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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Turning off filter during feeding
  2. Converted one of my tanks to planted this weekend!
  3. Using cycled media for cycling tank
  4. New to this
  5. HOB Filter Pickup Tube Length
  6. Peat colors your water?
  7. Where is the "yet another fert calculator gone"
  8. Bottled nitrifying bacteria to kick-start a cycle
  9. Biotope ideas?
  10. Before and after: 75g Planted tank 3 weeks after adding co2
  11. Water evaporation issues
  12. Looking at fish profiles - kh but no gh
  13. Admin - Delete if not allowed(where to buy fish?)
  14. Albino Bristlenose - male vs female when young
  15. How to "root" root tabs?
  16. just a couple questions?
  17. going on 5 day vacation, any tips on preserving tank?
  18. Fast temperature drop and die-offs
  19. Tiny Bubbles in Tank Water
  20. Best Method for Scratch Removal
  21. Need DSM advice: browning anubias and web fungus
  22. 30b vs 40b
  23. Need help planning my (hopefully) dwarf puffer tank
  24. Tank / Stocking Advice
  25. How to cool my tanks
  26. Surface film
  27. Garage aquariums
  28. Help! I need to cool my tank!
  29. How to "nuke" an entire tank?
  30. Odered fishing line to tie down java moss - Contains lead?
  31. Can i put geodes in my tank as a place for plants to anchor?
  32. Callamanus worms...
  33. Prices!!!
  34. Petsmart aquatic plants?
  35. I have a Shrimp Problem, Right When I say Im done, 1$ Per Gallon!
  36. MTS is real!
  37. Would my tank fit the description? - Fast moving, oxygen rich water
  38. need help fine tuning tank ferts and lights!
  39. Your opinions on Seachem acid and alkalinity buffer?
  40. How to keep pre-filters from dirtying up the water?
  41. Do my eyes mistake me what!?
  42. Ok, here we Go (new 90gallon)
  43. What Is Image Hosting?
  44. So, uh 12 empty tanks, suggestions?
  45. Need help. What wrong with my fish
  46. Heating up
  47. New Guy Issues
  48. Any tank builders?
  49. First planted tank supply list
  50. Need some help with aquarium plant seeds!
  51. Plant Question when adding Gravel
  52. Flow for neon tetras and other schooling fish
  53. Help with choosing inhabitants of 55 gallon
  54. Should I use MTS?
  55. Spiny eels in a dirted tank?
  56. Another BBA eating fish
  57. Snail Control?
  58. Can I hardscape my tank now?
  59. Placement of heater? - Aqueon Pro heater
  60. Aquaclears for 55 gallon tank - Which one to go with
  61. SAFE PETRI DISH material to use in aquarium?
  62. Snail eggs?
  63. Calling all scientists - Re: dissolving air in co2 reactor
  64. Chemicals for planted tank?
  65. Does spiderwood fungus?
  66. Flow too strong on spec V?
  67. What's in your filter?
  68. seagrass safe?
  69. Amazon Prime Day
  70. Bug spray for house plants
  71. Starting in the hobby
  72. 10 gallon planted tank help!
  73. Posting on website?
  74. New setup after the move: Critique and information.
  75. New to planted tanks - some questions.
  76. Can I still use dry flora max?
  77. Fill the tank before or after planting?
  78. elephant aquarium
  79. Indian almond leaves
  80. Temperature Fluctuations
  81. Sponge filter questions
  82. best atomic diffuser that won't break the bank?
  83. 3D printed aquariums?
  84. Need an ID for a critter
  85. Best spray-paint to use for background
  86. New low tech dirt tank, need help with several Q's
  87. Liquid Co2
  88. Wild Plant - I.D. Help - Will it survive?
  89. Help!! Fish Dying
  90. Hi, I'm new here
  91. Frequent water changes?
  92. Need help for new build!
  93. Re-scaping a semi-established 50gal. (pics!)
  94. Tfh magazine
  95. Vacation Help
  96. Vintage aquarium find
  97. co2 refill
  98. New Planted Tank
  99. Any Planted aquarium clubs near me?
  100. Plants that grow well without special substrate?
  101. New, Planted Tank for a Betta Community Tank
  102. I need help with my first planted tank
  103. substrate / liquid ferts
  104. Optimum plant growth
  105. Article on not quarantining your fish?
  106. I found this article it's worth a read
  107. Just set up a 75 gal tank got questions first real planted tank
  108. Petsmart $1 per gallon
  109. Invasive wildlife/vegetation
  110. substrate and or liquid ferts
  111. Switch tanks?
  112. HELP! Bugs (not nematodes) in the tank!
  113. Co2 Help! (Pro's Welcome) & Plant Diagnosis Help! (Curling)
  114. I think I made a big mistake...
  115. Suraface agitation and HOB's
  116. Used Equipment - Is This a Good Deal?
  117. how safe is paintball co2?
  118. Aquarium info
  119. Them walmart bulbs
  120. Goldfish tank cloudy
  121. Introduction & Overhang/perches
  122. Question about priority mail!
  123. Dealing with humidity
  124. Bugs that have a snail-like shell?
  125. How many tanks do we have?
  126. Aqueon 1$/Gal at Petsmart
  127. review of a 13 yr old substrate, longevity predictions to be referenced at 23 yrs.
