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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Snails everywhere!
  2. Blackworm help?
  3. Post your favorite "Most Colorful" tank
  4. NextReef MR1 media reactor?
  5. Low PH and KH, natural way to fix?
  6. Fish equipment slime, smell, light brownish color.
  7. Will a broken heater ruin my driftwood?
  8. Do I NEEEED a CO2 sytem for my tank?
  9. What's up with this cycling?
  10. Need help with moss
  11. Rotala
  12. NARROWLY avoided 2 disasters
  13. Just an idea....comments? Opinions?
  14. Test kit for Ca Q
  15. Subtropical planted tank
  16. Water Pump for Water Changes
  17. best test strip brand
  18. Tank Advice
  19. Please help a newbie to planted tanks
  20. wth is this stuff!?
  21. 3g Picotope help.
  22. Permits for selling plants?
  23. Easiest way to make infusoria?
  24. Aquarium tools
  25. IIAC 2015(ISTA 1st International Aquascaping Contest)Our honor to invite you!
  26. Oxygen for the fish - plants by day and airstone by night?
  27. Mat under the aquarium
  28. Quality LED Light Fixture with built in timer[s] or controllable by Apex
  29. general CO2 information
  30. What does low tech mean?
  31. Feed me Seymor! What would you do with these? (pic heavy)
  32. Eureka!!
  33. Looking for a mentor
  34. Am I doing this right?
  35. Plants only growing on one side of tank
  36. Specific info for plants
  37. Anyone breed dwarf cray?
  38. Affordable Quality All-in-one Glass Tank?
  39. Trimming?
  40. Haven't done a water change recently...explain this
  41. Should you vacuum under hardscape during every water change?
  42. Love this website!
  43. Hello!
  44. Sword Plants (Echinodorus) Plants Emerssed?
  45. Stupid heater question
  46. too much co2
  47. water spots and smudges
  48. How much tanin is too much?
  49. ordering plants from overseas
  50. co2
  51. small chip in eheim impeller magnet... what to do..
  52. ADA Driftwood, tannin, fungus and algae problem solution
  53. diy co2?
  54. Too many plants? 26 plants in a 29 gallon?
  55. What's your fav ?
  56. Need help!
  57. Tank Frames for sale?
  58. Angelfish proof plants
  59. Plant growth has slowed? Why?
  60. medication
  61. Does Benificial bacteria utilize NH4?
  62. Perfectly laminar flow visualised on surface
  63. Driftwood with Bark Falling Off
  64. moldy driftwood
  65. Super bubbly tank - guess why?
  66. Has my angel outgrown his tank?
  67. RO vs Tap Water
  68. Let's Talk About Marfied Controsoil!
  69. what was that I just saw swimming in the tank?
  70. Really crooked tank
  71. Fish have stopped eating - chlorinated water to blame?
  72. 20long suggestions
  73. Lit up the trees today
  74. Newly dirted tank - dirt layer over sand cap
  75. Prices for Dwarf Sag.?
  76. water logging driftwood problem
  77. Wood or steel stand?
  78. recycle help
  79. Thickness of 20L
  80. CO2 purchasing help
  81. Water Not Level
  82. Using Eheim as Only a Biological Filter
  83. Overnight ammonia?
  84. Redone planted tank not doing well
  85. What is the definition of a Dutch Planted tank?
  86. is this some type of algae?
  87. Planting in ADA Amazonia substrate?
  88. Really Specific Question About "Lace Rock"
  89. Flake Food Longevity
  90. Where to put the sand? Side or front?
  91. How can I clean and disinfect a tank that had a kill off?
  92. Another quick question (flow rate, velocity, and circulation)
  93. Expired Additives/Medications
  94. A few quick questions :)
  95. What will eat fungus?
  96. Updated 55g and 20g
  97. High Tech vs Low Tech
  98. Plant Id plz
  99. New member back at the hobby in search of help
  100. Aquarimate App?
  101. Can someone please help me figure out why my tank always looks dirty?
  102. Can anyone ID this?
  103. Want to set up 20 gallon killifish tank
  104. New Aquarium
  105. Tanks without center braces
  106. water change stress
  107. When you run out of co2
  108. I need the 101 on going high-tech
  109. the "dead zone"....
  110. Im New!! And i need help!
  111. Aquarium infront of Window
  112. Dead parts on plant
  113. Sick Bosmani Rainbowfish
  114. What else can I do to save this planted tank
  115. About evaporation
  116. Proud Papa
  117. Top Fin tanks
  118. Painting aquarium trim
  119. Quarantine tank
  120. Home depot workbench
  121. Blizzard tank scenario
  122. Soap problem
  123. Diy co2 any thoughts?
  124. Selling Aquarium Plants.......Questions!
  125. Need help with plants and hardscape
  126. Petco stands... recalled?
  127. Got plants in - now what?
  128. Betta swallowed Cherry Shrimp
  129. Overhauling Neglected 55 Gallon, Guidance Needed
  130. 29 Gallon Tall (Beginner)
  131. IAPLC photos?
  132. Tank width
  133. What's the secret to crystal clear water?
  134. Dip petco tube plants
  135. Springtails?
  136. extremely tiny white moving dots in aquarium?
