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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. One of my angelfish died
  2. struggling with my tank--advice needed!
  3. Ramshorn Snail decimating only 1 plant...
  4. New plants : what to get?
  5. Help with feltiliser?
  6. New to planted tanks :-)
  7. Co2 question
  8. Ex reefer. 75gal tank
  9. java fern black spots
  10. PlantedTank Forum help me plan my next iwagumi!
  11. Planted tanks and cichlids
  12. pulled these two out of the lake, but what are they
  13. ok so here's what I bought, right stuff?
  14. What is this?
  15. How would bird droppings affect tank parameters?
  16. Looking for advice on native species tank
  17. Dosing ferts and c02 and lighting Question
  18. Green Algae problem
  19. My evil plan - looking for input.
  20. willing to let the fish die if they help temporarily
  21. Plant ID help
  22. Bore Well / RO Water and Rocks that raise PH
  23. Taking a trip, any recommendations on Vancouver aquatic supplies?
  24. Max height of subtrate
  25. Formalin and MG
  26. CO2 refill
  27. Low Tech 20g Long - A few light questions
  28. Question on filter media
  29. My co2 near death day
  30. What is wrong with my Otocinclus Catfish?
  31. Snail trap
  32. Mold of Driftwood
  33. Just a quick hood/top Question...
  34. Is this "pearling" ?
  35. Online fish ordering?
  36. Detritus Worms
  37. Thankyou all - A tank dedicated to the
  38. Freshwater tear down to Saltwater
  39. First Pic of My Tank
  40. moving a tank within the same room.
  41. Fert opinions
  42. Can I plant live plants while I am cycling my aquarium?
  43. Underwater videos
  44. Tds
  45. new tank, somehow i have ammonia AND nitrates?!?!?!
  46. can plants produce ammonia?
  47. need help plz. wc + prime right before using atm colony. is this okay?!?!
  48. GSA in the tips of stem plants, stunting them?
  49. what exactly is light feeding??
  50. Need help to id some eggs
  51. Extremely Hard Water
  52. Light Question (Bulb replacement)
  53. How many pea puffers in a 28 gallon?
  54. Stand for ADA mini m
  55. possibly too low GH/KH?
  56. Thinking about the Fluval Flora-Any Suggestions?
  57. Should I flood it or wait?
  58. Look what I got!!!!
  59. Need you're help
  60. Need help with plants!!
  61. Plant ID please!!
  62. Snails with my plants
  63. marigolds and ph
  64. scarlet temple (Alternanthera Reineckii) experience
  65. love in the time of ph (rehash)
  66. Questions about Pond Snails and MTS
  67. Low light plants
  68. co2 ph vs tapwater
  69. Filter for planted quarantine/hospital tank?
  70. Need some sump advice
  71. Printing Planted Tank Guide
  72. brown stuff in my tank
  73. Hitchhiker plant?
  74. Glowing plants
  75. How to be pest free?
  76. Cycling gone strange on me!
  77. Random Yellowing leaves and dying plants
  78. Decent ferts at a good cost
  79. Soon to be planted
  80. bolivian ram not doing to good
  81. Fluval Roma 125 Hood & Trim Removal
  82. how long BEFORE i start to see tannins releasing into my water?!?!?!
  83. How to know if you got enough lights?
  84. Where to buy a 30 gallon long
  85. Iwhat hardness question
  86. Safely Converting Stocked Tank
  87. Is this a good se
  88. Water sprite hardiness
  89. My try at Granite and Ironite
  90. Help needed for new project
  91. Oh where, oh where, can he be?
  92. Just setup a new planted tank. Not sure if it's right. Could anyone help..? Thanks
  93. Question about nitrates and fertilizer
  94. Well I guess this is the end...For a while :(
  95. Water change confusion!!
  96. Dwarf hairgrass not growing!
  97. Day at the beach, came home with some goodies (driftwood)
  98. How many Anacharis bunches for a 55?
  99. Anyone have a 30" high tank?
  100. RO/DI.. stubborn high PH?
  101. When to add fry to community tank.
  102. Moss/plants/planting advice on first tank
  103. using found rocks, what do i need to do?
  104. Best co2 regulator under $100?
  105. Getting rid of ich in planted tank?
  106. Algae or hydra?
  107. ID for my plant please!!
  108. Problem Unknown in a 75
  109. Siamese Flying Fox
  110. Need help (sick fish)
  111. 75 tank stand project completed.
  112. api fungal cure questions
  113. Fluval Vicenza 40 Gallon
  114. does it ever stop??
  115. Algae with new temp. Light set up
  116. stringy moss?
  117. help with my rescape.
