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  1. Ideas: HOB Breeder Box's 20L
  2. Noob question
  3. Miracle grow shke and feed tomatoe, fruits, veg with calcium. Good for DIY root tab
  4. Safest way to do WC using DIY Python / Python, When do I add Prime?!
  5. Should I flood?
  6. My emersed HC is melting why?
  7. Dosing Ammonia?
  8. NH4 Toxicity
  9. does diy root tabs leech stuff into the water? how much spacing between them?
  10. Water clarity issues
  11. I want to post pics of leaf problems
  12. few questions
  13. Tansport bacteria (not SARS)
  14. missing oto
  15. what's eating my plants
  16. Super lazy low tech???
  17. Plants-only tank and cycling?
  18. Brand new to Planted Tanks and could use some help!
  19. ?? on Water Changes
  20. Plants look "lazy" Need help on what to change??
  21. Co2 Level?
  22. API Master Kit, how to use the colour chart correctly?
  23. LED Strip Lights Fell Into Tank - Leached Something Into Water
  24. ID this Goby
  25. Seachem purigen with bio balls?
  26. Newbie Going Hi-tech
  27. Nitrogen Deficiency
  28. My Discus planted tank
  29. tank cover and lighting options
  30. Is panacur the best option to eradicate Hydra?
  31. What's wrong? New tank, algae and 2 dead shrimps
  32. Aquascaping Putty
  33. One problem after another....
  34. Emmersed plants, outside, in a 8oz "cup" that are easy to deal with?
  35. Osmocote root tabs?
  36. Disinfecting plants
  37. Common Invaders?
  38. what went wrong with my cycle?
  39. Flooding dsm tank, advice
  40. Bottom trim of aquarium curved
  41. One week into cycling... absolutely nothing has happened.
  42. Anybody read Amano's section in THF?
  43. What a shame.
  44. My cycle
  45. What is this
  46. Substrate + Gravel
  47. should I add purigen to my heavily planted and stocked 75g?!
  48. Who sells plants here?
  49. Some day I would like to....
  50. Switching substrate
  51. help hooklng up my pH meter
  52. Driftwood and rock question
  53. Fishless cycle advice for new tank please?
  54. Nitrates down (no WC), nitrites up, how do nitrates go down?
  55. Mario Brothers Aquarium
  56. Are there any guides for Dry Start?
  57. New setup questions for high-tech system
  58. Showing off some of my new friends!
  59. Question about Moss walls
  60. any downside to switching over to pressurized co2 in a low tech tank?
  61. Driftwood won't sink!
  62. 20gal Planted
  63. Problem solving... please help!
  64. Window products as backgrounds
  65. The fools attempt :) 77 gal viv build
  66. Is this going to work?
  67. Other things as aquarium stands
  68. What have you traded for at the fish store?
  69. VIV Lily Pipe Questions
  70. Background
  71. Driftwood
  72. Seachem Iron and Substrate
  73. Dead Java Fern Leaf - Plantlets
  74. snails and fish eggs
  75. New Need Startup Help
  76. Help!!!
  77. Annoying plumbing problem
  78. Hazy water in top half of 20 gallon extra tall.
  79. Lighting and co2 question
  80. One year
  81. A frog laid its eggs in my outdoor tank last night. Pics.
  82. miscellaneous questions/ suggestions
  83. So i think my Cycle on the 75 has stalled.... how to i get things back on track?
  84. New to the game
  85. H202
  86. Problem with Dwarf Sag?
  87. My wife said I can get two tanks! Need advice on one of them!
  88. Tiny worms
  89. Is this extremely high growth rate (6" per day)? (hornwort and algae)
  90. Curious Question about a Light
  91. Folding leaves and root tabs
  92. The stems of my anubias nana are splitting! help?
  93. Planted tank enigma. Please help.
  94. kessil leds 150w
  95. Controlling snails?
  96. My nitrates remain too high
  97. Pre-filter is REALLY getting on my nerves
  98. I think I'm a mass moss murdering monster
  99. 2.5 gallon broke, now using a 5.5 gallon
  100. 55 gallon questions and updates
  101. Mr.Aqua 12Gal How to set up properly?
  102. JBJ 30 rimless and surface skimming
  103. You know you're a planted tank nerd when....
  104. CO2 and open tanks question
  105. Where to start - 125g tank
  106. New Guppy Fry Tank!
  107. How Many Diffusers?
  108. Dechlorine solution making
  109. Is light required with CO2?
  110. Am I going to need CO2? Ferts?
  111. what in the world is going on in my dwarf sag grow tank?
