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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Which tank size should I get?
  2. Plant preserve tank?
  3. Volunteering @ a retirement home Part 2- UV sterilizer help needed
  4. Am I overfeeding?
  5. What's the difference b/t the different color Poret filter foams?
  6. Need substrate suggestion please
  7. Great aquarium information videos
  8. Friend gave me 75lbs of live it worth anything?
  9. can dandelions grow in an aquatic tank?
  10. Would you put this in your aquarium?
  11. First Time Post! What do you think of my tank?
  12. Caught the bug!! Ordered GLA CO2 system
  13. Opinions on used tank?
  14. Good tank size for learning
  16. Is selling plants profitable?
  17. Mixed carpet?
  18. Ich Heat and African Dwarf frogs
  19. Please Help!!
  20. TPT acronym list
  21. Best places for info on sumps?
  22. Starting Moss and carpet.
  23. Can anybody tell what plant this is?
  24. Thinking about restarting my tank - advice?
  25. Fluorite Rant
  26. Please help! Clear Betta Fish Fins!
  27. Malaysian wood
  28. Gnats infestation in HC Dry Start
  29. Quite Discouraged
  30. Could someone advise as to why this won't fit in the Classified section?
  31. Back from vacation - resisted the urge to go SW!
  32. UV Set Up
  33. My planted tank
  34. What is up with my Rotala?
  35. Flame gourami and red moly - safe for planted tank ?
  36. What tank???
  37. how long do you run your lights ?
  38. Tank Pruning
  39. How to propagate amazon sword
  40. 33g Long ideas
  41. Hey fever!
  42. Can anybody help me with this plant?
  43. Advice on my planted 75
  44. Help with co2 and ph controller.
  45. Pearling & CO2 levels
  46. Snails and shrimps for planted tank ?
  47. how long did it take before you got it right?
  48. How to store dry ferts
  49. FLUIDIZED BED filter
  50. Aqueon 65 Gallon Aquarium Ensemble
  51. Check out this sweet deal we scored!
  52. 11 day vacation - what to do? (plants only)
  53. Woah weird Betya Fish fins!
  54. Form v Function
  55. When does a hobby become an obsession?
  56. to much flow?
  57. light and plants for TALL TANK
  58. HELP! can anyone ID this bug?
  59. Long vacation -- plant survival prospects.
  60. 15 Gallon planted tank 2 months update!
  61. Herbie Drain help?
  62. Reconciling conflicting advice - new tank, new to aquariums
  63. Reactor
  64. Hot Water, 92 degrees!
  65. HELP! Whats a good , dependable c02 regulator
  66. Copper and Sodium in Tap Water
  67. This shall be my next tank. Anyone else have a green pool?
  68. The things people do for you on Craigslist.
  69. Live plants in my fish tank?
  70. Tank cycled in a week?!
  71. How often do you clean your filter, pre-filter, and prune your plants?
  72. Need an Animal to Eat Dead Plant Matter
  73. New Tank, New to Hobby. Need Advice/Help
  74. I'm about to give up, sigh.
  75. Mini M vs 45f
  76. can anyone explain this type of behavior?!
  77. Making fish food
  78. Substrate question
  79. pretty scary
  80. Marineland Plant LED!!
  81. A week old tank, plants already dying
  82. Update on 29
  83. Nitrates Zero...
  84. Transition from low to high-tech. Help!
  85. how do you deal with power cords??
  86. how high should my light be from the substrate?! low tech tank
  87. Pruning / Trimming Moss, how to contain all the clippings?!?!
  88. question about dosing kno3 vs normal fish waste and nitrate readings
  89. Brittle plant stems and leaves
  90. 75g pressurized co2 systems, I have questions.
  91. Running out of nitrate.
  92. Betta treatment options please!
  93. moving a 75 gallon tank
  94. dry aquarium fertilizers. where to get them
  95. The Doh!! moment
  96. Help with 23 gal planted tank
  97. DIY Co2 or Liquid co2?
  98. Fish Jumping Out
  99. aeration advice
  100. Weird Dwarf Gourami Behavior.
  101. Glass cleaner
  102. Tank in direct sunlight?
  103. compost
  104. HELP! What's going on with my plants?
  105. natural freshwater aquarium documentary...stunning footage.
  106. How to dispose of MTS-filled substrate?
  107. Betta Fish jumped out oh no!
  108. Tell me about your favorite 5 - 10 gallon tank
  109. Does CO2 need to be full time?
  110. Shipping plants and warm weather
  111. Do your fish watch tv ?
  112. Automated ferts dosing
  113. Ram cichlid help
  114. Water circulation flow rate
  115. No Filter on a Ten Gallon Planted Tank?
  116. $1 Per Gallon Sale at Petco!
  117. Frog Tank Complete - sort of.
  118. Elmer's CARPENTER wood glue (or other) aquarium safe adhesives?
  119. Bigger tank on narrow cabinet?
  120. Raising Nitrates
  121. Teardown, Cleanup, Storage - Recommendations from the pros?
  122. Good aquarium magazines?
  123. my first riparium need some help!
