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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Restarting my aquarium?
  2. Advice on set up
  3. Does anyone here use automatic fish feeder on pellets?
  4. overdosing co2
  5. Can you keep an Aquarium in your garage?
  6. Add plants or light first?
  7. Help me stock my 72 gallon
  8. Discus or Malawi Cichlids. Which would you rather keep?
  9. Dang brass screw
  10. Does Petco or Petsmart have any policy of buying unwanted fish( Pictus catfish)?
  11. Is this a possible reason for fish flashing? update: ammonia reading tested positive.
  12. Can you use eco-complete with the Assassin Snail or is sand/mud mandatory?
  13. Pictus Catfish Good or bad for planted tank with peaceful community fish? aggressive?
  14. Hard water build up on glass?
  15. Tap water ok?
  16. Slate wall/elevated holder?
  17. Is a substrate barrier necessary for each plant species?
  18. I couldn't resist the dollar per gallon....
  19. Suspicious of Water Conditioners
  20. Attaching plants to DW in large tank
  21. Why do snails craw out of the aquarium?
  22. What website do you order your plants from?
  23. Cholla fan? It's where you find it.
  24. How many Bubbles?
  25. no fish,no filter
  26. Anyone With SeaHorses?
  27. Help with easy 150 gal tank
  28. Overgrown jungle aquascapes are the best looking.
  29. New, Need Some Help PLZ!
  30. I need good reliable information
  31. Removing Tannins
  32. How to make a few buck off the hobby?
  33. Lily pipe sizes?
  34. Want to breed guppies..No idea where to begin..
  35. Will tank cycle again?
  36. Plants grow like crazy after water change but not when I dose Leaf zone or root tabs?
  37. New to planted tank. Need some help please
  38. First Planted Tank - 40B
  39. So now I have an orchid...
  40. Strange stuff in my tank????
  41. Some questions and concerns
  42. Amano larvae as planktonic food
  43. Where can I purchase a 46 gallon bow front
  44. aquatic plant farm tank setups
  45. Internal parasites; treat the whole tank or just fish?
  46. Interesting survey
  47. The Measurements of CO2
  48. Water Evaporation?
  49. Leveling question.. new tank..PLEASE respond!
  50. Struggling to get enough co2 into my 75
  51. Amount of CO2 in Air Bubbles
  52. Soaking large driftwood
  53. Co2 exploded my filter. ...
  54. San Antonio fish and plant store recommendations
  55. Co2- makes my neons be dead
  56. Removing dried algae - how?
  57. Can't find a 90P tank!
  58. Christmas eve suprise
  59. Herbie Overflow with Eshopps box
  60. Brown matter on plants...
  61. Help plz with DSM and mold and fungus
  62. Newb starting fishless cycle today
  63. Restarting my planted tank hobby...
  64. No Filters, Substrate or Air 29 Gallon
  65. New rimless 75g coming, what to put under it?!
  66. Need some advice
  67. I think I'm seeing things......
  68. what wiped out my tetras?
  69. New Use for Fluval U2 Filter
  70. Crack near bottom corner of 75g.. Help
  71. Betta death after cleaning filter like an idiot in established tank
  72. New Tank Cycling
  73. Dream tank
  74. Cloudy water
  75. Cat Urine In Substrate
  76. Driftwood with Bark?
  77. Bracing question- clear arcylic bracing
  78. What's the best way to get air to move water up?
  79. Need some help please newbie here
  80. Starting fresh after a move
  81. What is YOUR Ideal tank size?
  82. A question about safety
  83. Want to do a Star Wars themed tank.
  84. Can UV sterolizers alone stop ICH?
  85. Making the leap!
  86. Water changes can kill your fish from ammonia spikes.
  87. Need help for a biology project on red plants
  88. Plant Debris Clean-up Crew
  89. Keeping Cover Glass Clean - RainX
  90. need some help, can't figure out whats wrong.
  91. Fishless cycling issues
  92. What is this thing I found in my tank ??
  93. Fishless Cycle - Worked in 10 Days
  94. How can I kill or at least control long hair algae?
  95. Is this a fungus?
  96. CO2 when lights are out?
  97. What would happen if you drank fert solution?
  98. Meds with Purigen
  99. Is this a good QT tank?
  100. Is there a way to make a Christmas tree out of moss ?
  101. Does Prime Remove ammonia or just make it less toxic?
  102. dry start
  103. What to do when on vacation?
  104. Slow evaporation?
  105. Do filters need to run 24/7
  106. 40-60 gallon tank on a bay window/window seat?
  107. Mr. Aqua Bookshelf 22G
  108. Brand new to this 20L
  109. Should I be worried?
  110. I think my fish has learned to use tools.
  111. 2.5 LED mini bow lighting
  112. Plastics: are our aquarium products safe?!
  113. Christmas Tank!
  114. Mopani driftwood been soaking for days, still leeching tannins
  115. Ahhh what is this stuff!!!!!!
  116. need a solid / simple / proven design for rex grigg reactor. please :)
  117. Rummynose-safe plants?
  118. new mwmbwr to the fluval SPEC V club
  119. resurrecting an old tank
  120. Love This Hobby
  121. Low maintenance method
  122. water heater go BOOM!!
  123. happy tanks
  124. Assassin snail on rasbora
  125. Price to run?
  126. Cycling Check
  127. lights how high?
