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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Need help with new planted tank
  2. Looking for tree frogs/tadpoles
  3. Aquatic Arts Moving Sale
  4. Why am I getting this?
  5. Cover for Aquarium
  6. Salvinia Minima, interesting floating plant
  7. testing please disregard
  8. Plant suggestions for a beginner
  9. How much does your tank grow in a week?
  10. Thinking about going back to tap?
  11. Intro
  12. New fish. Help with suggestions.
  13. Film on driftwood
  14. Help! Mosquitoes in Shrimp Tank
  15. Poop/Fertilizer Question
  16. Best method for a complete re-scape?
  17. Purpose of embellishments on vintage stand
  18. New to the site (And Planted Tanks)
  19. First time with a dirted tank. Need help
  20. I am now a true believer in inert sand as a substrate.
  21. Plastic egg crate
  22. No Filter on a Small Cycled 3.5g Nano?
  23. CO2/Plant Questions
  24. Unenhanced site gives me errors
  25. Scape feedback? Maybe journal soon?
  26. Can I add shrimp to my 3.5 gallon?
  27. His my tank already cycled?
  28. Cloudy planted tank
  29. First Planted Tank Review
  30. Have a situation...
  31. Not sure where to put this: O2surplus has passed.
  32. New and frustrated- help?
  33. So far out of balance
  34. New tank: 29 gallons or 45 gallons
  35. Wanting to Upgrade, but Needing Help
  36. ph test gone bad??
  37. Need help ASAP please
  38. Beginning a 450g planted discus tank - need advice
  39. Please help me with algae pictures and ppm calculations for my planted tank app
  40. What the heck is in my tank?
  41. Can you grow your own Tadpole food?
  42. Revamp an old plated tank.
  43. Planted tank with goldfish
  44. BULK Algae Tablets ?
  45. Plant selection suggestions
  46. Safe vs. Prime- Purigen, etc.
  47. How much excel can I dose after DSM?
  48. Need help mixing RO water and buffers
  49. Help with possible infestation...
  50. Starting new tank; cycling water externally?
  51. Start new tank with plants from old with algae
  52. Best way to hide aquarium heater?
  53. Frog Eggs Stuck in Filter! Help?!
  54. Building Slope/Grade in tank so that sand does not slide off?
  55. Pulse Survey- Do you use 'glut' products?
  56. Detritus/ algae or do I need more filtration?
  57. Activated Carbon replacement?
  58. Worms in Dry Start Tank
  59. What eggs are these?
  60. E.I. dosing and lighting dilemma
  61. Help and advice
  62. Strange tank crash - tests well but fish gasping?
  63. Tank looks too green!
  64. Aquascape Relaxing Video
  65. YouTubers?
  66. Wanting to Fill a 3.5 Gallon Tank
  67. How to determine the fish stock capacity for your tank?
  68. Tomato plant growing in my tank??!
  69. Water parameters
  70. Hello again.. Need help with couple of things.
  71. Avoiding Pests - Initial Planting - High Tech
  72. New filter cycling
  73. Algae or "Algae" - which am I dealing with?
  74. moving a planted tank with dirt
  75. Roots out of a river
  76. Water flow for a 20 gal
  77. Boiling Tubifex worms to prevent whirling desease
  78. Anyone keep aquariums outdoors? (not ponds)
  79. Co2 Surface agitation
  80. Micro worm cultures getting moldy
  81. Check Valves
  82. Fish stocking questions
  83. Newbie - Please help!!!! (lighting and ferts)
  84. Is Betta-Fix Safe For African Dwarf Frogs?
  85. Sick fish in QT. What do I do to the tank?
  86. For those who have lit a 10 gallon with CFLs, and all others. Question about algae.
  87. Thanks for help on 120 Planted
  88. First tank ever, tips and critique please!
  89. Bookshelf to Aquarium Stand - Feedback Wanted!
  90. Plants need heater?
  91. Random general questions
  92. First heavily planted tank setup
  93. Is basalt too ugly to use to scape a show tank?
  94. First Attempt @ Iwugami
  95. Conversion table
  96. Alright well here goes nothing!
  97. 3 Identical Cycling Tanks w/ Different Results!
  98. Aquarium safe Silicone is not long available at home depot!
  99. My Friend Needs Some Help
  100. Stylin'
  101. New to me 180g. What to do with the holes in the bottom of the aquarium?
  102. Tank inside another tank, question.
  103. Eheim 2215 reduce flow how to?
  104. 125 Gallon Co2 Suggestions/Help
  105. CO2 and pH Question
  106. Suggestions for aquascaping
  107. 10 gallon betta tank
  108. ICH! Help!
  109. Canister vs Hob filter?
  110. Successful strategies for 1+ month vacations?
  111. 40 gal breeder inspo, anyone want to share?
