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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years
  2. House Carpet Cleaner
  3. Dispersing Co2
  4. Newbie with pleco
  5. Treating Plants with Alum
  6. New Planted Tank , Need Help!
  7. Planted Tank Help!
  8. Brown algae, lighting and other questions - please help!
  9. How many fish can I start out with?
  10. Good deal on API test kits @ Amazon
  11. What is this?
  12. Easy planted tanks?
  13. Seyru Stone
  14. Hot Tank!
  15. Cycling a 30-40 Gallon currently in use aquarium.
  16. What type of rock?
  17. SOS All Planted Tank Gurus HELP!!
  18. Recommendation
  19. Empty tank for planting after cycling?
  20. 4 week update first scape
  21. Am I getting a bacteria bloom?
  22. My 75 gal setup - Am I missing anything?
  23. Tap Water has Nitrites.
  24. Issue
  25. Non-UL Rated Devices and homeowners insurance
  26. HELP - My Tank is Dying!
  27. Stocking Adopted Fish
  28. What should I do?(involving the nitrogen cycle)
  29. Emergency help needed!
  30. Planning out an emersed tank
  31. Changing filter and substrate
  32. What do any of you do with your tanks that you consider Normal, but actually deviates from "The Norm
  33. Sump in/out flow match with siphon
  34. Questions regarding new 75G Rainbowfish tank
  35. Experience with Seachem Flourish Excel
  36. seiryu stone prep
  37. A New take on an old idea...?
  38. Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit any good?
  39. Upgrading Aquarium: Can't decide what tank/stand is best for me
  40. Large Interactive Fish???
  41. Fluval Edge 12 Gallon Plant Recommendations
  42. Disease ID
  43. Best ways to clean a tank?
  44. My New Video - Photosynthesis : Dancing In The Water
  45. Trying to keep flow consistent
  46. cherry shrimp and 3d background?
  47. Downgrade or no?
  48. new set up ???
  49. Emersed setup
  50. Powerheads and Plant Growth
  51. Cycling with Pure Ammonia - how much Ammonia is safe for plants?
  52. Test Kit Recommendations
  53. When should I do my first trimming?
  54. Fish stuck in back of AIO... Afraid to start my return pump
  55. Tank tops
  56. Has anyone ever had issues with the Petco Gift card?
  57. New 90G planted aquarium
  58. Amazing natural aquarium documentary by mikolji
  59. Cycling New Tank
  60. Leveling my tank
  61. Why aren't wider aquariums more common?
  62. My 20L update
  63. Reducing GH (practical solutions)
  64. How to ship plants?
  65. Community tank, PH KH and adding Co2
  66. Newbie - Tank Upgrade
  67. Tank mates, suggestions?
  68. How much pH drop or change?
  69. Dr tims one and only and sudden white worms. Help
  70. Adding plants after I add a fish?
  71. 2 out of 5 Harelquin Rasboras dead :(
  72. Cat pee'd on sand
  73. Too much or not enough lighting?
  74. I need some help and guides
  75. Dry Start Method - How To - Gallery
  76. Female Fancy Guppy, squared off?
  77. How much CO2 Needed ?
  78. Help: Mixing water for water change in advance
  79. The view from inside the tank
  80. Recommendations for my new 75g
  81. Please Help with PIMAFIX, detritus worms, crayfish
  82. Cyber Monday
  83. aqadvisor down?
  84. Upgrading tank... Swap out help/guidance
  85. Where to buy new aquarium?
  86. Petco no longer has the 50% off black Friday Fish deal?
  87. Need Help(is this electricity scenario safe?)
  88. Fish Dying? Don't know why?
  89. Fluval Flex 15g vs Dennerle Scaper's Tank
  90. Need Help!! (Diy Root tabs vegetable vs gelatin)
  91. Are this worms normal and healthy ?
  92. Hard to find a balance between fert/light/Co2
  93. Accidentally left filter off
  94. Sale on CO2ART
  95. New 29 gal build
  96. Bubbles im my aquarium silicone
  97. My Carpet turning to black! help!!!
  98. 40b & fluval fx6
  99. Weak seams in tanks?
  100. Black spots on my Aquascape carpet plants
  101. Cover or Flood?
  102. Aquarium Flow
  103. Choosing the hardscape:45p tank
  104. What the heck is this!?!?
  105. Starting a new tank. Tips?
  106. Assistance
  107. (Dead) live rock as filtration media.
