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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. pH creeping up to 8.1
  2. new tank , helpppp
  3. Removed
  4. Aquariums + Water Softeners = ???
  5. Nana Petite?
  6. Advice for Starting a Planted Tank
  7. Looking for some Advice
  8. Help, crisis in nursery tank 😩
  9. Planted Tank Beginner and Algae Issues
  10. How does everyone feel about copepods
  11. Have had a tank for several years, finally want to try to kick it up a notch.
  12. Smell coming from between fish tank and aquarium stand...
  13. Books
  14. Question about links
  15. CO2 Diffuser Placement
  16. When to add Clean Up Crew
  17. Our Fish Are Astronauts - Really!
  18. Transfer Filter Media or Use two Filters?
  19. New Hobbyist with a Planted Tank || Advice?
  20. FW Clean up crew and Beneficial Bacteria?
  21. Emergency prepped?
  22. Shrimp tank web cam testing
  23. Livning Lines in lines? In my lily pipes- so prolly in the tank
  24. Priming this Canister- PLEASE clarify
  25. Fluval AquaSky settings
  26. Getting back into it
  27. keep canister or go hob, stuck in quagmire
  28. CO2 mist suddenly stops
  29. Monte Carlo grass
  30. Qestion about Large planted tanks
  31. Red worm
  32. Glass box rescue, share your stories
  33. damseldevils
  34. HALP! Power Outage!
  35. New tank, reduce photoperiod or led intensity?
  36. Looking for some help
  37. How to fix this situation
  38. Guppy Fail
  39. Help Choosing A Second Schooling Fish!
  40. stocking 55g advice?
  41. Shrooms on my tank....
  42. What to do about mystery fish in invert only tank?
  43. co2 and vacation
  44. Erythromycin treatment in planted tank?
  45. Bioload maxed out?
  46. Planting into Fluval Stratum
  47. Cycling planted tank
  48. Help! Plumbing issues.
  49. Favorite tank size?
  50. Waterproofing product that won't harm inverts / plants.
  51. Planted 90 gallon tank
  52. New 3.5 gallon nano setup w/pics
  53. Ridiculous tank
  54. How many plant species is too much for a tank?
  55. total newbie, going from reef to FW
  56. North California, Driftwood Collection Places.
  57. Need advise please
  58. I have never seen this in an aquarium...
  59. Recycling Reef/Old Equipment
  60. Give Me Courage (and advice)!
  61. New Filter on Old Tank and vice versa
  62. Pre Filter from Amazon
  63. ID Please?
  64. Seachem Prime
  65. SAE ate adult RCS?
  66. MTS incoming!
  67. Aqueon 75G corners not touching stand
  68. A few questions
  69. Adding a school to a 55 (pics included)
  70. How to Download an Entire Thread W/Photos?
  71. Naja grass and hornwort
  72. My first tank in about 10 years.
  73. Starting over
  74. Need info regarding new tank cycle
  75. Can you instantly cycle your new filter this way?
  76. 33 Long vs 40 Long
  77. A Disaster Story
  78. Foam filters when off
  79. Need help controlling water temp so I can add fish
  80. Left the hobby for a while, looking to get my feet wet again
  81. How many bubbles per second?
  82. Twinstar/Chihiros Algae Inhibitors
  83. Price Premium of Rimless Aquariums
  84. Black dust in my tank?
  85. A few days away, and everything crashed, advice please
  86. Ideas for stocking a new 75g planted tank
  87. New Setup
  88. Breaking surface tension and my new scape
  89. flood light for planted tank
  90. New Shrimp Tank/Buce and Anubias Tank
  91. Overstocked tanks?
  92. Advice allocating $1k budget for new tank?
  93. Company for custom aqaurium? unique size...
  94. Golden Pearls Food- Review?
  95. So many choices...
  96. BB or Nasty growth?
  97. Bio Hel-x tray on new Canister vs. choice of foam
  98. Need advice on upgrading from 20 gallon to 75 gallon.
  99. Need advice on filtration options.
  100. TetraPro Crisp Issues
  101. Beginner, new tank, is it doing well?
  102. 225 Gallon Questions
  103. Fish for a 75g planted tank
  104. Fluval Stratum and Snail shells
  105. Plumbing two tanks together
  106. Tankpocalypse Help
  107. Thinking about starting over.
  108. Does anyone know off-hand....
  109. Opinions on restocking
  110. Introduction/Issues
  111. Old member returning - state of the hobby?
  112. Give me some ideas 45g tall?
  113. Opinion on stand?
  114. First tank looking for direction and advice.
  115. Anything else for my Amazon cart?
  116. What would you need to know to combine a planted tank with a snake vivarium?
  117. Building a 300 Gal setup Input would be appreciated.
  118. Waterlogging Driftwood
  119. difference between pleco & algae wafers?
