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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. plants growing in between glass and substrate
  2. How long can I save cycled media?
  3. Juniper with ant trails
  4. Do I have to use liquid ferts if Im using root tabs?
  5. Know any good aquarium live chats?
  6. is my tank ready for a fish yet?
  7. Fertilize the water column?
  8. Will this grow? HC dry start
  9. Growing Dwarf Lilies and Banana Plants
  10. Looking for Websites like GLA
  11. How to start, married, NYC apt
  12. Look at this steal ;)
  13. Flourite substrate, all you need?
  14. more pics
  15. plants look terrible
  16. How Heavily Planted is Heavily Planted?
  17. Define Stable CO2
  18. New 50g: How to best transition from old to new tank
  19. Does fish food expire?
  20. Substrate on top of BGA?
  21. What to do with water
  22. Forgot the Prime
  23. Windows & Tank Orientation
  24. Possible egg ID?
  25. is it possible to remove all ferts from my tank?
  26. 1-2 Gallon Walstad RCS Bowl, I have questions.
  27. best curbside score EVER!!!
  28. question about aqueon 8...
  29. How do I humanely get rid of Nerite Snail eggs?
  30. How do I raise ph?
  31. Schooling fish questions
  32. Java moss help please?
  33. Stay away from inline heaters b/c of failure rates?
  34. What's is this?
  35. African Dwarf frog is eating my hornwort
  36. How to remove carbonates in the water
  37. Easy carpeting plant suggestions
  38. Sunlight/algae/water changes
  39. black algae
  40. Fluval stratum for shrimp for betta?
  41. Help Me Make A Decision?
  42. oak tree
  43. Why isn't this tank cycling?
  44. Iwagumi Cichlids tanks
  45. How old is your oldest tank? Equipment?
  46. Quarantine tank size?
  47. help!!!! please advise
  48. Preventing Tank Cracks
  49. Planting a tall tank
  50. flake food vs pellets, lets talk nitrates.
  51. Not sure whats going on here
  52. Waterchange with lights and co2 on?
  53. Mosses are very hardy! can't seem to kill it, not that I was trying to.
  54. Had Velvet: what to do about tank, help please
  55. how many PSI?
  56. ID this please.
  57. Tank ideas and BBA advice (pics)
  58. aquarium scratches
  59. CO2 diffusion in HOB inlet
  60. Higher CO2 effects on snails ?
  61. Balancing for Plants and Fish, O2 and CO2
  62. Fish died, Water Change?
  63. High Flow River tank
  64. How long can I add different fish?
  65. Gloves?
  66. AHHH what the - Water change / Tabs = Ammonia?
  67. Looking for ideas
  68. Tetra glass tanks
  69. Potassium permanganate
  70. Question about WC and water parameters
  71. Dark green background plant
  72. Lighting on side of aquarium
  73. Nitrates - 0 Am I supposed to Get Them Up?
  74. What kind of algae is this? BBA?
  75. Starting a 55g tank that will be planted heavy.. have questions
  76. glass lily pipe?
  77. Plants from River?
  78. Gassed my fish ;(
  79. Thing are going even slower
  80. Plant Suggestions for a 10 gallon Low Tech
  81. what plants are these?
  82. Tank glass bowed !
  83. Rust on slate?
  84. Planted 46 Gallon
  85. Seperating driftwood from stone, sealed with silcone
  86. Amazon Swords stopped growing
  87. Water Test kits, help a newbie.
  88. what kind of snail is this
  89. How long does it take catappa leaves to lower pH
  90. New tank set up - Questions
  91. plant Id help
  92. White Cloud Mountain Minnow with red mouth.
  93. How do you vacuum
  94. Is my drift wood burning
  95. Really need some help leveling my tank. (carpet/linoleum surface) (pics inside!)
  96. My fish are struggling to breathe and are not swimming so well
  97. Removing snails
  98. Ideas for extracting live daphnia from brown water
  99. Vallisneria Americana outdoor observation in my tub pond
  100. something is raising the pH in the tank and I dont know why
  101. Drunk Fish..
  102. Pump size
  103. Cant remember steps for startup of planted aqaurium
  104. What the hec is up with my Ludwigia
  105. Pregnant Females.
  106. Derimming a 40 GAL Bowfront
  107. Need help !!
  108. 3M matte black for a tank background?
  109. Someone asked about tank builds! Revival
  110. uh oh. are these little snails bad
  111. What worm would swim above the water line? fish deaths
  112. How Salty?
  113. will snails eat holes in planted ?
  114. Do my White Cloud Mountain Minnows have septicemia?! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  115. Best Vallisneria
  116. Aquarium plastic thing?
  117. Schooling fish behavior questions.
  118. Brand new White Cloud Mountain Minnows 1 has red dots.......
  119. optimal filter setup for heavily planted tank. Help please.
  120. How can I use Python to water my garden?
  121. plastic tubing size?
