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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Betta Has one of two illnesses
  2. Eggs
  3. New Setup, Need advice
  4. Wood identification
  5. Dry start method. Opinions?
  6. Unknown Small crawler
  7. Is this wild lidwigia?
  8. Ick cure?
  9. Please help
  10. 20G “High” Tech, power head on or off at night?
  11. Larva/worm identification
  12. Maintenance and Equipment Discussion- Green Aqua Video
  13. Risk of disturbing substrate in shrimp tank
  14. Need some suggestions?
  15. New setup
  16. 20G Long re-scaping ideas
  17. Fatty Bettas
  18. Cuttlebone
  19. yoguty method for moss
  20. Tanks in College
  21. growing tips for a begginer
  22. Purigen + tannins + pH stability
  23. RODI and pH injection
  24. 45 Gallon Rimless Cube stocking
  25. Hello!!! New member, new Vivarium build
  26. And the best snail eater is: drumroll
  27. My algae disappeared over night
  28. Please help. Out of ideas 😞
  29. Ideas?
  30. Really confused at this point....
  31. Liquid Rock in Texas
  32. Move Media
  33. Extreme pearling and bubbles formation. Please Advise.
  34. New tank cycling - how am i doing?
  35. Rocks from LA beach
  36. Superglue Question
  37. Leveling Question
  38. Fluval edge 6 gal discontinued?
  39. Anyone ever seen this before?
  40. What’s in your canisters?
  41. Planting aqua seeds...any experience?
  42. Stand help. Floor not level.
  43. Reduced growth
  44. Show Me Your Tanks!
  45. 10g stocking planning
  46. Levelling 36" bookshelf aquarium ideas?
  47. I wanna see your black sand!
  48. Sandfall
  49. Fluval 3.0 owners.. question
  50. Couple More Questions
  51. Need Advice for built in overflow
  52. Upgrading from 29G to 75G
  53. Are these eggs?
  54. Waste Issue
  55. Floating particals?
  56. Seltzer water to Kill SCUDS?
  57. Do you quarantine your plants?
  58. Looking for I.D. and solution.
  59. Attaching moss to rounded ends of bonsai?
  60. Hazelnut branches. Are they safe for aquarium use?
  62. Free/repurposed/bargain equipment and maintenance tools
  63. How To: Planted Discus Fish Tank Maintenance
  64. Looking for emersed growth plants to work in fish bowl
  65. Changing tank paradigms.
  66. Calculating UPS Backup Runtime?
  67. Before and after of my tank after catastrophe
  68. How To Aquascape A Modified Nano Tank
  69. Baby coldwater fish in warm water tank?
  70. You tell me.....
  71. Long lasting(no muddying ) substrate for all types of plants.
  72. Need help identifying white gel bubbles please
  73. First big tank ! 125 gal. General advice and plant/fish stockinh
  74. Planting a Ten Gallon Betta Tank: Help?
  75. 120 Hi-Tech Planted
  76. DIY citric Acid co2 without pressure gauge, has anyone tried this?
  77. Week 1 Update: Budget, No tech, No Filter, No Heater, No Ferts, No co2: Walstad Metho
  78. How to clean cartridge without losing BB
  79. Sanity checking my numbers
  80. Went from fuzzy fungus of driftwood to white spores
  81. 8 Weeks Progress Pics: Discus Tank
  82. Tips for tank overhaul
  83. Tips for Cycling my First High Tech Nano?
  84. Detritus worms in filter!
  85. Very cloudy new setup
  86. Reeftank
  87. Freshwater Pods
  88. Help! Surprise miracle fry
  89. 30 Gal Low Tech Tank
  90. Water change Blackwater tank
  91. ID possible pest please
  92. app or program to cataloge plants?
  93. Waterproof electric razors for trimming plants
  94. Black film on rock
  95. Blackwater Shallow: Update 2.0
  96. Help- are my tank seams ok?
  97. Turpentine!
  98. Does yeast co2 release anything other than co2 into the tank?
  99. Upgrading From 60 To 120 Gallons
  100. Thoughts on Bacteria Die off?
  101. Activated carbon filter media: good or bad for initial setup?
  102. Planted tank: water clarity after setup.
  103. Can a tank survive with little/no maintenance?
  104. How to clean a tank with little uns???
  105. Setting up tank soon - advice?
  106. What's the best temperature for a planted tank/terrarium?
  107. Best Liquid Fert?
  108. Non-Co2 Planted Tank Build Questions
  109. Heater in running co2 planted aquariums
  110. Dead Fish, Shrimp Feasting
  111. A new beginning
  112. Lessons Learned. Things to do and what not to do.
  113. No Filter, No Heater, No co2, No Ferts. Walstad Nano Betta Fish Tank
  114. Seller wants money before draining.
  115. silicone joints in corner of tank - how weak?
