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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. What thermometer is more accurate? Mercury vs digital?
  2. Is it ok to use a Garden Hose to fill up an Aquarium?
  3. cycling
  4. What do you have in your sump?
  5. Single Species Nature Style Tanks
  6. Would Gorilla Glue work?
  7. to cover or not
  8. Different information on Petsmart vs info?
  9. Best way to add water back to a tank?
  10. Starting Over
  11. New Wood, Cloudy Algae substance
  12. Stalled Cycle or Finished Cycle?
  13. I just had so much go down with my equipment...
  14. 29 gallon stock idea
  15. Bizarre shipping incidents
  16. Slimy White Growth On Heater Rubber?
  17. 75 gal schooling display tank, seeking ideas for more color and better cohesion
  18. How do you do water changes?
  19. Help Plant Newbie With New 55g Please
  20. Petco. running $1 per gallon is back on
  21. Help with spot on cardnials
  22. 55 long vs 55 wide(breeder) is better for Goldfish?
  23. Planting a low tech 20L questions
  24. For Those Suffering with Fish Sickness
  25. This hobby drives me insane
  26. Super Cloudy Water... HELP!
  27. Water changes. How is filling your tank with a hose possible without death to Fish?
  28. Using excel that was in storage for 2 years
  29. Cool newforum look
  30. stagnant water issues
  31. How you prp dw from tom barr
  32. 10 Gallon Project
  33. Eheim 2217 Canister Filter and 40B tank
  34. TPT Apparel
  35. New site look
  36. How to properly ship plants.....
  37. Light malfunction! Help
  38. How to move fish cross country?
  39. Whats eating my amazon leaves.
  40. Bugs On My Arrow Head
  41. Amano video - never seen before
  42. Dirt Settling on Plant Leaves (ADA Amazonia)
  43. Planted tanks in the work place
  44. Water changes required in planted tank with light bioload?
  45. Back in the hobby, need some advice!
  46. Why does this forum look different?
  47. How long do Aquarium plants live?
  48. Filter/Flow/Filter Media/Lighting Questions
  49. Is Ich CAUSED by bad water quality?
  50. CO2 or Not?
  51. white looking bugs on glass
  52. pantyhose to hold down driftwood?
  53. Are Hikari Bio-Pure FD Blood Worms safe from disease/parasites?
  54. Uninvited guest
  55. Put Established Media Directly Into Tank?
  56. White powder substance on plants?
  57. Gassed almost all my fish.
  58. Hydra and filter
  59. Help with high tech planted tank
  60. Weird creatures in aquarium
  61. A couple of shrimp tank questions...
  62. Is this hardwood or softwood?
  63. Can freshwater beneficial bacteria transfer to brackish?
  64. Rock Glue to hold rocks together?
  65. Canister Filter SURPRISE!!!
  66. Tank near wood stove?
  67. Emersed Setup Cover Crop
  68. Uv light and ei dosing
  69. Scorched Tank
  70. Help cycle a new tank with existing media
  71. Starting Over.
  72. What's going on here?
  73. 29 Gallon Tank - Stocking Advice Needed
  74. Can I run my co2 tank completely empty?
  75. API Ammo Lock and Planted tank
  76. what comes 1st?
  77. What's on my plants?
  78. Big water mess: best way to dry carpet?
  79. How big is too big?
  80. What has your kid(s) put in your tank?
  81. 670-gallon planted tank
  82. Flourish Excel set off smoke detectors?
  83. Aqueon Stand Fitting Help
  84. Planted Shrimp Tank
  85. Do you know a good inexpensive site for plant tools?
  86. discus planted or a simple reef tank?
  87. Anyone have a planted 48" x 24" x 12" tank?
  88. made a mistake, how to proceed now? long post. (co2 related)
  89. Chipped 50 gallon
  90. Dollar Per Gallon sale...
  91. Is my 36g bowfront overstocked?
  92. It's friday i'm goldbricking so why not show my messy tank..
  93. White fuzz on food in tank. Any suggestions
  94. Not sure how this is possible.... Co2 related
  95. Newbie to Planted Tanks!
  96. Fish food
  97. What Size Tank is this?
  98. No Cycling?
  99. Do!Aqua music glass 40, anyone used this product before?
  100. continuing the treatment of columnaris
  101. Cycling a New Tank: Shrimp?
  102. Help me choose between gla atomic inline diffuser and 80mm atomic+ in tank
  103. Suspended dirt or Bacterial bloom?
  104. Please critique me
  105. Driftwood issues?
  106. ADA 30w vs. Mr Aqua 3 gallon long
  107. Circulation With Lily Pads?
  108. hiding the filter intake
  109. 55 gallon stocking help
  110. Cheap alternative for seachem kanaplex
  111. My very first planted tank, any suggestions on how to start?
  112. Planted or saltwater?
  113. Can someone diagnose?
  114. 4th Story Apt...75G Tank
  115. test kits?
