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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Starting 5 gallon planted tank
  2. Starting 5 gallon planted tank
  3. Help! What the hell is this!
  4. Water Changes/ Parameters
  5. PH on the Rise
  6. Current substrate not compatible with fish I want to add soon.
  7. New to Dirt Tanking
  8. Megaflow drain gurgle ! Help
  9. Format changed on iPhone
  10. Drift wood collection club?
  11. Cycling question
  12. Is my tank overstocked?
  13. Shipping out LARGE fish
  14. need help for a friend
  15. How to separate sand from poop?
  16. Dabbling with planted aquariums!
  17. I know I'm gonna get mixed opinions on this..
  18. substrate layering
  19. Angelfish burying in the substrate?
  20. My fish don't seem to like their food
  21. Quarantine tanks
  22. What epoxy?
  23. Feeding Bass, Perch, and Sunfish in cold weather?
  24. What would cause the pH to raise?
  25. ammonia reading after water change
  26. I was ill - help with high nitrate in tank?
  27. Plants dying, leaves falling off or dissolving
  28. Companions for Shrimp in a 55 Gallon?
  29. Switching an Established Tank from Low to High Light
  30. CO2 for 10 gallon
  31. Wabi Kusa
  32. Max Dosing for Planted Tank?
  33. Small North American Native Pond
  34. Eliminating snails/disease from new plants
  35. Collecting driftwood
  36. Keeping male and female Bettas together
  37. Warm(treated) tap water for water changes in shrimp tanks?
  38. Tank cycle questions.....
  39. Super Bowl of Plants and Fish
  40. Bucephalandra from Indonesia
  41. Help
  42. plants for sale online
  43. Bettas in small tanks
  44. Need feedback on Automatic Fish/Coral Feeder
  45. CO2 timing
  46. Any light/hood recommendations for a 24" X12"
  47. Biotope a for small tanks?
  48. Cleaning driftwood
  49. Cuttings
  50. When and what to feed a few fry
  51. Random question!
  52. Help from pros on identification of plants
  53. Vals
  54. What should be required reading for this hobby?
  55. Apistos and shrimp in a planted tank
  56. pink spots?
  57. Schuber Wright or Fluval spec V
  58. Amanos are hardy little creatures
  59. Biosphere underwater? This product puts dry land in your tank
  60. Dont go overboard on water changes
  61. Manzanita driftwood website
  62. AqAdvisor is flawed...
  63. ocean beach rocks -- safe? part II
  64. How Do You Know a Tank Has Been Disinfected Well Enough?
  65. Pearling
  66. Discus and Plants
  67. Using plexiglass as a tank lid thoughts and concerns
  68. Hair grass questions again!
  69. Does anyone have yellow apple snails or golden mystery snails?
  70. DHG Turned White.. Salvageable?
  71. Suggestion and Help for my tank.
  72. Tank Stocking / Feeding / Water Change Plan?
  73. Craigslist feedback?
  74. Sick Fish
  75. Hygrophila Corymbosa ‘angustifolia’ help
  76. Cycling, plants, and nitrates
  77. Almost gassed my fish!
  78. Your favorite aquarium blogs?
  79. Ich: Conflicting information and questions
  80. Algae on Java Fern
  81. Cristal Water
  82. Cycling question
  83. Drop checker clear?
  84. 135G make any sense to try CO2 with it?
  85. Glosso and dwarf baby tears not growing
  86. Upgraded to new filter, can I remove old?
  87. Algae on leaves
  88. 129g Tank
  89. BBA and CO2
  90. The Average 16-Year-Old's Room
  91. Help setting up a shrimp only tank
  92. Java fern - cutting the rhizome?
  93. Best Online FW Plant Seller?
  94. Plant Help Please
  95. Can I cycle new tank
  96. Aquarium Management Software?
  97. Celestial Pearl Danio
  98. 1st Tank ever. Advice needed
  99. Best way to raise Nitrates
  100. Help I got an Algae & a bug problem
  101. Tank height question
  102. Odd guppy pregnancy
  103. planted setup
  104. Where am I in cycling?
  105. White worms!
  106. A Tank in Search of an Occupant
  107. RO question
  108. Snails etc BBA
  109. How many tanks do you have?
  110. Open top aquarium or lid?
  111. Help with first planted tank
  112. U.P. Aqua Co2 Indicator not working?
  113. Adjusting CO2
  114. Tell me why this is a bad idea: Canister + HMF + Paludarium
  115. Help - Anubias with holes and decaying leaves
  116. Freshwater mangroves
  117. Gap between tank and stand
  118. Opinions on Pond snails (AND now Mystery snails to) please??
  119. Partial gap between bottom of tank and stand - help!
  120. 15 Gallon Tetra LED Complete - can I grow plants?
