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  1. Tank help please
  2. Root fert
  3. 75G tank help
  4. Such tannins. So cloudy
  5. Petco $1 per gallon 12/28/2014-01/24/15!!
  6. Should I fertilize my new dirt tank?
  7. Beginning photoperiod midday
  8. Are these harmful?
  9. Strange... How did this tank cycle?!?!
  10. Help Please!
  11. Plant with Sand or start over
  12. Upgrading lights and substrate
  13. Planting distance
  14. I got caught up in the Amazon feeding frenzy... now looking for suggestions
  15. new life spectrum flake food. dusty and dirty. what food do you use?
  16. Low light/low tech foreground plant.
  17. Spray paint (aquarium safe?)
  18. CO2 and Surface Agitation
  19. How to stop evaporation?
  20. local aquarium manufacturer
  21. My Collection - Images
  22. Guppies are slowly dying
  23. 5.5 gallon light and Co2 requirements?
  24. Hey everyone!~introduction
  25. Awesome Planted Tank at Mystic Aquarium!
  26. High tech but slow growth
  27. New Tank to Set Up
  28. Tank Devastation
  29. Do Ammonia Go Bad?
  30. New to keeping. Need help on next project
  31. ich outbreak!!!!! advice needed!
  32. Frozen Krill and Blackworms
  33. Setting up a 55 gal, have a few questions :)
  34. Leaving for winter break
  35. Red cabomba not very red
  36. Inspiration
  37. Bought a fixer-upper tank and got it planted
  38. Are these roots or algae?
  39. CO2 Impatience
  40. best midground plant?
  41. oily film on water surface
  42. pruning stargrass
  43. Vacation and PPS PRO
  44. Floating plant advice ideas
  45. Losing Fish - Cycling Question
  46. Marsilea: minuta vs quadrifolia vs Crenata
  47. Here's my 90g
  48. Fluval Fx6 and Glass intake
  49. Winter plant shipping
  50. Question Of bulb colors T5 HO
  51. co2 booster API
  52. Help me plan my 75 gallon.
  53. Just starting
  54. Quick general hardness question
  55. Petco Dollar per gallon sale Dec 26-Jan 24!!!
  56. Jungle style tanks
  57. Aquascaping a Chiclid Tank
  58. 50g tanks
  59. freaking out please help!!
  60. UV Sterilizers in Freshwater tanks?
  61. Help With First Aquarium! Worm Identification, New Plant Advice
  62. Help me save my high light plants!
  63. Uh Oh... Crypts melt & tank waterfall
  64. Anybody paint their ADA/rimless tank?
  65. What is it???? clear slime.
  66. T5 Lighting + EI Dosing + Pressurized Co2 = BBA for me
  67. Aquarium Lighting
  68. CO2 regulator broken parts help.
  69. Mystery Grass
  70. co2 question
  71. Overflow Help
  72. Noobie here with some questions
  73. Help identifying a strange, alien… plant?
  74. New to Planted Tanks; Should I be Concerned about What I am Seeing?
  75. Forgive me: Micro sword vs dwarf hair grass
  76. too much light
  77. Flow in my 75g, how to make BOTH the plants and fish happy?!
  78. Reccomend a Nano Tank Heater
  79. Open tanks
  80. Co2/fish
  81. Anubias has landed!!!! or
  82. This floating plant just appeared in my container pond lol
  83. Clean water with dirted tank?
  84. Duckweed, are you against it or for it?
  85. Secret Santa - 2014!
  86. GFO Reactor
  87. Cyber Monday!
  88. Looking for Alternanthera reineckii mini
  89. Aquaponics anyone?
  90. Pass the word: Petco sale thru Monday
  91. White cloud minnows in warm water? if not what else?
  92. Fluval 405
  93. Oily film on a rather new tank
  94. Series of fish deaths :( help :(
  95. true sae and pygmy corys planted tank
  96. Trickle filter?
  97. Snails from plants... Must I kill them?
  98. Looking for "mosses"
  99. Tough fishes
  100. Still new...but learning
  101. Community Tank Fish
  102. Suggestions for new setup
  103. Help required, Anubias rotting !
  104. Ghostwood
  105. Riccia Fluitans Dry Start Method
  106. Noob Question
  107. easiest plant to grow
  108. Where can I find a plant exchange
  109. fish in tank.
  110. Used Tanks
  111. How much can you trim rhizome plants' holdfasts?
  112. First API master test kit results
  113. What is this algae?!
  114. Thanksgiving Fish Food
  115. ph problems in dirted tank
  116. Temporary Home
  117. Community tank - adding other animals (crayfish)
  118. 10 gallon planted
  119. White specs embedded in driftwood
  120. Aquarium Ferts Seem To Be Killing Plants
  121. Plants and "fish squarium" odor
  122. New to planted tank, question about new plants.
  123. Tallest Bamboo challenge
  124. Assassin snails work
  125. water quality issues....
