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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Should I defcon 5 this tank? *Columnaris*
  2. Fluval Spec 2 Gallon
  3. New Guppies Top Quality
  4. Witch one first???
  5. New tank old water
  6. Need Help: What's the best anti-parasite treatment?
  7. Upgrade Or Nope???
  8. what are those white worm thing in my tank?pictured
  9. What type of fish should i get
  10. Trying my hand at planted w/discus
  11. Good deal?
  12. Who programmed ?
  13. Feedback on Reboot Process
  14. Soaking Mopani Wood
  15. What tank size did you buy at PetCo $1 sale today?
  16. LED Lighting 10,50 and 90 gallon
  17. Finnex hang-on breeder weight
  18. I'm new here
  19. Weird slime in my tanks......
  20. Petco $1 per gallon sale has started in my area
  21. Plant leaves turning brown
  22. What should these tanks sell for
  23. need advice for a 46gal setup
  24. ADA no way
  25. How to fill up the empty space?
  26. Invaded by Peacock Gudgeon fry- now what?
  27. Planning my 8' high tech tank
  28. Tank Apocalypse
  29. What canister Filter?!?!
  30. A Beginner's Successes and Failures
  31. My 20 Gallon build
  32. Adding filters
  33. All Good
  34. Vibrating tank
  35. why are my plants not responding to fert dosing
  36. Look what I scored from 1956....
  37. might be a really dumb question re Prime...
  38. $1 per gallon
  39. 55 Gallon Tetra Paradise!
  40. Since were talking about aliens
  41. PPS pro dosing when out of town? Help
  42. Seed Shrimp - Good or Bad Water Quality?
  43. Led light opinion
  44. Early Xmas present
  45. Fungus on wood in conjunction with fish disease
  46. Medication to kill algae, snails etc in Qt tank?
  47. Pls help identify this creepy alien organism in my tank!
  48. What's growing on my moss? Not algae..
  49. CO2 in the wild
  50. Trying to get new tank setup, plants have holes in them
  51. ID these snails please
  52. Melon sword
  53. Which pump to choose
  54. Little white Bugs are they a threat?
  55. Dwarf hair grass planting question.. Quick
  56. Why This Hobby is Awesome
  57. Bacterial Bloom for 2 months
  58. Raok?
  59. Is there such a thing as "OLD TANK SYNDROME "
  60. New planter
  61. Anubias question
  62. Snail population boom... will this affect my cycle?
  63. Need help selecting a canister filter and inline reactor.
  64. Tank cleaning
  65. UGH need help asap if you see this thread please respond!
  66. Spare HOB
  67. 40breeder or 55g
  68. Starting out - plants not looking healthy (pics)
  69. Large, plant friendly fish for 150
  70. Should I euthanise my gudgeon??
  71. how do you guys keep your planted tank clean
  72. Begginer Planted Tank
  73. melafix question
  74. My new Savanah Driftwood
  75. Lighting
  76. Few questions before I do a dry start
  77. Using untreated well water
  78. problem with swords
  79. Liquid Fertilizers : Which is the best?
  80. first tank.. a few questions.
  81. What GPH circulation pump should I get?
  82. Doing A Complete Rescape
  83. New tank build
  84. Pressurized Co2 4 nano iwagumi
  85. Bad HC?
  86. Dithers?
  87. How to [your tank] live wallpaper for DROID
  88. Starter CO2 set
  89. Unusual problem
  90. Vacation, need opinions.
  91. How to store RO water?
  92. Pico cookie jar possibilities
  93. Setting up Co2 tomorrow-need guidance
  94. how is this for stocking ? any opinion for a 60 gallons
  95. New fish pacing like crazy...
  96. Question
  97. Nuking snails in main tank consequence?
  98. Holidays and the Planted tank
  99. What should I do--new tank input?
  100. Possible to get blackworm 'culture' growing in tank?
  101. Any good links to info
  102. probably stupid question
  103. Stubborn mineral deposit
  104. New to Plants Need some Help
  105. Water hardness, Fluval Peat Granules, and Purigen
  106. Mystery Algae??
  107. Bits of pyrite in a rock I found
  108. Aqueon Evolve Lighting?
  109. Help with plants in my 10 gallon (brown java fern, holes in anubias)
  110. branches
  111. Good book on beta care for 8 year old
  112. Planted tanks and the generosity
  113. Cloudy water
  114. New tank - Need advice
  115. opinions
  116. Should I respect Aqadvisor Water Change Schedule?
  117. 55 to 75
  118. Starting new tank and need some adviceg
  119. hydor pro 250 canister ?
  120. First "Real" Planted Tank - 75 Gallon
  121. The great moss experiment!
  122. what to do about micro bubbles?
  123. New tank questions
  124. glue driftwood to glass?
