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  1. blackworms ok to live in tank?
  2. I don't know what's happening
  3. Ick!!! How to treat it???
  4. Can you use fig tree branches in an aquarium?
  5. LED advice?
  6. red cedar driftwood?
  7. My 20g Ram tank update
  8. Assassin Snail?
  9. Rainwater for fish tanks?
  10. Stunted growth help!
  11. Any Suggestions for my planned tank?
  12. Water Surface Clouded with Micro Bubbles, O2 or CO2?
  13. Caulking the seams.
  14. How to plumb Push-to-Connect Fittings to vinyl tubing
  15. I think I just need more light?
  16. Cycling: Liquid Ammonia vs Fish Food?
  17. Power heads
  18. Away for 3 weeks. How to maintain my tank?
  19. cycling a sump?
  20. what is the best way to store plants
  21. Dose or not ar this stage?
  22. Tunze 6045
  23. Planted vs Reef
  24. Fishkeeper aquarium treatment
  25. Flow In My 125g
  26. Weird large worm in tank!!?
  27. Pearling?
  28. Any idea what these are?
  29. Blue or black background ?
  30. Another question about PH
  31. Stores in Florida
  32. feeding fish /how oftrn
  33. Do your LFS sell used equipment?
  34. Sandfalls won't pick up sand
  35. Something I have learned about plant deficiencies (not always what it seems)
  36. What am I doing wrong?
  37. canister filter cleaning /how often
  38. Nano newbie needing high tech help!
  39. 50x50x50cm Tank Ideas
  40. Advice/Help
  41. Nitrite High
  42. Help Setting Up a Planted 5.5G
  43. The Pimp Bowl Club
  44. Little Aphid like Bugs
  45. quarantine tank
  46. Powerheads and Snails
  47. SunSun Filter Opinions
  48. New user, looking for a little advice
  49. Need help with weird plant/fungus in tank
  50. How to block HOB outflow?
  51. k1 media?
  52. ammonia lvls?
  53. using an established tank to start a new one
  54. what to use?
  55. When do you just give up?
  56. Re-scaping.. Do's and Do not's...
  57. Crazy parameter readings
  58. Fish dying
  59. I have thousands of gallons of tank space. What should I do with it?
  60. Co2 delivery options
  61. fish ID please
  62. Discus temperature plant successes
  63. saltwater novice
  64. Adding o2 with no co2?
  65. How to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs
  66. Will temp change cause melting?
  67. Tank crash or standard melting?
  68. Suggestion for the shady part of the high light tank
  69. Another question about the cold
  70. 40 gallon breeder
  71. Eco Complete. Gravel vac????
  72. HC growing vertical instead of horizonal?
  73. 1 Plant + 1 Fish ID Needed. TIA (pic heavy)
  74. Need Suggestions for Planted tank
  75. Shipping question-- too cold?
  76. Thinking about switching to Pool Filter Sand
  77. first tank in many years (at least 7 or 8)
  78. First planted tank. Thoughts and suggestions?
  79. Plant Shipping
  80. Oscars and Algae Eaters
  81. Some little tiny creatures in my tank
  82. just a quick question about LED lights...
  83. From Mixed Reef to Iwagami - Need Advice Please
  84. Stocking for 18g Tall
  85. White stuff covering top of tank
  86. Copper and shrimp
  87. How To Plant Stems
  88. Eheim 2217 increase water flow
  89. Questions for my first planted tank!
  90. Fin Rot Has Appeared
  91. Why are wild plants okay without CO2 injection?
  92. Tankmates? Idea please
  93. 1st Timer. New Canister Filter ...
  94. Fish for the tank
  95. Mystery critter/plant? Help ID please.
  96. Cleaning Plans from Snails/Algae/Ick
  97. How does my tank look?
  98. New fish
  99. Sword plant with issues LOL
  100. help . driftwood lowering pH in co2 tank
  101. Quick question about seeding new tank
  102. Nitrite at 1ppm
  103. What's in your tank?
  104. water changes
  105. Just a thought about a tank idea.
  106. Beginner Tank
  107. need some help!!
