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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Any clues to what kind of filter media this is?
  2. Evaporation
  3. Pressurized co2 set up HELP!!!
  4. Which fish are eating my plants?
  5. How to rid of decaying plant matter/roots ?
  6. Algae or bacteria or?
  7. First planted tank and I may be a little too excited!
  8. CO2 warning?
  9. CO2 pearling / diffusing
  10. Passive Solar Greenhouse / Aquaponics setup
  11. 40 breeder on 40 long stand?
  12. Co2 systems...
  13. I could use some help / advice
  14. Contemplating simplifying my setup for my sanity.
  15. Seed Shrimp Ostracoda eating plant leaves
  16. High tech new setup from dry start, algae problem and few questions?
  17. Stacking tanks?
  18. Help Planning A Rimless 15G (semi-high tech)
  19. Help stocking a 10g
  20. Can low light for algae control affect plant health and promote algae
  21. Co2 from a begeners point of view
  22. 75g fully planted with colorful plants. What small fish will "stand out"?
  23. Jsack12's 20 long build
  24. Unusual white stuff on driftwood. Pics
  25. Seeing Red
  26. Dry start method
  27. Fluval peat moss
  28. Pros or cons to sea sponge
  29. Api test kits
  30. Tank Migration
  31. Talked out of discus tank
  32. So my office doesn't allow "aquariums"...
  33. Return plumbing size?
  34. When is the best time of year to ship plants?
  35. Inputs needed
  36. Advice needed pls.
  37. The Planted Tank Guide
  38. Might be moving in near future?
  39. Untreated well water?
  40. No Filter for Cycling
  41. potassium permanganate dips not working for me
  42. Co2 with powerhead
  43. Feedback on Connected Aquarium-top Garden
  44. Cycled 40GB in 14 days!
  45. CO2 and fry?
  46. Anyone seen a side by side comparison of CO2 vs non-CO2?
  47. leveling stand
  48. Chloramines
  49. Mycorrhizae
  50. 2 golf ball portions of xmas moss
  51. Cherokee co Ga. water report
  52. bulk purigen
  53. Aquaponics?
  54. Need input please! New tank
  55. Good scaping tools?
  56. Low PH...Unsure Why!
  57. How to add plants to a new tank if you don't have any?
  58. I need to be talked outta this...
  59. Detritus worms?
  60. Does Seachem's Flourish Excel Weaken/Prevent Biofilm Proliferation?
  61. School Design Project: Aquatic Desgin Community
  62. beginner giving up hope a bit... brown hair algae
  63. My "new" 26 bow front.
  64. Beginner - Suggestions?
  65. What non toxic silicon based lube for eheim ball valve
  66. raise canister filter
  67. Starting a planted 20long
  68. Brown-yellow color in water after 2 months
  69. Getting started (Need Help)
  70. Getting reaquainted
  71. CO2 injection expectations
  72. Fish death from trapped gas?
  73. Dissolving CO2 with a canister filter.
  74. Plants in a cichlid hard water tank
  75. Suggestions needed for 45x21x26 (22L) Tank
  76. San Diego - Planted Tank place??
  77. Replace Gravel with ADA Amazonia
  78. Tank looks green
  79. 10 gal to 20 gal
  80. co2 with air pump?
  81. Need Help to ID: Unknown White Flakes
  82. Michigan fish store
  83. Exo Terra jungle vine
  84. EI dosing but algae
  85. Get The Stink Out Of Filter Material
  86. Maybe a Substrate question?
  87. Bark on Driftwood?
  88. Water Conditioner w/coat additives BAD for Plants
  89. quarenteen times
  90. scuds and moss
  91. What to look for when buying a tank
  92. Credit Cards accepted!
  93. Time and energy
  94. Easterners: Have a Tank Blanket Ready.
  95. Is a skim350 enough to keep my 75g with enough o2?
  96. Diy C02 bubble ladder issue PLEASE HELP
  97. Setting up new 12 Gallon Fluval Edge
  98. Thx Everyone! My journey thus far
  99. The Way I Can Catch Any Fish Quickly
  100. What size QT TO GET?
  101. Shifted glass
  102. Will a surface skimmer drive off alot of co2?
  103. Flourite black sand
  104. Help a returning forum member...
  105. Adjusting CO2 amounts to adjust ph?
  106. Removing seachem paraguard
  107. 20 gallon Biotope ideas
  108. Paranoid parents...
  109. What is a fair asking price for DHG?
  110. Aqueon water changer hose dimensions?
  111. Variables that cause inconsistent or insufficient CO2
  112. Fast cycle 5g with three fish
  113. Beginner
  114. 40 Gallon Breeder Stocking?
  115. Public service announcement
  116. I need help with a plumbing issue
  117. 40L vs 55g
  118. Low/No-Maintenance 100 Gallon
  119. 29gal: Powerhead or not?
