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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Bleach
  2. Clearance T5 lights
  3. 10 gallon clear slime??Help
  4. Single plant species tanks
  5. Fluval C2 Trouble Shooting
  6. Dwarf Hairgrass
  7. Additional Lighting
  8. Had to get a new well drilled
  9. I'm back... And I need help!
  10. Please help! Lots of planted tank questions ahead!
  11. RODI in the planted tank
  12. Fake Saltwater Aquarium Challenge
  13. Not too intense
  14. Lighting Transition (Low to Medium)
  15. My First Tank
  16. Algae and plant growth problems
  17. Amount of Ammonia to add
  18. Possibly getting a new tank...
  19. 5 Gallon Dwarf Puffer Tank
  20. Planted 75 gallon doing better...
  21. Question about my cycle..
  22. Acrylic tanks?
  23. Nitrate problem.
  24. 30x15 footprint anyone?
  25. Rocks from Lake Michigan
  26. one or two filters?
  27. Drop Checker vs Ph Drop
  28. New 30g tank (standard to rimless conversion) - Opinions or Critiques?
  29. Heater calculator?
  30. what to do with an 8 gallon?
  31. My FREE stuff!!! What size tank is this?
  32. Auto water change VS bucket filter idea
  33. First Planted Tank - 10 gallon
  34. Salt in freshwater planted tank to be avoided?
  35. Will some driftwood never sink?
  36. Should I tear this down or am I crazy?
  37. New planted tank and fish
  38. What are these bubbles?
  39. Self cloning cray setup?
  40. Best co2 diffuser for my new system
  41. Floating plants stuck in filter?
  42. ADA Amazonia and Amonia After Dry Start
  43. Generally Accepted GPH?
  44. Background vs no background
  45. Planted 120-gallon goldfish tank
  46. Beginner tropical plants,please help !
  47. How much salt to add?
  48. New To The Planted Aquarium
  49. Can these be used as driftwood?
  50. Hitchhiker - Fish?
  51. Filter floss or foams.....
  52. 125 South American update
  53. How deep should my substrate be?
  54. What is considered "High Light"?
  55. New To Planted Tanks - Having Some Issues
  56. 20L Scape idea
  57. Aquariums using Steel Shelving?
  58. What Am I Doing Wrong?
  59. Where to order Discus?
  60. Where am I at with cycling my tank?
  61. Setting up new tank: canister filter placement
  62. Maple leaves for betta?
  63. Biomax in Planted Shrimp Tank ?
  64. Best filter for a ten gallon?
  65. Basic questions
  66. Upping my capacity
  67. Subscription Box
  68. Excel + CO2
  69. rescaped the tank once again. what do you guys think?
  70. Fertilizer
  71. How do you clean HOB filter? (ammonia spike)
  72. Tank Maintenance
  73. Old saltwater tank causing high PH?
  74. Excel=snail control?
  75. My First planted Tank
  76. Used 120-Good Deal???
  77. New Guy!
  78. Floating plants and lighting
  79. Critique my Tank..
  80. Old bulbs causing bba?
  81. About to start a Walstad....looking for helpful critiques!
  82. My Guppies Personally Hate Me
  83. How do you think my tank is getting on?
  84. 110 gallon tall tank set up
  85. Using fluval peat/water changes
  86. Planting Dwarf Bacopa
  87. *Cool Stuff!*
  88. Aquascaping article on
  89. 10 gallon tank with T5HO 36 watt lights
  90. The Barr Report - registration/activation issue
  91. Greenish Reddish Brownish Water?
  92. Converted tank?
  93. Let's play "Name that wood!"
  94. Aquarium Plant Sellers??
  95. Giving new meaning to "high-tech"
  96. HC Browning...
  97. Sudden pleco death?
  98. Wave point replacement ballast
  99. Cichlids and plants
  100. Aquascaping tips
  101. Maintaining slopes.
  102. It's getting hot in here!
  103. Java Moss
  104. CO2 tank off gassed in car
  105. Three weeks in to a new tank - high phosphates
  106. Anyone found a trick to keep there sponge filters from clogging up so fast?
  107. Lack Of Oxygen in Tank? Oxygen Deprivation
  108. Hemianthous Cuba dry start turning yellow
  109. My First Planted Tank
  110. Research Proposal Ideas....Need some ideas!!
  111. Will I need CO2???
  112. Shipping question
  113. Something on the wood, eggs?
  114. cycling my 1st planted tank
  115. How to Know When Cycle is Done?
  116. Rimless -- is it safe?
  117. Question On Desk Lamp and Plastic Cover.
  118. High tech planted tank help?
  119. Overflow for new Tank
  120. What kind of worm is this?
  121. Refugium light time?
  122. Lead question
  123. amano shrimp dead in less than an hour
  124. driftwood rotting
  125. white flake precipitating out of Plantex solution
  126. 55 gallon aspirations
  127. Why my Rotala doesn't grow up to the surface anymore?
  128. 37 gallon rimless
  129. 10 Gallon planted tank
  130. Brown algae help!
  131. Total newby
  132. Help ID the culprit
  133. moving plants w/o moving planaria
  134. Need plant options
  135. Constant replanting to maintain scape?
  136. CO2 tank ran out - can't get to LFS
  137. Going out of town?
  138. Just a pic of my Otto chilling!!!
  139. Limestone and Sulawesi Cardinals
  140. Great Algae Eating Fish
  141. Liquid CO2 in a dirt tank. Bad Idea?
  142. How much PSI for 40b?
  143. purigen question..