  108. Florida
  109. RO for well water
  110. Help figured what's best for return flow in tank
  111. Looking for ideas for an "extra" 55 gal
  112. Newbie aquascaper
  113. How do you keep various wires etc. in the tank?
  114. Need advice with my co2 readings
  115. Hot Water to Mix Dry Ferts?
  116. Total newbie question.
  117. Narrow tanks
  118. Strange creature in new tank!??
  119. Live Manzanita Wood?
  120. Setting up my Pressurized co2-concerned about pH swings.
  121. What should I replace two HOB filters with?
  122. Root tabs
  123. Hydrofloria kit?
  124. api test tube pressurized co2 delivery system for half gallon
  125. Excel and Ripariums?
  126. Where to Order Plants Online in Canada?
  127. Just trash picked a 55 gallon tank. Want to reseal it. Black auto RTV safe?
  128. What do you think thus far ?
  129. Faucet hookup for water change help
  130. Subtrate & Top Layer Considerations
  131. Fluval 304 Leaking--Suggestions??
  132. Problem growing Hygrophila Corymbosa
  133. Java Moss/Shrimp
  134. New to forums, new to planted tanks. Check out my tank!
  135. Co2 controller settings
  136. DIY CO2 Questions
  137. Amazon sword leaking bubbles, Why?
  138. Excel Overdose!
  139. Your thought's
  140. Starting new setup
  141. Co2 in a poor oxygenated tank
  142. New tank, cloudy water questions
  143. Need some help with my CO2 system
  144. Amano Molted
  145. I want DETRITUS WORMS?!
  146. Fish struggling for last hour of light
  147. Should I turn on CO2 during cycling new tank?
  148. thinking of ditching the excell and going to c02
  149. A few tank shots and filter recommendation
  150. Co2~24/7 or limited time?
  151. Moving far far away with planted 55
  152. Substrate
  153. 10G Dirted Tank, Advice on White Cloudy Patches
  154. Please review, comment and identify potential issues
  155. Are any of your fish hardier than my swordtail?
  156. What's in your canister/hob filter for media??
  157. Ich and co2
  158. Testing for Toxins
  159. co2 / before and after
  160. Is everything useless now?
  161. Reputable Plant Stores for Large Quantities
  162. High tech with liquid carbon
  163. Ferts and Filtration
  164. dream tank almost complete
  165. Species Advice
  166. My cat drink my tank water - safe???
  167. Need flow for my tank?
  168. Harvesting local stones
  169. Total newbie looking for advice
  170. Nice African Cichlid tank at Cheddar's
  171. Thinking of turning my 300 gallon into a planted tank questions.
  172. Api ph
  173. What to do with E.I. dosing tank while on vacation?
  174. LED lighting
  175. My First Planted, and my first post!
  176. Need help with a new 30 long
  177. Quarantine tank necessary
  178. Leeches in my bowl planters
  179. hardscape question.
  180. Help me come up with a game plan
  181. Guidelines for wild caught hardscape material?
  182. Feeding, Ferts, Lights schedule
  183. help with bog/emersed plants
  184. Why does new driftwood?
  185. Needing Some Help and Opinions
  186. Help identify white spots on driftwood
  187. 2 year old tank - need advise
  188. NEW Amazonia normal type soil turning muddy?
  189. Newbie co2 question
  190. CO2 regulator help
  191. what type of driftwood is this?
  192. Plant growth slowed/stopped & dead shrimp.
  193. Stocking for a frequently moved aquarium??
  194. Goofed, mini cycle expectations
  195. Co2 fustration
  196. 32 Gal. Mr. Aqua project
  197. What is Your Monthly Power Cost For Your Aquarium?
  198. Quick cycle question
  199. added Ramshorn snails to my tank, should I change my regime
  200. The inevitable CO2 emissions question
  201. plant book suggestions
  202. Bag Of Purigen ... throw away?
  203. New tank just barely hanging on. Help needed!
  204. What other forums are you apart of?
  205. So what do assassin snails eat after all the other snails are gone?
  206. Options for surface agitation
  207. Does anyone use the Fluval LED lighting for their tanks?
  208. New Tank Setup
  209. vacuuming the carpet
  210. Volcanic rock
  211. addition of co2 section [your opinion matters]
  212. First 75G Planted - Need Help (pix heavy)
  213. I don't like my tank and can't figure out how to fix it
  214. licorice gouramis, shrimp and care
  215. Does anyone have the exact size of a Aqueon 20g Long footprint?
  216. anyone use hydor canister filters
  217. Whoops
  218. First time with diy substrate walstad style....
  219. The ABC's of Shipping
  220. need planted tank
  221. Stocking question
  222. Help me choose runners....
  223. Filtration questions
  224. 60-P question
  225. Would this work as a container pond?
  226. what is a really good canister filter
  227. need help with co2 diffusion
  228. Fish keep dying don't know why
  229. Purchasing RO and/or distilled
  230. Eye level aquarium/stand
  231. Nice write up about fishless cycling, bacteria in general
  232. Reducing the impact of flow ...
  233. What's your hospital/QT set up?
  234. Water circulation
  235. Raining Inside the Aquarium
  236. Setup suggestions
  237. Need some help on Replanting.
  238. Help getting started!
  239. Mail ordering an aquarium
  240. Suitable stand for 5.5?
  241. Glosso, possible in mid tech no c02? Help
  242. Need a little help
  243. CO2 - After Dark
  244. My first plants!
  245. LED bubble wand
  246. Flaws in Kh chart regarding CO2 content
  247. h202 question. please help
  248. Having a custom tank made, need help with a few things..
  249. Water changes
  250. Noob question about set-up. Please help