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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. New Member-comments, advice appreciated
  2. Seachem PhosGuard
  3. Please i need an interview badly :(
  4. suspend or dim light
  5. A poor man's unzan stone?
  6. Hello everyone, new here!
  7. How to sell faster on The Planted Tank
  8. otos, shrimp, snails, or bushy nose pleco
  9. anyone have a tank that's 80% or more of the surface covered with water lettuce?
  10. Spray bar vs loc-line nozzle return?
  11. Starting a new tank, when to add a snail?
  12. Switched to a "High Tech" setup...Now my fish are dying.
  13. Co2 Splitting Questions
  14. What exactly sands down my driftwood everyday?
  15. Aquariums and saving space
  16. pressurized co2 with out EI & 2 co2 regs run inline
  17. Discus and co2 balance in a planted tank
  18. starting over..
  19. Best position, HOB filter
  20. Cool trick to make your own powder soil
  21. Cloudy water
  22. Do I need a power head?
  23. plant help
  24. PVC overflow experience
  25. Plant anchor idea. Thoughts?
  26. How do you transfer a tank to a contest/convention/show?
  27. Flow requirements for high tech med/high light 240 gal
  28. Art above yer tank?
  29. any point
  30. How to start this hobby
  31. Show Me Your Planted Tank Racks
  32. Converting a 75 cichlid to low tech planted
  33. New 29 Gallon Tank Questions
  34. snails BEFORE they get bad
  35. all my fish died today.
  36. How often
  37. Purigen
  38. "Starter Fish"...... Just a myth?
  39. How many gallons is my 48x13x21 tank?
  40. Sump filtration
  41. New tank options?
  42. Critter ID
  43. Not sure what this is... Maybe Hydra? Any help appreciated :).
  44. What does it mean 16/22 mm tubing?
  45. Co2 schedule
  46. Plant only aquarium
  47. Cold Water Tank
  48. My CO2 ran empty and I'm snowed in!
  49. Heater got unplugged. How should I warm it up?
  50. diy co2
  51. what is this on my ludwigia?
  52. Cerges Reactor
  53. 40 Breeder divided into 2 tanks?
  54. Growing plants in warmer water?
  55. Bio-film
  56. build my led dutch dimmer setting
  57. Quick method to determine stocking
  58. Aquarium documentaries
  59. what should I do with this metaframe?
  60. my new 29g planted tank
  61. Need some advice, What would you do?
  62. Future planted tank help
  63. Adding other foods to repashy
  64. tank losing clarity
  65. Ich: Which a Treatment?
  66. Planted tank with a refugium...advice?
  67. So frustrating
  68. Adding light = Thicker growth?
  69. 29G setup help
  70. New Setup - Questions
  71. Tying plants
  72. Going on vacation, need advice
  73. First dirted tank, initial fish all died
  74. Tetra brand tanks... issues?
  75. Mollies as algae eaters
  76. Food
  77. Suggestions for Multi tank setup
  78. Chip in tank
  79. What is a "Show Guppy" are Fancy Guppies Profitable?
  80. Problem with aquarium glass
  81. After adding CO2?
  82. Newbie to the Site- Crashed Planted tank
  83. RODI vs. Purewater
  84. Pros and Cons of CO2 24/7
  85. CO2 cost
  86. Driftwood that just won't waterlog
  87. What size tank?
  88. Tissue Culture Plants (Tropica)
  89. Clear fish food like flowties in aquarium
  90. Bulkhead Placement?
  91. Good to be back
  92. Quarantine tank
  93. Plant Question
  94. API freshwater master test kit $18
  95. Keepin' it clean in a planted tank
  96. G'day from Oz and need help with 40g setup
  97. Need Advice on downgrading my tank
  98. worm casts in substrate
  99. Remove the salt, get the ich.
  100. Diffused co2 vs organic co2
  101. How To Cool A Large Tank With No A/C?
  102. Excel is stressing my pygmy cories, what should I do?
  103. Ulcer / disease advice in planted tank
  104. Amazon frogbit problem
  105. Is too much flow causing my problems?
  106. Weeds?!
  107. Time to trim plants,need help
  108. Green dust?
  109. How to stick things to the glass?
  110. Planted Tank
  111. What would you do with this tank?
  112. DSM Startup .. May need some advice
  113. Another moving thread
  114. Getting back into it
  115. What fish for 20 high?
  116. Am I doing it right?
  117. Lowes stand that fits 40B?
  118. Moving???
  119. Passive Co2 diffusion... with exhaled breath?
  120. Going from tap to R/O water?
  121. Recommend your tank brand
  122. Need some advice on a light I'm about to purchase before I order before bed!
  123. R/O DI for planted tank? LFS suggests yes!?
  124. Is this fungus on my Aponogeton boivinianus?
  125. Tank Worms?
  126. how to prepare a fish tank before leaving for vacation
  127. dead coral in planted tank?
