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  1. Help Me Redesign an Old All-In-One Saltwater Tank
  2. Slimy smelly tank
  3. What are you looking for? Need to pick your brains.
  4. Necrotic pinholes in older leaves of Hygro pinna
  5. Bacterial bloom
  6. Aquaone Aqua Vogue 245L (65USG)
  7. Dr fish Versus SAE
  8. Does this look like....
  9. New to aquascaping
  10. Sand divider?
  11. Diatoms and Filter Media Concern for Cycling New Tank
  12. Substrate Nutrients
  13. When to Plant?
  14. Brown inside outflow pipe. Fe Precipitate or Algae?
  15. New 180G build
  16. Always loved planted tanks but thinking about giving up...
  17. Do you count the filter on AqAdvisor?
  18. Canister Filter problem
  19. Brown stuff in gravel area !!
  20. Pests!!!
  21. White spots on corner of tank
  22. Sagittaria subulata flowering in my 2.5g nano tank
  23. Moving my 45 gallon Today
  24. Balancing Fluval Spec V (2.0)
  25. Aquatic grass and Cory Catfish
  26. Anybody using biocenosis clarification box anoxic filtration?
  27. 10 gallon rescape and new 45 gallon setup
  28. Help identifying tiny white particles/eggs?
  29. is crushed shale rock good for planted aquarium?
  30. Help identifying white critter
  31. What to buy...
  32. Help!!! Baby!!!!!!!!!!
  33. Dry Start Album + sos!!!
  34. RODI Water / Water Changes
  35. 36" or 48" tank?
  36. New danios too small to add?
  37. The green cloud and melting plants
  38. Need to understand CO2, KH, PH relationship
  39. Petco Dollar Per Gallon is BACK!
  40. Extended internodes and high light?
  41. Aspen Wood
  42. EMERGENCY Co2 poisoning!
  43. A note on water quality
  44. Ich in established tank with no new fish?
  45. Small Tanks Don't Cycle? What??
  46. Did you have this issue? Plants shipped improperly
  47. Amount of water inside diffuser affect CO2?
  48. Questions about upgrading from Aqua Clear 20 to Aqua Clear 50
  49. Woo Hoo, Got it started!
  50. Dry Start Growth
  51. Bacterial bloom please help!
  52. Daily Auto Water Change
  53. Anyone successfully rid their tank of snails
  54. Preparing for a Blackwater System. Thought welcome!
  55. Shipping plants (US Domestic): Do I need to label the box 'Live Plants' or something similar?
  56. New hob filter
  57. Help me understand DOC - Dissolved Organic Compounds
  58. Planning my first planted tank. Will this setup work?
  59. New Dirted 15g
  60. Starting a paludarium
  61. Fizzled
  62. Made the switch - Low tech to High Tech - Reassurance needed
  63. Bulkhead placement.
  64. What Can Be Salvaged?
  65. My easy co2 method for multiple tanks
  66. Near Fatal CO2 Overdose
  67. Mite-like Brown Bugs Attached To Betta Fin
  68. Lightweight structural building material
  69. help with tech
  70. My 200lt semi planted aquarium
  71. Too much filtration?
  72. Circulation HELP!!!
  73. Can a tank thrive on JUST water changes?
  74. If a fish ate a shrimp...
  75. Flow and plumbing in ~130 gal "peninsula" tank with sump
  76. Dwarf Hairgrass DSM
  77. Upgrading 165 gal freshwater show to planted tank
  78. White, fish-smelling, lime-like deposits on aquarium glass
  79. Par values through air
  80. Let’s see your tank racks...
  81. Hi everybody
  82. Proper feeder tank harmony - snails, shrimp, guppies.
  83. My 125 Planted
  84. Going Rimless?
  85. Can I get a sanity check on my first aquarium setup?
  86. Algae vs. fish shock
  87. Reducing return flow in IM Fusion
  88. CO2 Drop Checker - alternatives
  89. Beginner Fish Tank Tutorial | Low Budget Aquarium Build
  90. Help identify rock
  91. Sodium Hydroxide in Planted Tank?
  92. Getting back into the hobby
  93. How do i make a sanitizing solution-DSM
  94. Does my tank need a reseal?
  95. EWWWW What it this!?!?!?!?!?
  96. 50g lowboy
  97. Betta &...
  98. Help ID Eggs
  99. Planted tank help
  100. Mini cycle, how long does it take?
  101. Aquarium Gardens U.K. | Shop Tour
  102. Inline Co2 diffusion- visible bubbles shooting straight to surface?
  103. Do I need to treat for fleas and ticks?
  104. Fuzz growing on 1 piece of driftwood
  105. Recommendation on how to make this better
  106. Dosing like a Boss! How do I fix this!>>!>!??
  107. The joy of apisto colonies BUT
  108. Material suggestions to fill odd openings at aquarium top.
  109. .5 pH drop 8 ->7.5, is there enough CO2?
  110. Kit questions
  111. A couple of questions about moving to a bigger aquarium
  112. Excel killed 2 Neon Tetras?
  113. Brown dusty layer on all plant leaves
  114. 90g short
  115. Spray paint in tanks, what to do?
  116. Perfectly Healthy Fish to Perfectly Dead within 36 hours...
  117. Stocking a planted Fluval Spec 16 gal
  118. The 'balanced' aquarium?
  119. hiding the sealant on inexpensive glass tanks
  120. How long does your water rake to clear after stirring up sediment?
  121. Mini Paludarium: Blue Lagoon
  122. Removing annoying bits floating in the water
  123. Need help or guidance - 3-4 week cycling algae and nh3
  124. I officially need help (dropped $10k and not what I expected)
  125. Scape and stock ideas
  126. Reasons not to do a 37 gallon?
  127. Bedbug treatment with aquarium?
  128. what is this nasty creature in my tank!
