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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. how to do Fishless cycling
  2. Rice Fish (Oryzias Woworae)
  3. What happened to my plants...
  4. Need help to buy a filter
  5. Filterless
  6. Emergency: Heater Catastrophic Failure/Tank Blow Out
  7. Petco dollar-per-gallon sale starts today
  8. mts yay or nay?
  9. Algae green
  10. Mysterious White Bugs
  11. What causes red plants to turn green?
  12. Unlevel tank
  13. New algae
  14. Low Tech Nitrate Spike
  15. So I went yardsailing today.....
  16. HELP! <0.4 wpg!
  17. Elos USA is closing?
  18. Paint for a background
  19. help me with my ugly tank!
  20. Shops in Tokyo new thread
  21. How do you utilize evilbay?
  22. Questions about some plants I received today
  23. Basic Cycling Question
  24. question about DSM..
  25. Best dimensions for 1 meter long tank? Help me out :)
  26. Styrofoam under tank or not?
  27. New to Plantedtank
  28. Foam Problems
  29. Latest update on planted and goldfish tank.
  30. New plants in new tank- beautiful but fading
  31. Vivariums, animals, and holidays
  32. SAE behavior
  33. Fishless cycle - where do the bacteria come from?
  34. pearl cut in half
  35. So how exactly DO you cycle a quarantine tank? Also a question about gravel vaccuming
  36. Need some advice please
  37. Air trapped under substrate
  38. 5000k vs 6500k CFL
  39. upgrading filter, need some advice
  40. Driftwood
  41. New To The Game
  42. Dry Start Questions
  43. Ammonia to jump start cycle?
  44. boraras brigittae
  45. PH Help!
  46. Root tabs just below the surface?
  47. Vals dying all of a sudden
  48. Would an air stone affect a fish in cycle?
  49. GSA help
  50. green quartz rocks
  51. Planting first tank this week, need advice
  52. ID this tiny critter?
  53. None toxic acrylic paint safe in aquarium?
  54. How much circulation is too much?
  55. Tricks for easy water changes?
  56. Questions for upcoming re-scape
  57. Outdoor aquarium viable in the long run?
  58. What is my lighting level?
  59. krylon fusion clear.....
  60. brown dust - diatoms? what to do!
  61. Does your aquarium have a smell?
  62. Thinking of sStarting a process of thining of things...
  63. Plants suddenly dying, very weird
  64. Worst disaster in my 20+ years of fish keeping
  65. Strange things happen in the night
  66. stocking a 2.5
  67. 125 popped a seam.
  68. Help me with Bloodworms please
  69. Dry start problems :\
  70. Require absolutely silent lighting for planted tank
  71. the riparium quandary. .. what to do...
  72. white film on glass 2 week old tank
  73. Keeping bacteria alive?
  74. New Planted 125 Juwel Rio Help Hints and tips appreciated
  75. replanted my tank, any tips to make it nicer would be good
  76. Who ever said Christmas only came once a year...
  77. Light time cycles for new CO2 setup
  78. Driftwood Austin or Online
  79. 10g planted set up suggestions/ideas/introduction!
  80. submerged to emerged HC
  81. Made a new video of my tanks.
  82. better packages: bought vs RAOK
  83. first time with HC what is best? dry start or fill the tank up?
  84. What is this film on top of my water?
  85. My new planted tank
  86. getting driftwood to sink faster : a theory
  87. The Sun light plants
  88. Little White Orbs (Microscope Pics)
  89. Sleeping with the Fishes
  90. Air Pump in High-tech tanks
  91. Need help to identify
  92. Rate my plant selection before I buy.
  93. Help identify a mysterious stem plant - Even LFS owner was stumped
  94. Need help identifying a plant
  95. How far have people run co2 line?
  96. co2 fire extingwisher for diy setup
  97. Cichlid Aquaponics?
  98. Dry Start Method - MGOCPM vs Vigoro
  99. ADA wood cabinet, green aqua cabinet...
  100. Where to buy cheap styrofoam box liners?
  101. need some help, plants wilting
  102. New to C02, Looking For Advice
  103. Aqueon evolve 8 replacement light
  104. Dwarf gourami
  105. Do you run HOB filter with canister?
  106. Cleaning?
  107. Two Pterophyllum Altum Juvies Purchased
  108. New planted tank not growing
  109. Substrate & Lighting Fixture
  110. Why yes, I did want to do a massive water change today....
  111. How often should I be washing off my plants, substrate, and ornaments?
  112. Quarintine Tank
  113. DSM and blasting sand...
  114. Important information in regards to API's freshwater master test kit.
  115. BUG nonfun part!
  116. New here
  117. Bacterial Bloom
  118. Ludwigia "Cuba"
  119. didnt think this scape through
  120. Planted Aquarium issue
  121. Question regarding resealing a tank
  122. Heater died. So, did my plants??
  123. Why am I getting slow ph readings from aquarium water?
  124. Derimmed tank?
  125. Spider Web-Like Algae/Fungus? Dry start DHG
  126. Aquarium Mini Crystal Glass Pot Tank
  127. Switching out my stand
  128. Hello I have a few questions
  129. What is really weird bug on my Aquarium?
  130. Wow, I hate my city. help?
  131. aqua scape for 90 gallon tank
  132. Something wrong with my plants?
  133. Which T5 bulbs for a 37 gallon high aquarium.
  134. 72g bow front build.
