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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. help with paint
  2. YT Noob Series [video ideas]?
  3. Tank on the Floor?
  4. Stocking for 29G Tall
  5. 60 H (45) vs 75p
  6. Anyone else agonize over tank size?
  7. snails
  8. Substrate And Plant Food
  9. 55 gallon question
  10. Help out a newbie…please
  11. Tank smell
  12. Person on Reddit has two male bettas in the same tank, apparently possible.
  13. Consistent Cloudyness
  14. ID Plants
  15. Fish all cramped into one corner
  16. Is there a black paint that will cover silicone?
  17. Anyone with a 100g+ in an apartment?
  18. snails that won't lay eggs
  19. Forum For Identifying Plant Species ...
  20. Best carpeting plants for a beginner?
  21. fugeray 7000k
  22. Osmocote Plus without CO2
  23. Water turbulence - how often?
  24. 26 or 29 gallon?
  25. Please Help! New and confused...
  26. Plant all in at once or is it okay to pace myself?
  27. Question regarding API Aquarium Salt
  28. couple questions: what's the difference between C. Nurii and the mutated one?!
  29. Help catching fish!!
  30. Corrugated Polycarbonate Roof Panel
  31. About to order dry ferts
  32. help is needed blue moss
  33. How Much Is Too Much?
  34. Help! Tank readings are still high, shrimp dyeing....water cloudy
  35. Co2 question
  36. tds meters
  37. Quarantine Tank - Substrate? Plants?
  38. Future tank build
  39. How much water change is too much?
  40. My 29g Tank
  41. Dark green on my anubius
  42. dwarf hairgrass problem
  43. Rescaped 46 bow
  44. Help :(
  45. Where do you buy?
  46. Rimless aquarium weight limit
  47. Mosses on tile
  48. Cucumber feeding
  49. Plant Suggestions For Single T8 Bulb.
  50. New to planted tanks, please help!
  51. Dollar per gallon sale
  52. Are there snails in the Rio Negro?
  53. Bristlenose Pleco w/ Dwarf Shrimp?
  54. Help with Newbie planted Tank
  55. Bottom Pad needed for rimmed?
  56. TSS fishless cycle with plants?!
  57. EI and plant issues
  58. Removing Rim From Standard 10 Gallon?
  59. pros and cons: 55gal or 29gal
  60. Ideas? *37 Gal*
  61. identify this bug and how to get rid of them
  62. Filter intake debris press filter sponge ideas?
  63. 30g 7mm glass rimsless tank safe?!?
  64. Tank stability
  65. Where do you find ammonia for your fishless cycle
  66. Sharing My Light Hanging Assembly / Height Concern...
  67. Filter Baffle?
  68. Feed House Centipedes to Fish?
  69. My filter seems way too dirty, help.
  70. Setting up a new tank, so many questions.
  71. Question about bio balls in Canister Filter
  72. 30 Gallon South American Tank
  73. how long does it take for a filter pad to build up BB??
  74. LED lighting question
  75. Eheim pro 3, do I need to use fine filter pad?
  76. Ammonia Spike??
  77. Anyone experienced/w changing a tank/w high light to low light ?
  78. Clippard Mouse solenoid
  79. New to the hobby and wondering about shrimp
  80. brown algae
  81. Thinking of starting an aquarium club at my school- suggestions appreciated!
  82. Is My Tank Cycled?
  83. How to disinfect sand from outside?
  84. A question for everyone...
  85. SMC AS-2200 needle valve
  86. Pps pro?
  87. Eheim pro 3 2075, this part broke, what does it do? anyone know?
  88. General Freshwater Tank Questions?
  89. Planted community tank 2 month update (pics and video)
  90. Can u show me your red plants please?
  91. Fishless Cycle Not Going As Planned 6 weeks in
  92. Macro&Micro Nutrients
  93. is this HC growing or is something growing out of my aquasoil (dry start)
  94. Ambient Light and Co2
  95. Keeping it cycled
  96. Please helllllp!
  97. connecting tanks with different ph
  98. What plant is this?
  99. "Found" wood? How to tilt the odds
  100. Dingleberry's 46 gal Bowfront
  101. WHAT should I plant????
  102. Anubias and Java Ferns
  103. Planted Tank Planaria problem
  104. Potential tank stand or complete disaster
  105. aquascaping stones...
  106. Welp, changed the tank up. What do you think?
  107. CO2 - rippling up AND OUT of tank?
  108. Complete CO2 set up ? Is this a bargain?
  109. Just set up my pressurized co2!! got a Question tho.
  110. Tank Maintenance and Bacteria Die Off
  111. Hc went bad
  112. Help! Plants arriving but I broke my tank
  113. Help Please on an error I may have made
  114. Eggs or something else?
  115. Is There Something Wrong with Our Planted Tank?
  116. lighting help from the experts
  117. High Light High Tech Newbie, Terrified of Killing Fish
  118. DIY stand build HELP please
  119. Low tech 200G +/- planted with fish - to sump or not
  120. Breaking down tank to change substrate?
  121. Does it take time to learn how to not struggling when planting?
  122. Leech help
  123. Table Aquarium
  124. how long can I wait before planting?
