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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Anyone have the JBJ Rimless Flat Panel 10 gallon?
  2. Repairing AquaTek Regulator?
  3. My Large planted tank experience
  4. Which one of these 2 Co2 regulators look better?
  5. Fish Treats
  6. Used PH lower, in 1 day, PH return to previous level. How is that possible?
  7. Long vacation and a planted tank...
  8. apartments and fish tanks
  9. Moving SW tank?
  10. Silicone vs normal air line tubing. Which is better? C02 vs air ?
  11. Is this an ALL-in-one Solution(regulator, solenoid, bubble counter)? Is this a good?
  12. The Un-Planted Tank
  13. Will Dick's sporting good refill larger C02 canisters(non-paintball)?
  14. Stocking advice?
  15. Native fish propaganda
  16. need advice on a new 40 gallon !
  17. Can you run your co2 in the sectioned off part with your filter?
  18. Can someone provide me a parts list for beginning C02 setup?
  19. Gone for three weeks
  20. Bad experience with marineland aquariums
  21. Can I use a needle valve design for air pump for C02?
  22. At last! My squeeky clean 12g long! Good/bad idea to transfer existing 10g?
  23. How do you fine tune the C02 bubbles? The regulator or something else?
  24. How long will a C02 tank last?
  25. Will this Ebay Regulator work for C02 in planted tank?
  26. Fishless Cycle Situation
  27. Betta better with Glowlight or Neon Tetra ?
  28. Getting ready to plant - help!!
  29. Suggestions for a center piece fish
  30. Murder
  31. Stocking a 55 Gallon planted tank
  32. I apologize more beginner questions...
  33. Otos Hiding Constantly
  34. Filtered water
  35. Backgrounds: Painted or Decorated Paper
  36. Do Mods get involved on deals gone bad on here?
  37. can i use charcoal as substrate in a planted tank
  38. Bulk Thanks to the Forum
  39. Making progress!!
  40. Terminology when discussing nitrogen cycle
  41. custon tank
  42. "Natural Looking" tanks for inspiration
  43. Silly question
  44. How to Tell if Fish are Breathing Heavily
  45. Anyone Need a Room mate?
  46. Tetra safe start question
  47. Accidentally Cycling - Help
  48. Help With Planted Turtle Tank
  49. Dirted Tank Mess
  50. Anything I need to look out for?
  51. Saltwater
  52. Uv sterilizer
  53. Another new planted tank
  54. 75 gallon goldfish tank
  55. Albino vs Normal glow-light tetra. Extreme behavioral differences? Albino=retarded?
  56. Co2
  57. Survey: Does it include just 1 color stone or both TAN and Gray?
  58. advice
  59. Best way to measure co2
  60. A whole new planted world
  61. Assassin snails
  62. Advise on new 10G Petco sale!!!!
  63. Keeping real Skulls in the aqurium
  64. Advice needed
  65. Live Plant Buying Options
  66. Quick curing aquarium safe glue?
  67. 5 months in, finally flooded!
  68. Easiest Water Change of All Time
  69. Broke my diffuser
  70. How important is darkness to a planted tank?
  71. What is cheapest way to get DIY C02? citric acid, yeast and sugar?
  72. ViaAqua Ocean Pure 47 Gallon into Planted Tank?
  73. CO2 up and running. Just a few problems.
  74. Pentagon tank plan
  75. Youtube Video - Too little flow in my 55g?
  76. Transformation from mid tech to low tech
  77. Heads Up: $1/gallon Sale this week
  78. Just found baby black neons in my tank!?
  79. How much water flow should I have for a 75g
  80. Ammonia for Fishless Cycle
  81. CO2 Atomic style in-line question
  82. Clouds, Death, Black Magic?? What the heck happened?
  83. Is Great Stuff toxic for Fish/Plant or is it safe?
  84. Plywood tank longevity?
  85. Im kingkoopa an my 40gl breeder
  86. Fungus growing on driftwood?
  87. What Am I Missing- Lacking plant growth + black hair algae
  88. eheim 460l tank?