  124. Excel
  125. Fish Safe Silicone?
  126. Random tetra death? What the heck
  127. BulkHeads & Sumps
  128. 65gal planted tank
  129. Aq Advisor?
  130. Amano Shrimp and Dwarf gourami?
  131. My planted fluval edge turns 1! (video)
  132. how long before changes i make are noticed?!
  133. can someone explain how kh and gh effect my plants?
  134. Eheim running...backwards!
  135. Anubias nana is turning brown
  136. 10 gallon ideas
  137. does the TDS reading in my tank mean anything ?
  138. Guppy breeding project
  139. What's happening to my plants?
  140. Are these legal to ship?
  141. Why is the plant leaves wrinkly
  142. do you use plant tabs with ecocomplete substrate ?
  143. What else do I need?
  144. are there any dangers using co2 in your home ?
  145. Otos and Kuhli loaches?
  146. Fluval G6 and Skimmer
  147. Heating an 80gal
  148. o2 question.
  149. Tips for tank, when away for long weekend
  150. Noob question involving bottom glass...
  151. What ppi Poret foam to use?
  152. New to live plants
  153. 75 gal planted aquarium help!
  154. eheim pro 3 intake depth?!?!?!
  155. shrimp and kuhli loach found in canister filter, need help to prevent this.
  156. Need some advice balancing my sump flow.
  157. Hello Everyone!
  158. Petsmart National Geo-graphic
  159. Aquarium Flow
  160. Stocking a 55g South American Community Tank
  161. Redoing tank
  162. Adding plants in established tank?
  163. How to transport a tank for contest?
  164. Gold fish and Plants?
  165. fish safe?
  166. Low maintenance aquariums?
  167. Levels in aquarium for plants
  168. is this fixture low , med, or high light
  169. is the python water changer safe ?
  170. Moving with a planted 55 gal and a planted 20 gal - Ideas
  171. Par and algae
  172. anyone using peat moss?
  173. freshwater vs saltwater
  174. 55 gallon plant and fish setup
  175. How do you change water without disrupting plants?
  176. Removing wool from amazon sword
  177. almost lost my fish and lost some shrimp due to diy co2
  178. fluval edge with no filter
  179. taking apart a tank
  180. Planted tanks vs irritating saltwater questions
  181. What's your media arrangement in your eheim canister?
  182. Foreground plant help
  183. Cool water tank?
  184. O2 At Night in Planted Tank?
  185. Would this work as filter media?
  186. New tank! What should I put in it???
  187. what is ks204
  188. Red Tiger Lotus
  189. Low Tech tank with Glosso & Chain sword Possible?
  190. Sighs yellowing leaves
  191. close canopy
  192. New to plants. Any starter help?
  193. pH of 6?
  194. NEED SOME HELP QUICK! Rescued a bunch of fish.
  195. 1.5" MarinePure substrate in a Eheim cannister filter
  196. Qtd a fish and now this........
  197. Co2 and my 150 gal 1/2 cylinder..
  198. Anyone familiar with Biohome Ultra filter media?
  199. Petsmart tank sales/25 gallon tanks?
  200. Recurrent Fungal Growth! Please Help!
  201. Thick lush background plant that spreads by runners?
  202. Mouth spot?
  203. Guppy dilema.....
  204. ammonia test doesnt change color?!
  205. how short can i prune dwarf sagittaria without killing it?
  206. how much surface agitation do i really need / want?!
  207. Snail Infestation!
  208. Pruning plants and the new growth, how to make it look good?
  209. advice please?
  210. Bacopa monnieri flower
  211. Multiple fish schools?
  212. CO2 bubble count
  213. Dosing Metricide
  214. How do I get a PAR for my light ?
  215. Fishy fun
  216. Cabomba with strings
  217. Dry Start Method Question?!?
  218. Is a high tech tank possible with being gone 4-5 days at a time?
  219. Snails in my septic tank?
  220. Multiple Dwarf Gouramis?
  221. Is my 29g Community Tank Overstocked?
  222. Help with water report
  223. Help me get started again after 20+ years
  224. Can you plant things too close together?
  225. Sick fish help !!
  226. Ph=6.4 kh=1 please help
  227. Cory Catfish and Eco Complete
  228. favorite sized tank?
  229. Are these plants dead? do I need to get rid of them?
  230. How would you guys decorate or theme the tank
  231. does excel causes cloudy water?
  232. please id these new plants.
  233. quick advice wanted! should i bleach new plants?! pet store plants.
  234. I need a good smack upside the head.
  235. Is my tap water ok for water changes ?
  236. Removing Hard Calcium Stains
  237. Help needed with plants
  238. House plant fertilizers ok for fishless planted tanks?
  239. Petco Aquatic Fundamentals stands
  240. Favorite filter media?
  241. Wolffia
  242. low medium or high light
  243. Look at this crazy aquarium
  244. Volunteering at Seniors to fix green water?
  245. Dwarf Gourami Compatibility
  246. What are these? Gross
  247. YAY - Perfect Water
  248. Tap water testing positive for ammonia
  249. Stocking/Planting/Laying out A 130 Litre Aquarium
  250. plants growing in between glass and substrate