  144. Cycling shrimp tank
  145. Growing high and low light plants in the same aquarium
  146. New to live plants and struggling
  147. Price advice
  148. Rocks that come in netting, are they safe?
  149. How do you make a plant dip?
  150. High tech newbie
  151. Why do people end up using CO2?
  152. What's your reg pressure? 15psi enough?
  153. about bright backgrounds
  154. How to light a 5 Gallon tank with no top?
  155. Co2 Solenoid question
  156. First rimless tank, glass movement (avoid Truaqua)
  157. Is a Marineland F15 T8 Natural Daylight
  158. Water Change Question?
  159. Planning a 27 gallon cube layout
  160. Lights with lid
  161. High low variation
  162. Anubias N needs to be rescued
  163. Lost my Apon Ulvaceus, should I pull out the bulb?
  164. Remove parasites
  165. How do you plant Micrantherum umbrosum "monte carlo"?
  166. Need some controller and cover advice please
  167. reef
  168. Slightly Brown Water?
  169. So.......goldfish?
  170. What do I do with this plant?
  171. Excess CO2 or iron causing brown leaves?
  172. How much co2 does a 2 liter DIY system put out?
  173. How much fertilizer is too much fertilizer?
  174. Brown dots on leaf
  175. stupid ? about dipping plants
  176. Cryptocoryne sp striolata Rimbas River
  177. Cryptocoryne sp Pangkal Pinang
  178. Drop in O2 levels
  179. CNN article!
  180. Noticing strange things in my tank
  181. A planted tank.... at a carwash?!
  182. Changing Filter Floss?
  183. seachem Flourish Excel Overdose
  184. Setting up 1st planted tank - with fish in it already
  185. How to prevent this?
  186. saltwater peeps
  187. Starting 5 gallon planted tank
  188. Starting 5 gallon planted tank
  189. Help! What the hell is this!
  190. Water Changes/ Parameters
  191. PH on the Rise
  192. Current substrate not compatible with fish I want to add soon.
  193. New to Dirt Tanking
  194. Megaflow drain gurgle ! Help
  195. Format changed on iPhone
  196. Drift wood collection club?
  197. Cycling question
  198. Is my tank overstocked?
  199. Shipping out LARGE fish
  200. need help for a friend
  201. How to separate sand from poop?
  202. Dabbling with planted aquariums!
  203. I know I'm gonna get mixed opinions on this..
  204. substrate layering
  205. Angelfish burying in the substrate?
  206. My fish don't seem to like their food
  207. Quarantine tanks
  208. What epoxy?
  209. Feeding Bass, Perch, and Sunfish in cold weather?
  210. What would cause the pH to raise?
  211. ammonia reading after water change
  212. I was ill - help with high nitrate in tank?
  213. Plants dying, leaves falling off or dissolving
  214. Companions for Shrimp in a 55 Gallon?
  215. Switching an Established Tank from Low to High Light
  216. CO2 for 10 gallon
  217. Wabi Kusa
  218. Max Dosing for Planted Tank?
  219. Small North American Native Pond
  220. Eliminating snails/disease from new plants
  221. Collecting driftwood
  222. Keeping male and female Bettas together
  223. Warm(treated) tap water for water changes in shrimp tanks?
  224. Tank cycle questions.....
  225. Super Bowl of Plants and Fish
  226. Bucephalandra from Indonesia
  227. Help
  228. plants for sale online
  229. Bettas in small tanks
  230. Need feedback on Automatic Fish/Coral Feeder
  231. CO2 timing
  232. Any light/hood recommendations for a 24" X12"
  233. Biotope a for small tanks?
  234. Cleaning driftwood
  235. Cuttings
  236. When and what to feed a few fry
  237. Random question!
  238. Help from pros on identification of plants
  239. Vals
  240. What should be required reading for this hobby?
  241. Apistos and shrimp in a planted tank
  242. pink spots?
  243. Schuber Wright or Fluval spec V
  244. Amanos are hardy little creatures
  245. Biosphere underwater? This product puts dry land in your tank
  246. Dont go overboard on water changes
  247. Manzanita driftwood website
  248. AqAdvisor is flawed...
  249. ocean beach rocks -- safe? part II
  250. How Do You Know a Tank Has Been Disinfected Well Enough?