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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. new to planted tank
  2. Ludwigia repens changing color?
  3. oil at the top of tank
  4. bare minimum for plants
  5. Shallow Paludarium Inhabitants
  6. the best suction cups you can find
  7. ?
  8. Does TPT have a 'quarantene' forum section?
  9. Can you over cycle a tank?
  10. Adding substrate?
  11. Algae eaters?
  12. 75 gallon 35x24 Tank Help
  13. HELP, Just realized the 75g I bought doesn't have a centerbrace!
  14. Bacteria in substrate questions
  15. 29 Gallon -- Project Sierra
  16. Help My Poor Plants!
  17. What interesting fish does your LFS have?
  18. my new project
  19. Anyone keep Amano shrimp and bettas?
  20. Strange white tiny crawling dots in aquarium
  21. Questions about ferts
  22. 25gallon cube low iron vs. reg
  23. I really need help! Should I get rid of my tank?
  24. Java moss
  25. Fishing for Bladder Snails
  26. Anyone know when the next petco dollar per gallon sale is?
  27. Fiberglass ok for inside tank?
  28. 2nd filter
  29. ideas for a raised bed for higher light plants
  30. is this a decent setup for selling some aquarium plants
  31. What do you put under your tank?
  32. So... Ich..
  33. Question regarding Clarity Plus 36g bowfront acrylic tank
  34. The story of the pregnant amano shrimp in hd
  35. So Devastated
  36. Setting up a planted tank
  37. Airstone and betta
  38. Cloudiness
  39. 75 gallon stocking question
  40. Is this BBA?
  41. Setting up new planted tank
  42. Purigen tank placement/invention/future business venture??
  43. Would I be able to grow Dwarf Baby Tears?
  44. a few questions
  45. Can I Import Algae?
  46. Worms??
  47. Bubbles in silicone joint
  48. CO2 -pre purchase question
  49. Trimming off dying plant matter?
  50. Looking to plant my goldfish's tank...
  51. Quick Start Fluid
  52. Let's play a game
  53. Tank cycled in 5 days?
  54. Non CO2 Tall Tank with Stems--Possible?
  55. Using unconventional plants to carpet
  56. Test or Check Lighting intensity
  57. Titanium Tank Safe?
  58. Securing Driftwood Together?
  59. RO wast water mineral content question
  60. Is filtering necessary in a planted tank?
  61. co2 diffuseur stainless steel
  62. how do u apply teflon tape for leaks?
  63. diatomaceous earth filters
  64. Bulkhead vs non-bulkhead
  65. Fishless cycling killing my plants, any advice?
  66. New 75 gallon set up - timing question
  67. rimless tanks and fish
  68. Marsilea Hirsuta vs Marsilea Crenata
  69. Low Tech Vs High Tech
  70. Dirted..what is mineralization?
  71. New to forum, got the bug, need some suggestions
  72. Bugs?
  73. semi-planted african cichlid tank question
  74. When should I install the Co2 system?
  75. help with my 40 breeder
  76. Help stock my 20L
  77. Return options from sump?
  78. Facing total wipeout…feedback welcomed
  79. Floor Support
  80. Big Chain Market Share and Independents
  81. Questions about my GH and KH readings
  82. otto in recently planted tank
  83. Need Ideas for Floating Plants with a Canister Filter
  84. 20 gallon L update (pictures)
  85. What should I do with my tank?
  86. What's up with these plants?
  87. Questions about Italian val
  88. I'm back in the game, and everything died
  89. co2 and tempature
  90. Week long vacation... CO2 or no CO2?
  91. Couple White Spots of Ich On Fish
  92. Pea puffer hunts and eats snail
  93. PH Question
  94. Tried diy co2, learned lesson
  95. I Did Something Stupid.
  96. Quick start up question (not your typical question:)
  97. White deposits in Lobelia
  98. Shipping ADFs
  99. Cursed tank?
  100. Advice On My Planted Set Up
  101. Plant "holding tank"
  102. Nitrate Reading...
  103. mites as food?
  104. Aphids on my floaters!
  105. 2 male apistogramma cacatuoids in the same tank good idea?
  106. Dwarf Sag carpet
  107. How bad is a one-day-only planted tank blackout?
  108. Iwagumi why?
  109. fishless cycle question
  110. Washing your hands before putting them into the tank?
  111. Missing Fish!
  112. Plant Help!
  113. plants for a very tall tank.
  114. Live streaming 120Lt planted
  115. Is this OTTO sick?
  116. Planaria or some other parasite ?(pics)
  117. help design new acrylic sump
  118. Debating Moving away from RO water need thoughts
  119. Documentary Films or "MTV Cribs: Fish Tank Edition" Shows on YouTube?
  120. bronze color on T316 SS mesh?
  121. Cleaning test vials....
  122. How much water really?
  123. Question about tanks
  124. First tank - ready to start -with MGOPM - heres my list and questions
  125. what to do with a 55?