  125. Allergic Reaction ( PLEASE HELP)
  126. DSM - Tank getting too hot?
  127. 240g Bottom Plastic Trim and Structural Integrity
  128. Brown Algae Attacks!
  129. what's the proper way to trim dwarf sag and Val's??
  130. Are my plants dying? Help.
  131. Littorela uniflora, any interest?
  132. Is There A Thread Where People Are Posting Their Set-Ups?
  133. CO2 vs air powered filter
  134. What's wrong with my baby tears?
  135. Nitrite readings not making sense (fishless cycle)
  136. Wild aquatic plants
  137. Stupid fish tank -
  138. A neat little water change trick!!! An ounce of prevention is worth a gallon of cure.
  139. Used tanks... leaking issues?
  140. Can you have too much light?
  141. What is causing this algae?
  142. Recommend a good auto- feeder
  143. posters
  144. What's this stuff?
  145. lighting question?
  146. Aquariums with live plants
  147. ?? on plant acclimation
  148. Gassed Tank Reboot
  149. just scored a possible 10 gallon metaframe
  150. 48x18x18 tank?
  151. Anubias dip?
  152. Anubias help -180G cichlid
  153. Pair of German Blue Rams in a Heavily Planted bowl?
  154. Fertilizers on board
  155. Interesting aquascaping artist to check out
  156. Anyone using seachem pond matrix?
  157. New Aquariam Advice
  158. Nitrate Spikes to 5.0
  159. Substrate help
  160. American Flag fish
  161. Need Help setting up a 110 GL tank
  162. Fish Net Netting ...
  163. Waaay too much filtration / flow? Eheim 2080 with 55gal planted?
  164. How to Sterilize Large Pieces of Wood?
  165. Wish Me Luck - Cycle Starts Tomorrow
  166. Post Your Good Reads
  167. Mondo Grass
  168. New To The Hobby! Tips Please!
  169. Tank Stand - Is This Strong Enough?
  170. Possible for only one plant to show deficiency?
  171. Ice cubes in your tank?
  172. Bought Plants....Now What
  173. Keeping a Planted Tank in College
  174. can I assume phosphates are good because I have sufficient nitrates via organics?!
  175. Glass vs. Acrylic
  176. loaches and snails
  177. Tall tank opinions - too much trouble?
  178. Hard vs Soft Water
  179. Indian Almond Leaves Toxic?
  180. Breeding nerites
  181. DIY Custom Acrylic Semi-Dream Tank
  182. Beginner Bio Overload
  183. Something is eating my Plants??
  184. Newbie Tank Introduction (Pictures)
  185. Water Movement
  186. Having serious issues with my first fishless cycle.
  187. Newbie with a big, empty tank!
  188. Anyone keep red ruby/coral pencil fish?
  189. Tell me everything about snails.
  190. Yeast/Sugar CO2
  191. Help! Can anyone identify this worm I found in my aquarium?
  192. Wich led for a 55 gal planted tank
  193. green water and tank redo
  194. High Tech vs Low Tech
  195. Planted tank without fish possible??
  196. Anubias in a jar?
  197. First High-tech Tank
  198. Seriously, what is this?
  199. Will hydrogen peroxide work?
  200. Ready for dry ferts. Specifics help?
  201. Your least favorite part about having a densely planted tank?
  202. Where to buy a rimless 20 gallon long
  203. Is this a wise deal?
  204. 3.5 -4 inch discus
  205. Shipping for dummies?
  206. When should i start adding fishes in my newly planted tank?
  207. Phosphate/ Algae connection?
  208. Fish Finder/Identifier
  209. Plants photosynthesis
  210. snail issues
  211. What age should kids be alloud a tank?
  212. Fish Cruelty
  213. 58 Gallon Reef to Planted Conversion
  214. Sump or canister
  215. What is this free swimming worm? Parasite?
  216. Wanting to do major re-scape, but have existing root tabs.
  217. New Member Looking for Consolidated Advice
  218. What to do with plants until I'm ready?
  219. Dusty Water!!!
  220. Glass Top - Can It Be Too Thick?
  221. Rocks you buy from the fish store
  222. Shipping Methods for Nymphaea micrantha and Nyphoides species
  223. A Pictoral ...Tying riccardia/ coral moss to wood
  224. Large water changes physically harming plants?
  225. uprooted plants: will they still grow fine?!
  226. How do I treat this?
  227. Blackwater Tank and Leaves
  228. Lots of debris sticking to stem plants
  229. Weirdest Things You've Found in Your Tank?
  230. African Puddle Biotope Ideas?
  231. LATE NIGHT with the AQUADAWG!!! The top 5 reasons you've been in the hobby too long
  232. NEED HELP (co2)
  233. tons of bubbles after PWC using diy python, this a problem?!
  234. CO2 leak?
  235. Help with transparent leaves
  236. Low tech ground cover
  237. How to dose EI?
  238. going away for 7 days, can I skip dosing for a week?
  239. Adding Salt to Tank Slowly?
  240. AquaBid Issues
  241. Hardware store ammonia
  242. new and need advise
  243. Can I really stock all these fish??
  244. Short photoperiod
  245. Indian Almond Leaves - How Long to Soak?
  246. Osmocote
  247. So is softened water bad for fish?
  248. My tank setup
  249. Algae invasion in new tank setup.
  250. Duration vs Intensity?