  137. massive fish die-off need suggestions for restock
  138. fish fungus, how fast does it spread?!
  139. Compliment Denison Barbs
  140. Being Small
  141. custom plastic trim
  142. Too Cold or Too Hot?
  143. A weird question regarding the dry start method.
  144. What's wrong with this?
  145. How much would you pay for Otocinclus?
  146. Rock Prep/Sterilizing
  147. a planted tank NEWBIE
  148. New 65g setup, looking for comments/help
  149. Pet Supplies Plus $1/gallon
  150. ~3 month anniversary! Feedback requested!
  151. Getting closer to proper setup, I hope?
  152. Do scuds eat fish eggs?
  153. Proper Procedure for Setting Up a Planted HOB?
  154. mysterious black parts on plant
  155. Is a 14 lb rock to much weight to add to tank?
  156. Suggestions needed for re-starting a tank
  157. What is this white substance inside the substrate?
  158. What Would You Do?
  159. Is it a battle getting your paintball tanks refilled?
  160. HELP figuring out what to do with tank
  161. best fish for bright lights
  162. cracked 150gal back panel glass
  163. Fluval EDGE on sale today only $ 49.99
  164. cycling new already planted tank
  165. Showing off my tank (Update)
  166. High risk tank
  167. Tank/sump advice needed!
  168. 3 deaths :(
  169. Plant Enthusiasts! Pearling vs Fake Pearling. LET'S DISCUSS!
  170. How to truly avoid snails and algae in a tranfer of cuttings?
  171. anyone know Xraay?
  172. Linking two tanks together?
  173. help me understand aqadvisor
  174. New 5.5 g
  175. Name That Tank
  176. New 55 day 3 questions assurances on how to proceed
  177. MTS and worm castings Questions
  178. First attemp at DIY Wabi Kusa
  179. getting back into the aquarium hobby
  180. Do you have a cover/hood?
  181. Any Good Bubble Counters Out There?
  182. Quarantine tanks and other tanks
  183. Tank size
  184. List of Things for Brand New Tank
  185. pickle juice
  186. Suggestions on hiding a weir
  187. New to planted tanks
  188. Best paint to use for background
  189. Shipping costs
  190. Announcing the 10 Gallon Owners' Registry
  191. switching from established tank to new one . please help
  192. My dirt tank videos from day 1 to .......
  193. New 7.5G cube setup, DIY 'can' filter, much more to come
  194. Bleaching Seiryu stones to get color back
  195. Equipment identity help
  196. Let's see those green carpets
  197. This forum is Way too addicting!
  198. Purigen reactor x 2?
  199. How I came into the hobby.
  200. Back to Roots Aquafarm?
  201. pretty neat little documentary on a family and their arowana
  202. CO2 at ~30PPM With No CO2 Injection?
  203. 40G Breeder club
  204. Where to buy HC (Dwarf Baby Tears)
  205. Type of algae
  206. silicone for 60gallon tank
  207. Awesome planted betta tank
  208. Cracked back panel
  209. Abbreviation ?'s
  210. ADA Aquasoil - Amazonia or Malaya?
  211. Is this too much?
  212. Removing silicone?
  213. Fishless cycle: Need help
  214. pure potassium
  215. drift wood
  216. Adequate Lighting for dwarf hairgrass
  217. Cleaning glass tops
  218. Best LFS near DC or upstate NY
  219. Leak & End Of Tank Dump
  220. moss from local stream?
  221. Terrariums, vivariums and palladriums
  222. Leak test on a cold weather
  223. help! lights went out!
  224. New here, few questions
  225. I can never grow Dwarf Hairgrass....
  226. Crushed Coral to Raise KH?
  227. Bubble up corner filter with Co2
  228. slate in tank?
  229. Unexpected issues with new tank
  230. 40b vs 2 20L
  231. Airiation
  232. expo's????
  233. Can anybody I.D this bug in my RCS tank
  234. Looking to start low maintenance planted tank
  235. How to carpet DBT?
  236. Plants dying from where stem meets substrate
  237. Hot glue for pleco cave
  238. URGENT fish/fertilizer help
  239. Receiving plants before ready to plant
  240. Am I overstocking??
  241. Planting my 55g
  242. New 25 gallon
  243. Root Tabs => 3G Limit?
  244. cloudy tank need help
  245. What is this on my plant?
  246. 1st planted tank leaking
  247. lessons learned this AM ....
  248. Help a Noob
  249. How to make flake foods sink
  250. For plants photo period = morning right ?