. I got some Hornwort and Parrotsfeather for fathers day
  125. Hello Planted Tank!
  126. Another cycling the tank question
  127. Eggs?!?
  128. 1000 liter non CO2 and EI possible?
  129. ^pH Tap, W/C, BBA,
  130. after 3 year hiatus... i'm back to fishkeeping
  131. Planted Aquariums Central
  132. dry fertalizers
  133. Starting another tank ASAP
  134. Best for planted: Biocube 14, 29, or Nanocube 28??
  135. Howdy
  136. Causes for holes in Anubias?
  137. Fissiden help
  138. Strange eggs in my tank??
  139. Fish Must Die !!!
  140. Best place for outflow in a stem tank?
  141. *Sigh* Nothing Seems To Be Growing Well
  142. Upgrading to a brat proof 55 and have some questions.
  143. What can you bring in from over seas?
  144. Thank you all !
  145. Stocking 37 gallon?
  146. An easy formula to determine when your package will arrive.
  147. How Can I Balance My Aquarium?
  148. Pregnant Otocinclus?
  149. Newbie setup questions?
  150. whats in the box???
  151. gassed my rasboras!
  152. Neon Tetra not at its best
  153. Tankmate problems...
  154. Can you do carpeting plants with a African Feather-fin catfish
  155. Does somebody make a tank that's low and wide?
  156. Which tank should I use for stocking?
  157. Rock ID
  158. Seachem Prime vs Seachem Safe....
  159. Lush, low-light rooted plants?
  160. what snails would you recommend?
  161. Freshwater/Brackisk Aquarium
  162. Saltwater -> Freshwater conversion?
  163. Hate my new tank :(
  164. ADA Amazonia burned anubias
  165. My outdoor container pond!
  166. New planted tank
  167. Help identifying what is wrong with my plants
  168. Bad Hobby Plant Sellers - Shame on them
  169. The age old question, How many fish can i have?
  170. Another twist on co2 diffusion
  171. Plants for a FW sump.....
  172. Anyone having problem accessing barrreport on tapatalk?
  173. Help Keeping Substrate Clean
  174. Leaving the hobby.
  175. Making infusoria closed top?
  176. High PH
  177. NYC Water My Perimeters
  178. Newbie upgrading from a 25 to 55 or 75 gallon planted fish tank
  179. Beginner planted tank help
  180. Success -- the hardest part
  181. 75g tank sponge filter size?
  182. DIY hatchery/ breeder box? Any ideas? For my corys
  183. Almost No plants growth...why?
  184. what causes cloudy water dry ferts ?
  185. Nitrate (orange or red)
  186. wich is better Cree XPG or XTE white ?
  187. How do I subscribe to a thread...
  188. Too much biofiltration?
  189. Amazon swords unable to survive in my 50gal
  190. Snail Identification
  191. fish constantly opening and closing mouth
  192. Bugs? in my tank
  193. Help with dirt
  194. Id please?
  195. My new tank setup .. help
  196. Alder cones harvesting in Minnesota?
  197. BBA in Shrimp Tank
  198. Help with whitish-cloudy water
  199. Plants dying -too much light?
  200. How does a fishless tank cycle?
  201. tips on how to catch a fish in a heavily planted tank?
  202. Emersed plants transition to aquarium
  203. Inline CO2 reactor
  204. ......
  205. Ludwigia sp atlantis advice
  206. Using SmartStart Complete
  207. HC turning yellow randomly, HELP PLEASE :(
  208. paintball tanks and co2 questions.
  209. Advice on my light conditions
  210. Scared to start my next tank up!
  211. found some rocks, can i use em?
  212. Extremely Fast Cycle
  213. Party in the Front, Dirty Business from the Back!
  214. Dehumidifier Water?
  215. Dirt Kings Please Help
  216. Are these rocks safe?
  217. Planarian
  218. Betta just died. Any ideas why
  219. Dry start quick questions...
  220. Co2 -> excel only
  221. Seachem toxicity
  222. Glosso leaves turning yellow - need help!!
  223. Problems with Submersed HC
  224. another co2 question
  225. how often do yall do water changes on walstads?
  226. Placing tank/stand on carpeted floor
  227. Plants not pearling?
  228. Wild plant prep
  229. Issues w/Filling CO2 at Sports Chains??
  230. Brick in a PT
  231. First planted tank 20 gal long
  232. Build your own DIY RO unit cheap?
  233. teaching your fish to be less shy
  234. CO2 from Sodastream?
  235. Cooling your tank without losing too much CO2....
  236. Dirting my 40 gallon breeder before I dirt my monster tank
  237. Anyone else have problems purchasing from afa website?
  238. Snail ID?
  239. Hydra?
  240. Help me get started on a 30 gal
  241. Need Help fast
  242. 2g bowl schedule help
  243. Who has a 12gallon long? What are the challenges and benefits to this size?
  244. White spots on drift wood???
  245. My siamese algae eater is sooooo fat
  246. 30 gallon questions
  247. New to planted tanks, advice wanted!
  248. Any changes on co2?
  249. A few questions.
  250. Bristlenose Plecos Breeded (I think)