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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Help needed, New tank chipping on front bottom corner
  2. Ich in tank with Brown African Knife
  3. Light fixture on an uncovered tank?
  4. What on earth are my Rams doing?
  5. Starting over... Again.
  6. my Discus hate circulation pump
  7. New blog
  8. removing tannins
  9. Slow to no growth- any advice ?
  10. what fish
  11. How much fertilizer?
  12. help
  13. Emersed plants just started dying.......
  14. Unknown black worms?
  15. need help
  16. tiger lotus stem deterioration
  17. Trouble cycling tank
  18. What's in your filter?
  19. Seeding a new tank with creek gravel?
  20. suggestions needed
  21. tank cover
  22. What does everyone think about kessil?
  23. Too much Purigen?
  24. fishless cycle
  25. 150 gallon with cracked bottom
  26. Close call
  27. Best filter media for canister
  28. Cycling and excel?
  29. Plants only pearling when filter is off?
  30. algae or roots?
  31. Wooden air stone vs ceramic air stone
  32. Public water change from chloramine to chlorine
  33. pressurized co2 questions
  34. Who has ?
  35. If I ever buy another test, just shoot me.
  36. Cycle troubles - No ammonia, high nitrites
  37. dragon tree roots
  38. brown water
  39. Worm ID?
  40. Weird gunk on everything
  41. Water changes...
  42. Removing Glass Top > Increase PAR
  43. Unique (possible) aquarium, in need of advice!
  44. Too many tanks.. What would you do?
  45. can i have plants w no fish
  46. the world largest nature aquarium by mister Amano
  47. Parameters and stocking
  48. Last-Minute Questions Before Starting Plant
  49. purigen reactor
  50. Diy spray bar
  51. Slow plant growth
  52. Slow plant growth
  53. 55 gallon, 4ft Asia Biotope
  54. H2O2 and Plant Melting
  55. Aqueon tanks
  56. Help with My 125 Setup
  57. Petco $1 Per Gallon Sale Info
  58. Water company raising bill any solutions?
  59. Is this a pest?
  60. marginal dsm mold non issue once submerged?
  61. New Aquarist
  62. Collecting green hydra
  63. Rummy's eating plants
  64. Gas exchange with minimal surface agitation & fully covered surface w/ water lettuce.
  65. Red haired BBA
  66. Relationship between pH fluctuations and BBA
  67. Why does my tank always look filthy?
  68. Bubble Wand?
  69. How large of a tank can a floor support
  70. DSM Fail. Looking for advise. Pics included
  71. Liquid carbon questions
  72. New Canister Filter Cycling Question
  73. pH controllers
  74. Use dead Bonsai?
  75. Anyone have a 20g Tall with 20" Finnex Planted+
  76. moss is evil
  77. CO2 and Fish-less Cycle
  78. CO2 test run?
  79. Can anyone identify this?
  80. Greenhouse aquarium?
  81. Help transfering to new tank
  82. Rescaped the Betta tank, again!
  83. Rinsing filter sponges
  84. Aquarium Safe Glue
  85. Colorful Plant for a nano
  86. Cutting off co2 cold turkey
  87. Help me troubleshoot my CO2?
  88. How long should I run Co2
  89. Is dolomite soluble?
  90. Is Circulation Pump Necessary?
  91. Where to buy plants?
  92. Video: Takashi Amano installing world's largest planted tank (130ft long)
  93. Level a Tank on Uneven Floor?
  94. Worms in Your Dirt??
  95. Bad aquarium seals?
  96. custom tank. size matters
  97. Next DPG sale
  98. Unable to keep adequate CO2 levels
  99. Sponge Filter and BB Transfer for New Tank Question
  100. Does aeration makes the water cooler?
  101. Ada 90h
  102. Growing a tank divider?
  103. Large peninsula tank - basic questions
  104. co2 from home brewery?
  105. your water change technique and recipe
  106. help with replacing old filter with new on established tank
  107. preventable mistakes / lessons learned.
  108. Canister filter discharge and intake placement question...
  109. Shrimp and Plants Questions
  110. Advice for New 75 Gallon Planted Project
  111. Various questions
  112. 12 Gallon Long Iwagumi Pre-build (pics included)
  113. ADA Gallery closed?
  114. Shallow tank question.
  115. Upgrade to 180g 2FX6 or Sump ???
  116. I need some advice
  117. Got Wood!!
  118. Step by step plants in the HOB Filter.
  119. Larger show fish for 75g
  120. Planted Never ending 200 Panorama South America tank
  121. Mag float
  122. Using RO DI water
  123. Do I get any of these?
  124. How much is my 75 gallon worth
  125. Mirror as background
  126. Dusty coating on my plants?
  127. SEA-90 sea mineral fertilizer... yeah SALT!!
  128. You tube contest entry
  129. kuhli loach
  130. Maintaining a cycled tank without fish.
  131. do i need more ferts than seqchem flourish
  132. Cycling advice for my Edge
  133. water change questions
  134. Still laughing at myself over this one.
  135. Help Reinforcing 10 Gallon Tank Stand?
  136. Aquatic life ro buddie
  137. 40b how many fish?
