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  1. Having a custom tank made, need help with a few things..
  2. Water changes
  3. Noob question about set-up. Please help
  4. Goldfish undergoes life-saving surgery to remove brain tumor
  5. 40g long spot reseal? Should I be concerned?
  6. 1st Emersed Tank
  7. Help My RCS
  8. 10g Trouble shoot
  9. moss ball spreading
  10. Glass cleaner
  11. Getting frustrated, any advice welcome
  12. need to find the right plants or time to get out
  13. Complete Aquarium Crash
  14. Highest bioload?
  15. Setting up and leveling 125g
  16. Plantlets
  17. Increased growth (higher CO2) = shorter plant life?
  18. Fish stock list
  19. JEBO 835 100GA filter & first cleaning
  20. Help
  21. All my plants have been slowly deteriorating for the last year
  22. hi all new setup
  23. Lights Out vs. Moonlight - Oxygen Loss?
  24. why doesn't my tap water kill snails??
  25. Treating tank for parasites - clean aquarium supplies?
  26. Can All this fit
  27. Anyone know if you can use any type of garden fertilizers in a tank?
  28. What is this? Plant? Eggs?
  29. So.....
  30. Faux Wood And Rocks
  31. Advice on sandy looking water
  32. Which is more sensitive to CO2? Shrimp or fish?
  33. What would neon paradise be?
  34. Transitioning from no-tech to...something else...
  35. spec v or edge
  36. Filtering out a little suspected oil residue and very fine particles
  37. Metal Weight Plate ?
  38. People that ship plants often or via envelopes, Questions for you!
  39. Metal hose clamps vs. plastic OEM hose clamps
  40. Question about instant cycle...
  41. Drop Checker Question
  42. Sand sticking to inside of glass?
  43. Safe way to color a branch ...
  44. Coo Coo Loach!
  45. Did I screw up my cycle?
  46. Comments invited on potential tank set up
  47. Osmocote plus in a shrimp tank - safe?
  48. New to the hobby,need general advice
  49. Algae Identification Help!
  50. Dosing NPK
  51. New to hobby: Am I inpatient or off track?
  52. Cat Problems
  53. Starting first Planted tank
  54. Dirt Cap
  55. Delivering Co2 to a large Tank
  56. Cory only tank (For future reference)
  57. Panted 110G CO2 Issues
  58. Need to get the pH down
  59. New Aquarium... Advice please!
  60. glass panel sticking out?!
  61. What are these Little Creatures?
  62. What is going on with my driftwood?
  63. Best co2 diffuser
  64. R/O Water reads 9.6 PH?
  65. Red Plants
  66. Tank and sump
  67. My amazing fissidens jungle
  68. Project Update on my Duo Rack Setup
  69. Sump media suggestions?
  70. lid or not?
  71. How do you store extra driftwood?
  72. Paint For Inside Of The Light Fixture?
  73. Never done a planted tank before! Help!
  74. what a difference co2 makes / pics
  75. Aquarium Background Color Questions
  76. Need advice how should I do a 3 day blackout to combat BGA.
  77. Aquarium Structural Integrity Compromised; Logistics of Moving Aquatic Community?
  78. can i run the air pump and co2 at the same time?
  79. Lighting & CO2 Upgrade - Mediocre Results on A. Reineckii and others
  80. Algaecide
  81. What type of stone is this?
  82. Adf
  83. Critical tank temp for plants???
  84. Odd Film on Surface of the Water?
  85. Odd colored water after a waterchange.
  86. Is this a problem?
  87. Clay question
  88. 1st Post -- 1st Planted Tank
  89. help making an aquaticlife t5 ho lamp work for a low tech
  90. fish for 20 tall
  91. Would black mollies help this algae?
  92. Labor day weekend tank trim and maintenance
  93. Goldfish in planted tank
  94. Looking to add fauna to my 40B. Suggestions?
  95. Fluval Spec III
  96. New and need advice
  97. if I'm looking for decorative rocks
  98. Leeches:( Help please...
  99. Inline up atomizer & Reactor together is it bad?
  100. Preparing for a second aquarium
  101. Re-Using Dirt?
  102. medium grain black blasting sand
  103. City water and Algal Bloom - Bi-Annual Turn Over?
  104. When you say you have hard water...
  105. unforgettable stories in the fish hobby!!
  106. CO2 Won't Come Out of Diffuser Without Turning It Up, Then Back to Desired Level
  107. Recycle tank water
  108. Beginning Aquascaping
  109. Gravel Vac - doesn't pic up waste
  110. Seachem Multi test - ammonia results
  111. Some help w/ cleaning algae...
  112. New here! HI! Plus my tank photos for comment/observations
  113. Plants look to have food and fish waste on them
  114. Help needed please
  115. Should I reseal this tank?
  116. co2 regulator
  117. not sure what this is
  118. Losing fish in a ONE gallon tank, help!
  119. What is ppm?
  120. Plants growing algae?
  121. rainwater
  122. Disposing of plant material
  123. Book suggestions needed
  124. Need some advice
  125. Need Suggestions
  126. Going planted with my 20g.
  127. Bba
  128. Snails and Holes in Leaves?
  129. Need help fresh not yet planted tank
  130. Ideas to Improve the Aquarium Experience
  131. Zebra Snail Babies
  132. black dots on driftwood?
