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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Bits of pyrite in a rock I found
  2. Aqueon Evolve Lighting?
  3. Help with plants in my 10 gallon (brown java fern, holes in anubias)
  4. branches
  5. Good book on beta care for 8 year old
  6. Planted tanks and the generosity
  7. Cloudy water
  8. New tank - Need advice
  9. opinions
  10. Should I respect Aqadvisor Water Change Schedule?
  11. 55 to 75
  12. Starting new tank and need some adviceg
  13. hydor pro 250 canister ?
  14. First "Real" Planted Tank - 75 Gallon
  15. The great moss experiment!
  16. what to do about micro bubbles?
  17. New tank questions
  18. glue driftwood to glass?
  19. Algae and algae eater?
  20. High tech with poor growth?
  21. Substitute for clearview?
  22. Keeping the Community
  23. Advice/Assessment of new 65g setup
  24. hairgrass problems turning brown/blackish and not growing
  25. Please help! New tank and weird test results.
  26. Water Parameters
  27. HELP!!!! Cloudy water
  28. emotionally attached to your fish?
  29. Tank problems
  30. Will my plants die without a heater?
  31. Java Fern Tips?
  32. New to freshwater is this algae normal?
  33. 15 gallon to play around with.
  34. Zoomed 501
  35. ADA aquasoil + moving tank
  36. Odd stem plant trimming question
  37. If you boil water first.
  38. NEWBIE 26 gallon planted tank starting all over again due to aglae hair. NEED HELP???
  39. Freshwater to Saltwater, Should I turn to the Dark Side?
  40. Moving My Tank Home
  41. Urgent request !!!
  42. My 29 gallon iwugami update video
  43. Water Change?
  44. Ever use Pink bulbs ?
  45. Water level after 25% on 90 Gallon
  46. Strangest aquarium inhabitant death you have had
  47. new start up
  48. Need help & guidance on plant health
  49. Accurately counting bubbles per second
  50. venting again
  51. Book Recomendations?
  52. Here's my tank so far
  53. Tips for planting potted crypts ...
  54. Reminder to check/replace those check valves!
  55. Ground cover help
  56. custom tank and custom filter setup
  57. Weeping Moss In Stock Fluval Spec V
  58. Local and International market oportunities
  59. Any Good Holiday Deals On Nano's?
  60. Black Walnut Driftwood
  61. Am I ok? Ammonia spike
  62. Ideas
  63. 20 Gallon High
  64. 1st REAL attempt at planted. Planning Stages, need encouragement...
  65. Aquarium Stand Options?
  66. German blue Ram trouble
  67. Need help with new sump design
  68. just venting
  69. Best way to ship plants?
  70. Follow up: is leaching MGOPS cycling my tank?
  71. Tahitian Moon Sand = Black Silica Sand?
  72. Looking for recommendations for a small bedroom and budget
  73. Tank keeping sins
  74. ROAK Conundrum
  75. Catch cory cats an other bottom feeders
  76. Another Driftwood?
  77. How long to seed new bio media in an established tank?
  78. shelving for multiple small tanks?
  79. Any reefers in PA, NJ, NYC, or CT have Soda lime ?
  80. Got my Dry Ferts.... Now what?
  81. use terrarium as aquarium.
  82. Ich in tank with plants & shrimp - Advice Please?
  83. Enjoying Your Tank - And Keeping A Light Cycle
  84. White gunk in the filter hose
  85. Cycling excitement and confusion!!!
  86. My Aqua or Current USA solana cubes
  87. Substrate dividers??
  88. Alkalinity and well water
  89. build my led and grren hair algae
  90. New 20gal
  91. spectacular fish store
  92. Best Site to Buy Driftwood
  93. Plant ID needed
  94. heater in substate?
  95. yellow tail conga tetra and angel fish?
  96. Advice needed: cycling a planted tank
  97. Overkill or not?
  98. Newish to plants, Help me understand my EI dosing
  99. New tank!
  100. Power outage what to do?
  101. Tank cycling open top vs. covered top?
  102. Power Outage!
  103. Pleco Problems
  104. Topsoil as substrate, please help!!!
  105. tank redo...question...
  106. Do people share plants?
  107. CO2/PH Question
  108. Need some help with my new plants
  109. Tunze powerhead
  110. Cannot catch fish!
  111. Evaporation rate
  112. Is My Tank Cycled?
  113. Check out this 125 g planted on u- tube
  114. High alkalinity (Kh) on plants
  115. help me pick a fish
  116. Clean plants of duckweed?
  117. Cycling Question
  118. Mesh laundry bag material aquarium safe?
  119. How long can i keep Eheim external canister off w/o loosing bb
  120. Driftwood plants
  121. Baby tears from soil?
  122. White film on water surface on the surface.
  123. 100 galon planting carpet help needed
  124. I need help from all Europe Aquarists!!!
  125. Moving the light time period.
  126. Bolivian Ram Fry
  127. Testing KH/GH with RO water
  128. Well what fish would you stock this 5 gallon tank with?
  129. Smartphone app.
  130. inspirational photos for biotopes?
