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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. setting up a 40breeder and need opinions
  2. Shim help!
  3. Plastic NLJF?
  4. Converting a Reef Tank to planted
  5. Petco deal
  6. Electrified Tank!
  7. 20g betta tank with no filtration?
  8. what to do? convert 55g or buy a 40b
  9. Duckweeds; Food for vegetarian fish !
  10. New plant dieing off?
  11. your expert opinion is needed
  12. Just saying hello and sharing my tank specs. Also a question for those who know.
  13. Will this work? I'm ready to start gathering
  14. Have you tried...
  15. Plant suggestions
  16. Driftwood Problem
  17. Why you need a Quarantine Tank
  18. Where can I go....?
  19. Feeling bad
  20. 55 Gallon Tank Water Circulation
  21. 20G long or 29 gallon tank for high tech planted?
  22. "Instant green water"?
  23. Will this work?
  24. Rescaping idea
  25. More info on an AGA Aquascape?
  26. More on my multiple personality water...
  27. Brown hygro leafs curling up. What deficiency?
  28. Tell me if I am correct
  29. The next step?
  30. Resin ornaments safe for aquariums?
  31. DIY Air Pump !
  32. Need to move a 55g tank
  33. Teamwork!
  34. angelfish question
  35. Lets discuss man who claims to have sealed planted jar since 1960
  36. Wabi Kusa Party- what we grew!
  37. Advise on next steps with my established tank
  38. Hagen Customer service experiences? My Ebi issue
  39. Help !!! Plants melting?
  40. so after my last water change.....
  41. killing off duck weed
  42. Question about my cycle
  43. pH questions
  44. ocean beach rocks -- safe?
  45. CO2 diffusion into 220g
  46. Help cleaning very dirty EcoComplete???
  47. Equipment Wish List?
  48. aphids or springtails?
  49. Poret foam substitute
  50. Switching to RO or RODI in planted nano???
  51. What is this white sheet film?
  52. Tenecor brand tanks?
  53. Water Quality in a Dirt Tank
  54. Cherry Shrimp Friendly Fish?
  55. Cleaning driftwood after (poor) storage
  56. Frozen pipes during cycle
  57. update on my 29 gallon tank!
  58. Project for tomorrow
  59. Filter outflow pipe advice
  60. New 55
  61. Newbie to planted - need ideas/advice
  62. Are my LED lights burning my plants or is it a deficiency?
  63. Can anyone identify this plant for me?
  64. 20 gal L lighting?
  65. Fish keeping
  66. Is this safe
  67. Your experience with Beamswork LEDs?
  68. New to injected co2
  69. Complete amateur needing help!
  70. Im starting an emersed tank...?
  71. Do you need to Run a air Stone when the Co2 & Lights are off at night
  72. Upgrade my shrimp tank?
  73. Aquarium overflowed while out of state!
  74. Moving & Storing Plants
  75. snail ID pls :-)
  76. Long time aquarist, still a total noob - general advice?
  77. Crypt leaves melting
  78. What can you do for green water besides UV?
  79. I begrudgingly return with more fish health questions...
  80. Rotala Deficiency with pics
  81. Cycling a low-tech planted tank
  82. White fuzzy fungas on driftwood
  83. A cool site!!
  84. Where do you??
  85. Indian almond leaves?
  86. co2 or just excel questions 10g med-hi light plants
  87. 29 gallon tank stocking
  88. Problems in a couple of my shrimp tanks. Please help
  89. Preparing my first ADA 60p... questions!
  90. filtering options.
  91. nitrates won't go down
  92. Malawi Bloat Treatment n prevention!
  93. 20gal update (plant trouble)
  94. Can you help me ID a fish illness? (cloudy eye)
  95. Question on water change
  96. Java Moss with White Worms
  97. Need help! Fish are dying and can't determine cause
  98. What is this?
  99. Clearing up cloudy water
  100. Best way to clear the water after filling a sand bottomed tank?
  101. New Dirted Tank
  102. *** AAPE members *** website virus****
  103. need help identifying these plants
  104. New to planted tanks!
  105. PAM Cooking Spray Safe for Fish?
  106. Anubias Nana Flowering
  107. CO2 experts please help
  108. Can anyone identify this fish?
  109. 2014 goals / to do list
  110. Vigoro Red Lava Rocks
  111. Thread for tying moss?
  112. Slopes
  113. Predator fish or community tank?
  114. meh.....hydra again
  115. Should I Worry About This?
  116. Osaka Planted
  117. What's growing on my Xmas Moss?
  118. FYI - T5HO bulbs at Petco 50% off!
  119. Substrate for clown loach
  120. red honey gourami problem?
  121. W/C before switching meds
  122. Furan 2 Exp in 08
  123. wt/dry sump in a high tech tank?
