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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Current setup, kijiji find and future setup input wanted!
  2. how to cycle an aquarium with plants?
  3. New set up questions.
  4. To flood or not to flood?
  5. Simply put, how do I know when I'll need pressurized Co2?
  6. what am i doing wrong
  7. Cycling Idea, will it work?
  8. Some general ideas about planted tanks
  9. Floating fish
  10. Empty Tanks, Need Ideas!
  11. 55 gallon Not Doing Well
  12. Which ferts alter KH/GH
  13. Removing bark from Manzanita
  14. questions in the middle of fish-less cycle
  15. Fish Compatible with Betta?
  16. Testing results, 24 hours after water change.
  17. Avatar themed aquarium has working waterfalls... underwater
  18. Kordon Breather Bags
  19. Killed my fish?!?!
  20. never have my camera when i need it!!!
  21. H2O2 dip on freshly trimmed plants..
  22. Moving fish from planted to non-planted...bad?
  23. What are these?
  24. Stocking for a 10 gallon?
  25. Stocking a school...
  26. Is anyone else a worrywart?
  27. My Betta appears to have frayed tail and fins.
  28. 55 Gallon Ideas
  29. Question about styrofoam/eggcrate to raise rock
  30. Mostly Swords, Suggestions
  31. New tank, small brown piles
  32. Amazing sea creatures
  33. Substrate
  34. Glass Thickness for a 29 Gallon Rimless
  35. went driftwood hunting today.
  36. Glass "jug", some sun, no equipment. fish?
  37. Stock Advice for my 20 Gal Planted Tank
  38. Fluval Edge Top Removal Video How To
  39. New apartment
  40. I won a fish at the fair....he doesn't look so good.(pics)
  41. Algae on Plant Leaves - leave or remove?
  42. HELP ASAP my betta!
  43. Took a stab at Wabi Kusa today
  44. Couple questions about disconnecting my aquatek CO2 regulator
  45. So, how many timers you are using.....
  46. Plants Guide?
  47. power head or no?
  48. Black worms home in substrate!!!
  49. Turning a rimmed tank into a rimless tank?
  50. I Need MORE
  51. To Be, Or Not To Be?...
  52. WILL IT WORK? DHG + DoubleBright LED + Aquasoil
  53. New and Looking for Advice
  54. Sudden dropsy in tank
  55. New Dirted Tank...Rotten Egg Smell :(
  56. Eco Complete versus gravel with fluorite?
  57. The 6 Foot Plus Club
  58. danger to fish?
  59. My new 30G Long
  60. Hollow structures and water flow?
  61. Relocating 40G tank question
  62. i enjoy water changes.......
  63. How to find the balance between light/co2/fertilizer?
  64. What are your biggest planted tank regrets
  65. Questions and help setting up co2
  66. Recently moved and made a rookie mistake with my tank (advise please!)
  67. Cheap cold packs?
  68. Advice?
  69. setting up a qt tank.
  70. First Planted tank - 180G - help requested, please
  71. Office tank and EI
  72. Do I need to worry about this hitch-hiking mollusk (?)
  73. Refilled my DIY and my CO2 is ridiculous (vid)
  74. bromothymol blue
  75. GLA tanks
  76. Selling/Shipping an aquarium online?
  77. New Planted Tank Advice
  78. First plants ever - not good results...
  79. Need help id'ing some white stuff in tank.
  80. Dry Start Method - About to flood the tank
  81. Kind of food
  82. cleaning fishless cycle tank quick question.
  83. can this help in our hobby by anything ?
  84. Need Expert Moss Advice- Mini Pellia dying during dry start
  85. Filter floss for QT tank
  86. cycling tank(ADA soil),high ammonia & nitrate
  87. from where i can start learning about Arduino
  88. 1500 hobby dollars
  89. Whose in charge at ADG now???
  90. Killing planaria with hot water?
  91. Are these Daphnia?
  92. URGENT: fish paralyzed from head down
  93. Tank Settings
  94. New tank Swords getting brown
  95. First planted tank advice
  96. Wanting to plant my 55g
  97. Accent Lighting
  98. Herbtana Microbe-Lift
  99. powerheads and filters: for planted tank
  100. How to move fish from hard water to soft?
  101. Deep cleaned all 3 tanks. Made a video.
  102. Looking for a plant with roundish, larger leaves
  103. So i wake up this morning.......
  104. My "new" fresh water tank
  105. CO2 Diffusion
  106. Name that algae, any help is GREATLY appreciated.
  107. Trouble with plants
  108. Can someone help me ID a few of these pics, I lost my list somehow and im not 100%
  109. DSM - Can anyone ID this bug?
  110. Can tank overhang stand on backside by 3"?
  111. 72 is gone... Leaking :-(
  112. New tank plans
  113. Just got a 23L Fluval edge. Advice Please!
  114. Trouble with anubias
  115. Brand New 29 Gallon Tank - What to do?
  116. The filtration balls just as effective?
  117. .25 nitrites after rescape HELP!!!