  135. What would you do if your water co added soda ash?
  136. Dry Start Questions
  137. Power sand/Amazonia for 90p
  138. fun app/background
  139. [UPDATED] Rocks Fizzing - still safe?
  140. How can I pass this up?
  141. Leaves turning into skeletons
  142. The old vacuumun question
  143. Let's play the "what is this thing crawling on my glass?" game!
  144. Screening Miracle Grow
  145. Seriously need help.
  146. Re-Scape of the 46
  147. Dust
  148. CO2 Supplementing with Excel
  149. Soaking 4 lbs of rock and DW in pond bad idea?
  150. api test kit
  151. How inaccurate are test strips?
  152. Algae Growth
  153. Tank cleaning question
  154. DSM tank question
  155. 30 litre
  156. Mosquito Larvae Solution
  157. Need ideas for filling in an Iwagumi Void
  158. Problems with tank....lost on solution
  159. About to flood my first DSM, what do I need to know? (pics!)
  160. Fumigating Apartment!!!!! Need help!!!
  161. Moving 6 tanks out of state.
  162. What's up with AFA/ADA in San Francisco??
  163. White specs in fuge
  164. Getting driftwood to sink
  165. Hello and observation about mosquito larvae
  166. Planted tank setup feedback?
  167. Why do I want to buy another tank?
  168. newest addition...
  169. I would like help with flow strategies for dense growth
  170. Tank upgrade cycle question
  171. my 10 gallon tank!
  172. Bacopa in bloom
  173. Aquarium in Turkey
  174. CO2 Levels and Low Light
  175. Fish Suggestions for Large Oddball Community Tank
  176. About a week later and this is what I have.
  177. Best way to Cultivate Green Water
  178. Light schedule for Java fern????
  179. Seachem Prime and Tank Cycling
  180. Plant order messed up. Plant ID needed :(
  181. Yet Another CO2 Question?
  182. 20g overstocked??
  183. Surface skum?
  184. New to plants, could use some advice
  185. Need advice ASAP - HC dry start or flooded?
  186. co2 reactors for 180 gallon? is one enough?
  187. Silicone Staining (Do!Aqua Tank) ?
  188. Advice and plant identification
  189. Been awhile and I did a rescape, so here are some pictures!
  190. Co2 tank and regulator compatibility
  191. 14 Gallon Minimalist Moss/Liverwort Only Tank - Workable?
  192. Support brace necessary on bowfront tank?
  193. What's Going on here? Fert or co2 problem?
  194. Pygmy Chain Sword doing poorly
  195. Compact Fluorescent Light on Glass Top?
  196. Can't seem to clear the water
  197. Help with is...looks like multiple issues
  198. Focal point!
  199. Dry starts
  200. Do you think this would work?
  201. Tetra "safe start?"
  202. Getting out of 10+ years of Reef keeping.
  203. Blue Rams, Red Tail Shark, and Gourami help!
  204. ever wondered the difference between NH3 and NH4+ ?
  205. An Update (29 Gallon Planted with Pictures)
  206. Help with a 29gal major restoration
  207. Filter Media Question
  208. Stocking a 75
  209. Getting little to no flow out of my 2213? Cleaned and still the same problem
  210. Nitrate Filters
  211. Filter Intakes in a Planted Tank
  212. BEST multi-timer solution...Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper?
  213. Substrate Supports
  214. Pressurized CO2 or Excel???
  215. High Tech 55 Build. Are two Fluval 406 OK?
  216. Tank disassembly - what do I do with the plants?!
  217. Help with rocks!
  218. Marsh land shots from mystic aquarium.
  219. I am having trouble growing plants
  220. Non-Tempered bottom weight limit
  221. What do yall think?
  222. Seachem Prime question.
  223. New planted tank
  224. Yet Another CO2 Question
  225. New to planted tanks
  226. Living things in filter
  227. My 25 Gallon Nature Aquarium Plan...
  228. Where do you buy prime?
  229. Tank Considerations for a Beginner
  230. What's wrong?
  231. Can anyone ID this plant?
  232. Shrimp die off related to co2?
  233. need a light for 23.5" tank
  234. Plant help with pics, Deficiency?
  235. Tank Cycling? help!!
  236. dilemma: going to college...
  237. Converting 90 gallon Rainbowfish tank to a Discus tank...What would you do?
  238. glasscages: reliable aquariums?
  239. How to do the bright white backing look?
  240. Tanked. Planted tank
  241. Why are plants the best filter?
  242. 72 hours and another test.
  243. Rex Griggs Reactor
  244. Check her out ;D
  245. what is this "algae"?
  246. Beginner Question/Planted Nano
  247. switching stands
  248. Egglayers and Shrimp - Doomed?
  249. Automatic water changer system help needed for 300gal Discus tank.
  250. Dry start?