  128. Issues with versa-top lids
  129. Diana Walstad's Ecology of the Planted Tank
  130. Starting a New 29 gallon Dwarf Puffer Aquarium
  131. 29 to 55 with dirt
  132. Avoiding transfer of snails to a new tank
  133. GH booster help
  134. New to planted not to aquariums need some schooling lol
  135. Question about sword plants!
  136. Question about emersed grow plants!
  137. Non c02 dosing
  138. Filter question
  139. E-Cig smog VS water surface/Gas Exchange
  140. Cerges reactor letting some really tiny bubbles through, any suggestions?
  141. to package or not to package
  142. Tip for counting BPS
  143. No More Filters or Substrate For Me!!!
  144. Amano shrimp with bulge
  145. Happy July 4th everyone
  146. The Night of the Living Snails (PLEASE HELP!) (Extended Black Sludge Edition -_-)
  147. Expired medications
  148. pressurized co2?
  149. Aging tap water to remove all dissolved gasses; how long does it take?!
  150. Co2 working pressure not rock solid. Help please.
  151. Cotton thread and fauna
  152. Thinking about switching over to E.I. Fertilization
  153. Val turned red
  154. Stem rot cause?
  155. Panda garra flight record
  156. random shrimp deaths
  157. struggling to replace hose on r/o unit
  158. Aquarium brands?
  159. Best way to treat anchor worms
  160. Help ID tiny bug in my ADA Amazonia dry start setup?
  161. Does this seem right, bubble counter video and questions. Leaking somewhere?!?
  162. how to get rid of snail from new plants
  163. New Planted Tank kit by Top-fin?
  164. What is up with these shipping rates?
  165. Suggestions on stocking a 17.1 gallon
  166. Plant filtration
  167. Plant wholesale question!
  168. Help stocking my 55 mbuna tank
  169. Water wisteria pruning to encourage growth
  170. New to TPT - Hi all!
  171. Marine Depot shipping message!
  172. Which varnish to use?
  173. What kind of cichlids are these?
  174. Does anyone else do this?
  175. Looking for a new 5 gallon planted tank setup!
  176. HELP!!!! Amazon leaf disappearing
  177. Stocking order
  178. New large tank setup questions
  179. carpeting
  180. Fluval spec half price!
  181. Aquarium Safe
  182. nightmare flower horn - iwagumi setup?
  183. How bad do my plants look?
  184. Gravel barrier / paint
  185. What the heck is this hard white thing on my plant?
  186. what can should I buy as a holding container for off gassing before WC?
  187. Expensive Re-Scapes
  188. Sodium Mystery
  189. Mysterious creature and egg?
  190. Price for a 75 gallon?
  191. Something growing in ferts
  192. need a bit of clarification with co2 concentration
  193. Ludwigia Pricing?
  194. Can Liquid Fertilizers Expire?
  195. Did I stall my aquarium cycle?
  196. Ich? Help:(
  197. How to clean nets, buckets, so on after ich?
  198. ? About colored plants
  199. Low-medium light and co2
  200. Safe glue ?
  201. Odd fish/invert behavior
  202. What is the best way to store media during substrate swap?
  203. Putting a new HOB filter on an established tank.
  204. Quick cerges reactor question.
  205. What working pressure do I want for my co2?
  206. Too heavily planned for pygmy cories.
  207. Is this what I think it is?
  208. petco $1 per gallon - Aqueon
  209. Co2 consumption ?
  210. What airline tubing to use for co2 system?
  211. Good deal or bad deal? (Co2 Regulator)
  212. Tell them...or don't tell them?
  213. Do you interfere?
  214. Thread algae during initial cycling?
  215. Roots turn into black mush under substrate?
  216. Fishless cycle going very quick?
  217. How to deal with power outtages?
  218. Planned Water Flow for 112G
  219. Swapped out dirt/carpet for sand
  220. Pothos Plant Not Rooting!
  221. New Planted tank questions
  222. Will no light on stress out my shrimp and fish
  223. Moving to bigger tank and want to add soil
  224. Crystal Vu?
  225. ph controller
  226. 55g heavy planted barb tank
  227. White Cloud Minnows+RCS?
  228. co2 bubbles per second?
  229. Checks Vs Money Orders?
  230. Small chip in 10 gallon
  231. Help encourage the newbies
  232. Can you tell me how to clean...
  233. Food Recommendation?
  234. Pink Plant ID
  235. Tap Water Readings
  236. Poll: Would You Do It?
  237. Use Goo-b-gone to remove stickers from jar?
  238. What is the best clean up crew for glass
  239. Final advice on keeping my tank algae-free
  240. Reptile Driftwood from PetSmart
  241. Looking for "10g" Rimless
  242. Wave Maker
  243. Anybody know of a good cleaner for my dhg
  244. Plant advice
  245. Seachem Pristine?
  246. Plant suggestions.
  247. Carpet Plant questions....
  248. Converting watts to par?
  249. Storing wet substrate.
  250. Wildly collected plants