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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Tank in direct sunlight?
  2. compost
  3. HELP! What's going on with my plants?
  4. natural freshwater aquarium documentary...stunning footage.
  5. How to dispose of MTS-filled substrate?
  6. Betta Fish jumped out oh no!
  7. Tell me about your favorite 5 - 10 gallon tank
  8. Does CO2 need to be full time?
  9. Shipping plants and warm weather
  10. Do your fish watch tv ?
  11. Automated ferts dosing
  12. Ram cichlid help
  13. Water circulation flow rate
  14. No Filter on a Ten Gallon Planted Tank?
  15. $1 Per Gallon Sale at Petco!
  16. Frog Tank Complete - sort of.
  17. Elmer's CARPENTER wood glue (or other) aquarium safe adhesives?
  18. Bigger tank on narrow cabinet?
  19. Raising Nitrates
  20. Teardown, Cleanup, Storage - Recommendations from the pros?
  21. Good aquarium magazines?
  22. my first riparium need some help!
  23. Excel
  24. Fish Safe Silicone?
  25. Random tetra death? What the heck
  26. BulkHeads & Sumps
  27. 65gal planted tank
  28. Aq Advisor?
  29. Amano Shrimp and Dwarf gourami?
  30. My planted fluval edge turns 1! (video)
  31. how long before changes i make are noticed?!
  32. can someone explain how kh and gh effect my plants?
  33. Eheim running...backwards!
  34. Anubias nana is turning brown
  35. 10 gallon ideas
  36. does the TDS reading in my tank mean anything ?
  37. Guppy breeding project
  38. What's happening to my plants?
  39. Are these legal to ship?
  40. Why is the plant leaves wrinkly
  41. do you use plant tabs with ecocomplete substrate ?
  42. What else do I need?
  43. are there any dangers using co2 in your home ?
  44. Otos and Kuhli loaches?
  45. Fluval G6 and Skimmer
  46. Heating an 80gal
  47. o2 question.
  48. Tips for tank, when away for long weekend
  49. Noob question involving bottom glass...
  50. What ppi Poret foam to use?
  51. New to live plants
  52. 75 gal planted aquarium help!
  53. eheim pro 3 intake depth?!?!?!
  54. shrimp and kuhli loach found in canister filter, need help to prevent this.
  55. Need some advice balancing my sump flow.
  56. Hello Everyone!
  57. Petsmart National Geo-graphic
  58. Aquarium Flow
  59. Stocking a 55g South American Community Tank
  60. Redoing tank
  61. Adding plants in established tank?
  62. How to transport a tank for contest?
  63. Gold fish and Plants?
  64. fish safe?
  65. Low maintenance aquariums?
  66. Levels in aquarium for plants
  67. is this fixture low , med, or high light
  68. is the python water changer safe ?
  69. Moving with a planted 55 gal and a planted 20 gal - Ideas
  70. Par and algae
  71. anyone using peat moss?
  72. freshwater vs saltwater
  73. 55 gallon plant and fish setup
  74. How do you change water without disrupting plants?
  75. Removing wool from amazon sword
  76. almost lost my fish and lost some shrimp due to diy co2
  77. fluval edge with no filter
  78. taking apart a tank
  79. Planted tanks vs irritating saltwater questions
  80. What's your media arrangement in your eheim canister?
  81. Foreground plant help
  82. Cool water tank?
  83. O2 At Night in Planted Tank?
  84. Would this work as filter media?
  85. New tank! What should I put in it???
  86. what is ks204
  87. Red Tiger Lotus
  88. Low Tech tank with Glosso & Chain sword Possible?
  89. Sighs yellowing leaves
  90. close canopy
  91. New to plants. Any starter help?
  92. pH of 6?
  93. NEED SOME HELP QUICK! Rescued a bunch of fish.
  94. 1.5" MarinePure substrate in a Eheim cannister filter
  95. Qtd a fish and now this........
  96. Co2 and my 150 gal 1/2 cylinder..
  97. Anyone familiar with Biohome Ultra filter media?
  98. Petsmart tank sales/25 gallon tanks?
  99. Recurrent Fungal Growth! Please Help!
  100. Thick lush background plant that spreads by runners?
  101. Mouth spot?
  102. Guppy dilema.....
  103. ammonia test doesnt change color?!
  104. how short can i prune dwarf sagittaria without killing it?
  105. how much surface agitation do i really need / want?!
  106. Snail Infestation!
  107. Pruning plants and the new growth, how to make it look good?
  108. advice please?
  109. Bacopa monnieri flower
  110. Multiple fish schools?
  111. CO2 bubble count
  112. Dosing Metricide
  113. How do I get a PAR for my light ?
  114. Fishy fun
  115. Cabomba with strings
  116. Dry Start Method Question?!?
  117. Is a high tech tank possible with being gone 4-5 days at a time?
  118. Snails in my septic tank?
  119. Multiple Dwarf Gouramis?
  120. Is my 29g Community Tank Overstocked?
  121. Help with water report
  122. Help me get started again after 20+ years
  123. Can you plant things too close together?
  124. Sick fish help !!
  125. Ph=6.4 kh=1 please help
  126. Cory Catfish and Eco Complete
  127. favorite sized tank?