  116. New Lowtech Tank Help
  117. Anybody From/ Been to Fort Wayne
  118. Inherited 55 gallon
  119. Needle valves?
  120. Treating for Columnaris
  121. How much surface movement will gas off CO2?
  122. Asking LFS to feed fish to observe healthy ones.
  123. Just an introduction and a few questions
  124. 50 breeder tanks
  125. Has anyone reinforced IKEA cabinet for 60P?
  126. Bio media poll
  127. Super Glue
  128. planted bowls
  129. fyi
  130. What is a larger fish that would do well in a community tank?
  131. Purchasing driftwood from e bay
  132. Increasing flow in Fluval Edge 12
  133. Extra tanks..what to do?
  134. What plants are okay with pond snails.
  135. How to observe the microfauna in your tank
  136. I NEED HELP with CO2 in Naperville IL!!!
  137. Oxygenating tablets? For use in power outage?
  138. My 90 Gallon freshwater "reef"
  139. Plants sickly, African Dwarf frogs in the tank
  140. First High Tech tank, any suggestions?
  141. Having Great Success with Super High Co2
  142. Will i get goid water circulation?
  143. How long for co2 to drop?
  144. A newbie with a 100 gallon tank
  145. Is this aquarium safe?
  146. ID this fish please
  147. Disappointed but optimistic
  148. my variety of guppies
  149. New nano tank
  150. Slow growth and not sure why
  151. Fish are not nearly as relaxing as one might think...
  152. First planted tank (first tank in 10+ years)
  153. Otto / Nerite / Help?
  154. Detritus & Mulm Build Up
  155. New planted aquarium setup
  156. Petco arc 6.25, awesome little bowfront!
  157. Rigged up underwater fiddler crab habitat
  158. UV staralizer
  159. What is this plant ??
  160. How Does CO2 dissolve into the water?
  161. I need advice for setting up a 12G long!
  162. Fish immune to camallanus worms?!
  163. Picked up a 75g, about to purchase lights, filtration, heat, CO2. Lots of Questions.
  164. Winner Winner!
  165. Betta Rescue Website Vote
  166. Questions about tanks and stands
  167. Betta Rescue
  168. Using Polyguard in a planted tank?
  169. Having trouble cycling my tank?
  170. Powerhead placement?
  171. Manzinita wood question?
  172. Manzanita White Slime
  173. am i doing something wrong with my planted tank?
  174. Aquarium stand for 17 gallon which can hold a 20lb CO2 tank?
  175. Columnaris and plants?
  176. It brown but not diatoms. What is it?
  177. How to package snail to ship
  179. Can anyone identify these rocks and let me know if it's safe for my community aquariu
  180. DSM - Is this MOLD?
  181. LiveAquaria Plant Packs?
  182. Can i fit a 5 lb Co2 canister with regulator in a 18.5 inch stand?
  183. AutoTop off, how does it work?
  184. Redone planted 10 gallon
  185. 4dkh recipie wording?
  186. treating round worms.
  187. Advice on a new tank
  188. New filter with established tank
  189. 55g Planted Setup Help
  190. Best way for me to diffuse CO2
  191. Anyone use this: ATOMIC+ CO2 DIFFUSER - WITH CHECK VALVE - 80MM from GLA??
  192. Quarantine Reminder
  193. How do you clean off mineral deposits - lights, tanks..etc
  194. Aquarium or Reptile Tank?
  195. Cheap algae wafers ?
  196. How much do your High-Tech tanks cost?
  197. Will overdosing trace elements harm my fish?
  198. Dry Start Mold?
  199. New low tech tank questions
  200. Fluval 406 or Cascade 1500 or 2nd SunSun hw302?
  201. 30 inch tall too high?
  202. New planted 29gal system
  203. How to take apart an old aquarium to salvage the glass?
  204. Question: Anoxic filtration
  205. Something is sucking my snails dry.
  206. DSM and covering the top?
  207. Ok now I'm getting confused
  208. How to save sucked media?
  209. High tech walstad
  210. What type of driftwood?
  211. Setting up my first planted tank
  212. What will i be able to grow with this setup?
  213. How many pounds of Seiryu Stone
  214. *Restarting over-need help/advice*
  215. MetriCide 28 - Contains Sodium Nitrite?
  216. What does your tank smell like?
  217. My 55g planted setup.
  218. Possible jungle tank with crypts only?
  219. Dumb question about ADA tank names
  220. Live food in tank
  221. Do your fish respect you?
  222. Started Dry Start Method
  223. Questions about "water changes" in a planted tank
  224. An Alternative Aquarium
  225. What do you like to see in a journal update?
  226. chaos in my living room ;-)
  227. Outdoors in the Winter
  228. Planted tank with no fish?
  229. Fertilization questions
  230. Shipped plants, Agroculture center called??
  231. Evo complete or dirt
  232. whats your fastest fish?
  233. Do AIR BUBBLES dissolve oxygen into the water? Besides surface agitation
  234. Whole Tank is Suddenly Dying :(
  235. More filtration/water movement = bad for planted tanks?
  236. New Fluval Edge 12 - Need plant recommendations
  237. reseal 75g
  238. BBA eating fish
  239. Seachem Flourish with RCS, amano, corys and snails
  240. Cleaning filter in dechlor water.
  241. Switching Substrate - How to Keep my MTS
  242. Moss Tanks Setup
  243. How long before your bubble counter dries out?
  244. Best plant to use on Aquascape TREE?
  245. The water bridge
  246. Work tank
  247. Best way to remove calcium build up?
  248. A sad start
  249. Tank water is red!!! Help Me LOL
  250. Photosynthesis During Frequent Power Outages