  118. planted tanks and discus
  119. I think I'm High Light
  120. Water Quality
  121. Trouble cycling Aqueon Evolve
  122. First Post, Many Questions!
  123. Moving
  124. dilemma between BGA and other algaes
  125. Fix my 360 and buy a 55 gallon tank?
  126. how to treat flatworms
  127. Cold water tank
  128. Tank filled!!! To leave CO2 on or not for the first night?
  129. What kind of algae is this?
  130. removing silicone from glass?
  131. Pest Identification
  132. What kind of wood is in this blackwater tank?
  133. Coming home from vacation
  134. HC clippings good to grow?
  135. Petcos Care Sheets of doom
  136. Quick Question: Canister Filter Tubes
  137. How to merge to threads together??
  138. Is anyone else just hypnotized by their tank?
  139. sump vs canister vs. HOB
  140. Best filter found or owened ever
  141. Two filters for the power of one?
  142. Driftwood Identification?
  143. PH fluctuation from CO2?
  144. Tap water to RO
  145. Relaxing music for fish/shrimp videos?
  146. Question about aquarium stands
  147. Selling tanks at a LFS
  148. Stocking decisions! :D
  149. Videos of my tanks
  150. Awesome documentary!!
  151. Hairgrass and moneywort aren't doing very well. (pics)
  152. Dirted Tank Newbie
  153. feeding time....
  154. Rotala Deficiency?
  155. a good scraper??
  156. amount of CO2 to put into the tank after a DSM?
  157. Anubias
  158. New to Plants
  159. Question about backgrounds
  160. Razor back musk turtles
  161. Parasite or baby shrimp!???!??!?!?!
  162. Help with my first nitrogen cycle?
  163. I have an epic day today...converting to dirt.
  164. Plantahunting in Sarawak
  165. Help with CO2 Setup!
  166. What are these worms?
  167. Tank of death! Help!
  168. Moving
  169. Airstone Necessary?
  170. No more ADA in the USA?
  171. Balanced tank questions
  172. New Planted Tank With New Stone Accents!!
  173. hard water/calcium buildup, how to remove?
  174. Help: CO2 Dumped, Best Way To Re-Oxygenate the water?
  175. 37 gallon, looking for ideas
  176. Canister Filters?
  177. New Planted tank questions
  178. Possible to gas just one fish?
  179. ]ewpsodmf
  180. cloudy tank
  181. Moving sale score!!!
  182. Bug identification
  183. Hydor Koralia 425 nano
  184. Sand/gravel clean the tank?
  185. Neon tetra disease or nitrite poisoning?
  186. How often do you clean your glass?
  187. Tree Leaves(ginko) in a planted tank
  188. Some Emersed Questions
  189. New 55g Help Please
  190. 56g column vs. 55g long
  191. CO2 level in planted tank
  192. Raising kh for co2 in planted discus tank
  193. hair algae and excel....thoughs/suggestions
  194. Driftwood help!
  195. mbunas and live plants
  196. Measuring CO2
  197. Dry vs. Liquid Ferts
  198. Can I trust this stand design?
  199. Tank Chip Advice
  200. Should I clean out the media in my Eheim 2217?
  201. You can only sell plants on the TPT once every month?
  202. Dwarf Hairgrass Troubles
  203. 29 gallon build???
  204. Check out my new moneywort and dwarf hairgrass.
  205. Thinking about topless
  206. DIY CO2 duration question
  207. co2 impressiveness
  208. Building stands from cinder blocks
  209. Will moss attach to Aquasoil?
  210. pH going from 6.8 to 7.6.
  211. what do these numbers tell you?
  212. Help to identify a worm and a "DOT"
  213. Planted tank help.
  214. Dwarf hairgrass browning. What am I lacking?
  215. What kind of CFL bulb to get?
  216. Black mold on drift wood.
  217. Suggest plants that can survive 32'C
  218. what should i do?
  219. How bad is this?
  220. New Planted Tank, Need Help!!!
  221. Fish Tank Help!
  222. Craigslist/Internet/etc WORST finds
  223. ID worm please
  224. Paintball tank orientation
  225. tank near a window?
  226. Pleco?
  227. non egg layers
  228. 10l tank what to do
  229. New 10 gallon help
  230. How Much Round-up per Gallon?
  231. Neglected Anubias advice?
  232. Seachem Acid Buffer alright for plants?
  233. DSM orange fungus?
  234. My first ever YT upload and it's of my tanks.
  235. Need help with a white mold or fungus
  236. Fast growing emersed carpet
  237. Neon tetra spawning behaviour
  238. What kind of fish is this?
  239. moving plants around in the tank...
  240. Made some changes to the tank today.
  241. Free chapter 1 download "ecology of the planted aquarium"
  242. Tank in a tank?
  243. fluval FX5/6 vs. fluval g6 vs. sump
  244. Effective co2 diffuser bubble counter?
  245. Is Glutaraldehyde BENEFICIAL or HARMFUL to mosses?
  246. Trash! Trash? Trash!
  247. Getting back in the hobby, looking for ideas
  248. How do I get an uneven surface like this for a carpet?
  249. New to the Forum. Hello and My Tank.
  250. What could I use to keep a makeshift cave sunk?