  128. Should I worry?
  129. Help with new tank?
  130. Tank leaking. How to store plants until replacement arives?
  131. Regulator builders?
  132. Aquatic Ecosystem project
  133. Cherry Barb and Red cherry shrimp?
  134. Homemade fish food
  135. Cycle new tank with water, fish and filter from established tank?
  136. Planning a new 75-g
  137. Light on all night then off all day. Reverse it, do the plants care?
  138. Unknown rock/stone
  139. Tannin-less wood?
  140. New to planted tanks
  141. New Tank Issues
  142. Greetings - Starting a 55gal. W/Current LED+ Ideas welcome
  143. Newbee needs advise
  144. Putting tank into storage: Questions
  145. Do I need a heater?
  146. is it cycled?
  147. Potassium permanganate
  148. Can you use pond dechlorinator in an aquarium?
  149. What automatic feeder do you guys use(if any)?
  150. Planted tank noob, need some help!!
  151. Base dimensions for Fluval Edge 12 Gallon
  152. Juwel Rio 240 - Gap in the corner
  153. Help with iwagumi
  154. Woke up... entire tank dead (shrimps + betta)
  155. Will adding Aquarium salt kill beneficial bacteria?
  156. Documentaries / Youtube Channels
  157. Ich medicine(Kordon Ich Attack) vs Salt. Can you use both?
  158. Ammonia in fishless cycle...Help
  159. 40g Breeder penensula tank
  160. Ideas for 10 gallon tank
  161. Do I need sand substrate?
  162. Buying plants
  163. Just a reminder for shipping in sub-freezing temps
  164. Starting up a 90 Gallon, seeking advice
  165. Idea for automatic water changes
  166. Should I just throw it all away?
  167. Does Water change increase or decrease ammonia
  168. Need Help Fast!
  169. everything is going wrong!
  170. Recharging Purigen
  171. Bubbles like crazy!
  172. driftwood cover with moss and plant roots prevent tannin from being released?
  173. Who knows what surface film is?
  174. Today was tank-apocalypse.
  175. My custome made 90*25*25 planted aquarium
  176. What type of light will bring out the colors in neon & Glowlight Tetra ?
  177. How long does it take a replacement sponge filter to bounce back after being replace?
  178. CO2 vs Seachem Flourish Excel
  179. Plant suggestions please!!!
  180. Will water with Ammonia help cycle a fishless tank?
  181. move a setup tank without total taredown
  182. Red specks on driftwood... Eggs?
  183. Stuff I learned with my first planted tank
  184. Ich Medicine
  185. Need some quick advice please. Removing all co2 for a few days or a week, okay?
  186. Fish tank tracker?
  187. Preemptive Grow-Out / Quarantine Tank
  188. How to achieve decent flow
  189. Cyber Monday deals
  190. Need advice. or slap upside the head.
  191. What do you think of my tank?
  192. Floaters, co2, & surface agitation
  193. Cleaning your tank
  194. CO2 testing and cycling for fish
  195. what creature?
  196. making sure used sand is safe?
  197. Trim, or leave alone? (HC)
  198. Taking the plunge from reef to planted
  199. Showing my Black Friday haul
  200. Question regarding a very stupid mistake I just made.
  201. Biological Filtration maintenance
  202. Almost entire surface of water is covered in bubbles
  203. Suggestions on new tank setup
  204. Fish Die-off
  205. update pic of planted globe 2003, 10ft emersed zone
  206. Stocking and equipment ideas for low maintenance 33g planted
  207. Rinsing filters question
  208. math genius
  209. What is better API water conditioner or prime?
  210. Where does the sound happen in canister? Intake or output?
  211. purigen
  212. How does water flow in a Canister Filter? Top to bottom or bottom to top?
  213. worlds largest ghost shrimp 40
  214. Cancelling pressurized co2 - what should I expect
  215. What to stock display Mr. Aqua 13g high tech... CDP's w/Scarlet badis or PRL
  216. Does driftwood everstop releasing tannins in the water??
  217. Purigen in filter
  218. RAOK's and TPT
  219. General Planted Tank Info
  220. Issues with new CO2, only getting 1 BPS
  221. Dustin fishtank guy?
  222. Most popular tank size?
  223. Black Friday/Used tank opinion
  224. Passive diffusion=best diffusion?
  225. Medicine Chest
  226. Never had to cycle so quick!!!
  227. Noob questions about new planted tank
  228. What is this?
  229. Anyone try cleaning an empty tank with CLR
  230. CO2 reactor vs ceramic diffuser question
  231. How do my upgrade plans for mediumish tech planted tank sound?
  232. 29 Gallon Start Up
  233. whoops.....
  234. limnophila sessiliflora - legal to ship?
  235. What would you stock in this 100 gal, low tec planted tank?
  236. Alternative to expensive LED fixtures
  237. Catastrophic failure, tank switching questions.
  238. How many Aquariums and groups are needed to get a wide range of fish and inverts?
  239. Lava rock as biological filtration instead of traditional biological filtration?
  240. Fish compatibility Websites or Apps(cell phone) to avoid mistakes?
  241. Pond help for next year?
  242. Got 2 empty 5 gallons what now.......
  243. Anyone try these "Co2 Tablets" before?
  244. Can I dry soaked driftwood?
  245. quick question regarding some tank maintenance.
  246. Do I need to use the plastic protective cover for my t5ho fixture?
  247. 2500L display
  248. Silicone problem
  249. My 75g Project, and cycle question
  250. Just got our 125!