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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Beginning CO2 for the first time
  2. Filter fail
  3. Making the jump to co2
  4. Will this ammonia work for a fishless cycle?
  5. "Going on Vacation" Tank Care Tips?
  6. 40B or 65H?
  7. Sick of always cleaning spotty drips off your tank?
  8. what are theses eggs???
  9. new start up
  10. FX6 Cansister Filter Cleaning
  11. *craigslist find, 20 long :)*
  12. QT Thoughts
  13. Moving 3000 miles with fish.
  14. Do I need aeration at night in my planted tank?
  15. Will I regret adding this algae (cladophilia) to my tank?
  16. what am I risking with this CO2 setup?
  17. How do you....
  18. Manageable moss?
  19. Delving into the planted realm with my 150 gallon 31" tall
  20. Pre-filter for a cascade canister filter
  21. Final Preperations For My New Tank
  22. What could be the cause of this plant discoloration?
  23. Stand Height?
  24. Is this moss or algae??
  25. failing newbie 101 questions.
  26. How long to seed a filter on an established tank?
  27. HELP! Nitrite explosion, fish dying, nothing is working! Any ideas?
  28. Measuring CO2
  29. Continued air in Fluval 406
  30. Fish attacking other fish - help!
  31. Marble Rocks
  32. I finally got my CO2 going.
  33. Help! Bladderwort :(
  34. java moss
  35. Water Hyacinth in the tank
  36. Can condensation tray affect water parameters? Especially ph?
  37. What are these?????
  38. java fern super glue
  39. micro sword carpet dirty, how to clean?
  40. Ribbon Sword Propogation
  41. Semi-nube needs help from the pros on specific questions
  42. New Plants Arrived
  43. Please help!! Fish and plants dying.
  44. Just saw this on a Chinese planted tank forum
  45. A question about moving my 29 gallon tank?
  46. Purigen
  47. hello, hii
  48. Help ID my plants (individual pictures), high school noob
  49. Lighting question for tank gurus
  50. 10 gallon low tech
  51. My entry plan - Check my equipment list
  52. Help ID
  53. The bendy metal that plants come weighed down by...
  54. Stem plants look spindly
  55. QT & Grow out
  56. Pros and Cons of filter behind 3D background
  57. Which tank to buy? 12 gal long 12" cube
  58. Not sure what to do with my cycle
  59. Mts on plants?
  60. Anybody else here with a Galaxy S4 Active? Submerged camera photos inside!
  61. Plants not really thriving
  62. Odd plant "behavior"
  63. Dry start (DSM) over vacation?
  64. O2 vs CO2
  65. buildmyled 24" iwagumi 7000k and glosso
  66. setting up a grow-out tank with some fauna
  67. fruit fly maggots?
  68. regarding lighting
  69. Which filter media is best?
  70. snail eggs? please help identify
  71. How many bps do you run in 125 gallon
  72. Sump for 220 Gallon tank
  73. what plants do i add to this setup?
  74. Cloudy water still! help?
  75. My setup shopping list. Missing anything?
  76. Paintball Co2
  77. Tall hairgrass?
  78. stumped...about my plants
  79. Does topping the aquarium water increase stress in fish\shrimp?
  80. Plants in an established tank??
  81. Can I use Mineral oil to attach my background???
  82. First SetUp of QT
  83. HOB Fish Tank?
  84. New To Plants....
  85. Can you explain how this is possible ?
  86. JBL Proflora 160 CO2 set - Canister size?
  87. Aquarium water for houseplants
  88. HC is dying
  89. ADA Aqua-soil or Fluval Stratum "for plants"
  90. anyone else like this?
  91. Please critique my planned layout
  92. White worms, but not planaria?
  93. Using outdoor faucet to fill tank
  94. what to do? 130 gallon
  95. 90 Gallon Long - Help!
  96. What should I put in this tank??
  97. Is this a good list of low light/easy plants to start with in my tank??
  98. Plants and Goldfishes ? Possible? Guides? Suggestions!!
  99. Getting pretty close to giving up and going salt water..
  100. Alive and Modern - My New Startup
  101. Plant safe tank nuke
  102. HC Trimming - Very Yellow now
  103. GLA Aquarium
  104. Aquascaping Tools
  105. Lighting - bulb types
  106. Diffuser bubbles
  107. Help-Do I need a pressurized CO2 system? 46 gallon planted
  108. Order of Ornamentaria
  109. Hard water stains...
  110. Too much filtration/flow?
  111. blue rams? if not what?
  112. Surface film control
  113. First planted tank help and advice please
  114. How is my DIY CO2 System?
  115. What types of house plant can live in an aquarium?
  116. CO2 diffusion methods for big tank
  117. Help! Aqua One AR850 upgrade.
  118. Lily Pipes for Eheim Canister Filter 2211???
  119. New Tank General Questions/Help
  120. closed
  121. Planting my tank criticisms welcome.
  122. Bargain CO2 cylinders - Austin, TX
  123. Algae Problems...Can't seem to reign it in.
  124. Algae During Dry Start (DSM) w/Pictures
  125. 20 Gallon Stocking Advice
  126. Acclimation using the Drip Method
  127. Beginner, Need advice on planting a tank.
  128. diatoms and green spot algae! freaking out over here!
