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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. How is my DIY CO2 System?
  2. What types of house plant can live in an aquarium?
  3. CO2 diffusion methods for big tank
  4. Help! Aqua One AR850 upgrade.
  5. Lily Pipes for Eheim Canister Filter 2211???
  6. New Tank General Questions/Help
  7. closed
  8. Planting my tank criticisms welcome.
  9. Bargain CO2 cylinders - Austin, TX
  10. Algae Problems...Can't seem to reign it in.
  11. Algae During Dry Start (DSM) w/Pictures
  12. 20 Gallon Stocking Advice
  13. Acclimation using the Drip Method
  14. Beginner, Need advice on planting a tank.
  15. diatoms and green spot algae! freaking out over here!
  16. Where can I buy some nice driftwood.
  17. Plant ID
  18. Angels destroying my plants!
  19. Wires and tubes routing
  20. Turn on co2 before light?
  21. GH/KH level
  22. AquaController JR free software download link?
  23. Staurogyne repens problems.
  24. API test kits - check your lot number
  25. **Help** 40g breeder chipped corner
  26. PPS pro dosing solution gone bad
  27. ???
  28. What is this plant?
  29. Add Another Canister?
  30. Fishing for Tilapia
  31. Fishless cycle - getting the right ammonia
  32. did you guys see these images
  33. New ripariums help
  34. Cycling a 110 gallon?
  35. hair net or fishing line??
  36. C02 Question
  37. Best Lighting Options-12 gallon hex
  38. New to planted; not to the hobby
  39. Limestone
  40. New dirt tank - high ammonia
  41. Newbie with a used tank
  42. Current USA LED+ and glosso? anyone?
  43. help with white fuzz on substrate?
  44. My 110 gallon setup questions
  45. The Nitrogen Cycle
  46. plant dips
  47. co2 and powerhead
  48. CO2 Rate Comparison - Everyone please have a look.
  49. Change of seasons
  50. Getting Back into Planted Tanks
  51. So what does it mean?
  52. Acclimation using the float method
  53. Is it harder to vacuum a planted tank with groundcover? And substrate questions : )
  54. Foreground/carpet plant that can take the heat?
  55. Need help with proper setup
  56. Creating a slope in an established, carpeted tank?
  57. Need help with driftwood and plants
  58. Will plants have an effect on my cycle?
  59. Heater for plant only tank?
  60. Question about Puffers
  61. Problems with plant growth in well established tank
  62. Question about lighting/C02
  63. Holiday list
  64. Petsmart discount
  65. Lights Out
  66. Lighting sat current+ and ray2
  67. Regulator in the community
  68. Backup CO2 tank
  69. The haze is killing me
  70. How much red do you need in your lights ?
  71. Blackwater Biotope questions.
  72. My wild 'natural fresh water' idea
  73. 75g heavily planted, high light without co2?
  74. Plant Suggestions
  75. Mossy Wonderland (advice needed)
  76. My plan, with some questions!
  77. Is a PH of 7.4 safe?
  78. Water flow and water current...
  79. HOB for MrAqua 7.5 gallon.Suggestion?
  80. Any advice on my 10g stocking plan?
  81. battery operated pump
  82. Ich, Hospital tank, and bunches of other questions
  83. cool aquariums
  84. Cracked tank urgent!
  85. What is this in Glosso plant's roots?
  86. co2 reactor vs diffuser
  87. also how big of a no-no is...
  88. holy water changes
  89. Help with 75g
  90. Good mini CO2 setup?
  91. Is my tank actually cycled? (silent cycle?)
  92. Will DIY co2 decrease PH levels
  93. co2 newbie
  94. 38gal planted - stocking question?
  95. Nutrients for heavily planted
  96. Please help quick! Asap in need of help
  97. Should I do a diy co2 for my 125g?
  98. Where on earth do they sell stuff for DIY reactor?????
  99. the little things that make life easier
  100. Biological filtration?
  101. Peat Moss??
  102. The effect of Sieryu Stone
  103. Opinions on background (pics)
  104. pest removal
  105. Moving A Tank
  106. Vinegar and pH?
  107. Would this work?
  108. 46 Gallon Bowfront Low-Tech Setup Advice Needed
  109. Cycle Problem
  110. Betta and shrimp?
  111. What's wrong with my hc?
  112. What is my CO2?
  113. 2.5G algae taking over tank
  114. WWYD - Empty 10gal
  115. is mts a recognized disease?
  116. Do you cover your tank?
  117. Tank went to hell, restock!
  118. Cryptocoryne lingua
  119. Dwarf Sag Help
  120. Where do you get your plants?
  121. Oxygen Question
  122. 75 Gallon advice
  123. Vintage Aquariums
  124. Cannot reduce Nitrate For the life of me
  125. Is Purigen safe in a planted tank?
  126. Question reguarding Co2 and Fish. Thanks
  127. How do you resist the urge?
  128. Eshopps overflow box
  129. More QT Questions
  130. 75 gallon stocking. Do you approve?
