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  1. Need help !
  2. New aquarium please help!
  3. oto or Chinese algae eater ? I'd please
  4. Snake Visits Refugium
  5. Hemianthous Cuba melting! Please Help!
  6. Stocking My 7.9 Fluval Flora
  7. Just gathering information - direct me to the best books/websites/etc on the followin
  8. Newb to Planted tanks
  9. black beard algae
  10. Flora and fauna themed shirts?
  11. Newcomer question
  12. my tank update 2 week c02
  13. Tank update 1..Amano shrimps are eating my glosso?
  14. Can I Modified c02 fluval 88 kit ?
  15. What's a good sand sifter?
  16. CO2 Regulator
  17. Good sources to learn about authentic fresh and brackish water ecosystems?
  18. Repashy super green or soilent green
  19. do I want to keep this paddle-wheel thingy
  20. Electrical question
  21. Does My New 7.9 Need To Cycle?
  22. CO2 question
  23. [s]low tech vs high tech experiment[/s] Now just low cost, hi-tech plant shenanagins
  24. Everything is suffering. What am I doing wrong?
  25. National Geographic line
  26. my CO2 system arrived, but how does it go together?
  27. HELP! My Axolotl's!
  28. >_< New Tank, New stuff, AND SNAILS
  29. microfauna in a dipperful of seawater
  30. Dosing Ferts in a Black Water tank.
  31. What size for Returns?
  32. Best Substrate for Carpeting (Not Messy)
  33. Cool surprise in my tank :) help me id, please.
  34. Final Sump layout
  35. Dipping plants in bleach
  36. Are these plants totally dead?
  37. Big tanks or small tanks, what do you prefer?
  38. S. Repens choke out DHS
  39. LFS ordering plants for you?
  40. plants melting! do I need to buy ferts? & oodinium in fishless tank question
  41. Best Substrate for contstant replanting?
  42. What is considered an established tank?
  43. A curious thing
  44. Gourami Male Aggression Toward The Female... I might have a Solution, Thoughts?
  45. bba coming back should I be worried?
  46. Water changes after heavy rains.
  47. Id those plants plz???
  48. New 20H Planted Tank
  49. question about stands
  50. Lighting help 55 gal planted tank
  51. How often do you feed?
  52. What am I doing wrong?
  53. Floating plant matter
  54. Gahh - Brown Algae!
  55. New to planted tanks
  56. Foggy glass
  57. A bit of sad news :( Advice wanted please.
  58. How annoyed are you by photo theft?
  59. How do I dose CO2?
  60. how much kno3 to dose in my 75g??
  61. Anyone have bucephalandra?
  62. Yet another hairgrass carpet question
  63. Fish dying
  64. Fish Safe Cleaning substances (for RO tank)?
  65. Stocking Mr. Aqua 12 Long
  66. API Furan 2 for Columnaris?
  67. White fuzz
  68. Bye Bye, Bucket Brigade!
  69. Fluval Flora or Spec-V?
  70. Weights on Hygrophila Rosanervis
  71. Brown algae everywhere!!
  72. refugium or not in sump?
  73. Plants Dying
  74. Escapees - Help
  75. duckweed to control algae?
  76. suggestions for co2 equipment
  77. tank update 5 gallan: picters now added :)
  78. Slow down plant growth
  79. Walstad method, what am I missing?
  80. Blackout
  81. Plant identification
  82. Killing scuds with CO2
  83. Consistent surface disturbance?
  84. Vintage/MCM/Retro tank stands?
  85. 60 gallon planted tank HELP
  86. Aquarium salt and plants.
  87. Please help ID this critter, driving me nuts!!
  88. Columnaris treatment?
  89. CO2 safety?
  90. what to feed otos
  91. My limiting factor?
  92. cold winter an co2 production?
  93. Bed bug treatments and aquariums?
  94. Planted newbie
  95. Aquavas - First Look
  96. A Way To Make a Rex Reactor Quieter
  97. Worms?
  98. Fluval FX5 on 46 gallon?
  99. Found a new Critter
  100. Found an easy way to clean duckweed
  101. Is this going to be an issue?! If so would any of these solutions work?!?!
  102. purigen reactor?
  103. fine sand affectin plant grow?
  104. co222222s workin :)
  105. new plants from river
  106. Who here has used hydrogen peroxide successfully?
  107. Complete newbie! Two questions!
  108. Water change/trimming questions
  109. What is this and how do I get rid of it?
  110. Planting tools
  111. Do I really need c02? Is Flourish Comp going to be enough? (Long term)
  112. not wasting the 2 cups of sugare for diy co2 alcaholic beverage
  113. heater complication 1 tank or the other :(
  114. Ideal GH
  115. What the heck is this purple mess?
  116. Upgrading Tanks
  117. Cloudy water
  118. Leaves turning brown and dying.
  119. Could I Add More Rasboras?
  120. Important questions about zebra danios!
  121. Rotting or Diatoms?
  122. Who does the really big summer sale?
  123. heater no heatin :( !!!
  124. Need advice for a good background plants.
  125. co2?