  126. beginner seeking advice
  127. Top Glass? Yes or no
  128. The Life of My Aquarium
  129. Internal or external pump for Sump?
  130. custom built bracing aquarium
  131. problems with heater...?
  132. Water changes with no fish / high tech?
  133. removing tannins in an unfiltered aquarium
  134. Need help!
  135. Dying plants, any advice?
  136. Low Light - DIY CO2 vs CO2 Tank
  137. Are water conditioners a must?
  138. 90 Gallon - Good deal?
  139. What I spent ALL my taxes on! Thanks to TPT for making it possible!
  140. Planted Turtle Tanks
  141. Idea for potting a plant in a tank
  142. Can I cut plant roots?
  143. Going on vacation for two weeks... should I worry?
  144. Does storing tanks dry eventually cause them to leak?
  145. good algae eater for a heavily planted tank
  146. Opinions please
  147. Buying a used aquarium...
  148. Tapatalk users - Are you getting a security error on For Sale forum?
  149. Opinions and Ideas Wanted!
  150. Returning to the hobby, new tank setup
  151. Mbuna semi-planted tank
  152. Beginner advice
  153. How many tanks?
  154. My new FREE nano cubes!!!!
  155. Having trouble measuring ph
  156. 20 gallons spilled
  157. Assistance with New setup
  158. Microscope Recommendations?
  159. New set up advice
  160. how to put CO2 system onto a timer
  161. How stupid can you get?-live fish handbag at Brit awards-
  162. Amphipods
  163. Aquatic plants in nature
  164. First Plants, will they survive?
  165. Experiment
  166. Planting an aquarium for a school! Any tips?
  167. new stand options?
  168. Hidden Stick > Crypts?
  169. Starting my first real planted tank - Looking for help
  170. Check your filters!
  171. Eheim Aquastyle 9?
  172. Downsizing tanks
  173. Newbie advice
  174. Planted Tank a the garage too hot?
  175. Installing pre filter max III
  176. 28 Gallon Bow Front Tank
  177. Snapped plant roots? And plant ID please.
  178. Recommendations/Ideas "natural habitat" style setup?
  179. mulm in shrimp tank
  180. Mistakes made, lessons learned?
  181. For CO2, how long does it take before Drop checker changes color?
  182. how heavily planted is my 10g
  183. My Dario sp. jaintia Hills aka Kajol [PIC Heavy]
  184. Staurogyne Repens Melting Strangely, Possible Disease or Fungus?
  185. Ammonia spike urgent!!!
  186. 150g..No Brace
  187. holes in plants
  188. Fertilizers
  189. Fluval edge 6 gallon hard scape
  190. Healing my female badis
  191. Co2 Advice for a 20 Gallon
  192. Fish to breed in a 20 Gallon Long
  193. Aquarium pest
  194. C02 Diffusion
  195. To cover or not to cover?
  196. pH and ORP in the planted aquarium
  197. High temp control / greenhouse
  198. Almond Leave question (ID and collection)
  199. Pics of my emeresed set up and questions about fertilizing
  200. Water containing chloramine as a plant disinfectant?
  201. Newbie with a new 30 Gallon Tank
  202. Help advise jungle vals
  203. **sold**
  204. Question About Fishless Cycle
  205. Non-CO2 HC Questions
  206. Best Moss For a Moss Wall
  207. Question about removing organic waste..
  208. Questions from a beginner
  209. My first ever planted tank
  210. Help! I'm losing a Roseline Shark.
  211. 20 gal planted tank!
  212. Live streaming to Bangkok
  213. using 6.6gallon Petco Lighting to Supplement?
  214. Brackish and Breeding
  215. Build Help (mini-m)
  216. needing a top for 46 bowfront
  217. Paintball co2 on side?
  218. Thoughts on planting a goldfish tank
  219. Help save my tank--20gal planted med-high light
  220. Flourite substrate
  221. Best place to purchase a scale for shipping purposes
  222. Should I replace my tank?
  223. 48" x 4" x 4" 3.3G $52
  224. planted tank
  225. Help ID and general planting help lots of pics
  226. Aquatic Delights Offical Post Moving Thread/Story!
  227. Question regarding baby brine shrimp
  228. Is this safe for my tank?
  229. nutribase negating need for liquid fert?
  230. Bio-Load of an African Dwarf Frog
  231. 1 dollar per gallon sale at Petsmart
  232. High pH in Tap Water
  233. christmas moss turning white...
  234. Plants dying...what changed?
  235. Large pH drop?
  236. Tank without fast growing plants, algae possibilities?
  237. Algae everywhere!
  238. Only using fiber floss?
  239. New 75g setup. Is this safe?
  240. driftwood storage
  241. Buce in low tech shrimp tank?
  242. Cycling confusion
  243. Help Me Aquascape My 30 Gallon?
  244. 20L update and 10Gal. (Video)
  245. Pin holes in rotala rotundifolia
  246. long time reefer, first planted, first post-quick question
  247. Planting cyrpt
  248. What media in a Fluval fx6
  249. Driftwood has no tannins?
  250. Seachem Flourish Excel/liquid CO2