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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Does Frogbit grow fast
  2. Cleaning schedules from you tank hoarder's..
  3. Got 2% Fat Free Milk?
  4. Large container for holding fish
  5. Crinum detached from roots
  6. Planaria ... Problem?
  7. Generic Excell
  8. Ramshorn Snail Feeding at surface.
  9. So Petco is buying Drs Foster & Smith . .
  10. Carpet plants forming a thick thatch and not attaching to substrate
  11. How to plant stem plants... help??
  12. What is this on the Java Fern leaf?
  13. Tetra Safe Start
  14. Fishless cycling and EcoComplete question
  15. My new Planted Tank
  16. First High Tech Planted Tank Setup
  17. Versa top and T5HO light
  18. Need help identifying new tank invaders
  19. Brown stuff on plants
  20. Worms in Substrate
  21. What medications should you have for a quarantine/hospital tank?
  22. API test kit readings question
  23. Rotala nanjenshan or pogostemon erectus ?
  24. Daily inconsistency with Mikwaukee regulator
  25. Aquascapes: The Art of Underwater Gardening
  26. What Are these things floating in my tank?
  27. Newb questions...
  28. Your Opinions Please... My first Planted Tank (75G)
  29. Playing with fire
  30. HOB Filter for 30 Gallon Long
  31. Stocking suggestion for 182L
  32. Deciding how much of each plant to order
  33. Increase photoperiod for algae eaters?
  34. Best RO Water Remineralization for Planted Tanks?
  35. New 10g from spare stuff
  36. Beginner looking for help identifying plants and what new plants to add
  37. thread got deleted?
  38. Cycling with MGOPM
  39. snail ID, algae ID
  40. Overstocking?
  41. DIY LED questions for 29 gallon
  42. Multi-tank stands
  43. light box
  44. Gravel vacuuming
  45. starting over with an upgrade to 75g
  46. suggestions for what tank to use and why
  47. Can a dirt tank cause a ph crash?
  48. Marine frozen food ok for fw fish or not?
  49. Water Circulation - 72 Gallon Bow
  50. 20g long stocking
  51. help with co2
  52. Nerite snails
  53. Textured glass base on a DIY rimless?
  54. how many pencilfish can i keep?
  55. How much Excel is too much?
  56. Sword plant algae- low tech
  57. Glued java moss keeps dying
  58. 125 gallon weight question
  59. Teeter Totter
  60. Starting Over - What would you do?
  61. Your two cents, please!
  62. something is is my sump???
  63. Planted tank questions, co2, lighting, feeding
  64. 3D backround
  65. what are these brown dust balls... is this crypt melt or something else??
  66. Plant/Light advice
  67. Hiding Aquarium Lines and Equipment.
  68. Green Algae Virus
  69. ordering plants
  70. Water change problem
  71. Quarantine Tank
  72. Denison / Roseline Barbs for $3.89
  73. My husband did a bad thing :(
  74. Growth rate?
  75. Frozen foods
  76. EI dosing/ water change routine
  77. Need help with a two issues
  78. lights
  79. So many problems... need advice
  80. Cleaning driftwood
  81. Dissolved Oxygen problem?
  82. Water change question
  83. Vintage Tank...what to do (rebuild/restore)?
  84. Co2 and lights
  85. Opinions on stacked aquarium idea
  86. Sharing a tip about backgrounds....
  87. Emersed HC not doing too well.
  88. Wrought Iron aquarium stands?
  89. Need help identifying plants in this tank
  90. Co2 bubble clouds
  91. CO2 injection - water clarifying properties?
  92. New To Planted Tanks
  93. Tiny new scape
  94. Help... trying to start the cycle
  95. what are these things in my plant/snail tank?!?!?!
  96. Drop Checker Set Up / Reading ...
  97. 40 gallon high tech help?
  98. Co2 fed powerhead problem
  99. Leaves falling of plants and snail at top of water
  100. EI method ferts
  101. Help! Tossed the fish out with the waste-water
  102. New Fluval Edge, DHG Slow Growth
  103. Well Water and PH
  104. "Cleaner" alternatives to dirt?
  105. Will painting the sides of my aquarium help betta from seeing his reflection?
  106. about to buy my ei ferts, need help!
  107. leds in the stand
  108. New to aquarium plants- advice please
  109. Thinking of combining my tanks (92g and 29g). Thoughts?
  110. Is your Tank ready for a power outage?
  111. co2. odor ?
  112. what is this? (pic)
  113. Need Help picking background
  114. what ratio for peroxide dip?
  115. Disinfect plants for algae??
  116. Fluval Pressurized Co2 Kit
  117. New 29 gallon planted tank
  118. ADA garden mat disaster?
  119. Glitter in Aquarium - Is It Okay?
  120. Sad day for the Finnex Jungle Tank
  121. Debris everywhere!!!!
  122. trouble growing some plants!!
