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  1. Setting up 40b high tech. Couple questions!!
  2. Favourite Size Tank
  3. What am I missing - please help with my battle with algaes
  4. Is this a good deal?
  5. Full tank clean/rescape, advice needed
  6. ROAK Tank
  7. Elodea going transparent
  8. crypt IDs please
  9. They say Dog owners look like their dog, but what about fish owners?
  10. Been a while, what should I expect
  11. Which root rabs?
  12. High TDS
  13. Fish Tank Safety 101
  14. Question about Nitrites/Nitrates?
  15. I have made a terrible mistake...please help.
  16. Am I doing something wrong?
  17. What is this?
  18. New Tank filter question.
  19. Power surge killed my filter
  20. DSM Question
  21. Problematic Brush Algae
  22. my 55 whatever tech
  23. AC110 bowing at the bottom
  24. would you guys eat herbs grown in this thing?
  25. 350GPH enough for 55g?
  26. Acrylic Tank Cracking?
  27. Is frozen krill nutritious enough?
  28. Can stems recover from pruning with no leaves ?
  29. Next Petco Dollar-Per-Gallon Sale?
  30. Do I need Carbon in my Eheim?
  31. All-In-One Starter Kits: Good Deal, Or No?
  32. Where did this ammonia come from?
  33. How to increase potassium?
  34. Utility company planned power outage
  35. Aquatic Magic WARNING
  36. Little brown holes in Alternanthere reineckii
  37. Removing root tabs!
  38. How Do I Add Boron?
  39. Shipping plants or fauna
  40. Two New Desktop Tank Videos
  41. What is in your fish food?
  42. Black Friday/ cyber Monday sales
  43. seachem flourish series dosing + duration confusion
  44. Cloudy with a chance of fish balls
  45. Cant post for sale section
  46. Painting Backgrounds
  47. Java moss & seachem matrix basket
  48. Given plants
  49. High nitrite and nitrate in established tank
  50. Salt question??
  51. Buying a used, established setup in CL
  52. Online Plant Purchases to Canada
  53. AquaClear Filter Media
  54. craigslist score!!
  55. Pics of my tank!!!!
  56. Black floaty stuff in new bottle of prime?
  57. Really Weird-looking creature pulled out with Cabomba plant(pics)
  58. Mystery Eggs!
  59. Fluval 29 gal on Ikea Expedit stand
  60. Plant acclimation to light
  61. Is this normal when cycling a tank with fish food?
  62. New Guy
  63. Stocking
  64. no oxygen at night with co2 injection?
  65. marimo moss ball
  66. Pygmy Chain Sword (echinodorus tenellus)
  67. What's your dechlorinator?
  68. Big water changes if your substrate changes your ph by 1?
  69. Moving form SW to FW
  70. Marineland 28 gallon euro bowfront setup
  71. Ideas for a new repurposed tank, give me some ideas!
  72. Heavy planted discus tank and nitrate always there...???
  73. Pygmy Cory and chili rasbora diet, new 60-P stocking
  74. New to the Forum and Planted Tanks
  75. Where to Find 65w PC Square Pin Rubberized Cord?
  76. First CO2 system
  77. Creature ID: snail? [VIDEO]
  78. Cloudy Water
  79. 1st tank set-up - feed-back please
  80. The Most Bizzare Pieces Of Wood
  81. Where to buy dwarf banana or citrus tree
  82. Correct clay for MTS
  83. Lighting my 10 gallon aqurium
  84. German Blue Ram with Electric Blue Rams
  85. Help w/HC after the flood ... melting? algae? (pics)
  86. Weird tiny bugs
  87. Worm question
  88. Ficus wood- safe for aquarium?
  89. Raising GH
  90. Green dust algae - removal next steps
  91. What is this?
  92. Newer Tank Owner in need of some help..
  93. Oversized plants
  94. Getting really sick of dog hair in my tanks...
  95. Aquarium Video Edit - YouTube Link
  96. Converting Planted to Cichlid tank?
  97. aquaripure nitrate filter update
  98. So am I finally on the right track?
  99. Angel Fish ID
  100. Tiny pest "bugs" on Marimo
  101. Planted Tank Discus Advice?
  102. Tetra 20 Gal Starter Kit? First 20 gal?
  103. Plant ID
  104. do I need to change the water after fish death?
  105. Can a rimless aquarium sit directly on metal stand?
  106. Holding Tank and Prime/Safe
  107. App
  108. Podcasts for Planted Tank ?
  109. gh kh questions
  110. Just beginning
  111. white spots on plants and glass - WTF?
  112. What To Supplement My Eco-Complete With
  113. bubbles on top of water
  114. Whats clouding up my water?
  115. diving into metricide 14....
