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  1. Android app
  2. Overflow pipe question
  3. Comprehensive planted tank resource?
  4. how do I disinfect planted tank after fish disease?
  5. Bio Media
  6. Fishless cycle stuck on nitrite
  7. Cycling question
  8. Stocking a 50g corner tank
  9. Additional filter on corner bowfront tank - intake?
  10. Evolution Aqua Aquascaper 600
  11. API water test kits - expiry
  12. 225 Gallon Stocking Suggestions
  13. End of cycle - Need advice on algae crew/cleanup
  14. Paludarium fungus and water flow issues
  15. Tank background
  16. Tiny white creatures in new fishless tank
  17. CO2 tank size refill frequency
  18. How to start a journal
  19. Bottom Feeders for Large Planted Tanks?
  20. Fishless Cycling and White Slime
  21. 55 Gal Circulation Pump Size
  22. 10 gallon high tech tank idea
  23. How do I get rid of tannins with daphnia and microbial population?
  24. Hazy glass
  25. Which Corner Bracket for Cabinet?
  26. Is there a size tank that gets too complicated?
  27. Oscillating Water Flow
  28. purigen help
  29. Need to run heater and pump in fishless cycling?
  30. Moving A Tank Across State
  31. splashless bleach accident
  32. High Nitrates Killing BB?
  33. Planted Tank Dictionary
  34. Worst customer service - Eheim
  35. Best concept for water circulation?
  36. Co2 saturation before lights on.
  37. Petco/Petsmart Black Friday
  38. 2019 - the near final BBA solution
  39. Rider snails, what to do?
  40. RO water refills
  41. How completely level should a stand be?
  42. only a compost and a red clay as soil ??
  43. Need Help New to planted tank
  44. Tank is getting out of hand! Help!
  45. Pond-Style Aquariums
  46. Too little or not enough co2.
  47. HELP! Tank "reset" and advice needed!
  48. Bacterial Bloom or What? Please help!
  49. What kind of glue for plants
  50. Does anyone "dip" new plants?
  51. Purigen and Tannins - Questions
  52. Aquarium kits
  53. Can We Please Retire High-Tech/Low-Tech?
  54. Co2 at the right ppm and aeration stability?
  55. What is your least favorite sized tank you have, or have had?
  56. Dosed for ick, now worms??
  57. 30 breeder rimless factory made?
  58. 75 Gallon Planted Tank Out Of Control
  59. Low pH from Stratum - fish!
  60. Fishroom construction
  61. Bolivian Rams, Badis Badis, & Snails
  62. how to prevent fish from eating new leave on anubias?
  63. Proper way to hold/lift an empty tank
  64. Easy Starter Ideas
  65. Plant growth (20 gallon).
  66. Invasive Species Tank
  67. SD Tropical Fish Society
  68. Aquarium shelving
  69. On Ich treatments...
  70. Is this what I think it is? If so, help!
  71. Newbie First Planted Tank
  72. Simple regimen advice
  73. Leaking Tank!!! How to save Carpeting Plants?
  74. Another Cloudy Water Post
  75. Question about using plants for dry start method
  76. Show me your QT Tank setups
  77. Keeping Aquatic Plants/Macroalgae - would I be violating a no-pets policy?
  78. Unexpected plant showed up during dry start
  79. Equipment set up for new tank (thoughts)
  80. Selling tank setup?
  81. Help identifying white stringy growth.
  82. Medication and co2
  83. Microscope a good investment?
  84. My 20 gallon high
  85. New to planted tanks
  86. Seeking advice on setting up a low tech planted tank
  87. Keeping a Quarantine Tank Cycled by Dosing Ammonia
  88. Can't keep my plants happy...
  89. Canopy options
  90. do you need to clean lava rock before putting it in?
  91. Are these eggs?
  92. Small white/transparent worms?
  93. Wood ID please
  94. strange fishless cycle
  95. I have these little mites and I want to nuke them
  96. First High Tech Aquascape - Seeking some Advice
  97. Dry Start. 25G
  98. Aquarium safe driftwood
  99. Water flow and circulation advice
  100. Truth or Myth?
  101. New planted Tank with Co2 / EI Dosing
  102. Keywords vs Categories
  103. All my fish are dead...
  104. 1 year transformation
  105. White mold on driftwood
  106. Combo Closed Loop/Open Loop Filtration
  107. What to stock
  108. Safe driftwood
  109. Finding driftwood pieces
  110. options for a fish safe water container over 50 gallons
  111. Tank rescape
  112. Feet or no feet?
  113. Any plants that will grow under office ceiling fluorescent lights?
  114. How to remove bad smell from aquarium
  115. 75gal Stocking Options
  116. What are these white things?
  117. Glass & Wood.....
  118. suggestions for 1 gallon sealed ecosystem almost done planning
  119. Safe to turn filter off??
  120. What is this plant?
  121. planning to convert to planted. Should I go all in at once or a little at a time?