  123. How to read API nitrates liquid test ?
  124. Surface bubbles accumulating
  125. Problems with Purigen?
  126. Dwarf four leaf clover, maybe minuta of some kind, yellow
  127. Should I add 48 in T5?
  128. Moving Tank: Question
  129. Bare bottom tank
  130. 75 Gallon Cycle With Small Filter??
  131. Putting 75g or 2x 20g in a 2014 Pine Grove mobile home
  132. Help! New tank- Cloudy then clear then cloudy again?
  133. Tiny bugs in my substrate
  134. New tank!
  135. next dpg sale
  136. Plant newbie with questions!
  137. 1 gallon RCS tank?
  138. My First Planted Tank with pics :)
  139. New Finnex 48" hovering light fixture :-O
  140. You know you're a planted tank junkie when
  141. Water Changes
  142. Converted African tank to new plant tank
  143. tank overflow and level
  144. Dirt tank disturbance
  145. What should be the plants and fish for this scaping?
  146. Multiple issues
  147. aquadurt
  148. Best tank for aquascaping?
  149. dutch build my led cautionary tale
  150. red cherry shrimp chronic death
  151. New to Planted Tank, New to, Help Appreciated!
  152. Slow growth and algae problems!
  153. Need your opinions on lighting my 44g Pentagon
  154. New 4ft Tank Instant Cycle Question
  155. Planted Plus to Stingray
  156. Keeping a North American Native Fish Tank?
  157. how many is to many
  158. Milestones Reached this week, THANK U ALL
  159. Window tint background
  160. 20 long sub tropical suggestions
  161. Driftwood Fuzz
  162. Second Verse.
  163. Diving Back In, Getting Dirty...
  164. leaf litter for blackworms
  165. First emersed Attempt
  166. Roots vs Tank Seams
  167. UV LEDs
  168. Anyone try these for planted hill?
  169. stocking suggestions?
  170. Water Backing Up Into CO2 Hose ..
  171. My 55g community and 20g breeder updates
  172. Sponge filter n CO2
  173. Deficiency or Snails?
  174. final steps before ordering plants
  175. Do Planted Tanks Have a Fixed Life Cycle?
  176. Hard Reset/LED Lighting Help
  177. Unexplained pH drop - HELP!
  178. Conflicted
  179. First high tech tank setup - help/questions?
  180. Sandfall mini tank
  181. diy root taps
  182. Nano Biotopes Using IM Fusion 10s in the Classroom
  183. Some white things on the substrate
  184. High-tech Tank ?
  185. 29g planted tank thoughts and suggestions
  186. Z. Danio Jumped out of tank- Alive but injured
  187. Sandfall question
  188. My tank is bad and I feel bad.
  189. minibow 5 diy co2
  190. Greetings and a Question
  191. Plexiglass tops?
  192. New 29 gallon
  193. New Tank Re-Set Up
  194. Help with anubias only 180 - No Co2.
  195. Quarantine tanks
  196. What is this fuzz???
  197. New to Dry Start Method
  198. Bushynose Pleco & carpet plant
  199. Seeding a new tank
  200. Numerous questions for you!
  201. Potential gnat problem in potting soil
  202. TLC Smartstart ???
  203. Little bit of Help with a reseal
  204. Newbie Here, Hi how are you! Help me?
  205. Stocking suggestions for a Mr. Aqua 7.5g cube
  206. Planaria EXPLOSION - no uneaten food
  207. High light or low, what am i? :)
  208. Current UsA Satillite LED opinions.
  209. Amazon sword and Java fern growth
  210. 'Tipping point' for Co2 usage relative to PAR?
  211. Newby here! Need some advice please :)
  212. Help! White hard spots on my plants!
  213. High Nitrates What Can I Do
  214. In over my head with dry start
  215. Weird no decay effect on dead leaf.
  216. Using air stone with CO2 injection?
  217. Newbie question
  218. Best way to reduce melting?
  219. 20 Gallon Tank Help
  220. Brighter Satellite Freshwater PLUS in the works?
  221. Too much water movement/filtration?
  222. what causes curling leaves?
  223. Gluing wood to slate
  224. Aquascape advice for a newbie?
  225. Uneaten food
  226. whats the best way to deal with calcium deficiency?!
  227. First Attempt at a Planted Tank
  228. Pink worm in fresh water tank?! Help!
  229. Medication mistake
  230. Need help on uprooting plants.
  231. Dwarf Baby Tears and Carbon
  232. New to planted tanks and have questions.
  233. Tiny Red Dots on Driftwood
  234. Covering up blue stem from canister filter
  235. just planted-algae
  236. Opinions on Flourish?
  237. holding substrate in place
  238. is my filter too clean?
  239. Lost one of my rainbow fish this morning.
  240. Stocking A 125G
  241. Staurogyne Repens Not Growing Really Well
  242. blackworms ok to live in tank?
  243. I don't know what's happening
  244. Ick!!! How to treat it???
  245. Can you use fig tree branches in an aquarium?
  246. LED advice?
  247. red cedar driftwood?
  248. My 20g Ram tank update
  249. Assassin Snail?
  250. Rainwater for fish tanks?