  126. puttin you hand intnak
  127. Best way to completely diffuse co2 into tank?
  128. Harlequin Rasbora questions
  129. Poison in some Omega-One fish foods?
  130. Online Fish Marketplace?
  131. CO2 diffuser as Air Stone
  132. No NitrItes but tons of NitrAtes
  133. Stalled Cycle?
  134. What do you guys feed your tropical fish?
  135. Win a 6 gallon bookshelf Mr. Aqua Rimless. Sticker design contest. Enter now!
  136. Wanting to upgrade a tank. Help?
  137. need help please
  138. Sump Layout
  139. Wanting to try pressurized co2 but some problems
  140. 36 inch tanks
  141. what's the next step?
  142. Bga betta tank
  143. Need help identifying and saving plant :(
  144. my bad mistake or good choice ? lighting for 5 gallon low tech tank
  145. Cycling a planted tank and getting cloudy water...
  146. what are good numbers?
  147. I.d on whatever is growing.
  148. Expedit, now Kallax Stand?
  149. More Lights or CO2 Injection?
  150. Plastic Metaframe???
  151. Driftwood Won't Stop Floating?
  152. Looking for shrimp goodies
  153. very UP CLOSE and personal pics of my sick / stressed ram. Notice anything?!?!
  154. umm what is this?!
  155. Do Metal Out/In Pipes Exist Anymore??
  156. Unexplained Sky High Nitrates
  157. My tank!
  158. 20 gallons. it can't be this hard, can it?
  159. Can I use something else for DIY root tabs instead of gel capsules?
  160. diy co2 and running airstone at night.
  161. Vertically segmented tank?
  162. Guppy or Planted Shrimp Tank?
  163. Supplement light to Current Led Plus Light
  164. Planted 75 Gallon - Now I need help keeping things alive!
  165. Help me please!
  166. Random plants I have been given and a few i pulled from my outdoor pond
  167. Latest on my tank.
  168. First planted tank, 20 gallon, anubias, tetras, gourami
  169. Dwarf Gourami care questions
  170. First planted tanks and have a couple issues 30gallon
  171. Is some co2 better than no co2?
  172. Fluval C-Series Power Filters
  173. Biotope aquariums; On location
  174. Why Keep Assassin Snails in a Planted tank?
  175. 1st planted tank multiple issues need suggestions
  176. Jumped the Gun on Plant buying and now need advice.
  177. Any plant recommendations for this sparsely planted, new 60g?
  178. Big Tank in Little Apartment
  179. Ammonia doesn't decrease?!?!
  180. Will red light cause emergent growth submersed
  181. Questions about Black Ruby Barbs
  182. NEED SOME HELP QUICK! Golden Ram lost most of her colour and breathing heavily
  183. New 10 Gallon!
  184. Dwarf baby tears tips
  185. Excel- API Co2 Booster?
  186. Broadleaf low tech low light plant?
  187. Excel vs co2?
  188. Help me on my 3rd attempt on a planted tank
  189. problems or ease in growing certain plants
  190. Cheap Black substrate in UK?
  191. My first tank, 75G Planted Jungle! Week 5 update :)
  192. new tanks at Petsmart
  193. CO2 questions & carpeting with Geophagus?
  194. Recommendations for Water Filter
  195. Is it normal for pH to rise during the day?
  196. Can anyone Recommend a Good/Cheap Bubble Counter?
  197. Favorite tools for planted tank
  198. Aquascape 4ft 300L / Business Idea
  199. Question about changing my HOB filter.
  200. Pictures of the new additions :)
  201. Crypt ID
  202. Wisteria, a hog?
  203. worms in aquarium
  204. No more Coppersafe?
  205. co2 concentration, tanks vs diy
  206. What are these?
  207. Fish predation
  208. Which one?
  209. Strange white threads after adding RO Water
  210. Lights for QT Tank options?
  211. New oto cats, keeping you guys updated on how they do.
  212. rearranged my tank, feedback please:)
  213. Random dying leaves in an established aquarium
  214. Any fish for a newly cycled/cycling 20 gallon planted tank?
  215. New Planted Tank Water Parameters
  216. How do you guys deal with the protein film on water surface?
  217. Cloudy Tank Wont Clean Up
  218. Looking to add some color...
  219. My planted tank now only grows algae! What is wrong?
  220. Plant ID please
  221. Is Flourish Excel a reasonable substitute for DIY cos
  222. diy c02
  223. weekly maintenance ei to a self semi
  224. Evolution of my fish hobby
  225. What would you do?!?! Looking for suggestions
  226. My Planted Tank is Extremely Unappealing...(pics)
  227. blueish green mold growing in substrate?
  228. I want to Grow Dwarf Baby Tears
  229. Should or shouldn't do a substrate clean on a planted tank?
  230. Blue styrofoam for shipping?
  231. Sump Tank
  232. How often should I dose hydrogen peroxide in my 5.5 gallon aquarium
  233. My 10g Planted tank. After info.
  234. Can you clear coat real driftwood?
  235. High ph Well water vs city water with chloramines
  236. High kh from pool filter sand!
  237. Please Help! CO2 EI and High Light and still bad growth. Pics included
  238. aquatop red devil filter ?
  239. PLEASE, say it ain't so
  240. Is he/she going to live?
  241. tank overhanging on stand.
  242. My First Planted Tank. 10 Gallon
  243. How to know when your canister filter needs cleaning.
  244. Perhaps I need an advanced degree in fish keeping?
  245. good guys or bad guys?
  246. Brand new guy so here I go with a new hobby! Oh boy!
  247. Found 2 tanks and a fluval 305
  248. Water changes - Is there
  249. Help my tank
  250. Hi everyone newby here!! I'd love to know what this plant is and also this cichlid