  108. Would like input on potential setup
  109. What's the new hotness in free image hosting, or, I am tired of sharing potato quality photos.
  110. Trying to make my childhood dream happen, lots of questions! Please help
  111. Planting from seed
  112. Requesting help assessing silicon
  113. Weird white fibers on pet Crawfish
  114. First Planted Aquarium Help Plz
  115. Are HOB filters that bad for planted tanks?
  116. Bare Bottom Planted
  117. New 125g - Need setup advise
  118. How do you secure terrestrial plant cuttings in the aquarium?
  119. Adding Scapers Soil to existing tankp
  120. Dry Start Method 4 question survey
  121. Where to get plant weight material?
  122. Effects of over feeding
  123. This is killing my play
  124. Moving on to something more....
  125. Rex Griggs reactor problem
  126. Negative effects of prefilter
  127. Water backing up into CO2 line FROM Cerges reactor
  128. co2 options for nano
  129. This is my old tank and is no longer around. I miss it
  130. Need some help
  131. Stopped CO2 and ferts - plants grew like crazy
  132. Attaching_Stem_Plants_to_Wood?
  133. Keeping Track of Micro fauna (Math)
  134. New dry start?
  135. Some new more intersting plants at Petco
  136. Oak branches and bark in blackwater
  137. Liquid carbon/lights
  138. Mini-Journal: Oceanário de Lisboa
  139. Mystery worm on glass
  140. How often do you clean your rocks?
  141. What's growing on my wood?
  142. Ideas for an Unheated Aquarium
  143. Assistance
  144. acclimating shipped fish
  145. Window screen to keep substrate in / separated?
  146. Cons against co2?
  147. hydroponic system
  148. Which one should I use CaNO3 or CaCl2
  149. Starting over?
  150. Drop checker and ph controller
  151. That new Flex!
  152. Will this work
  153. Reverse mode count down timer
  154. Negatives to Constant pH?
  155. Only a Newbie
  156. Add ammonia to Controsoil?
  157. Heating Options
  158. New Fluval Flora and Flex on the way?
  159. Sealant help
  160. 38 Planted Bow Front Advice or tips
  161. Newbie here needing advice/suggetions/Knowledge
  162. Over thinking, what's the truth?
  163. New Build, need input
  164. Image Hosting
  165. Canister Filter Placement
  166. Thoughts on new scape
  167. Brine Shrimp Hatchery help?
  168. First Dutch
  169. Do you use any "cheats" to control algae?
  170. small tree roots safe to use in aquascaping
  171. Circulation and how to optimize?
  172. 36 gal bowfront on a 46 gal stand
  173. Crossocheilus Reticulatus
  174. LF knowledge as to why this occurs
  175. Failing to grow biofilm?
  176. New planted aquarium question (noob)
  177. should the aquascape be done b4 starting a cycle?
  178. First Planted Aquarium...Could use help!
  179. Emersed plans
  180. Switching to sponge filter
  181. Tips for Scape/General
  182. ADA Green Brighty Nitrogen
  183. Nano suggestions
  184. What in the hell is this growing...?!
  185. Diy co2 vs no Co2 at all??
  186. Aquarium plant books
  187. Co2 regulator recommendations
  188. Resurrecting a neglected nano...
  189. Implementing the "pro tips" - need help
  190. Bazooka vs copy
  191. brackish planting options?
  192. Proactive vs reactive?
  193. How often do you change/upgrade tanks
  194. taking 2 weeks off - what should I do so as not to loose everything?
  195. Flourish Excel As Algacide. Please Advise.
  196. Relocating 120g+sump to first floor....
  197. Safe substrate for corydoras, that is affordable, and preferably black
  198. Unknown item in my aquarium heelllpp!
  199. DSM help!
  200. Nitrogen in the aquarium
  201. DPG Sale
  202. Using Back Yard Wood for Hardscape???
  203. tainted/bad/low quality c02????
  204. My first attempt.
  205. New driftwood
  206. Growing Moss in Sump on Pot scrubbers
  207. Just a Friendly Public Service Announcement
  208. ADA Glass Cover info
  209. Emergency
  210. What is this?!
  211. opinions on driftwood for spec v
  212. What Reef Supplements can be used?
  213. 60L Blackwater Brazilian Biotope
  214. Help, 60x40x40 or 60x45x45 ada style
  215. setting up QT
  216. Ick cure
  217. Mis-named find
  218. C02
  219. Does "lava rock" release iron or other minerals that could feed algae?
  220. Beneficial Bacterial question
  221. New App for Planted Hobbyist: Planted Aqua
  222. Excited to get back into this!
  223. New to Forum need Ick advice
  224. To fill or not to fill...
  225. Please help! Acrylic paint use in aquarium.
  226. SF Ocean Aquarium's powdered food?
  227. Ideas to decrease contamination from newly purchased fish and shrimp
  228. What are your "pro tips"?
  229. Gouramis with neon tetras
  230. For sale thread?
  231. New starter seeking help!
  232. looking to optimize improve my 1 and only and 7-8 year old tank
  233. Heater & defuser
  234. Purigen bag position inside hob.
  235. New starter seeking help!
  236. Reef tank for planted setup
  237. Algae bloom or Bactria bloom
  238. oxygen at night
  239. Hydroponic Plant Nursery Help
  240. Buying emersed stem pants sucks
  241. MACNA for planted tanks
  242. Seachem Garlic Guard Help
  243. HOB filter sound. Please Help.
  244. What Did I Do?
  245. Seachem Purigen
  246. Need help starting
  247. New 35g cube
  248. Barr Report Forum?
  249. Treating fungus
  250. Betta Has one of two illnesses