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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Thinking about switching over to E.I. Fertilization
  2. Val turned red
  3. Stem rot cause?
  4. Panda garra flight record
  5. random shrimp deaths
  6. struggling to replace hose on r/o unit
  7. Aquarium brands?
  8. Best way to treat anchor worms
  9. Help ID tiny bug in my ADA Amazonia dry start setup?
  10. Does this seem right, bubble counter video and questions. Leaking somewhere?!?
  11. how to get rid of snail from new plants
  12. New Planted Tank kit by Top-fin?
  13. What is up with these shipping rates?
  14. Suggestions on stocking a 17.1 gallon
  15. Plant filtration
  16. Plant wholesale question!
  17. Help stocking my 55 mbuna tank
  18. Water wisteria pruning to encourage growth
  19. New to TPT - Hi all!
  20. Marine Depot shipping message!
  21. Which varnish to use?
  22. What kind of cichlids are these?
  23. Does anyone else do this?
  24. Looking for a new 5 gallon planted tank setup!
  25. HELP!!!! Amazon leaf disappearing
  26. Stocking order
  27. New large tank setup questions
  28. carpeting
  29. Fluval spec half price!
  30. Aquarium Safe
  31. nightmare flower horn - iwagumi setup?
  32. How bad do my plants look?
  33. Gravel barrier / paint
  34. What the heck is this hard white thing on my plant?
  35. what can should I buy as a holding container for off gassing before WC?
  36. Expensive Re-Scapes
  37. Sodium Mystery
  38. Mysterious creature and egg?
  39. Price for a 75 gallon?
  40. Something growing in ferts
  41. need a bit of clarification with co2 concentration
  42. Ludwigia Pricing?
  43. Can Liquid Fertilizers Expire?
  44. Did I stall my aquarium cycle?
  45. Ich? Help:(
  46. How to clean nets, buckets, so on after ich?
  47. ? About colored plants
  48. Low-medium light and co2
  49. Safe glue ?
  50. Odd fish/invert behavior
  51. What is the best way to store media during substrate swap?
  52. Putting a new HOB filter on an established tank.
  53. Quick cerges reactor question.
  54. What working pressure do I want for my co2?
  55. Too heavily planned for pygmy cories.
  56. Is this what I think it is?
  57. petco $1 per gallon - Aqueon
  58. Co2 consumption ?
  59. What airline tubing to use for co2 system?
  60. Good deal or bad deal? (Co2 Regulator)
  61. Tell them...or don't tell them?
  62. Do you interfere?
  63. Thread algae during initial cycling?
  64. Roots turn into black mush under substrate?
  65. Fishless cycle going very quick?
  66. How to deal with power outtages?
  67. Planned Water Flow for 112G
  68. Swapped out dirt/carpet for sand
  69. Pothos Plant Not Rooting!
  70. New Planted tank questions
  71. Will no light on stress out my shrimp and fish
  72. Moving to bigger tank and want to add soil
  73. Crystal Vu?
  74. ph controller
  75. 55g heavy planted barb tank
  76. White Cloud Minnows+RCS?
  77. co2 bubbles per second?
  78. Checks Vs Money Orders?
  79. Small chip in 10 gallon
  80. Help encourage the newbies
  81. Can you tell me how to clean...
  82. Food Recommendation?
  83. Pink Plant ID
  84. Tap Water Readings
  85. Poll: Would You Do It?
  86. Use Goo-b-gone to remove stickers from jar?
  87. What is the best clean up crew for glass
  88. Final advice on keeping my tank algae-free
  89. Reptile Driftwood from PetSmart
  90. Looking for "10g" Rimless
  91. Wave Maker
  92. Anybody know of a good cleaner for my dhg
  93. Plant advice
  94. Seachem Pristine?
  95. Plant suggestions.
  96. Carpet Plant questions....
  97. Converting watts to par?
  98. Storing wet substrate.
  99. Wildly collected plants
  100. outdoor tanks
  101. How to introduce driftwood?
  102. Praziquantel and levamisole Affect on Plants
  103. alternative for MGPM
  104. How does everyone keep track of their tank(s)?
  105. What went wrong with my tank? should I move the fishes out
  106. ERR more Paypal questions!
  107. Microbubbles from water changes seems to bother my fish.. What to do?
  108. Python Water Change System
  109. Gel caps for Osmocote+
  110. Black Diamond BS....something doesn't look right?
  111. Shipping charges help!!
  112. Aquarium deal websites
  113. Plant Pricing Help!
  114. Stocking for 1.5g bowl
  115. Cloudy water after water changes
  116. What is this?
  117. Aquatop nano sale
  118. Seachem Flourish Glue Cyanoacrylate Adhesive
  119. CO2 tanks at bellingham?
  120. Tap water to rinse out canister?
  121. new tank setup help
  122. Dry Ferts
  123. What am I doing wrong?
  124. Heat And Root Tabs?
  125. Heater control for Aqueon Pro?
  126. ADA Substrate System Cloudy Water
  127. Greasy bio wheels?
  128. Help me decide wich tank to enter in a contest.
  129. signs of starving oto?