  128. Are these plants dead? do I need to get rid of them?
  129. How would you guys decorate or theme the tank
  130. does excel causes cloudy water?
  131. please id these new plants.
  132. quick advice wanted! should i bleach new plants?! pet store plants.
  133. I need a good smack upside the head.
  134. Is my tap water ok for water changes ?
  135. Removing Hard Calcium Stains
  136. Help needed with plants
  137. House plant fertilizers ok for fishless planted tanks?
  138. Petco Aquatic Fundamentals stands
  139. Favorite filter media?
  140. Wolffia
  141. low medium or high light
  142. Look at this crazy aquarium
  143. Volunteering at Seniors to fix green water?
  144. Dwarf Gourami Compatibility
  145. What are these? Gross
  146. YAY - Perfect Water
  147. Tap water testing positive for ammonia
  148. Stocking/Planting/Laying out A 130 Litre Aquarium
  149. plants growing in between glass and substrate
  150. How long can I save cycled media?
  151. Juniper with ant trails
  152. Do I have to use liquid ferts if Im using root tabs?
  153. Know any good aquarium live chats?
  154. is my tank ready for a fish yet?
  155. Fertilize the water column?
  156. Will this grow? HC dry start
  157. Growing Dwarf Lilies and Banana Plants
  158. Looking for Websites like GLA
  159. How to start, married, NYC apt
  160. Look at this steal ;)
  161. Flourite substrate, all you need?
  162. more pics
  163. plants look terrible
  164. How Heavily Planted is Heavily Planted?
  165. Define Stable CO2
  166. New 50g: How to best transition from old to new tank
  167. Does fish food expire?
  168. Substrate on top of BGA?
  169. What to do with water
  170. Forgot the Prime
  171. Windows & Tank Orientation
  172. Possible egg ID?
  173. is it possible to remove all ferts from my tank?
  174. 1-2 Gallon Walstad RCS Bowl, I have questions.
  175. best curbside score EVER!!!
  176. question about aqueon 8...
  177. How do I humanely get rid of Nerite Snail eggs?
  178. How do I raise ph?
  179. Schooling fish questions
  180. Java moss help please?
  181. Stay away from inline heaters b/c of failure rates?
  182. What's is this?
  183. African Dwarf frog is eating my hornwort
  184. How to remove carbonates in the water
  185. Easy carpeting plant suggestions
  186. Sunlight/algae/water changes
  187. black algae
  188. Fluval stratum for shrimp for betta?
  189. Help Me Make A Decision?
  190. oak tree
  191. Why isn't this tank cycling?
  192. Iwagumi Cichlids tanks
  193. How old is your oldest tank? Equipment?
  194. Quarantine tank size?
  195. help!!!! please advise
  196. Preventing Tank Cracks
  197. Planting a tall tank
  198. flake food vs pellets, lets talk nitrates.
  199. Not sure whats going on here
  200. Waterchange with lights and co2 on?
  201. Mosses are very hardy! can't seem to kill it, not that I was trying to.
  202. Had Velvet: what to do about tank, help please
  203. how many PSI?
  204. ID this please.
  205. Tank ideas and BBA advice (pics)
  206. aquarium scratches
  207. CO2 diffusion in HOB inlet
  208. Higher CO2 effects on snails ?
  209. Balancing for Plants and Fish, O2 and CO2
  210. Fish died, Water Change?
  211. High Flow River tank
  212. How long can I add different fish?
  213. Gloves?
  214. AHHH what the - Water change / Tabs = Ammonia?
  215. Looking for ideas
  216. Tetra glass tanks
  217. Potassium permanganate
  218. Question about WC and water parameters
  219. Dark green background plant
  220. Lighting on side of aquarium
  221. Nitrates - 0 Am I supposed to Get Them Up?
  222. What kind of algae is this? BBA?
  223. Starting a 55g tank that will be planted heavy.. have questions
  224. glass lily pipe?
  225. Plants from River?
  226. Gassed my fish ;(
  227. Thing are going even slower
  228. Plant Suggestions for a 10 gallon Low Tech
  229. what plants are these?
  230. Tank glass bowed !
  231. Rust on slate?
  232. Planted 46 Gallon
  233. Seperating driftwood from stone, sealed with silcone
  234. Amazon Swords stopped growing
  235. Water Test kits, help a newbie.
  236. what kind of snail is this
  237. How long does it take catappa leaves to lower pH
  238. New tank set up - Questions
  239. plant Id help
  240. White Cloud Mountain Minnow with red mouth.
  241. How do you vacuum
  242. Is my drift wood burning
  243. Really need some help leveling my tank. (carpet/linoleum surface) (pics inside!)
  244. My fish are struggling to breathe and are not swimming so well
  245. Removing snails
  246. Ideas for extracting live daphnia from brown water
  247. Vallisneria Americana outdoor observation in my tub pond
  248. something is raising the pH in the tank and I dont know why
  249. Drunk Fish..
  250. Pump size