  128. Show me your office tanks!!!
  129. Rock Wool and plastic mesh pots questions.
  130. here is a question
  131. 90cm tank.. Aquavas? ADA? Alternatives?
  132. Using two filters - one for mech, one for bio
  133. Inspire me with fish choices
  134. Different species question
  135. Need help with Co2 setup please
  136. Overview of my Fishless Cycling
  137. SLO overflows anyone used before?
  138. RO Water for Planted Tank / Fish / Shrimp
  139. Can I change Water too Often?
  140. co2 diffusion
  141. Bubble counter question
  142. AC70 On Sale For $25.00
  143. Book recommendations ?
  144. How much humidity do I need?
  145. Ugh, I think my heater is busted.
  146. Odd tank size
  147. Should I switch my 29 for a 20 long?
  148. You tube contest entry
  149. aluminum mesh dor a moss wall
  150. looking for a 6 lamp 4' t8 fixture
  151. Withered/not healthy plants.. worth it?
  152. 4 Gallons
  153. Snails everywhere!
  154. Blackworm help?
  155. Post your favorite "Most Colorful" tank
  156. NextReef MR1 media reactor?
  157. Low PH and KH, natural way to fix?
  158. Fish equipment slime, smell, light brownish color.
  159. Will a broken heater ruin my driftwood?
  160. Do I NEEEED a CO2 sytem for my tank?
  161. What's up with this cycling?
  162. Need help with moss
  163. Rotala
  164. NARROWLY avoided 2 disasters
  165. Just an idea....comments? Opinions?
  166. Test kit for Ca Q
  167. Subtropical planted tank
  168. Water Pump for Water Changes
  169. best test strip brand
  170. Tank Advice
  171. Please help a newbie to planted tanks
  172. wth is this stuff!?
  173. 3g Picotope help.
  174. Permits for selling plants?
  175. Easiest way to make infusoria?
  176. Aquarium tools
  177. IIAC 2015(ISTA 1st International Aquascaping Contest)Our honor to invite you!
  178. Oxygen for the fish - plants by day and airstone by night?
  179. Mat under the aquarium
  180. Quality LED Light Fixture with built in timer[s] or controllable by Apex
  181. general CO2 information
  182. What does low tech mean?
  183. Feed me Seymor! What would you do with these? (pic heavy)
  184. Eureka!!
  185. Looking for a mentor
  186. Am I doing this right?
  187. Plants only growing on one side of tank
  188. Specific info for plants
  189. Anyone breed dwarf cray?
  190. Affordable Quality All-in-one Glass Tank?
  191. Trimming?
  192. Haven't done a water change recently...explain this
  193. Should you vacuum under hardscape during every water change?
  194. Love this website!
  195. Hello!
  196. Sword Plants (Echinodorus) Plants Emerssed?
  197. Stupid heater question
  198. too much co2
  199. water spots and smudges
  200. How much tanin is too much?
  201. ordering plants from overseas
  202. co2
  203. small chip in eheim impeller magnet... what to do..
  204. ADA Driftwood, tannin, fungus and algae problem solution
  205. diy co2?
  206. Too many plants? 26 plants in a 29 gallon?
  207. What's your fav ?
  208. Need help!
  209. Tank Frames for sale?
  210. Angelfish proof plants
  211. Plant growth has slowed? Why?
  212. medication
  213. Does Benificial bacteria utilize NH4?
  214. Perfectly laminar flow visualised on surface
  215. Driftwood with Bark Falling Off
  216. moldy driftwood
  217. Super bubbly tank - guess why?
  218. Has my angel outgrown his tank?
  219. RO vs Tap Water
  220. Let's Talk About Marfied Controsoil!
  221. what was that I just saw swimming in the tank?
  222. Really crooked tank
  223. Fish have stopped eating - chlorinated water to blame?
  224. 20long suggestions
  225. Lit up the trees today
  226. Newly dirted tank - dirt layer over sand cap
  227. Prices for Dwarf Sag.?
  228. water logging driftwood problem
  229. Wood or steel stand?
  230. recycle help
  231. Thickness of 20L
  232. CO2 purchasing help
  233. Water Not Level
  234. Using Eheim as Only a Biological Filter
  235. Overnight ammonia?
  236. Redone planted tank not doing well
  237. What is the definition of a Dutch Planted tank?
  238. is this some type of algae?
  239. Planting in ADA Amazonia substrate?
  240. Really Specific Question About "Lace Rock"
  241. Flake Food Longevity
  242. Where to put the sand? Side or front?
  243. How can I clean and disinfect a tank that had a kill off?
  244. Another quick question (flow rate, velocity, and circulation)
  245. Expired Additives/Medications
  246. A few quick questions :)
  247. What will eat fungus?
  248. Updated 55g and 20g
  249. High Tech vs Low Tech
  250. Plant Id plz