  112. help with co2 diffusion
  113. Looking for information on Fundulus Cingulatus
  114. Hydrocorn
  115. Throw me some ideas
  116. Growth slowing down.
  117. Prepping water storage container help.
  118. Added a Light and Fish are Swimming Like Crazy
  119. Vacation...and no timer
  120. Out-Of-Tank Breeders
  121. How do you do it?
  122. Repashy
  123. Marineland 20 gallon kit lighting
  124. Downgrading aquariums i need to see if im doing it right
  125. Ph controller- beter for fish or plants
  126. Water change question
  127. Finnex ultra slim r
  128. Nubie(sort of) question: Do you wash Eco-Complete?
  129. Upgrading to a 75G, advice wanted!
  130. Can chlorine be beneficial?
  131. Carpeting plants
  132. Do I need to tie down roots on Anubias newly attached to a rock?
  133. screwed up, small tiny nick in bottom glass
  134. Optimal current
  135. Can I bleach a filter to kill snails?
  136. Milwaukee Controller disagrees with API Test
  137. Buying a new tank on much is this worth?
  138. To seed or not -- New filter question
  139. Wisteria pruning
  140. Is my planted tank infected? Help please..
  141. AqAdviser says my tank is not overstocked, but I feel it is?
  142. Is anyone else depressed looking at the tank when it is being medicated?
  143. Bubble Counter & pH Checker fluids
  144. Missing Corydoras
  145. Quick Q on time between filter media washings
  146. Hello and Thanks!
  147. They breed better than my RCS...
  148. Newbie with a 10 gallon!
  149. Battling Atmospheric Heat
  150. Clay used in aquascaping
  151. Hydra in my betta tank.
  152. Swors/Java fern help
  153. My first ever planted tank! Am I doing things ok so far?
  154. Cycling question, have I stalled or revereted?
  155. New 135g office tank
  156. How to keep bacteria alive?
  157. Worms in aquarium?!
  158. ecobio stone vs lava rock
  159. Question regarding floating plant + co2 + circulation + low tech tank
  160. paint
  161. Worms in aquarium?!
  162. wanted to share pearling
  163. Messed Up Ich Treatment but No Ich?
  164. New to forum
  165. What to do about diggers?
  166. Wormy creature living in moss ball
  167. Recharging Purigen: sodium hydroxide OK?
  168. Need high light floaters
  169. laterite vs oil dry?
  170. How much is enough?
  171. Air Stone Dirted Tank Metricide
  172. How big does a snail need to be lay eggs
  173. crack on bottom black trim on 20g long
  174. How kill mosquito larvae
  175. 4 day cycle?!
  176. SAE's, they really are as good as they say!
  177. Wabi Kusa
  178. Danio big belly
  179. Separating blackworms from substrate
  180. Question about Betta with fungus.
  181. Some baby fish in my tank :)
  182. Questions
  183. How to ship MTS?
  184. My Ich Treatment (and also a question)
  185. Plants while cycling?
  186. planted aquarium ferts
  187. Quartz sand gettin black
  188. Derimmed Tetra 10 gal question
  189. Palm fronds in tank?
  190. ornament is turning black
  191. Suggestions for avoiding pest eggs in plants
  192. help with drop checker fluid
  193. garage tank...Will it be okay?
  194. White nodules growing on drift wood
  195. A tale of two aquariums
  196. Nitrates are at 0...Is this what us is wrong???
  197. Can waer changes make nitrates go up?
  198. Some general help with algae, and plants
  199. after only 10 days into fishless cycle my Nitrites and Nitrates are off the chart?
  200. Which Flourish Products for 55?
  201. Max Mix Reactor Elbow - What's the Solution
  202. My 75 Gallon Direct Sunlight
  203. Too much fertilizer
  204. I remade my tanks
  205. New Planted tank question
  206. Lotus bulb
  207. Nuvo Aquariums, sterilizer question
  208. sorry wrong section
  209. can anyone help me understand what is going on with this?!? pretty confused!
  210. Show off your tanks!!
  211. Newbie Here :D
  212. Silicon sealant turning black
  213. What foreground? Where to buy?
  214. what is the truth behind splitting up the photoperiod?!
  215. Tank moved into new house and..
  216. Starting my first planted tank, no idea where to begin.
  217. can you dose co2 in low and medium tech planted tanks ?
  218. How much bow is too much bow? 29g aqueon add a brace?
  219. need help with t5 lights
  220. Please help I.D this bug in my shrimp tank!
  221. Does high co2 cause moss to get algae?
  222. new. Catalina 3 bulb t5 fixture
  223. PH level in planted tank
  224. Frameless tanks
  225. Problems with 40b
  226. Freezing White Worms
  227. EBJD and tetras?
  228. Plant id ?
  229. Minimum order on Riparium Supply?
  230. Got plants.... Help!
  231. Critter ID... What is it??
  232. New here, need advice, brackish water planting?
  233. Tank cleaning practices
  234. Lava rock OK for aquascape?
  235. ADA or Netlea
  236. Filter and reactor recommendation for 300 lit planted tank
  237. buying plants online
  238. Marble tile affect ph?
  239. Co2?
  240. Cleaning a used tank
  241. How to level large tank
  242. DSM PROS and CONS??
  243. Water Change pump
  244. Background painting advice
  245. 120 Gallon Stocking List
  246. Tank is not perfectly level
  247. Need help ASAP... What is this on my Cory????
  248. Marineland 75 gallon setup
  249. Moving Large Tank
  250. How to buy from MSJINKZD?