  116. Temperature related issues?
  117. What’s your favorite indicator plant?
  118. Wy the none help replys on this Forum
  119. Switch to tap, now diatoms.
  120. Frustrating fishless cycle
  121. Dwarf Sag, Metricide/Easy Green Dosing, and Lighting
  122. Video of my 3 aquariums currently running
  123. Tank Smells Like Chemicals
  124. I'm giving up on dirt tanks.
  125. NEW Aqueon Frameless Aquariums
  126. Chemiclean
  127. High phosphates and plants growth
  128. What changes should I make?
  129. Freshwater Refugium
  130. How To Build: DIY Rustic Style Fish Tank Stand
  131. ADA Amazonia, fishless cycling, need some clarity.
  132. Aquarium Salt
  133. How have i only just found this site!!! Discus Tank pics
  134. How to dose meds?
  135. Carbon filter; good or bad?
  136. Re-scaping?
  137. New fees on "Foreign" transactions?
  138. Help Identifying fungus?
  139. Just wanted to brag!!
  140. New
  141. help identifying a fish
  142. Cycling New Planted Tank
  143. First Attempt at Dirted Tank, Have a Couple Questions
  144. Fish Dying Daily After Move Please Help
  145. Newbie having issues with Amazonia soil and algae growth
  146. Choosing tank size?
  147. rescaping, soil disaster
  148. A question of opinion
  149. Advice Needed, Urgently.
  150. introduction
  151. Stocking advice/suggestions wanted. Nuvo Black 20
  152. 12 gallon long.
  153. Need some advice here
  154. 4 Weeks Hi-tech and no progress?
  155. Water conditioners and UV filtration
  156. Black Mushroom looking plant growing on Driftwood
  157. Feeding Tips
  158. Is Ghostwood safe for aquarium?
  159. My Very First Aquascape
  160. Need some help with new tank
  161. Co2 running with no light
  162. "Heavy Root Feeders"
  163. The Fish Is Salty
  164. New tank, plants delayed, need your advice ASAP!
  165. Algae wafers
  166. Starting to use CO2 - tips?
  167. New planted tank
  168. co2 bell makes plant pearl?
  169. Anyone Do Aquaponics?
  170. preparations
  171. Damn Son
  172. New Thought
  173. Hardness (KH and GH) and plants
  174. In a bit of a pickle
  175. pauladium
  176. Pimafix and Melafix, caution to anyone using them
  177. Thoughts on an Aquarium Setup for the sake of a noob
  178. Current ugf tank looking to grow moss
  179. Low Tech, Anyone?
  180. Blank canvas for a newby
  181. Build a 400 Gallon fish tank
  182. Forests Underwater by Takashi Amano
  183. New 29 gallon with driftwood
  184. My 90*45*45(cm)
  185. Help Save My Disaster
  186. Time to remove the driftwood?
  187. Planted live food green water tank project
  188. Adding fish to a planted tank
  189. Jumping Fish (Again)
  190. Converting a tank
  191. Rip Off
  192. Tank Viability
  193. A planted tank with green water and live food
  194. Longest you've gone without water changes/maintenance
  195. Backround needed?
  196. Do Java and Christmas moss get along?
  197. Made a mistake and my fish all got sick. What next?
  198. Dehumidifier water in your aquarium.
  199. How does Ammonia neutralizing crystals work?
  200. Does FURAN-2 kill beneficial bacterial in the filter?
  201. DIY CO2 method...yay or nay?
  202. Is this carpeting or the start of maybe?
  203. Need an advice about cycle
  204. Fishies in a Can
  205. What would you add?
  206. Best method for flow in nano aquarium?
  207. Is this Fugus?
  208. Making stand Taller & Earthquake straps or cabinet anchors?
  209. Result of 6 months of patience = maintenance questions
  210. White fluff balls?
  211. Brown fog
  212. Advice for flooding after DSM?
  213. Post DSM Questions (Photoperiod, Ferts)
  214. Simple FOWLR tank advice?
  215. Failing on Planted Tank
  216. Planted tank not thriving but I think the NPK levels are reasonable
  217. Can't get rid of ich
  218. Vacation dosing
  219. Are Minerals on lava rock safe?
  220. Advice on 18g planted tank
  221. Help with maintenance
  222. Lake Salt Additive
  223. What Happened to my Fry ?
  224. Overgrowing plants.
  225. Okay what in the world are these?
  226. Amazon Prime Day!
  227. How to get rid of cotton or web-like growth in the tank
  228. Ordering plants in hot weather
  229. Question about new Cycle
  230. DIY Background DRYLOK CLEAR
  231. Badis and shrimp questions.
  232. green on driftwood
  233. Getting a 40b can I use my current filters?
  234. Fat sale
  235. Large peaceful fish for planted tank.
  236. shipping
  237. Hornworts
  238. Leak in 110g acrylic aquarium
  239. First (and New) Tank and Progress
  240. Planaria or detritus or ???
  241. Hob filter
  242. Able to post again but still problems
  243. Rookie Issues & Questions
  244. 6.3g Bookshelf Nano: Planning the Setup
  245. Can I get away with this stock plan?
  246. What are the best plants for bettas
  247. Shifting light schedule?
  248. Stocking advice needed for new tank
  249. Restricted flow on filter
  250. I could use some advice on how to clean up my algae farm