  131. substrate preparation
  132. Mr Aqua tanks
  133. Harmful Worms'?!!
  134. New to the Planted world
  135. Changing from internal to external filter - media question
  136. Planaria worms
  137. What would you like to see in your LFS?
  138. Using fertile soil and fertilizing after flood
  139. How to hide a conduit?
  140. Co2 diffuser placed under canister filter intake?
  141. Came home to a disaster after the holiday
  142. Surface film
  143. photoperoid question
  144. what to boil larger pieces of driftwood in?
  145. How much is to much $ for Shrimp
  146. Looking for plant help <3
  147. Losing Red Color - Thoughts/Opinions?
  148. im back
  149. What is growing on my plants?
  150. What exactly is considered driftwood?
  151. Ceramic caves
  152. Help please! new planted tank emergency
  153. When to run lights?
  154. My moss turns to Algae, any ideas?
  155. Planting / Timing Question
  156. Low-Light Plants?
  157. Fry grow-out tank suggestions
  158. For Sale forum
  159. ADG buys Natural Aquario?
  160. Sump/Refugee ideas
  161. Cycling tank
  162. what are skinney white worms from outside?
  163. 120 gal aquascape ideas?
  164. Please help identify this carpet plant
  165. 3d backgrounds
  166. Small planted tank help
  167. Need help to identify a bug came with my plants
  168. Good light for five gallon?
  169. Brackish?
  170. Ammonia spike
  171. Just planted my first tank, thoughts and advice from here ( pics)
  172. How can I prevent snails?
  173. 60-F Club|Got an ADA 60-F, Join the Fraternity!
  174. 125g with geos. Lighting and substrate questions.
  175. Need a little help .
  176. Set up yet another tank, what should go in it?
  177. Bubble counter or no?
  178. Getting the Planted Tank Growing
  179. Ressurecting the Hobby
  180. How did you get started? And how do you look back at it?
  181. New Tank... getting worse daily
  182. To Loach or not to Loach
  183. problems with algae and CO2
  184. Neon Tetra ripped fins
  185. Co2 Questions
  186. Beginner: My purchase list what else do I need?
  187. I have two empty 10gallon tanks, what should I do with them?
  188. trying to find tank journal
  189. Empty 40B need ideas
  190. chronic RAOK participants....
  191. 6 month video update to my tank
  192. DIY CO2 - not enough pressure for ceramic diffuser, too much for airstone. Options?
  193. New
  194. I need to move my tank. HOW???
  195. Driftwood for planted tank
  196. How do you have a planted tank with pygmy cories?
  197. Any quality podcasts?
  198. What draws you to planted aquaria vs other types?
  199. What to plant
  200. Need a quiet pump! Help!
  201. Fluval edge 6 idea - Invert playground
  202. Help please
  203. New Heater Deals
  204. Who's eating my plants?
  205. Where to go from here
  206. Hello and question
  207. 75 gallon in a manufactured home
  208. Jumpstart Cycle
  209. Advice for starting dirted tank
  210. Do I need more plants?
  211. Cholla WOod
  212. Where to find an ADA 120p?
  213. Help me figure out quarantine, plant and fish grow out tanks
  214. Small amounts of water OK without dechlorinator??
  215. Help needed for science classroom investigation tank
  216. Ayone from houston?
  217. water parameter question...
  218. EHEIM Reeflex UV sterilizer 800 Review/Unbox/Open box
  219. Switching a tank from salt to fresh...
  220. Eheim classic o rings
  221. 40b troubles. Take a look.
  222. New Filter Bacteria Growth
  223. How long can plants live without being rooted?
  224. Clearing sand out of bath drain
  225. Fish food?
  226. Tank looks "dirty" one day after adding corys
  227. Shipping plants to Florida
  228. Well, Winter is here and I'll be sticking around for a bit longer...
  229. Silicone Removal
  230. Newbie Advice
  231. Plant ID, Watermelon?
  232. Help me identify these pests. Please.
  233. Ista water plant soil
  234. Watersprite
  235. Ideas for 15gallon
  236. HC not growing. Should I restart, change anything, or just wait?
  237. Suggestions for a good scavenger
  238. been sick for 2 weeks
  239. Dont know what im doing!
  240. I need help
  241. Cursed
  242. Should I be concerned that a new Eheim filter arrived wet
  243. Is this stone ok to use in my 75 gallon tank?
  244. Storing snails
  245. Lowing pH for Amazon tank.
  246. What excatly is Mulm?
  247. Most Challenging Planet
  248. Hydrophila leaves curling up
  249. so I have this old tanků..I could use a little help
  250. Stocking question on a 20g long