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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Help!! Planted tank noobie with pressurized C02.
  2. Favorite sized tank?
  3. Medicating for Ich and dark stuff coating my plants - WILL GO AWAY?
  4. Questions about household CFL lights in the planted aquarium
  5. Setting up a 20 gallon do you think my fish plan is overstocking the tank?
  6. Need a 20" x 10" hood with proper lighting for live plants
  7. Chlorinated Water Change
  8. What is exactly surface agitation and breaking the surface?
  9. Cha Cha Cha Chia pots.
  10. Interesting article for general discussion
  11. Sump suggestion
  12. First timer with questions.
  13. Tanks and stands
  14. Pros and cons on glass lids for planted tanks?
  15. kh / gh test results... seem right?
  16. New to the forum and I have some questions
  17. Good general freshwater aquarium and fish keeping book?
  18. Help with water perameters
  19. 1 Week Vacation
  20. Overflows and sumps
  21. any downside to using ferts other than cost?
  22. Green Fire Tetra & Cardinal/Neon/Black Neon Tetra
  23. dry start method
  24. Please help with tap water ph vs tank water ph. Need some advice :)
  25. Good place to buy plants online?
  26. no fish tank, what water tests do I need
  27. Found this awesome piece of driftwood today!
  28. Help with new 55 gallon
  29. Co2 at surface build up
  30. Orphek Lighting?
  31. New planted tank. Feedback?
  32. got 2 pearl gourami and 12 more cardinals
  33. Moral fish dilemma
  34. First Planted Tank..few newb questions.
  35. Help with new fish choice?
  36. Brackish plants
  37. celebration: cycle complete on day 10 using atm colony!! woohoo!!
  38. Help water temp to high !
  39. Lighting for 35 gallon Hex
  40. Building a stand for a large tank
  41. Changing from gravel to new substrate help?
  42. assassin snail diet and breeding
  43. Help! Just screwed up bigtime
  44. Why do fish just disappear?
  45. My first planted tank!
  46. Mixing Belem and Parvula?
  47. My Otos Mated, Pic of Eggs
  48. Snail ID
  49. Heater shattered
  50. How can I get rid of snails?
  51. Is LIQUID CO2 enough? How to get plants to ROOT? 60gal
  52. Anyone have 2 pairs of cichlid rams in the same tank?!?!
  53. What tank would you go with?
  54. Diy c02 is spraying tiny bubbles all over my tank. Is this correct correct?
  55. tank prices at chain stores
  56. Room temp/cold water 20 long ideas
  57. Fungus all over my tank
  58. Copepod ?
  59. Cardinal Tetras
  60. calcium/mineral/algae scraping screw-up?
  61. Rain water
  62. Planted Tank+Fish | O2 & CO2 Equilibrium
  63. Anubias Nana Emersed with Mold
  64. my tank after 1 week. pics
  65. Moving Plants Cross Country?
  66. Canopy and Light
  67. new setup questions
  68. Potted Plants
  69. Sump Size?
  70. petsmart/national geographic
  71. Anyone have luck with Deepblue t5 lights?
  72. Filter always on?
  73. T5 HO question
  74. Water wisteria
  75. Aquarium type??
  76. Bigger Filter or Power Head?
  77. Maximize your Aquarium Lighting !
  78. Which subtrate for 100 g planned tank
  79. New plants: hours of light per day?
  80. Faily proud of myself
  81. I'm an idiot
  82. Grocery Store Types of Water
  83. Questions about Maracyn
  84. What's wrong with my leaves?
  85. DIY Driftwood questions
  86. Fish that will keep RCS population in control?
  87. Seed shrimp?
  88. 30" Jungle Val in a 1.75g vase
  89. Bob's Tropical Plants? Recent purchases, anyone?
  90. Aqueon 25 gallon planted kit....
  91. Haven't cycled a new tank in quite some time....
  92. DSM for HC. How soaked does ADA soil need to be?
  93. Need your help Guru's
  94. May I ask "why"?
  95. Tank photos with lots of verticle driftwood
  96. What is this?
  97. Cardinal Tetras with Brownish Bellies
  98. New Tank setup - Please help
  99. New Tank setup - Please help
  100. I'm going to do it..Help me choose
  101. nutrafin kh and GH test kit. how to use properly?!?!!
  102. Question: Where is BB from the cycle kept?!
  103. Quarantine tank options
  104. Green and Brown Spot on the glass
  105. Staurogyne Repens Help.
  106. tank size
  107. Mold on DRY Driftwood
  108. suggestions
  109. What do you do with extra/unwanted fish?
  110. Dead or not
  111. CO2 level and plant mass?
  112. Need help with new tank set up.
  113. Types of water during changes?
  114. Freshwater Live Rock and Pre Cycled Water?
  115. POOR MANS Aquarium-Equepment Thead! No Shame here!
  116. Anyone on here in/around Yellowstone?
  117. General advice/critique
  118. Fishless cycling is a fast, efficient and humane process of ...
  119. Cold water plants
  120. New marine Aquarium
  121. No fish - Re cycle?
  122. Whats with the light "grids" I see
  123. Need help recognizing rocks for my new tank
  124. How does a fishbowl planted tank work?
  125. Hardscape
  126. Water Softener, bypass only for cold water
  127. Water test (PH, KH, etc) on compressed CO2 planted aquarium
  128. CFL 100w 23w which is it for the WPG rule
  129. Hair like algae problem
  130. Anyone know what is this? Hundred on my tank
  131. My LFS wants to sell me something
  132. which can/will live submerged and which can't
  133. is co2 worth it?