  121. 80*F Dwarf Neon Barrel in -Degree weather
  122. CO2 and water
  123. Cerges' Reactor vs needle wheel pump
  124. Anyone in here lives in Rosenburg, Texas? I need your help....
  125. Buy Beautiful And Good Looking Snails For Your Aquarium
  126. Newbie Question about filling the tank
  127. Can plants handle 85+ degree water?
  128. Snail I.d
  129. Newbie With A Lot of Questions
  130. Nuking Tank
  131. Multiple Aquarium bookshelf
  132. Tank rescaping
  133. Help! Quick!
  134. New convert from reef need some help
  135. TC Hair Grass ?
  136. Betta tank project - need some opinions
  137. Just wanted to give a thanks to everyone!
  138. Rosy Red Minnow Eggs with Livebearer Fry
  139. Preparing now for later.....
  140. timing light and CO2
  141. hopping insects!
  142. Trying to find what light I need for 75 gallon...
  143. Tail of Woe - The Story of an End-of_Tank Dump
  144. What type of wood and rock are these?
  145. Advice on shrimp or bottom feeding fish
  146. What To Feed Premature Birthed Fry?
  147. CO2 start up
  148. My new 90 gallon, questions & photos!
  149. What is this creature?
  150. Siamese Fighting Fish Show Off Their Fiercest Looks - Wired (photos)
  151. Just Saying Hello!
  152. Benefits of Having an Aquarium
  153. Craigslist substrate
  154. I could not believe this...
  155. Bamboo
  156. cure MTS or let it be?
  157. Putting links in "Your Tanks" profile?
  158. Planning Statages of a 200+ Planted Build
  159. When to Begin EI Dosing of Ferts
  160. Freshwater cuc
  161. Seachem Prime for Ground water?
  162. Algae ...
  163. Help with bugs in a dry start tank
  164. Low Tech Mini
  165. My experience with tetra safe start
  166. Fish sick any idea what it may be ?
  167. ID this algae
  168. Filter Media in UGF
  169. 40b light and filter suggestions
  170. Help with lighting Please
  171. Cleaning planted tank and catching fish
  172. Clove oil for euthanizing - done this, I'll tell you how it works
  173. Boiling Driftwood
  174. Does your planted tank smell very strong?
  175. Look what's trending on the Art page today
  176. New tank arrangement, white film, power head? Help!
  177. Cycle coming to an end, a few questions before stocking.
  178. Brown algae in my 10 gallon
  179. question for carnivorous fish owners...
  180. Transporting established planted tank
  181. 2nd filter - can it hurt?
  182. Help with rocks
  183. Questions before I do my re-do
  184. How big and how many quarantine tanks do you have?
  185. 20g tall first attempt @ planted
  186. Clouded tank
  187. Does it matter when you dose...
  188. Out of Co2
  189. Ammonia in tap water, water conditioner not working?
  190. What is this?
  191. horse tough
  192. mobile site needed
  193. Tank is looking pretty good.
  194. Where does most of the bacteria grow??
  195. PH increased by using Activated Carbon?
  196. Wire mesh
  197. What is some neat plants that will grow on rocks?
  198. Are plastic toys aquarim safe?
  199. High PAR
  200. White powder build-up
  201. How much is too much?
  202. Help please
  203. Can this sanded wood go in tank???
  204. Break in the rim
  205. Upgrade to rimless tank/Mr. Aqua 33.6 Startup
  206. First planted tank update
  207. Water or Glycerine
  208. My 5gal and 20 gal dirt tanks
  209. Cycling and other inquiries
  210. Using ammonia to cycle tank, not sure what's going on?
  211. Parasite in tank
  212. GH dropping?
  213. Do you use charcoal?
  214. Messy Situation
  215. CO2 with low plants ?
  216. Question about black spots on one of my shrimp
  217. deficiency?
  218. Help stocking Evolve 8 planted tank?
  219. Water Softener
  220. Cycle help!
  221. Cloudy Water?
  222. HELP ich...?
  223. Win an aquarium setup worth $1500!!
  224. What are some good start-up plants for a fish tank?
  225. Hello All! new here looking to start up a planted tank!
  226. "Best" wafer food?
  227. light timers and your thoughts ;) thank yew kindly
  228. Bass with Koi/ Goldfish in a 2500 Gallon Pond
  229. Water Surface Scum
  230. Is my safestart dead?
  231. Nerita Snail in Freshwater?!?!?!
  232. Advice for My Planted Aquarium :)
  233. 4ft-vs-6ft tanks...opinions?
  234. The best purchase you made....
  235. please help me ID goby
  236. probably deficiencies....a tad pic heavy
  237. Which moss
  238. Tank clarity issues
  239. tank warranties
  240. What is this?
  241. Tank Underlayment?
  242. Lights!
  243. Moss to cover driftwood/rocks
  244. 20g betta tankmates
  245. Shrimp & Ferts
  246. Making the switch from tap to RO water?
  247. Question on surface agitation and oxygen levels (video linked)
  248. Please critique/offer advice on my 55 gal
  249. The tank of the future?
  250. Starting a new 120 gallon high-tech planted tank, need some advice!