  131. petco dissapointment.
  132. Need An Opinion
  133. gcca swap
  134. How It's Made - Fish Food
  135. Amazon soil
  136. fluval spec V pump vibration - maintenance issue?
  137. My next project
  138. How do you deal with aerial roots
  139. Target Humidity Level for Emersed Dry Start (DSM)
  140. Pictures of tanks
  141. How can I put my minions in my tank?
  142. Root tabs and fertilizers a few ?'s from a noob
  143. Please help. What type of algea is this?
  144. Do I have a nutrient Deficiency?
  145. Given up all hope. Help with re-doing tank...
  146. Well it finally happened...
  147. Will I be overstocking this 20 gal?
  148. 2 options to consider...
  149. New to planted tanks, looking for advice.
  150. from 125 marine to 75 fresh
  151. Quietest air pump?!
  152. White slime on driftwood=cloudy water???
  153. MarineDepot Order Hilarity
  154. My light
  155. Major Problems!!
  156. Snails?
  157. New tank, have snails
  158. Water Battle
  159. Something with tentacles in shrimp tank
  160. ramshorn snail shells
  161. regulator output pressure
  162. Want water clear
  163. Temp fluctuations
  164. Aquarium in bedroom/kitchen = Bad Feng Shui?
  165. Moving Fully Scaped ADA Tanks?
  166. Black Beard Algae
  167. diffusing C02
  168. Driftwood turning black
  169. fertilizer
  170. Plant and shrimp tank general Qs.
  171. Sound Levels
  172. Hear a teen's rant...
  173. Planaria?
  174.'s Accuracy
  175. Trouble with anacharis growing fast but not green?
  176. Acrylic tank suggestions
  177. How's this for a cichlid combo?
  178. No Lids ?
  179. What the heck is this multiplying in my tank?
  180. Best ram for a planted community tank
  181. Dirt scape question?
  182. The stuff of nightmares - Bobbit Worm
  183. Is this Algae or Mold? Help!
  184. Locally collected driftwood.
  185. First high tech attempt:
  186. questions about 40g tank
  187. question about DSM..
  188. Introducing schools
  189. will co2 alone cause algae?
  190. Trouble with Hydor 25 Watt heater.
  191. newbe 75 gallon?
  192. USPS Priority Mail Changes
  193. Help me Plan a Room?
  194. Use of air stones in planted tanks
  195. Enough Filtration?
  196. Aquarium safe rocks
  197. Fluval "Flora" vs. "EBI"
  198. CO2 Suggestions
  199. How soon after planting do you trim ?
  200. Finally think Im starting to get the hang of this!
  201. Your opinion of my first tank plan? Japan-inspired Spec
  202. question about c02
  203. Need assistance on starting up!
  204. Setup new tank, think I messed up. Please help!!
  205. EI fert. Question
  206. Removing Quick Cure Stain
  207. Growing Hc (without CO2)
  208. HC Cuba turning blue and breaking at the stems
  209. ew - what is this thing?
  210. Arghh snails!!
  211. Trouble growing...
  212. Tank Design
  213. Cycling: When to start testing water?
  214. to background or not to background...
  215. That white film on top :(
  216. Scuds or seed shrimp?
  217. I'm Back! New 40B High Tech
  218. Is a current 20H what used to be a regular 20 gallon?
  219. Dragonfly larva
  220. Peacock Goby Breeding help!!!!!!!!11
  221. Driftwood question
  222. What Is This On My Inlet and Outlet
  223. filter media/ filter foam sites??
  224. 4x2x2 questions
  225. Fish Combo
  226. DIY Idea, hear me out
  227. Plants you have trouble growing
  228. Simple Cycling Questions
  229. Painting tank parts. Need advice on what paint to use.
  230. Tips on increasing Humidity in tank DSM
  231. Left on vacation- tank went crazy!
  232. Just ordered my CO2 regulator!!!!!
  233. Are these safe to use?
  234. Treating rocks from the river
  235. UV light do we need one?
  236. Newbie just getting started
  237. Fungus in filter! Help!
  238. Gravel Vacuum
  239. New tank help!!!
  240. how to do Fishless cycling
  241. Rice Fish (Oryzias Woworae)
  242. What happened to my plants...
  243. Need help to buy a filter
  244. Filterless
  245. Emergency: Heater Catastrophic Failure/Tank Blow Out
  246. Petco dollar-per-gallon sale starts today
  247. mts yay or nay?
  248. Algae green
  249. Mysterious White Bugs
  250. What causes red plants to turn green?