  120. 29 Gallon Teardown & Rebuild
  121. Would it be ok to change decor while cycling?
  122. Cleaning hard water deposit
  123. Ammonia spike from Osmocote.
  124. Can fish build up a tolerance to co2?
  125. Small chips in old tank a problem?
  126. WTH?! Water strider aka gerridae found in my moss grow out tank.
  127. To people who read the January 2016 newsletter.
  128. Seeding media
  129. Help this guy out
  130. Tank Options
  131. CO2 problem, please help
  132. seeding a tank
  133. Shapable clay-like material
  134. Warning about putting driftwood in tank and not giving it enough room to expand.
  135. First fishless cycle......
  136. Any advice for getting a corry out?
  137. Excel & CO2
  138. Ideas for sump
  139. Tank idea, and moving water.
  140. Polishing water
  141. Favorite tank you've seen anywhere?
  142. Surface movement
  143. Considering DIY CO2
  144. Ich Planted Tank!!
  145. Drill a 29 gallon tank?
  146. aio fusion 20 tank
  147. Thought I could instantly cycle my breeding tank... guess I was wrong
  148. Perhaps the riddle has been solved!
  149. What is the biggest mistake you have made with your tank?
  150. Can You Say...SuperSakturation & Death?
  151. Has this happened to you?
  152. Re-doing tank, what do I do with the fish
  153. How do you water a paludarium?
  154. What little creatures are floating in my tank?
  155. Tagging aquarium plants
  156. Simple Oasis
  157. Herbie Overflow with dual overflow boxes?
  158. Water softeners, bad for aquariums?
  159. DIY Co2 System on Amazon?
  160. What should I do with my extra 2.6 gallon tank?
  161. Plants
  162. Do you need biological filtration or can evaporation remove the ammonia ?
  163. Restarting my aquarium?
  164. Advice on set up
  165. Does anyone here use automatic fish feeder on pellets?
  166. overdosing co2
  167. Can you keep an Aquarium in your garage?
  168. Add plants or light first?
  169. Help me stock my 72 gallon
  170. Discus or Malawi Cichlids. Which would you rather keep?
  171. Dang brass screw
  172. Does Petco or Petsmart have any policy of buying unwanted fish( Pictus catfish)?
  173. Is this a possible reason for fish flashing? update: ammonia reading tested positive.
  174. Can you use eco-complete with the Assassin Snail or is sand/mud mandatory?
  175. Pictus Catfish Good or bad for planted tank with peaceful community fish? aggressive?
  176. Hard water build up on glass?
  177. Tap water ok?
  178. Slate wall/elevated holder?
  179. Is a substrate barrier necessary for each plant species?
  180. I couldn't resist the dollar per gallon....
  181. Suspicious of Water Conditioners
  182. Attaching plants to DW in large tank
  183. Why do snails craw out of the aquarium?
  184. What website do you order your plants from?
  185. Cholla fan? It's where you find it.
  186. How many Bubbles?
  187. no fish,no filter
  188. Anyone With SeaHorses?
  189. Help with easy 150 gal tank
  190. Overgrown jungle aquascapes are the best looking.
  191. New, Need Some Help PLZ!
  192. I need good reliable information
  193. Removing Tannins
  194. How to make a few buck off the hobby?
  195. Lily pipe sizes?
  196. Want to breed guppies..No idea where to begin..
  197. Will tank cycle again?
  198. Plants grow like crazy after water change but not when I dose Leaf zone or root tabs?
  199. New to planted tank. Need some help please
  200. First Planted Tank - 40B
  201. So now I have an orchid...
  202. Strange stuff in my tank????
  203. Some questions and concerns
  204. Amano larvae as planktonic food
  205. Where can I purchase a 46 gallon bow front
  206. aquatic plant farm tank setups
  207. Internal parasites; treat the whole tank or just fish?
  208. Interesting survey
  209. The Measurements of CO2
  210. Water Evaporation?
  211. Leveling question.. new tank..PLEASE respond!
  212. Struggling to get enough co2 into my 75
  213. Amount of CO2 in Air Bubbles
  214. Soaking large driftwood
  215. Co2 exploded my filter. ...
  216. San Antonio fish and plant store recommendations
  217. Co2- makes my neons be dead
  218. Removing dried algae - how?
  219. Can't find a 90P tank!
  220. Christmas eve suprise
  221. Herbie Overflow with Eshopps box
  222. Brown matter on plants...
  223. Help plz with DSM and mold and fungus
  224. Newb starting fishless cycle today
  225. Restarting my planted tank hobby...
  226. No Filters, Substrate or Air 29 Gallon
  227. New rimless 75g coming, what to put under it?!
  228. Need some advice
  229. I think I'm seeing things......
  230. what wiped out my tetras?
  231. New Use for Fluval U2 Filter
  232. Crack near bottom corner of 75g.. Help
  233. Betta death after cleaning filter like an idiot in established tank
  234. New Tank Cycling
  235. Dream tank
  236. Cloudy water
  237. Cat Urine In Substrate
  238. Driftwood with Bark?
  239. Bracing question- clear arcylic bracing
  240. What's the best way to get air to move water up?
  241. Need some help please newbie here
  242. Starting fresh after a move
  243. What is YOUR Ideal tank size?
  244. A question about safety
  245. Want to do a Star Wars themed tank.
  246. Can UV sterolizers alone stop ICH?
  247. Making the leap!
  248. Water changes can kill your fish from ammonia spikes.
  249. Need help for a biology project on red plants
  250. Plant Debris Clean-up Crew