  130. more diy co2
  131. Is this pearling?
  132. DIY brainstorming ideas to hang light
  133. 55 Gallon Planted is not doing well
  134. What kinds of natural products do you use in your aquarium?
  135. HOB with carbon only??
  136. Help! My planted tanks aren't doing so well!
  137. Freshwater bugs
  138. Moss Slurry
  139. When I first setup co2, how little co2 to start with?
  140. where to find?
  141. Filter housing
  142. Filter making bubbles
  143. What is better, rotting flesh or poop?
  144. 112G instead of 90G?
  145. Debating between two regs. Glad gro-1 or co2art pro dual stage, which one?
  146. CO2, photoperiod, and should I use carbon in my filter???
  147. Fancy guppy
  148. Saltwater Planted Tanks
  149. Dirt tank, High ammonia. wth
  150. rcs crazy?
  151. Please Help Guru's of the Planted Tank. ( DSM after flooding )
  152. will this housing work for cerges reactor (75g tank)
  153. Tin container pond
  154. How to determine when used tank was last hydro tested?
  155. anyone use sicce canister filters
  156. I'm freaking out!
  157. Paintball canister issues...
  158. Worm ID
  159. What Happned ?!
  160. Checklist to get started.
  161. This site
  162. Any suggestions?
  163. Max hardscape weight for aquarium bottom?
  164. My new species of aquatics plants for my aquariums.
  165. Question about something on the surface of my water
  166. Finally ready to take the plunge! Help me build the right co2 system for my 75g.
  167. 180 gallon tank, what would you do?
  168. Dosing Help - what am I missing?
  169. Buying fish and plants online
  170. Future Fish Shed Questions
  171. how many rcs in a 6 gallon tank ?
  172. rcs tank mates?
  173. Help converting to PPM.
  174. Lighting upgrade
  175. Filter maintenance
  176. signs of old age for rcs?
  177. CO2 level not increasing, been adding pressurized CO2 for 2 weeks now
  178. 3 in 1 co2 diffuser
  179. Tearing down tank for a move. Can fish survive in buckets overnight?
  180. my new scapes please look and comment
  181. Freshwater driftwood question
  182. Tetra poll! Pick your choice!!!
  183. DIY paintball regulator
  184. small white bug ID
  185. Is this too much light?
  186. EI dosing
  187. the heck is wrong with my hygrophilia
  188. which is more hardy
  189. Will using this substrate be a bad idea?
  190. One Year Later, What Am I Doing Wrong?
  191. 5.5 gallon in a college dorm
  192. Melting
  193. Switching Substrate.
  194. Dirt experts
  195. Columnaris in a planted tank?
  196. Snail takeover
  197. stupid question :D
  198. Must see! The dangers of drop checkers!!!
  199. how to ship plants?
  200. Dry start flooding day: Here's my plan
  201. Abbreviations: What they stand for postings
  202. What's with abbreviations?
  203. 30g tall, what to do?
  204. Which T5 HO bulbs work best?
  205. Just Some General Questions
  206. Why big water changes?
  207. cycle stuck mid way through? What to do
  208. Question about feeding wild caught daphnia etc
  209. DIY Gooseneck holder?
  210. Low ammonia, high Nitrites and Nitrates - can't bring them down
  211. What should I use for filter media in a carbon-free canister?
  212. Going out of town...
  213. Weird algae growth on driftwood
  214. 2 fluval 306 filter hose placement
  215. Plant ID Help
  216. Cardinal and harlequins
  217. cleaning build up on trim? help
  218. CO2 reaction time....
  219. Help with dying Riccia Moss!
  220. Balancing out an aquarium
  221. interest check /snail shell pots
  222. Beginner at DIY CO2
  223. Bristlenose Pleco question
  224. 3000 Gallon Iwagumi
  225. Plant identification
  226. Can anyone explain CO2?
  227. Plant ID Please
  228. Favourite type of tetra ? , poll!
  229. Snail ID? I'm worried...
  230. Angelfish advice
  231. Thoughts on Purigen?
  232. Need tips: Fish Transport
  233. Bleach dipping plants
  234. I was all set to get my tank drilled
  235. Is it too soon?
  236. Worm eating plants???
  237. 55 gallon stocking
  238. Risks/things to watch out for when "wild" sourcing plants and invertebrates?
  239. Wild collecting ID
  240. Does anyone still use Metricide 14/28 as liquid CO2?
  241. 55 gallon stocking
  242. Help with a new 10 gallon planted tank
  243. air stone is giving me hard time to sleep
  244. Canister filter for 40 gallon breeder?
  245. Window film tank bg-static cling vs adhesive
  246. How do fish genetics work?
  247. adding nutrients back?
  248. emergency, please help
  249. h2o2
  250. Rising pH