  118. My wife gave me more space for tanks!
  119. GH & KH Help
  120. Excel and co2?
  121. Bah!!! Newbie here!
  122. Wait for a couple of weeks to start ferts?
  123. another dry start
  124. plant anchor question
  125. Help!!!!! Strange unusual betta behavior
  126. Lack of intelligent life on Craigslist...
  127. Suggestions on a Water Pump to Remove Water
  128. Miracle Gro Organic potting soil
  129. Help with my little Gourami
  130. Co2 causing green water
  131. Mystery insect larva eating plants! Suggestions for getting rid of these???
  132. Scrub Oak
  133. seismic concerns
  134. Bioload/Cichlid Question!
  135. Planted tank help
  136. Suction cups not sticking
  137. Java ferns growing tentacles!!!
  138. Shuffle fish between tanks?
  139. Cheap Fluval Heaters at local Petsmart.
  140. Dog sensitive to excel?!
  141. Aquarium Maintenance Fails?
  142. quick cleaning tip?
  143. Fluval Spec for the Office
  144. What livestock do I need
  145. Frogbit question
  146. new planted tank questions/help
  147. Dollar a gallon sale
  148. 30g Emergency - I think?
  149. Fin rot betta
  150. Flourish excel
  151. Help with dying plants
  152. 40b/20g sump/refugium?
  153. Eheim Replacement Tubing
  154. Help with PH
  155. Shrimp massacre
  156. deadly water change?
  157. Planting day is Tomorrow!!!
  158. How do you label your submersed plants?
  159. Hanging Bracket suggestion
  160. Freshly set up 20 long growing algae not plants
  161. Pick one: rainbow or roseline?
  162. Hoping to id this growth
  163. Micro Sword Help!!
  164. ~6 month old tank questions
  165. Can these plants do well in my tank
  166. adding CO2 to established tank
  167. Adding plants during a cycle
  168. Nualgi?
  169. Possible cure for BBA in most cases!
  170. Help with LED power supply, I dont wanna blow up!
  171. Why add fish slowly?
  172. Paying for things
  173. Have anyone used this product for shrimp?
  174. help I'm HYDRAted
  175. Help setting up new tank
  176. help ID this worm
  177. Help me decide my high tech 55g stock
  178. Bringing rocks home from mexico
  179. Otocinclus problems.
  180. Do I need a tank mat?
  181. RIP OFF!!!! ISTA Professional C02 Supply Set
  182. Moving homeowner here
  183. Dirty Work, In Need of Advice
  184. Is keeping fish inhumane?
  185. CO2 and indirect sunlight?
  186. Advice needed with stocking / shrimp / colony size
  187. Fluval peat opinions?
  188. Once and for all. WHAT KIND(S) OF ALGAE DO OTOCINCLUS EAT?
  189. Filling my 5 weeks old DSM. QUESTIONS!
  190. Nasty Dirty Substrate...
  191. help me figure this out?
  192. New to the plant life
  193. Setting up a 10 gallon tank!
  194. Wrought Iron Stands - Shim & Wood Floor Help
  195. Need help - 3 Cherry Red dead overnight
  196. No more Bucket Brigade
  197. Moving Long Distance
  198. How much Statum for 2g Spec
  199. Questions about hydrogen peroxide in the planted aquarium
  200. white spot and a tank of plants, fish and shrimp
  201. Where to buy good plants?
  202. Noob here, looking for quick basic run down of basics
  203. Ideas on how to save plant substrate
  204. Black spots on plants. CO2?
  205. Will glosso carpet in my tank?
  206. Where to buy foam to place under aquarium on stand?
  207. Water changes.
  208. My apple snails doing the nasty, lol.
  209. World's largest aquascape
  210. Questions on Mr Aqua Tank Measurements
  211. New Fish new tank
  212. glosso and hair algae ?
  213. What to adjust first--working on water and algae
  214. Would a 5 gallon planted outdoor tank work without direct sunlight?
  215. Single Fish for 30 gallon
  216. Plants melting after injecting CO2
  217. help me identify this plant
  218. CO2 level without fish
  219. I'm back after 4 years of absence and have TONS of questions
  220. New tank setup! Anything I'm missing?
  221. Hypothetical tank nightmare
  222. Took a trip, left my family in charge of my tanks. Problems. (water parameters)
  223. Algae ID please ;-)
  224. 20 gallon long should be growing, but isn't.
  225. Need to upgrade 10G to 29G without cycling
  226. What kind of snail is this?
  227. 54 corner advice, filter/ stocking/ general
  228. Where is stuff for sale
  229. help wanted for 55 gal. low tech stocking
  230. 55 gallon planted tank
  231. Adding more stock question
  232. Shipping live creatures in the mail
  233. Any Cons to a Continuous Drip Water Exchange System?
  234. What do you consider "fast" growing
  235. Augmented Filter Outflow?
  236. When to start running my CO2...
  237. Emergency
  238. Help me determine my deficiency
  239. need help new user.
  240. ballpark Co2 BPS for 110 gallon
  241. Position of eheim 2232
  242. Help with stocking
  243. Air Stone
  244. What floating plant do I need
  245. Planted tank log
  246. Water Movement
  247. Will adding an air stone help, hender, or not affect plants?
  248. Beginner in Live Plants! Seeking some advice!
  249. Fastest carpet
  250. 29g or 20g long??