  124. Bottom Feeder
  125. Thoughts on my planted tank/aquaponics setup
  126. Tank Redo/Cleaning
  127. Anybody read this blog?
  128. Cheap Fillers for a 30 Gallon?
  129. Floating onion plant bulb
  130. Takahshi Amano Books in pdf?
  131. Need some ideas
  132. Here is my tank with the Eheim 2234.
  133. Donating a Tank
  134. Wishing for a Dip Tube
  135. Whats causing my water cloudyness.
  136. Tom Barr fert list ?
  137. Seriously, if you...
  138. What is a good HOB breeder box?
  139. First planted tank update
  140. CO2 Needed?
  141. lighting, flow, algae, ferts,?????
  142. freshly cycled tank angelfish question
  143. best worms for composting floaters
  144. Should I defcon 5 this tank? *Columnaris*
  145. Fluval Spec 2 Gallon
  146. New Guppies Top Quality
  147. Witch one first???
  148. New tank old water
  149. Need Help: What's the best anti-parasite treatment?
  150. Upgrade Or Nope???
  151. what are those white worm thing in my tank?pictured
  152. What type of fish should i get
  153. Trying my hand at planted w/discus
  154. Good deal?
  155. Who programmed ?
  156. Feedback on Reboot Process
  157. Soaking Mopani Wood
  158. What tank size did you buy at PetCo $1 sale today?
  159. LED Lighting 10,50 and 90 gallon
  160. Finnex hang-on breeder weight
  161. I'm new here
  162. Weird slime in my tanks......
  163. Petco $1 per gallon sale has started in my area
  164. Plant leaves turning brown
  165. What should these tanks sell for
  166. need advice for a 46gal setup
  167. ADA no way
  168. How to fill up the empty space?
  169. Invaded by Peacock Gudgeon fry- now what?
  170. Planning my 8' high tech tank
  171. Tank Apocalypse
  172. What canister Filter?!?!
  173. A Beginner's Successes and Failures
  174. My 20 Gallon build
  175. Adding filters
  176. All Good
  177. Vibrating tank
  178. why are my plants not responding to fert dosing
  179. Look what I scored from 1956....
  180. might be a really dumb question re Prime...
  181. $1 per gallon
  182. 55 Gallon Tetra Paradise!
  183. Since were talking about aliens
  184. PPS pro dosing when out of town? Help
  185. Seed Shrimp - Good or Bad Water Quality?
  186. Led light opinion
  187. Early Xmas present
  188. Fungus on wood in conjunction with fish disease
  189. Medication to kill algae, snails etc in Qt tank?
  190. Pls help identify this creepy alien organism in my tank!
  191. What's growing on my moss? Not algae..
  192. CO2 in the wild
  193. Trying to get new tank setup, plants have holes in them
  194. ID these snails please
  195. Melon sword
  196. Which pump to choose
  197. Little white Bugs are they a threat?
  198. Dwarf hair grass planting question.. Quick
  199. Why This Hobby is Awesome
  200. Bacterial Bloom for 2 months
  201. Raok?
  202. Is there such a thing as "OLD TANK SYNDROME "
  203. New planter
  204. Anubias question
  205. Snail population boom... will this affect my cycle?
  206. Need help selecting a canister filter and inline reactor.
  207. Tank cleaning
  208. UGH need help asap if you see this thread please respond!
  209. Spare HOB
  210. 40breeder or 55g
  211. Starting out - plants not looking healthy (pics)
  212. Large, plant friendly fish for 150
  213. Should I euthanise my gudgeon??
  214. how do you guys keep your planted tank clean
  215. Begginer Planted Tank
  216. melafix question
  217. My new Savanah Driftwood
  218. Lighting
  219. Few questions before I do a dry start
  220. Using untreated well water
  221. problem with swords
  222. Liquid Fertilizers : Which is the best?
  223. first tank.. a few questions.
  224. What GPH circulation pump should I get?
  225. Doing A Complete Rescape
  226. New tank build
  227. Pressurized Co2 4 nano iwagumi
  228. Bad HC?
  229. Dithers?
  230. How to [your tank] live wallpaper for DROID
  231. Starter CO2 set
  232. Unusual problem
  233. Vacation, need opinions.
  234. How to store RO water?
  235. Pico cookie jar possibilities
  236. Setting up Co2 tomorrow-need guidance
  237. how is this for stocking ? any opinion for a 60 gallons
  238. New fish pacing like crazy...
  239. Question
  240. Nuking snails in main tank consequence?
  241. Holidays and the Planted tank
  242. What should I do--new tank input?
  243. Possible to get blackworm 'culture' growing in tank?
  244. Any good links to info
  245. probably stupid question
  246. Stubborn mineral deposit
  247. New to Plants Need some Help
  248. Water hardness, Fluval Peat Granules, and Purigen
  249. Mystery Algae??
  250. Bits of pyrite in a rock I found