  129. DSM am i understanding this correctly?
  130. Newbie here looking for some advice and guidance
  131. What happening Hot Stuff?
  132. 56 column tank
  133. Thermostat Failsafe for Inline Heater with Probe Inline?
  134. Help Identifying Whats Going on
  135. The next Takashi Amano?
  136. Help Needed, New Tank
  137. New to Planted tanks, Cycle issues.
  138. Best option to remove white deposits on glass?
  139. Dry Start 3 Gallon Help
  140. How do you do your water changes?
  141. What is an organics build up ?
  142. Has anyone ever witnessed or heard of a tank stand failure
  143. Captain Redbeard & His Treasure Cave
  144. Nyos True Algae Food
  145. Cycling with liquid bacteria
  146. Tank cycling...without the tank?
  147. Aquabid
  148. Time to Move On?
  149. Can anyone tell me what monster is this? (Is it dragonfly larvae?)
  150. Vita-Chem and Focus?
  151. Multi Tank Syndrome (MTS) Anonymous
  152. I HATE planar and Damselfly nymphs
  153. New to the planted world. Need help/ advice
  154. 1st Time Tank - Advice re: Which Plants
  155. Betta housing upgrade -- plant/scape recs?
  156. Weighing options for filter inlet/outlet
  157. First planted tank
  158. Purigen -> Bacterial Bloom (HUH?)
  159. Why are leaves curling
  160. Plant references book?
  161. High CO2 Injection Rate & Marginal CO2 Saturation
  162. 2 year old co2 injected tank, poor growth and algae
  163. Help
  164. Tear down/upgrade/downgrade
  165. Y hose splitter
  166. How did you get started with the aquascaping hobby? How was it like?
  167. New tank cloudy and smells
  168. 36 bowfront advice
  169. Pearling as a sign of deficiency?
  170. All My Aquariums
  171. Looking for recommendation.
  172. Cleaning reef tank for FW
  173. New to planted tanks.
  174. Help me out maybe? 10g planted. Need tips
  175. Petco Downsizing their Fish selection?
  176. Hello could use some help
  177. Low to High Tech
  178. Does a sump/algae refugium work for planted tanks?
  179. Metroplex and cycle
  180. 75 gallon at 9 weeks - lots of questions!
  181. Moral Side of Tear Down
  182. When referring to tank size, does 60P for example, mean 60 gallons?
  183. New tank doesn't seem to be cycling "right"
  184. What is This
  185. Suggestions for my 10 gal
  186. Bob's Tropical Plants 2018
  187. When is it time to tear down your tank?
  188. 33 gallon long tanks
  189. New planted tank set up - advice
  190. Oversized filters?
  191. Petco Is Closing Drs. Foster & Smith
  192. Question About Stand & Rimless Tank
  193. How much do you think big wood will swell
  194. Am I meant to use foam under tank
  195. Plant suggestions for hardscape.
  196. New planted 75g tank
  197. Should I use old gravel with dead algae on them?
  198. 55 Gallon Stocking Ideas
  199. Old tank syndrome questions
  200. 40 gallon breeder and FX4 or FX6 filter?
  201. Does bad filtration affect plant growth ?
  202. Lily Bulbs
  203. GE 100% Silicone 1 FYI
  204. Aquarium that moves with me
  205. New tank and cabinet on slopes floor, will it fall over
  206. Mold on spider wood!? DSM
  207. New to planted tanks... Here's my new tank.. All advice welcomed
  208. Dragonfly Nymph Problem
  209. New Aqueon Designer 8.75G Shrimp Tank
  210. Bubbles coming out of the filter
  211. Can pond baskets be used in aquarium?
  212. Cleaning filter
  213. White stuff in my soil?
  214. Aquarium stands
  215. Cherry shrimp disappeared
  216. CO2 question
  217. Going from Excel co2 to pressurized co2
  218. Treating seeded sponge filters for snails
  219. General maintenance and growth.
  220. New 75 gallon tank setup
  221. Getting back into the Hobby
  222. Where to find wood with plants
  223. Trying to ID the problem
  224. What am I doing wrong?
  225. Drift wood alternatives
  226. What eats Hornwart shed needles?
  227. Anyone used this seller to buy Manzanita?
  228. tank cycling advice
  229. How Often Should I Do Water Changes?
  230. API liquid or Seachem MultiTest testing kit?
  231. Melting Plants or algae ?
  232. Fungus or algae?
  233. Is wood / hardscape kindling for algae?
  234. How often do you clean your tank
  235. New tank Advice Please and Thank you!
  236. Reduced growth
  237. Good online stores in/around UK?
  238. Betta or RCS for 5.5 Gallon?
  239. Effects of adding active substrate without plants
  240. Co2 in divided betta tank
  241. Cleaning old rocks and driftwood
  242. NilocG 20% until New Years PST any liquid fert (including dyi "dry" liq fert)
  243. extremely cheap fish tanks
  244. Good stand alone UV filter
  245. Planted Tank from Scratch
  246. Is black lava rock high in silica?
  247. Fish died after water change
  248. 6x2x2 Barely Planted going downhill...
  249. Fish medicine in uk
  250. Help identifying white spots - they're not snail eggs!