  133. never had algae
  134. Looking at larger tanks
  135. How many tanks do you have?
  136. My first Bolivian rams
  137. ID help appreciated.
  138. RAOK Show n Tell
  139. How Long For a New Filter to Cycle in a Cycled Aquarium?
  140. Cleaning Hard to Reach Spots in Planted Aquarium
  141. Newbie to planted tank need help
  142. Fishless Cycle
  143. Filters and planted tanks
  144. How long cure time for 3/8" to 1/2" thick silicone?
  145. 1 day old cycling - huge ammonia and some nitrites already... what to do?
  146. Moving planted tanks
  147. Panacur Dosage/Camallanus infection
  148. Advice needed
  149. Seachem Stability
  150. Clearing brown water?
  151. LFS screening customers?
  152. Advice from Discus owners.
  153. Inside of underwater "sand" fall pics please
  154. Plants are slowly dying, don't know why
  155. Mass Killing Snails
  156. Seachem Prime
  157. Best way to move everything to a new tank?
  158. I killed my willow hygro!
  159. Well pretty sure my daughter killed my catfish
  160. Filter inlet and outlet positions on a 125
  161. Be honest?
  162. How is my cycle coming/Kh and GH vs PH?
  163. Stainless Steel Screws!? Glue!? Tying down?
  164. flashing
  165. water change using pumps
  166. reddish colored worm
  167. Ph discrepancy
  168. Metering valve
  169. Grinal worm culture. Mites?
  170. tank cover for Mr. Aqua
  171. THINGS in my water?
  172. Has anyone built their own custom aquarium?
  173. some sort of lily pad
  174. C02 tank
  175. CO2 Reactor and pipe size
  176. How to tell a tank's brand?
  177. Need some suggestions on background plants
  178. New tank, fishless cycle (just starting), sour smell?
  179. RO or tap water
  180. Adding O2 at night inline
  181. Avoiding recycling or Mini-cycle when upgrading filter
  182. Purposefully Introducing Algae?
  183. SAEs with glosso?
  184. Don't want to mention any names
  185. Advice Needed: Moving up in size!
  186. help with paint
  187. YT Noob Series [video ideas]?
  188. Tank on the Floor?
  189. Stocking for 29G Tall
  190. 60 H (45) vs 75p
  191. Anyone else agonize over tank size?
  192. snails
  193. Substrate And Plant Food
  194. 55 gallon question
  195. Help out a newbie…please
  196. Tank smell
  197. Person on Reddit has two male bettas in the same tank, apparently possible.
  198. Consistent Cloudyness
  199. ID Plants
  200. Fish all cramped into one corner
  201. Is there a black paint that will cover silicone?
  202. Anyone with a 100g+ in an apartment?
  203. snails that won't lay eggs
  204. Forum For Identifying Plant Species ...
  205. Best carpeting plants for a beginner?
  206. fugeray 7000k
  207. Osmocote Plus without CO2
  208. Water turbulence - how often?
  209. 26 or 29 gallon?
  210. Please Help! New and confused...
  211. Plant all in at once or is it okay to pace myself?
  212. Question regarding API Aquarium Salt
  213. couple questions: what's the difference between C. Nurii and the mutated one?!
  214. Help catching fish!!
  215. Corrugated Polycarbonate Roof Panel
  216. About to order dry ferts
  217. help is needed blue moss
  218. How Much Is Too Much?
  219. Help! Tank readings are still high, shrimp dyeing....water cloudy
  220. Co2 question
  221. tds meters
  222. Quarantine Tank - Substrate? Plants?
  223. Future tank build
  224. How much water change is too much?
  225. My 29g Tank
  226. Dark green on my anubius
  227. dwarf hairgrass problem
  228. Rescaped 46 bow
  229. Help :(
  230. Where do you buy?
  231. Rimless aquarium weight limit
  232. Mosses on tile
  233. Cucumber feeding
  234. Plant Suggestions For Single T8 Bulb.
  235. New to planted tanks, please help!
  236. Dollar per gallon sale
  237. Are there snails in the Rio Negro?
  238. Bristlenose Pleco w/ Dwarf Shrimp?
  239. Help with Newbie planted Tank
  240. Bottom Pad needed for rimmed?
  241. TSS fishless cycle with plants?!
  242. EI and plant issues
  243. Removing Rim From Standard 10 Gallon?
  244. pros and cons: 55gal or 29gal
  245. Ideas? *37 Gal*
  246. identify this bug and how to get rid of them
  247. Filter intake debris press filter sponge ideas?
  248. 30g 7mm glass rimsless tank safe?!?
  249. Tank stability
  250. Where do you find ammonia for your fishless cycle