  116. Really murky water.
  117. Stocking for 18gal Tall?
  118. CO2 trapped in Fluval
  119. Fungus or Spider Web on Driftwood?
  120. Parametric Plant Database
  121. Best Angelfish forum?
  122. Tail \ Fin rot medications safe with shrimp?
  123. What is this stuff?
  124. Removing old plants
  125. Two New Prototypes Done!
  126. Segmented Worm ID / Diatoms? (macro video)
  127. Help choosing an RO unit online please
  128. Assassin Snails buried in the substrate for a long time
  129. Next big purchase! LED light fixtures?
  130. My First Planted Tank
  131. Anyone ever use Bioverse?
  132. White things in tank
  133. Consolidation and tank set up question
  134. Brand New to Planted Tanks
  135. Green water
  136. 55 gallon tank with Discus
  137. Do microworms provide enough nutrition for adults?
  138. Beginning CO2 for the first time
  139. Filter fail
  140. Making the jump to co2
  141. Will this ammonia work for a fishless cycle?
  142. "Going on Vacation" Tank Care Tips?
  143. 40B or 65H?
  144. Sick of always cleaning spotty drips off your tank?
  145. what are theses eggs???
  146. new start up
  147. FX6 Cansister Filter Cleaning
  148. *craigslist find, 20 long :)*
  149. QT Thoughts
  150. Moving 3000 miles with fish.
  151. Do I need aeration at night in my planted tank?
  152. Will I regret adding this algae (cladophilia) to my tank?
  153. what am I risking with this CO2 setup?
  154. How do you....
  155. Manageable moss?
  156. Delving into the planted realm with my 150 gallon 31" tall
  157. Pre-filter for a cascade canister filter
  158. Final Preperations For My New Tank
  159. What could be the cause of this plant discoloration?
  160. Stand Height?
  161. Is this moss or algae??
  162. failing newbie 101 questions.
  163. How long to seed a filter on an established tank?
  164. HELP! Nitrite explosion, fish dying, nothing is working! Any ideas?
  165. Measuring CO2
  166. Continued air in Fluval 406
  167. Fish attacking other fish - help!
  168. Marble Rocks
  169. I finally got my CO2 going.
  170. Help! Bladderwort :(
  171. java moss
  172. Water Hyacinth in the tank
  173. Can condensation tray affect water parameters? Especially ph?
  174. What are these?????
  175. java fern super glue
  176. micro sword carpet dirty, how to clean?
  177. Ribbon Sword Propogation
  178. Semi-nube needs help from the pros on specific questions
  179. New Plants Arrived
  180. Please help!! Fish and plants dying.
  181. Just saw this on a Chinese planted tank forum
  182. A question about moving my 29 gallon tank?
  183. Purigen
  184. hello, hii
  185. Help ID my plants (individual pictures), high school noob
  186. Lighting question for tank gurus
  187. 10 gallon low tech
  188. My entry plan - Check my equipment list
  189. Help ID
  190. The bendy metal that plants come weighed down by...
  191. Stem plants look spindly
  192. QT & Grow out
  193. Pros and Cons of filter behind 3D background
  194. Which tank to buy? 12 gal long 12" cube
  195. Not sure what to do with my cycle
  196. Mts on plants?
  197. Anybody else here with a Galaxy S4 Active? Submerged camera photos inside!
  198. Plants not really thriving
  199. Odd plant "behavior"
  200. Dry start (DSM) over vacation?
  201. O2 vs CO2
  202. buildmyled 24" iwagumi 7000k and glosso
  203. setting up a grow-out tank with some fauna
  204. fruit fly maggots?
  205. regarding lighting
  206. Which filter media is best?
  207. snail eggs? please help identify
  208. How many bps do you run in 125 gallon
  209. Sump for 220 Gallon tank
  210. what plants do i add to this setup?
  211. Cloudy water still! help?
  212. My setup shopping list. Missing anything?
  213. Paintball Co2
  214. Tall hairgrass?
  215. stumped...about my plants
  216. Does topping the aquarium water increase stress in fish\shrimp?
  217. Plants in an established tank??
  218. Can I use Mineral oil to attach my background???
  219. First SetUp of QT
  220. HOB Fish Tank?
  221. New To Plants....
  222. Can you explain how this is possible ?
  223. JBL Proflora 160 CO2 set - Canister size?
  224. Aquarium water for houseplants
  225. HC is dying
  226. ADA Aqua-soil or Fluval Stratum "for plants"
  227. anyone else like this?
  228. Please critique my planned layout
  229. White worms, but not planaria?
  230. Using outdoor faucet to fill tank
  231. what to do? 130 gallon
  232. 90 Gallon Long - Help!
  233. What should I put in this tank??
  234. Is this a good list of low light/easy plants to start with in my tank??
  235. Plants and Goldfishes ? Possible? Guides? Suggestions!!
  236. Getting pretty close to giving up and going salt water..
  237. Alive and Modern - My New Startup
  238. Plant safe tank nuke
  239. HC Trimming - Very Yellow now
  240. GLA Aquarium
  241. Aquascaping Tools
  242. Lighting - bulb types
  243. Diffuser bubbles
  244. Help-Do I need a pressurized CO2 system? 46 gallon planted
  245. Order of Ornamentaria
  246. Hard water stains...
  247. Too much filtration/flow?
  248. blue rams? if not what?
  249. Surface film control
  250. First planted tank help and advice please