  89. Aquarium Rack (the one from lowes that fits 40b)
  90. aquarium for 10" comet goldfish
  91. how much flow in a 200 gallon tank
  92. Pearling question
  93. Picking Up 90 gallon tank soon, few questions.
  94. Most exotic food you feed your fishes? (Just for fun)
  95. What is this!?
  96. First tank plants
  97. Is Gorilla Super Glue (impact-tough Formula) ok for Aquariums?
  98. Mineral oil
  99. What Fish to Add? Suggestions?
  100. Carbon filter in place of Prime for water changes
  101. new to Planted tank
  102. I've never seen this question asked before.... how long do plants live?
  103. Silicone sealant(aquarium safe) instead of super glue to attach plants to driftwood?
  104. Moving 750 miles with tanks and fish
  105. discus tank water changes
  106. Help with CO2 and ph
  107. Starting a 10 gallon, looking for advice
  108. Maintaining Cycle
  109. Piggyback co2 for new 75 or just buy a new reg.?
  110. Algae id
  111. How did this happen to my tank?
  112. Pearling after water changes?
  113. Help please -- overnight fish kill
  114. Definition of "Over Feeding"?
  115. Getting back in the hobby: Pros and Cons of starting big
  116. Random Eggs
  117. Feeding scheduele. Over? Under? Just right?
  118. Happy Times
  119. What fish, invertebrates or anything to keep with my boring betta
  120. Dennerle pink flamingo
  121. Suggestions for new betta setup?
  122. Questions about freshwater sumps
  123. Eye balling co2
  124. Fish stocking
  125. DIY Driftwood from Crepe Myrtle?
  126. HOB filter plant advice
  127. hydroponic system using weekly water change water
  128. NATURAL AQUARIO is back on business
  129. Long Time Ago, in a Fishverse Far Away.
  130. water change for 200 gallon tank
  131. Worst Setup Ever
  132. Question about sump pump and herbie.
  133. Cycling Temp
  134. White film over the glass
  135. Feed air bubbler into canister filter?
  136. Conflicting Information about algae
  137. Black worms vs. White worms
  138. Anyone else really nervous when filling up a large fish tank?
  139. Trying to Get Back Into the Hobby..
  140. Transporting Fish: Carrier?
  141. Starting new planted tank..NEED HELP
  142. Is My Tank Silent Cycling?
  143. source for bonsai driftwood?
  144. HELP: have an ick outbreak!!
  145. Flow and detritus issues
  146. Should I run portable air stones?
  147. Why are Denson Barbs So expensive. Recently $40 from
  148. Has fish medication gone backwards? No decent bottles of medication, only little tabs
  149. What did you do in your tank today?
  150. Placement of filters?
  151. Using a Wall Cabinet as a Tank Stand - 22 Gallon Long
  152. Will these fish eat plants??
  153. Lush and green to yellows and brown. What can I do?
  154. Best place to buy live plants??
  155. Drift wood nasties
  156. Corporate culture Petco vs Petsmart? The same or different?
  157. ADA Unzan stone degradation.
  158. 30/29 Gallon tank hanging "on" wall?
  159. Lots of Questions
  160. Orange County - local fish stores
  161. What big box fish store lets you custom order fish?
  162. What is the best day to buy fish from LFS? Delivery day? Day after, 2 days after,etc?
  163. 150g stocking and equipment?
  164. Starting a new tank.....and......
  165. How much flow do you actually need?
  166. Need Medication recommendation on Swim bladder issue
  167. 50 gal rescape experience and pics
  168. Will this stock work? Aqadvisor?
  169. 75g Walstad w/ Complete Food Chain
  170. Ohko Stone chemical composition question
  171. An idea Regarding CO2 Rates
  172. What is the point of biomedia in filters?
  173. Tiny black balls on driftwood- What is it?
  174. How to kill fungus on a plant without killing the plant??
  175. EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy safe?
  176. Best "center piece fish" for 20 gallon long?
  177. General advice needed Seaclear System ii
  178. Is it beneficial to wash substrate in nitrifying bacteria?
  179. Ammo lock while cycling with fish
  180. Type of woods that are safe for the aquarium?
  181. What do I do after a power outage?
  182. Help with Planted Tank
  183. Aquatop HOB UV filtration
  184. KH, PH, Co2, substrates, fish and plants !
  185. Is this feasible?
  186. Fake to real plants HELP!
  187. Looking for some tips on my set up
  188. Expiry dates on food
  189. I hope my new tank counts as a planted tank...
  190. Help! Chemotherapy and planted tanks
  191. coolest phone wallpaper ever!
  192. Which tank should i BUY?
  193. Can a vet prescribe antibiotics for my tank?
  194. need advice on extra fry,sell fish online?
  195. What are these creatures?
  196. What tank to buy?
  197. Anyone ever heard of a "Super feeder" automatic fish feeder?
  198. Advice on rescaping.
  199. 20 Gallon long flow
  200. Show me your bigger 100g planted tanks and above
  201. Mountains of Colossa - 90 Gallon
  202. 2 tanks and co2
  203. First planted tank ever need help.
  204. feeding frequency
  205. Decomposition for co2
  206. Best co2 systems?
  207. My list of Good vs Bad Tetras from experience and reading this forum.
  208. Just set up second tank! Need advice on sand...
  209. Sterilizing Equipment
  210. Can I start my fishless cycle now?
  211. Phosguard safe with shrimp?
  212. First planted tank
  213. Cloudiness = Nitrifying Bacteria
  214. Estimated value of a setup?
  215. UGF reuse ?
  216. Stocking ideas? :)
  217. Fish are out of control!
  218. Some Ideas
  219. Advice Please
  220. Surprise snail party in my tank ?
  221. Lava rock natural colors?
  222. What am I doing wrong?
  223. Question on 20g light schedule + fertilizer
  224. Video of my brand new startup, help me with any info!
  225. Cloudy water, I don't think it's the usual suspects
  226. di water?
  227. May be getting a 125g, I need help!
  228. Cycling Tank question
  229. Help with correct co2 tubing
  230. Ideal quarantine tank setup?
  231. New 75 W/ Discus
  232. API REEF master on Freshwater?
  233. Shrimp store in Japan
  234. What do you think?
  235. what a steal
  236. Upgrade lighting or wait it out?
  237. New fella to this forum
  238. Liquid Co2(API, Seachem,etc.) require you to turn off air pump to avoid Co2 loss?
  239. Will this support 55g
  240. Activated carbon in planted tanks
  241. Can you have UV sterilizers with LED bulbs?
  242. Should I fit a background to this tank ?
  243. New 37g Setup suggestions
  244. Are frozen blood worms safe for Aquarium
  245. Is anyone using a grow tower for emersed grown plants?
  246. moving/shipping question
  247. What Are These Tiny White Bugs?
  248. Egg crate???? $$$
  249. The Un-Planted Tank
  250. Newbie