  122. setup questions: spec v, no co2, monte carlo
  123. Upgrading tank, questions
  124. Potassium Chloride (KCl)
  125. co2 injection
  126. Beginner setup journey
  127. How do you think Microbe-Lift/Special Blend is made?
  128. Nature Aquarium Going Through Difficult Times - Help!
  129. Help with new tank.
  130. Aquatic plant application?
  131. It swims ! But what is it ???
  132. 10 gallon planted tank filter setup
  133. Looking for a medium that will not dissolve in water, keep soil from passing through it, while allow
  134. POLL - How much might you spend setting up a system?
  135. Is hot glue toxic? Does it breakdown?
  136. white thing on the glass
  137. New tank cycles keeps getting stalled by acidity
  138. smoke in the room made plant float??
  139. Help with 5 gallon low tech tank
  140. Dream to reality
  141. Brand new to this...
  142. Filter too strong for substrate?
  143. If see something you like get it before it's gone
  144. Alternative ich medication dosing
  145. Newbie Cycling a inert substrate planted tank
  146. What would be a good sponge to put on the inlet of an overflow pipe in a tank that shrimp are...
  147. 55 Gallon Planted Stock
  148. Do you think this will work
  149. Gas exchange question
  150. Moving / Picking up rimless tank without completely deconstructing
  151. Anyone used cherry wood in a tank?
  152. Cycling a tank
  153. plant stocking ideas for 380 gallon planted aquarium.
  154. all the foam trays stacked
  155. Weird blue gel
  156. Red Eared Slider in Planted Tank?
  157. Hurricane Preperations
  158. Loaches and Molting Shrimp
  159. Slowest growing / least nutrient requiring plant wanted for long term sealed jar
  160. Amazonia tank cycles in 2 weeks?
  161. 55 Gallon Stocking
  162. Modded Dry Start Method Proposal
  163. Aquaponics setup with fry tank?
  164. Mosquito Larvae
  165. new plant sterilizer wash?
  166. Tank that smells like candy?-
  167. Bacterial bloom 1 week later
  168. Does anyone ever experiment with sealed planted containers?
  169. Dry start problems
  170. TDS creeping up
  171. Power flickers when A/C kicks in. Just enough to make some tank stuff stumble.
  172. Do aquascapes exist in nature?
  173. same seller , same plant , different result
  174. Something to catch fallen food? For a blind fish
  175. Back with a plan....after some help along the way...
  176. Online source for large river stones?
  177. Custom lid question
  178. Can it be done??
  179. Gyre/Powerhead Problem
  180. green water in 20 gallon
  181. Evap. How much water do you lose in a week?
  182. Dirted Tank AFTER Cycle?
  183. Dry start method S. Repens 10 gallon
  184. 55 Gallon Stocking
  185. Dry Start - Opening or Sealed
  186. Newbie (sort of) to planted - advice
  187. Both my lights just died on me. New lights won't be here for 3 days. How should I handle the tank?
  188. Evidence for beneficial bacteria
  189. Struggling with a 55gal planted
  190. Is there a non-toxic way to stick plastic to glass?
  191. Frusterate with 'dust' Amazonia, etc
  192. Bio-media
  193. Hardscape adhesive
  194. Help selecting first planted tank
  195. Will this caddy work as a planter and will silicone stick to plastic?
  196. Moving 14gal to another location
  197. New dirt tank and light selection
  198. Leach like creature from plants from eBay?
  199. Surprising. Filter auto-cleaning by bacterial colony?
  200. DIY Co2 Set - Plastic Bottle vs Tank
  201. Recertification of CO2 Cylinder
  202. Plants showing nutrient deficiency escalating quickly with growth!
  203. Mirrored background
  204. Black background
  205. Hygger Horizon 8 gal.
  206. Plant Database?
  207. How to set up an air pump to circulate water
  208. Ikea Kitchen Cart for a stand
  209. i can't get nitrates down
  210. Aquarium advisor question
  211. Safe to use EXPIRED fish food?
  212. Foul odor from newly planted 20G
  213. Mel's diner and Flo rates...
  214. Reef Tank Conversion
  215. Suggestions for light and filter?
  216. Help New Tank Problem
  217. Activated Carbon killed all my plants !!! Help please.
  218. Cracks in tanks?
  219. Wood ?
  220. Going on vacation...
  221. Potential 50 gallon reef tank
  222. Temperature - Maybe I am too worried about it
  223. Unknown White Smears on Glass
  224. Felix Smart?
  225. Looking for suggestions for dose of liquid co2 in a 2.5 gallon tank (picture)
  226. What types of algae is it?
  227. Gloves or Not?
  228. A spouse and multiple tanks - how to keep both?
  229. 5 gallon LED lit fish tank with hornwort, crypt, and cardinal plant
  230. Water level for my dry start set up
  231. Recent DPG sale at Petco
  232. Dry start method
  233. Switching tanks, anyway to salvage carpet?
  234. sump with co2?
  235. Preferred Resource for General Planted Tank Info
  236. Need Advice on a 100+ Gallon Tank
  237. Cycling Woes - Going Out of Town - Help, please!
  238. wild snail eggs explodedd
  239. Fish survey post
  240. Dealing with pleco poo
  241. Smallest- bendable syphon?
  242. Nothing but trouble since I’ve started please help
  243. First tank in YEARS! 40B Low Tech
  244. Do i need to feed the fry?
  245. Summer Heat!!
  246. HOB Filter. Proper Technique during Water Change
  247. Seaview background
  248. Back to basics - water change
  249. my new shrimp tank
  250. Building needed!!!