  134. The mystery of my plants
  135. Trying out a new toy
  136. My Secret Weapon For Killing Algae
  137. Weird Orangish Strands
  138. The Frusteration Continues
  139. Poll: How many first have you lost (died)
  140. One of my angelfish died
  141. struggling with my tank--advice needed!
  142. Ramshorn Snail decimating only 1 plant...
  143. New plants : what to get?
  144. Help with feltiliser?
  145. New to planted tanks :-)
  146. Co2 question
  147. Ex reefer. 75gal tank
  148. java fern black spots
  149. PlantedTank Forum help me plan my next iwagumi!
  150. Planted tanks and cichlids
  151. pulled these two out of the lake, but what are they
  152. ok so here's what I bought, right stuff?
  153. What is this?
  154. How would bird droppings affect tank parameters?
  155. Looking for advice on native species tank
  156. Dosing ferts and c02 and lighting Question
  157. Green Algae problem
  158. My evil plan - looking for input.
  159. willing to let the fish die if they help temporarily
  160. Plant ID help
  161. Bore Well / RO Water and Rocks that raise PH
  162. Taking a trip, any recommendations on Vancouver aquatic supplies?
  163. Max height of subtrate
  164. Formalin and MG
  165. CO2 refill
  166. Low Tech 20g Long - A few light questions
  167. Question on filter media
  168. My co2 near death day
  169. What is wrong with my Otocinclus Catfish?
  170. Snail trap
  171. Mold of Driftwood
  172. Just a quick hood/top Question...
  173. Is this "pearling" ?
  174. Online fish ordering?
  175. Detritus Worms
  176. Thankyou all - A tank dedicated to the
  177. Freshwater tear down to Saltwater
  178. First Pic of My Tank
  179. moving a tank within the same room.
  180. Fert opinions
  181. Can I plant live plants while I am cycling my aquarium?
  182. Underwater videos
  183. Tds
  184. new tank, somehow i have ammonia AND nitrates?!?!?!
  185. can plants produce ammonia?
  186. need help plz. wc + prime right before using atm colony. is this okay?!?!
  187. GSA in the tips of stem plants, stunting them?
  188. what exactly is light feeding??
  189. Need help to id some eggs
  190. Extremely Hard Water
  191. Light Question (Bulb replacement)
  192. How many pea puffers in a 28 gallon?
  193. Stand for ADA mini m
  194. possibly too low GH/KH?
  195. Thinking about the Fluval Flora-Any Suggestions?
  196. Should I flood it or wait?
  197. Look what I got!!!!
  198. Need you're help
  199. Need help with plants!!
  200. Plant ID please!!
  201. Snails with my plants
  202. marigolds and ph
  203. scarlet temple (Alternanthera Reineckii) experience
  204. love in the time of ph (rehash)
  205. Questions about Pond Snails and MTS
  206. Low light plants
  207. co2 ph vs tapwater
  208. Filter for planted quarantine/hospital tank?
  209. Need some sump advice
  210. Printing Planted Tank Guide
  211. brown stuff in my tank
  212. Hitchhiker plant?
  213. Glowing plants
  214. How to be pest free?
  215. Cycling gone strange on me!
  216. Random Yellowing leaves and dying plants
  217. Decent ferts at a good cost
  218. Soon to be planted
  219. bolivian ram not doing to good
  220. Fluval Roma 125 Hood & Trim Removal
  221. how long BEFORE i start to see tannins releasing into my water?!?!?!
  222. How to know if you got enough lights?
  223. Where to buy a 30 gallon long
  224. Iwhat hardness question
  225. Safely Converting Stocked Tank
  226. Is this a good se
  227. Water sprite hardiness
  228. My try at Granite and Ironite
  229. Help needed for new project
  230. Oh where, oh where, can he be?
  231. Just setup a new planted tank. Not sure if it's right. Could anyone help..? Thanks
  232. Question about nitrates and fertilizer
  233. Well I guess this is the end...For a while :(
  234. Water change confusion!!
  235. Dwarf hairgrass not growing!
  236. Day at the beach, came home with some goodies (driftwood)
  237. How many Anacharis bunches for a 55?
  238. Anyone have a 30" high tank?
  239. RO/DI.. stubborn high PH?
  240. When to add fry to community tank.
  241. Moss/plants/planting advice on first tank
  242. using found rocks, what do i need to do?
  243. Best co2 regulator under $100?
  244. Getting rid of ich in planted tank?
  245. Algae or hydra?
  246. ID for my plant please!!
  247. Problem Unknown in a 75
  248. Siamese Flying Fox
  249. Need help (sick fish)
  250. 75 tank stand project completed.