  126. I might have a water circulation problem in fish tank
  127. I might have a water circulation problem in fish tank
  128. Tankmates for a pair of Blue Rams in 20L.
  129. Looking for a source of a small solenoid valve
  130. Fishless tank
  131. Need advice on various aspects of new tank
  132. load of aquascaping questions
  133. Where to start..plants for 180 gallon high tech
  134. Crypt Wenditi Questions!
  135. Nano Tank - Fish Suggestions?
  136. Forgive my noobishness, but how do you...
  137. Just a small venting thread.
  138. Water current
  139. Cleaning old aquarium glass
  140. 40 gallon long tanks
  141. Repainting a stand
  142. Black Friday Deals
  143. How many of you actually quarantine?
  144. Cycling when tank isn't setup fully
  145. getting a feel of your layout
  146. Make shift tools
  147. Pots in tank?
  148. How do you look through the forums?
  149. Live Food: Artemia salina
  150. How long does it take?
  151. CO2 dangers?
  152. Plants in a CRS tank w/ 0 KH?
  153. Buddy of mine needed help moving his tank yesterday..
  154. Really tall tanks
  155. quarantine tank, bare bottom or not?
  156. Home Grown Cherries!
  157. Actinic Lighting in the Planted Aquarium #win
  158. killing springtails
  159. Achievement unlocked : setup a quarantine tank
  160. Does Frogbit grow fast
  161. Cleaning schedules from you tank hoarder's..
  162. Got 2% Fat Free Milk?
  163. Large container for holding fish
  164. Crinum detached from roots
  165. Planaria ... Problem?
  166. Generic Excell
  167. Ramshorn Snail Feeding at surface.
  168. So Petco is buying Drs Foster & Smith . .
  169. Carpet plants forming a thick thatch and not attaching to substrate
  170. How to plant stem plants... help??
  171. What is this on the Java Fern leaf?
  172. Tetra Safe Start
  173. Fishless cycling and EcoComplete question
  174. My new Planted Tank
  175. First High Tech Planted Tank Setup
  176. Versa top and T5HO light
  177. Need help identifying new tank invaders
  178. Brown stuff on plants
  179. Worms in Substrate
  180. What medications should you have for a quarantine/hospital tank?
  181. API test kit readings question
  182. Rotala nanjenshan or pogostemon erectus ?
  183. Daily inconsistency with Mikwaukee regulator
  184. Aquascapes: The Art of Underwater Gardening
  185. What Are these things floating in my tank?
  186. Newb questions...
  187. Your Opinions Please... My first Planted Tank (75G)
  188. Playing with fire
  189. HOB Filter for 30 Gallon Long
  190. Stocking suggestion for 182L
  191. Deciding how much of each plant to order
  192. Increase photoperiod for algae eaters?
  193. Best RO Water Remineralization for Planted Tanks?
  194. New 10g from spare stuff
  195. Beginner looking for help identifying plants and what new plants to add
  196. thread got deleted?
  197. Cycling with MGOPM
  198. snail ID, algae ID
  199. Overstocking?
  200. DIY LED questions for 29 gallon
  201. Multi-tank stands
  202. light box
  203. Gravel vacuuming
  204. starting over with an upgrade to 75g
  205. suggestions for what tank to use and why
  206. Can a dirt tank cause a ph crash?
  207. Marine frozen food ok for fw fish or not?
  208. Water Circulation - 72 Gallon Bow
  209. 20g long stocking
  210. help with co2
  211. Nerite snails
  212. Textured glass base on a DIY rimless?
  213. how many pencilfish can i keep?
  214. How much Excel is too much?
  215. Sword plant algae- low tech
  216. Glued java moss keeps dying
  217. 125 gallon weight question
  218. Teeter Totter
  219. Starting Over - What would you do?
  220. Your two cents, please!
  221. something is is my sump???
  222. Planted tank questions, co2, lighting, feeding
  223. 3D backround
  224. what are these brown dust balls... is this crypt melt or something else??
  225. Plant/Light advice
  226. Hiding Aquarium Lines and Equipment.
  227. Green Algae Virus
  228. ordering plants
  229. Water change problem
  230. Quarantine Tank
  231. Denison / Roseline Barbs for $3.89
  232. My husband did a bad thing :(
  233. Growth rate?
  234. Frozen foods
  235. EI dosing/ water change routine
  236. Need help with a two issues
  237. lights
  238. So many problems... need advice
  239. Cleaning driftwood
  240. Dissolved Oxygen problem?
  241. Water change question
  242. Vintage Tank...what to do (rebuild/restore)?
  243. Co2 and lights
  244. Opinions on stacked aquarium idea
  245. Sharing a tip about backgrounds....
  246. Emersed HC not doing too well.
  247. Wrought Iron aquarium stands?
  248. Need help identifying plants in this tank
  249. Co2 bubble clouds
  250. CO2 injection - water clarifying properties?