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  1. Myrio, Red - How to plant???
  2. The dreaded move
  3. free 150g tall tank....what would you do?
  4. Keeping a clean tank
  5. Proper lighting
  6. Snails
  7. Need help searching: Setting up a soil tank
  8. What do you use for a CO2 mixer
  9. nooby saying hi - setting up first planted
  10. Help need advice!!!!!
  11. I need some guidance, please! (long)
  12. Purple, Red-Orange plants
  13. Growing Terrestrial Plants in Terrestrial Waters?
  14. java fern and sword help
  15. Getting a 40b up and running
  16. For the Beginner Aquarium Hobbyists
  17. Help me start shrimping!
  18. What type of rock is this?
  19. 37 Gallon Planted Tank: Need Help
  20. Moving
  21. Rescape tomorrow, one last question before I go all in.
  22. If plywood is just slightly warped would tank weight of 75 gallon flatten it out?
  23. Grindal worms in mail?
  24. water changes or not so much
  25. First Post / First Tank: ...
  26. Mini Pelia help
  27. HC dry start week 2 progress pics
  28. wc on big tanks
  29. Black Covering on all my leaves
  30. NOVA: Lethal Seas
  31. Can wisteria sustain long term as a floating plant?
  32. Selling plants...but I got no Paypal..
  33. First Post, Need Help!
  34. RIP - 55 - You will be missed
  35. Plans for next Betta harem
  36. complete tear down or just massive cleanup?
  37. Planning for a big rescape of my 75g, any advice?
  38. What is this stuff?
  39. Can a returning hobbyist get some guidance to prevent failure?
  40. Need Help with hitech planted tank
  41. moving a large planted tank: the steps to take
  42. how to displose of plant matter?
  43. Breaking up a tank into smaller tanks
  44. How to heavily plant a tank?
  45. Substrate mix for growing plants in pots
  46. Your favorite (freshwater) fish
  47. Can rimless aquariums be supported underneath by the edges only?
  48. Some Algae only grow on specific plants ?
  49. How many neon tetras / harlequin rasboras can be kept in a 5.5 gallon bare bottom tan
  50. What is a planted aquarium to you?
  51. New user, quick question.
  52. Saw a great deal
  53. Kritter keeper lifespan?
  54. Why Is Interpet No5 Deadly?
  55. mini-cycle after fishless cycle...
  56. new tank setup help
  57. Want to move from up from low tech setup
  58. Changed tanks-fish gasping & shrimp dead
  59. purigen
  60. Need Tank Transport Advice
  61. Very Mysterious White Stuff
  62. Tropical Fish Fiction?
  63. looking for help,tips,advice,etc.
  64. Opinions for my Tank
  65. Spoiled betta
  66. Almost boiled my fish - Lesson learned
  67. planted tank redo
  68. Newbie needs help! (Planarian?) worms in my tank...
  69. 7 years
  70. How do I catch...
  71. Replace a Fluval C4 with an Eheim 2215?
  72. Siphon tank with carpet
  73. Alternanthera reineckii 'Rosanervig'
  74. Help ID This... Thing?
  75. T5 HO lighting or LED lighting for a 40 gallon breeder
  76. beginner dry start
  77. planted tank refugium. good one or bad
  78. stores in austin
  79. Tank "accidentally cycling again"???
  80. Water inflows and outflows position advice
  81. Anubias Nana Petite only tank?
  82. What eats snail eggs?
  83. Tasked with setting up tank for workplace
  84. Aqua one trio
  85. Cotton vs chopstick as co2 diffuser
  86. Effect of covered tank on O2/CO2
  87. Anybody keep their tank at eye level?
  88. Beginner Question: Best way to re-establish a tank?
  89. Just accidentally added baby leeches to my tank.
  90. Theoretical CO2/Emmersed/Ferts question
  91. Michigan Earthquake...
  92. Cross state move/fish dying HELP!
  93. Mayaca fluviatilis
  94. Carbonated water instead of Co2??!!
  95. Aquascape Awards
  96. Moving tanks to new home
  97. Lighting Reflections
  98. Tank water turned white like milk
  99. New tank; the planning stage
  100. Old Aquarium Dirt
  101. Enclosed ecosystem, a self sustaining aquarium
  102. Worst product ever?
  103. ahh worried about anaerobic substrate?!?
  104. Quarantine tank advice
  105. Co2, pH, and low tech
  106. Any considerations for a planted tank without any fish?
  107. Opinions on API vs Nutrafin Master Test Kits
  108. 29 Gallon Stocking Options
  109. How to remove hard water stains from aquarium silicone?
  110. Moving tank suggestions - different senario from other thread
  111. High tech tank maintenance?
  112. What makes one give up the fish keeping hobby?
  113. Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants by Peter Hiscock
  114. Baking powder? baking soda?
  115. regular baby tears!!!
  116. Floating driftwood dillemma
  117. Starting a new tank question
  118. unstable tank and fish deaths
  119. Help with Driftwood
  120. White spot problem
  121. Help needed - Plant doesn't grow
  122. First Planted Tank (Failure?)
  123. How much should I sell this for?
  124. Clay, what's the deal?
  125. 20 gallon long heavily planted tank pics
  126. Tank Grime/Cleaning question
  127. cloudy water with white film on top?