  120. Help! New tank problems
  121. Pellets vs. Flakes
  122. How do you calculate the height of water over a baffle?
  123. Huge canister on nano tank?
  124. Condensation on Glass Lid
  125. Some questions on my tank design
  126. Cloudiness, Be Gone!
  127. Will it grow into a butterfly????
  128. Mystery worms
  129. Crystal clear water
  130. Algae scraper vs Magnet
  131. Aquarium dilemma!!! Power outtage
  132. Air stone
  133. Holiday for 5 days
  134. Advice Requested: Plant now or wait?
  135. Can Corydoras Or Kuhli Loaches Ruin My Substrate Design?
  136. Tank stands
  137. Light intensity vs duration
  138. Need help balancing my tank!
  139. Worth it to go from low tech to high tech?
  140. Let's play: Brilliant or Buffoon.
  141. Identify this bug
  142. Who bred in my hillstream tank??
  143. Wierd plant
  144. 55 Gallon Planted Aquarium
  145. 42 Hex Aquarium Rehoming
  146. Help!! Melting crypts and algae
  147. Brackish water... are these snails doing what I think they are?
  148. Eggshells elevating Silicates, causing Diatoms?
  149. Silicone vs hot glue for stones.... ??
  150. Found lake stone- beneficial bacteria?
  151. Water Flow/ Surface Agitation With Floating Plants
  152. Help! New here but not new to aquariums
  153. How do you get stems to STAY PUT?
  154. Live food- Quantity consumed vs sustainable
  155. is AguaScape the Man? YES he is the Man!
  156. 40-50 g Plans
  157. DIY CO2 help please...
  158. Can you hipnotize fish? Racy post warning
  159. Bacterial Bloom
  160. Excel bad for lawns?
  161. help!
  162. Planted Tank Woes... (or before I throw in the towel)
  163. New High Tech 26G Office Tank, Need Some Advice and Suggestions
  164. What tank to get
  165. New Member - meet my forest tank Aquarithum
  166. Best plants for a jungle tank?
  167. Am I missing something
  168. Fluval 3.0
  169. Whats going on with my substrate?
  170. Dosing to make up for CO2?
  171. Can someone help me ID this drift wood?
  172. Setting Up Co2 for the first time
  173. Going Glass!? does this all fit together?
  174. New to this whole thing
  175. Need more appropriate tank- larger!
  176. CO2 Drop checker question
  177. "Wild Caught" Sun Bleached Wood for Tank?
  178. filtration? is this acceptable
  179. Stocking Questions-the bug came back!
  180. Heater musings
  181. What can you add into an aquarium?
  182. PopEye at Quarantine
  183. Almost Cycled! Dont want to mess up now...Help Requested
  184. Newbie starter on a planted tank!!
  185. Raising temperature 2 with pressurized CO2
  186. Alien white fungus
  187. I made a mistake.
  188. What is dragonstone ohko rock?
  189. Cheers planted tanks !
  190. Vacuum Frequency with Aquasoil
  191. 55 gallon vs 20 gallon for 5 yoyo loaches
  192. High organics solutions needed
  193. Purigen for Planted tank?
  194. Looking for stocking suggestions.
  195. 125 Gallon tank with 2 holes in the bottom of each side
  196. Test water prior to flooding?
  197. Coast Gem USA review
  198. Risers for fluval 3.0 led
  199. Long time reader, First time poster. My tank needs serious help
  200. What are these bugs?
  201. Comparative 'tanks'
  202. 90 Gallon High Tech Heavily Planted Community Tank Stocking
  203. Stumped - Need help on Planted Tank
  204. Stumped - Need help on Planted Tank
  205. Help with 150 gallon planted aquirium
  206. Sunlight to this aquarium
  207. Something chewing on my plants?
  208. What could this be?
  209. Am i doing this right? DSM
  210. Want to get back into planted tanks- 10 gallon
  211. Advice for Planted Tank
  212. Instant Tank Cycling
  213. Advice on CO2 setup
  214. Co2 AND pH QUESTION
  215. Help with new planted tank
  216. Eggshell use? and Banana plants reproduction?
  217. Co2 diffuser question
  218. Canadian Plant Websites
  219. Does the C02 regulator 3500 PSI can handle 5L or 7.2L of c02 steel cylinder?
  220. Several questions as a beginner in planted tanks
  221. Aquarium stand questions
  222. What smart outlet are you running?
  223. Water Change Tip
  224. CO2 won't flow when restarting solenoid
  225. Upgrading from 10 to 29 cycling question
  226. Worms!?
  227. Need rimless advice
  228. Need suggestions for 22L
  229. A discussion about hitch-hikers...
  230. Does this look normal?
  231. Aquarium Plenum
  232. New Tank Suggestion/ Questions
  233. Oodinium without Host
  234. 40 gallon breeder or 30 Gallon breeder
  235. Beginner Low-Tech-ish Questions
  236. Ick problem
  237. Is 100% algae free possible?
  238. Help Me Redesign an Old All-In-One Saltwater Tank
  239. Slimy smelly tank
  240. What are you looking for? Need to pick your brains.
  241. Necrotic pinholes in older leaves of Hygro pinna
  242. Bacterial bloom
  243. Aquaone Aqua Vogue 245L (65USG)
  244. Dr fish Versus SAE
  245. Does this look like....
  246. New to aquascaping
  247. Sand divider?
  248. Diatoms and Filter Media Concern for Cycling New Tank
  249. Substrate Nutrients
  250. When to Plant?