  125. Algae and algae eater?
  126. High tech with poor growth?
  127. Substitute for clearview?
  128. Keeping the Community
  129. Advice/Assessment of new 65g setup
  130. hairgrass problems turning brown/blackish and not growing
  131. Please help! New tank and weird test results.
  132. Water Parameters
  133. HELP!!!! Cloudy water
  134. emotionally attached to your fish?
  135. Tank problems
  136. Will my plants die without a heater?
  137. Java Fern Tips?
  138. New to freshwater is this algae normal?
  139. 15 gallon to play around with.
  140. Zoomed 501
  141. ADA aquasoil + moving tank
  142. Odd stem plant trimming question
  143. If you boil water first.
  144. NEWBIE 26 gallon planted tank starting all over again due to aglae hair. NEED HELP???
  145. Freshwater to Saltwater, Should I turn to the Dark Side?
  146. Moving My Tank Home
  147. Urgent request !!!
  148. My 29 gallon iwugami update video
  149. Water Change?
  150. Ever use Pink bulbs ?
  151. Water level after 25% on 90 Gallon
  152. Strangest aquarium inhabitant death you have had
  153. new start up
  154. Need help & guidance on plant health
  155. Accurately counting bubbles per second
  156. venting again
  157. Book Recomendations?
  158. Here's my tank so far
  159. Tips for planting potted crypts ...
  160. Reminder to check/replace those check valves!
  161. Ground cover help
  162. custom tank and custom filter setup
  163. Weeping Moss In Stock Fluval Spec V
  164. Local and International market oportunities
  165. Any Good Holiday Deals On Nano's?
  166. Black Walnut Driftwood
  167. Am I ok? Ammonia spike
  168. Ideas
  169. 20 Gallon High
  170. 1st REAL attempt at planted. Planning Stages, need encouragement...
  171. Aquarium Stand Options?
  172. German blue Ram trouble
  173. Need help with new sump design
  174. just venting
  175. Best way to ship plants?
  176. Follow up: is leaching MGOPS cycling my tank?
  177. Tahitian Moon Sand = Black Silica Sand?
  178. Looking for recommendations for a small bedroom and budget
  179. Tank keeping sins
  180. ROAK Conundrum
  181. Catch cory cats an other bottom feeders
  182. Another Driftwood?
  183. How long to seed new bio media in an established tank?
  184. shelving for multiple small tanks?
  185. Any reefers in PA, NJ, NYC, or CT have Soda lime ?
  186. Got my Dry Ferts.... Now what?
  187. use terrarium as aquarium.
  188. Ich in tank with plants & shrimp - Advice Please?
  189. Enjoying Your Tank - And Keeping A Light Cycle
  190. White gunk in the filter hose
  191. Cycling excitement and confusion!!!
  192. My Aqua or Current USA solana cubes
  193. Substrate dividers??
  194. Alkalinity and well water
  195. build my led and grren hair algae
  196. New 20gal
  197. spectacular fish store
  198. Best Site to Buy Driftwood
  199. Plant ID needed
  200. heater in substate?
  201. yellow tail conga tetra and angel fish?
  202. Advice needed: cycling a planted tank
  203. Overkill or not?
  204. Newish to plants, Help me understand my EI dosing
  205. New tank!
  206. Power outage what to do?
  207. Tank cycling open top vs. covered top?
  208. Power Outage!
  209. Pleco Problems
  210. Topsoil as substrate, please help!!!
  211. tank redo...question...
  212. Do people share plants?
  213. CO2/PH Question
  214. Need some help with my new plants
  215. Tunze powerhead
  216. Cannot catch fish!
  217. Evaporation rate
  218. Is My Tank Cycled?
  219. Check out this 125 g planted on u- tube
  220. High alkalinity (Kh) on plants
  221. help me pick a fish
  222. Clean plants of duckweed?
  223. Cycling Question
  224. Mesh laundry bag material aquarium safe?
  225. How long can i keep Eheim external canister off w/o loosing bb
  226. Driftwood plants
  227. Baby tears from soil?
  228. White film on water surface on the surface.
  229. 100 galon planting carpet help needed
  230. I need help from all Europe Aquarists!!!
  231. Moving the light time period.
  232. Bolivian Ram Fry
  233. Testing KH/GH with RO water
  234. Well what fish would you stock this 5 gallon tank with?
  235. Smartphone app.
  236. inspirational photos for biotopes?
  237. substrate preparation
  238. Mr Aqua tanks
  239. Harmful Worms'?!!
  240. New to the Planted world
  241. Changing from internal to external filter - media question
  242. Planaria worms
  243. What would you like to see in your LFS?
  244. Using fertile soil and fertilizing after flood
  245. How to hide a conduit?
  246. Co2 diffuser placed under canister filter intake?
  247. Came home to a disaster after the holiday
  248. Surface film
  249. photoperoid question
  250. what to boil larger pieces of driftwood in?