  128. Otos + snails = problem?
  129. What can I do about the flow of my tank. Huge dead spot under filter intake.
  130. Strange growths in my tank....
  131. Hiding gear in my sumpless planted
  132. Help!!! with white scum on aquarium glass
  133. Little files in my shrimp tank. Please help
  134. Longest root floaters
  135. Time for a new tank. Help
  136. The Magic of Amano Shrimps
  137. Alternative for Seachem Malawi/Victoria Buffer
  138. Any female aquarist?
  139. rock + moss idea for bottom of tank
  140. Building an ecosystem
  141. Carbon supplementation
  142. Anyone know what this Caterpillar-ish thing is?
  143. Moving tank to another room in the house
  144. problems with
  145. Do I HAVE to put co2 on 2 hours before lights?
  146. Would an empty eheim 2213 be enough for AM co2 reactor 1000 in 60p?
  147. Glass top or no top?
  148. Just a reminder/warning - shrimp and powerheads
  149. Calling all Structural Engineers
  150. plants from local rivers
  151. Any harm is doing 2x 50% water changes a week?
  152. my aquarium set up
  153. Help me pick a desktop nano tank
  154. Collecting info for a future project
  155. Collecting Manzanita?
  156. Marbles in tank?
  157. how do sponge filters work?
  158. Are you setting up a New Dirt Tank. Stop! Read First
  159. Fine Meshed net for plant clippings
  160. can't find info !
  161. Substrate - Are the plants getting enough nutrients without Ferts. and CO2?
  162. Are moonlights needed?
  163. Dutch Style - Igwami Hybrid??? Opinions
  164. 10 gallon tank only sitting on the corners?
  165. minimal plant species tank, in a larger tank
  166. Introduction post, new to planted.
  167. Seasonal submersed/emersed setup for college?
  168. Concerned if i have enough filtration/flow rate
  169. College Dorm Tank: What should I do?
  170. It takes a village
  171. Plant sizes and plant order in tank
  172. Food schedule for a large variety diet. Help wanted.
  173. Calcium blocks for turtles, will these add calcium to the water?
  174. Still can't get clear water.. help?
  175. How to get rid of this Detritus worm?
  176. Quick question: using 4" pots with dirt and a cap for certain plants. Thoughts?
  177. Airline tubing in pipes from canister outlet
  178. Cycling after...cycling?
  179. How your guests react when they see your tank(s)
  180. Mold on driftwood
  181. Critters in your tank!
  182. Pure Ammonia for fishless cycle
  183. New to planted
  184. aquarium photos
  185. What next?
  186. Going low tech from high tech?
  187. Hard water line residue, please help
  188. Catching tiny Tetras in a heavily planted tank
  189. what is this weird foam stuff?
  190. Patio Tank?
  191. Ada Aqua soil - Stripping water off minerals
  192. How many plants for a densely planted tank?
  193. chip in glass
  194. Rainbow fish
  195. Imbalance problem
  196. cubicle gold, white .5 gallon constant dsm moss and alt reineckii and Venus ftrp
  197. Stand for two 4ft tanks??
  198. 29G planted help?
  199. Dirty tank water with oysters: Before and After.
  200. Can I run Fluval 29G (30x12x18) rimless?
  201. Does Heavy metals stunt growth.
  202. Is this driftwood worth saving?
  203. Formula 409!
  204. Growing Aquarium Plants Outside!
  205. New dirt tank, cloudy water- clean filter + water changes?
  206. Old T5s contribute to BGA?
  207. The end of a old tank
  208. Which consumes more power
  209. Is Neutral Regulator really necessary to recharge Purigen?
  210. 1 CO2 tank, 2 planted aquariums?
  211. First planted tank
  212. Cycling a Sump without the tank?
  213. Backgrounds
  214. cleaning hard deposits on glass
  215. Sectioned 55g.
  216. what's up with my tank?
  217. Keeping plants in bucket
  218. Does my limnophila aromatica look healthy?
  219. Overflow box help
  220. Seachem Purigen
  221. things aren't working out
  222. Beginner tank size
  223. Trying to stay ahead of algae
  224. co2/o2 under over saturation
  225. Will duckweed cause shrimp to suffocate
  226. CO2 system for a 35gal
  227. How often do you rescape?
  228. help! this looks bad....
  229. Green Leaf Aquarium inline atomic co2 diffuser
  230. Driftwood in a DSM
  231. Ista mix max Half filled
  232. Hose barb tee and CO2 connection?
  233. Clay and peat moss
  234. Measuring Co2: Degas Method
  235. oily surface
  236. Iwagumi layout with 3 stones
  237. Looking for Hi-Tech How To
  238. Cherry Shrimp/Planted Tank
  239. Ista max mix reactor
  240. Pothos in a planted sump?
  241. Anyone own Odyssea CFS500 canister?
  242. Eheim 2215 flow rate drop
  243. A really good log?
  244. Plant dropping leaves - algae or other problem?
  245. ants on my tank
  246. sharp rock?
  247. Now that was a lot of Poop!!!
  248. For Sale and WTB TPT forums ... sometimes missing?
  249. Panda Garra
  250. Rescaped and started over