  122. Is it worth it?
  123. new plants..and a video.added fish/plany list updated 5/18
  124. Help !!
  125. Planting stem plants as a bunch or separate?
  126. HELP - Something wrong with my plants
  127. Petco stands
  128. Decrees the Ph
  129. How much time do you spending watching?
  130. Plants that require very low light?
  131. Min distance tank from wall?
  132. Plant tool you cant live without?
  133. Honey dwarf gourami is dying?, Can I save her?
  134. New tank/drift wood issue
  135. Root Tabs
  136. 29 Gallon Tank
  137. Online plant
  138. Pictures of your aquarium
  139. unusual aquarium dimension
  140. Driftwood collecting day (pic heavy)
  141. Brass?
  142. Do i need fertz?
  143. Desperately need advice on newly setup tank!
  144. Poll CO2 diffuser or reactor
  145. midway through fishless cycling...
  146. Eggs inside shrimp or parasite??!Help!
  147. Plant deficiency or fish damage?!
  148. Flourish Excel question???
  149. Fluval 406 and circulation questions
  150. Craigslist Aquarium
  151. Amano shrimp missing or eaten?
  152. Planed power outage
  153. Cloudy water?
  154. Tank ideas and help please (photos)
  155. Why is their Brown Algae in my tank?
  156. FLUVAL STRATUM and other substrates?
  157. Questions about my 25ish gallon tank
  158. Cleaning up tank
  159. Want to try a 10g planted for my class room
  160. Immersed and emmersed
  161. Need good online supplier for large drift wood
  162. Everything turning brown
  163. Help with upgrading tank please!
  164. a little confused on how to properly clean canister filter :s
  165. Random questions
  166. Fractioning Impeller & CO2 reactor
  167. Show me pics of your tank and stand
  168. Can any one can give me pros and cons?
  169. kind of new to planted tanks, and frustrated after move
  170. Opinion: Should duckweed be mentioned on any plant shipment that may contain it?
  171. Will dividers stop snails?
  172. Tall plants and intakes
  173. What The Crap! Random Italian Val Die Off!
  174. Geophagus or other fish to clean sand?
  175. I sterilizer glass cleaning
  176. Java moss dying?
  177. Into, and a bit of advice.
  178. Can I use this stuff instead of osmocote plus in DIY Root Tabs?
  179. ooooops, I just double-dosed Phosphorus
  180. Do you have a planting tool?
  181. Moving tank
  182. carbondoser ext5000 vs building my own?
  183. New 6x2x2 tank set up questions
  184. Help setting up a new tank (70x70x30cm)
  185. Aquarium scratches
  186. White stuff, any ideas?
  187. Can I use API Stress Coat Plus as a "medication"/anti stress
  188. Used tank water safe for birdbaths ???
  189. what are these tiny things?
  190. Please help! Complete noob.
  191. 37gal Ram tank
  192. Planting/design sticky?
  193. Lets talk Water Changes...
  194. My first plants arrived
  195. "emerged" driftwood
  196. can you have too much filtration?
  197. Advice on algae and equipment placement
  198. Filter Socks?
  199. Root mesh
  200. Correct number of revisions
  201. Java moss and anubias?
  202. Need one large bubble every 17 seconds
  203. can i grow moss in a tupperware with tap water by a window?
  204. Low cost 20-55 gallon tank
  205. Say it ain't so Mr. and Mrs. Bristlenose
  206. A cumulative project
  207. What am I doing wrong??
  208. Co2 reactor
  209. Dwarf Gouramis and Red Cherry Shrimp?
  210. Is this Diatoms/Brown Algae OR Iron+Manganese problem?
  211. My Nerite snails were busy last night.
  212. Help me please!
  213. Hiding intakes
  214. whear to plant hornwort?
  215. dry ferts: how many grams in a tsp?!
  216. Need help with my moss, please.
  217. Does Hydrogen Peroxide Stunt Plants?
  218. Co2 and fertilizer?
  219. dual eheim 2217's on a 75 gallon, how to run them?
  220. Snail ID please
  221. What is this?
  222. Where do you guys get your gel capsules for DIY root tabs?
  223. Very Important Final Recap About Columnaris.
  224. how long after adding kno3 before i can test water!?!
  225. what is this on my plants ?
  226. Osmocote and root tabs
  227. Hair algae
  228. High pH
  229. Fluval Chi Tank Review
  230. Tank size 55 gallon vs. 60 gallon. 20" vs 24" of height
  231. Temporary plant storage
  232. Java moss brown stuff please help!?
  233. Co2, please help! X(
  234. CO2 Saturation
  235. Cycling question!
  236. co2 no completly disolve
  237. how do I determine how much CO2 I need and how much I'm putting in?
  238. HELP!!!What is my Amano shrimp doing?!
  239. 55 gallon tank smells fishy
  240. stem plants kinda bending?!
  241. Side of the road score!
  242. Challenging Aquatic Plants
  243. Moving fish out of tank.. questions
  244. Columnaris and hydrogen peroxide
  245. Love My Fresh Water Fish
  246. How to grow Staurogyne Repens?
  247. 2 weeks since Columnaris killed off my fish.... I have questions....
  248. soaked manzi to dry hardscape, how long till it floats again?
  249. activated carbon can kill plants?!
  250. Low light/tech plants WITH some color?!