  112. How to prepare for power outage
  113. Dangers of lily pipes?
  114. aging water for Discus
  115. Ich info for new and old users?
  116. Slime/Bacteria/Algae in my tank?
  117. Camallanus Worms Time Frame?
  118. transitioning from plastic to all natural
  119. Local Rocks
  120. Inactive shrimp tank
  121. Co2 question
  122. Water change with delicate stem plants?
  123. Replanting/Rescaping Bad For Plants?
  124. Did I just now start cycling?
  125. How do I get rid of this?
  126. Need advice. Finally have time to trim and clean my tank after only doing top offs.
  127. Tank Decision 60 vs 75
  128. Selling Plants Question
  129. Sigh now what?
  130. Anyone have Buce For Sale ?
  131. Algae problem scrapped everything need help starting over
  132. For Fans of Big Tanks...
  133. I found Aquario's Neo Diffuser!
  134. The crypt balanese forest
  135. Aquarium Setup
  136. Petco's " 40B Critter Cages" used as aquarium?
  137. Background Painting
  138. How often do you water change, and how much?
  139. Suggestions and feedback please
  140. New 450L HiTech, plants' top whitening.Help
  141. Red Fungus on Wood
  142. Newly flooded tank
  143. best way to build a stone wall in tank
  144. Can I safely finish setting up a planted tank I started LAST summer?
  145. Tahitian moon sand killed my fish
  146. 300 gallon setup and stocking questions
  147. Quantity of Prime to use during a fish-in cycle?
  148. is my cycle stalled or out of whack?
  149. New Soiled Tank is Cloudy
  150. What else to do before starting over
  151. Help!!!
  152. Setting up a planted tank.
  153. Can I use a Fluval 405 filter on a 29G long tank?
  154. Emersed plants aquarium plants grown outside in garden?
  155. Converting my reef tank’s filter
  156. Hi, new member sorry if I'm in the wrong area
  157. Nitrate and the effects on plants?
  158. New 55g with questions
  159. Preparing for Hurricane Season
  160. Combining two canisters in a single tank?
  161. CO2 Experts get inside....
  162. Aquanano 60 Freshwater Tank
  163. Best place to buy Bucephalandra
  164. moving issue...
  165. Need help with a new setup, please
  166. Fungus on driftwood?
  167. Fluval 3.0 update
  168. Fish jumping into HOB
  169. First Planted Tank
  170. Assistance 55 gal issue
  171. Granite for planted tank
  172. Massive air build up in dirted tank
  173. Finnex 24/7 mode
  174. 260 gallon build
  175. Struggling with planted tanks
  176. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this illness?
  177. New planed tank
  178. Just a stray seed?
  179. Flow reduction - Intake outtake
  180. Comparing CO2 Systems
  181. Moving carpet plants and ADA soil
  182. seeding tank with bacteria via plants bought online
  183. Can’t get my head around this Co2 business!
  184. Fish tank disaster! Broken heater.
  185. What will happen with my cycling and plants..
  186. Fluval spec 16 gallon?!?
  187. CO2 System Help
  188. Pressurized Air
  189. Noob with a sick fish? Nitrites were high 😞
  190. What can we learn from the Saltwater Hobby?
  191. Help! New "nano" Planted Tank Help
  192. My new tank set up in progress - 100 x 40 x 40cm
  193. What is this on my Cory Cat?
  194. Trying to decide on what to do till I get a nice regulator
  195. Planned power outage, what to do?
  196. Amazon shopping "trip"
  197. Need a low working pressure diffuser...
  198. Out for the past 7 years, starting up again.
  199. New tank, DEFCON1
  200. Need help.
  201. Just planted my plants not sure I did it right
  202. 6 weeks and tank has not cycled
  203. Outside stock tank aquarium advice?
  204. Fin rot or bite?
  205. Mystery creature
  206. Can a plumber check the issue?
  207. Algae in CO2 Injected Tank?
  208. Instant cycle?
  209. Active chatroom?
  210. Advice please: 22 gallon long or 12 gallon long?
  211. Help: algae and cloudy and plant loss OH MY
  212. Drop checker color
  213. What in the world are these
  214. Drilling Tank for filtering
  215. Walstad Method for a planted aquarium
  216. Sleep-ordered Fluval Flex so I guess I'm getting back into this hobby! Advice please?
  217. New Planted Tank Endeavor
  218. Disappearing pleco...
  219. New planted tank - some opinions & guidance appreciated.
  220. How do you setup and maintain a tall planted tank?
  221. Treating for parasites please help!!!
  222. Why such difference in my tanks?
  223. Maintenance/Slow growth
  224. Start up 30 gallon
  225. I did it again...
  226. fun video
  227. Eutrophication???
  228. Goodbye buckets!
  229. Fish Dying in North American Native Tank
  230. Cycling a new 10g QT from 2g nano tank
  231. What is the maximum pressure number ?
  232. Rocks that look like this . . .
  233. Auto top off light problem
  234. Deworming Pea Puffers
  235. Bacteria or algae bloom?
  236. Using old HOB filter to cycle new tank
  237. Too much sunlight?
  238. Would a Dirted Pot work?
  239. A visit to ADA gallery in niigata
  240. Large tank, water changes and RO
  241. Dear dairy
  242. Future proof for aquascape/shrimp?
  243. 6 year old Brine Shrimp?
  244. Is it safe to setup a tank if when I walk by it, the water moves?
  245. Recommend a pre-filter sponge for my needs
  246. Plant recommendations
  247. What Plant can I Glue onto stone? *pics*
  248. Top off water?
  249. Rate my tank.
  250. 25 inch high with Fluval 3.0 plant enough to reach bottom?