  129. Where can I buy some nice driftwood.
  130. Plant ID
  131. Angels destroying my plants!
  132. Wires and tubes routing
  133. Turn on co2 before light?
  134. GH/KH level
  135. AquaController JR free software download link?
  136. Staurogyne repens problems.
  137. API test kits - check your lot number
  138. **Help** 40g breeder chipped corner
  139. PPS pro dosing solution gone bad
  140. ???
  141. What is this plant?
  142. Add Another Canister?
  143. Fishing for Tilapia
  144. Fishless cycle - getting the right ammonia
  145. did you guys see these images
  146. New ripariums help
  147. Cycling a 110 gallon?
  148. hair net or fishing line??
  149. C02 Question
  150. Best Lighting Options-12 gallon hex
  151. New to planted; not to the hobby
  152. Limestone
  153. New dirt tank - high ammonia
  154. Newbie with a used tank
  155. Current USA LED+ and glosso? anyone?
  156. help with white fuzz on substrate?
  157. My 110 gallon setup questions
  158. The Nitrogen Cycle
  159. plant dips
  160. co2 and powerhead
  161. CO2 Rate Comparison - Everyone please have a look.
  162. Change of seasons
  163. Getting Back into Planted Tanks
  164. So what does it mean?
  165. Acclimation using the float method
  166. Is it harder to vacuum a planted tank with groundcover? And substrate questions : )
  167. Foreground/carpet plant that can take the heat?
  168. Need help with proper setup
  169. Creating a slope in an established, carpeted tank?
  170. Need help with driftwood and plants
  171. Will plants have an effect on my cycle?
  172. Heater for plant only tank?
  173. Question about Puffers
  174. Problems with plant growth in well established tank
  175. Question about lighting/C02
  176. Holiday list
  177. Petsmart discount
  178. Lights Out
  179. Lighting sat current+ and ray2
  180. Regulator in the community
  181. Backup CO2 tank
  182. The haze is killing me
  183. How much red do you need in your lights ?
  184. Blackwater Biotope questions.
  185. My wild 'natural fresh water' idea
  186. 75g heavily planted, high light without co2?
  187. Plant Suggestions
  188. Mossy Wonderland (advice needed)
  189. My plan, with some questions!
  190. Is a PH of 7.4 safe?
  191. Water flow and water current...
  192. HOB for MrAqua 7.5 gallon.Suggestion?
  193. Any advice on my 10g stocking plan?
  194. battery operated pump
  195. Ich, Hospital tank, and bunches of other questions
  196. cool aquariums
  197. Cracked tank urgent!
  198. What is this in Glosso plant's roots?
  199. co2 reactor vs diffuser
  200. also how big of a no-no is...
  201. holy water changes
  202. Help with 75g
  203. Good mini CO2 setup?
  204. Is my tank actually cycled? (silent cycle?)
  205. Will DIY co2 decrease PH levels
  206. co2 newbie
  207. 38gal planted - stocking question?
  208. Nutrients for heavily planted
  209. Please help quick! Asap in need of help
  210. Should I do a diy co2 for my 125g?
  211. Where on earth do they sell stuff for DIY reactor?????
  212. the little things that make life easier
  213. Biological filtration?
  214. Peat Moss??
  215. The effect of Sieryu Stone
  216. Opinions on background (pics)
  217. pest removal
  218. Moving A Tank
  219. Vinegar and pH?
  220. Would this work?
  221. 46 Gallon Bowfront Low-Tech Setup Advice Needed
  222. Cycle Problem
  223. Betta and shrimp?
  224. What's wrong with my hc?
  225. What is my CO2?
  226. 2.5G algae taking over tank
  227. WWYD - Empty 10gal
  228. is mts a recognized disease?
  229. Do you cover your tank?
  230. Tank went to hell, restock!
  231. Cryptocoryne lingua
  232. Dwarf Sag Help
  233. Where do you get your plants?
  234. Oxygen Question
  235. 75 Gallon advice
  236. Vintage Aquariums
  237. Cannot reduce Nitrate For the life of me
  238. Is Purigen safe in a planted tank?
  239. Question reguarding Co2 and Fish. Thanks
  240. How do you resist the urge?
  241. Eshopps overflow box
  242. More QT Questions
  243. 75 gallon stocking. Do you approve?
  244. petco dissapointment.
  245. Need An Opinion
  246. gcca swap
  247. How It's Made - Fish Food
  248. Amazon soil
  249. fluval spec V pump vibration - maintenance issue?
  250. My next project