  138. Ich......
  139. white cyst in the tank
  140. Divider to keep fish away from plants
  141. How can I fix the laminate on my aquarium stand?
  142. Diffuser or Reactor??
  143. Too many fish?
  144. So I tried using vinegar
  145. Broken bottle or such in aquarium?
  146. Unusual stands
  147. Planted tank with CO2 and without CO2
  148. Cinder block stands
  149. Light management - Dim it or shorten duration?
  150. New Member-comments, advice appreciated
  151. Seachem PhosGuard
  152. Please i need an interview badly :(
  153. suspend or dim light
  154. A poor man's unzan stone?
  155. Hello everyone, new here!
  156. How to sell faster on The Planted Tank
  157. otos, shrimp, snails, or bushy nose pleco
  158. anyone have a tank that's 80% or more of the surface covered with water lettuce?
  159. Spray bar vs loc-line nozzle return?
  160. Starting a new tank, when to add a snail?
  161. Switched to a "High Tech" setup...Now my fish are dying.
  162. Co2 Splitting Questions
  163. What exactly sands down my driftwood everyday?
  164. Aquariums and saving space
  165. pressurized co2 with out EI & 2 co2 regs run inline
  166. Discus and co2 balance in a planted tank
  167. starting over..
  168. Best position, HOB filter
  169. Cool trick to make your own powder soil
  170. Cloudy water
  171. Do I need a power head?
  172. plant help
  173. PVC overflow experience
  174. Plant anchor idea. Thoughts?
  175. How do you transfer a tank to a contest/convention/show?
  176. Flow requirements for high tech med/high light 240 gal
  177. Art above yer tank?
  178. any point
  179. How to start this hobby
  180. Show Me Your Planted Tank Racks
  181. Converting a 75 cichlid to low tech planted
  182. New 29 Gallon Tank Questions
  183. snails BEFORE they get bad
  184. all my fish died today.
  185. How often
  186. Purigen
  187. "Starter Fish"...... Just a myth?
  188. How many gallons is my 48x13x21 tank?
  189. Sump filtration
  190. New tank options?
  191. Critter ID
  192. Not sure what this is... Maybe Hydra? Any help appreciated :).
  193. What does it mean 16/22 mm tubing?
  194. Co2 schedule
  195. Plant only aquarium
  196. Cold Water Tank
  197. My CO2 ran empty and I'm snowed in!
  198. Heater got unplugged. How should I warm it up?
  199. diy co2
  200. what is this on my ludwigia?
  201. Cerges Reactor
  202. 40 Breeder divided into 2 tanks?
  203. Growing plants in warmer water?
  204. Bio-film
  205. build my led dutch dimmer setting
  206. Quick method to determine stocking
  207. Aquarium documentaries
  208. what should I do with this metaframe?
  209. my new 29g planted tank
  210. Need some advice, What would you do?
  211. Future planted tank help
  212. Adding other foods to repashy
  213. tank losing clarity
  214. Ich: Which a Treatment?
  215. Planted tank with a refugium...advice?
  216. So frustrating
  217. Adding light = Thicker growth?
  218. 29G setup help
  219. New Setup - Questions
  220. Tying plants
  221. Going on vacation, need advice
  222. First dirted tank, initial fish all died
  223. Tetra brand tanks... issues?
  224. Mollies as algae eaters
  225. Food
  226. Suggestions for Multi tank setup
  227. Chip in tank
  228. What is a "Show Guppy" are Fancy Guppies Profitable?
  229. Problem with aquarium glass
  230. After adding CO2?
  231. Newbie to the Site- Crashed Planted tank
  232. RODI vs. Purewater
  233. Pros and Cons of CO2 24/7
  234. CO2 cost
  235. Driftwood that just won't waterlog
  236. What size tank?
  237. Tissue Culture Plants (Tropica)
  238. Clear fish food like flowties in aquarium
  239. Bulkhead Placement?
  240. Good to be back
  241. Quarantine tank
  242. Plant Question
  243. API freshwater master test kit $18
  244. Keepin' it clean in a planted tank
  245. G'day from Oz and need help with 40g setup
  246. Need Advice on downgrading my tank
  247. worm casts in substrate
  248. Remove the salt, get the ich.
  249. Diffused co2 vs organic co2
  250. How To Cool A Large Tank With No A/C?