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  1. I have some weird white growth on tank
  2. Glo shark
  3. Drift Wood for aquarium use
  4. Filter floss under sand
  5. canister not running 3 days?
  6. Cycling New Tank and Ferts
  7. 20XT centerpiece fish- suggestions?
  8. Best white sand source?
  9. Siphon for shrimp, suck them up or dont!
  10. Is something wrong with my tank?
  11. Unsure what is on my driftwood and now on some of my vallisneria
  12. More light for less algae growth? Less water changes to reduce nitrates?
  13. Cycling tank
  14. My wife finally approved my tank... Seeking help from the gurus!
  15. unidentified plant
  16. One way glass? less algae / stress
  17. Water mites
  18. How are you managing with Covid-19?
  19. ATO with dosing container
  20. Seiryu Stones Question/Advice
  21. Do I overstock my planted tank?
  22. Unknown Creature in my Planted Tank
  23. Water Parameter Issues- 2 ?s
  24. Unidentified critter... dangerous?
  25. Putting two tanks into one
  26. Can yall help me figure out what just happened?
  27. My First Planted Tank
  28. Need advice on flow
  29. Metricide 14
  30. Strange ball algae or moss
  31. Tons of detritus worms in my tank with no fish, no added ammonia or fish food.
  32. Algae lines?
  33. Chances of survival
  34. Purigen help!!!
  35. Dosing baking soda as a CO2 substitute?
  36. Emergency!!!
  37. Alternatives to tank supplies?
  38. Brown dust on my plants
  39. # of fish in 10 Gal?
  40. Help identifying this bad boy
  41. Aqueon silicone issue
  42. Help! Re-scaping established 10 gal tank!
  43. Low Tech - When to Add Flourush and CO2 BOOSTER
  44. 125g stocking ideas
  45. White fuzzy growth killing carpet plants!
  46. Simply cant figure out what I am doing wrong
  47. How's this for a start?
  48. rotalabutterfly broken?
  49. Where did ammonia go?
  50. Cycling help- ADA - CO2 - Kh problems
  51. Consolidating tanks on an Edsal shelf, help!
  52. Adding Canister Filter
  53. Are non-rooted plants essential?
  54. Hydra and Hydrogen Peroxide - My Expreriences
  55. Where do you put your test results?
  56. My plants are getting eaten???
  57. Good plants to put on wood
  58. Did I order too many plants?
  59. Questions on equipment
  60. Green Algae under silicone-Reseal ?
  61. Do i need a tank mat?
  62. Lucky bamboo
  63. Large tank floor joists renforcment??
  64. I've had babies!!!
  65. How many more Corys in 25?
  66. Do you plan?
  67. How do you keep your substrate in place? (Sloped)
  68. Question on cycling
  69. Help with my C02 Please
  70. Converted RSR 250
  71. Deep Sand Beds In Freshwater Tanks
  72. Hydra Removal Using Heat - Advice?
  73. Need help, Aquarium Waterfall.
  74. Carbon Dioxide In Natural Waters Vs. Home Aquariums
  75. 600 gallon tank in room with wood stove, will it be alright?
  76. Its been 84 years since my last post...
  77. New 5 Gallon Planted Tank Algae Problem
  78. Unusual cloudy water
  79. Help with Eleocharis not growing
  80. New Tank. Need advice. Criticism welcome.
  81. need advice for moving a tank
  82. Need Help with Hi Tech Tank
  83. Suggestions requested for my next tank
  84. Low light + CO2?
  85. Low tech Plantable setup?
  86. Propogating New Plants in QT
  87. Is the "Dark Start Method" legit?
  88. AR Mini Melting / Low KH
  89. 5 gallon CO2 tank idea
  90. Hikari Vibra Bites...meh.
  91. Trouble with planted tank
  92. flow accelerators
  93. Speed cycling
  94. Moving states - how to transport plants?
  95. Plan to sell aquarium plants.
  96. Bio active terrarium
  97. How to dirt my new tank and let it cycle by itself
  98. Fogging my paludarium
  99. Splitting CO2 between tanks
  100. I need your guys ideas with building a aquarium rack system
  101. ADA Aquasoil and TDS
  102. I want to breed guppies for profit
  103. How do you all do it ?
  104. Drowning insects
  105. How often should I dose with med-high and CO2
  106. Beginner Planted Tank & Cycling
  107. Upgrades!
  108. Stock My 160 Gallon "Garage Pond"
  109. Dark frosted background
  110. Natural occurrence of carpets?
  111. Experience with Arizona Aquatic Gardens (AAG)
  112. issues, parasites, uv questions
  113. Low tech algae issues and plant choice
  114. Stubborn Surface Film
  115. Maintenance on a 55l tank
  116. Tail damage, needs medication asap!
  117. 20 gallon long - need replacement hang on back filter - looking for opinions
  118. Fungus infection in my 90Galloon
  119. Amano went on a wild ride
  120. Setting up a 75 gallon, stocking
  121. Parasites?
  122. Maybe too much CO2? How do I tell...?
  123. Walstad shrimp vase or bowl?
  124. I need opinions and help!
  125. Please help with my Angelfish - prolapse? Worms?
  126. Where to drill holes for sump?
  127. Welcome to the Jungle....How do I get out?
  128. Planted tank sand substrate setup
  129. Starter Terrerium
  130. I'm new and could use some help please
  131. Not in the U.S.
  132. Quick Question on BBA Eradication - How long to wait after removal
  133. Marina Style 10-Gallon safe rimless ?
  134. New house and new tank shopping
  135. Hello (New) and a question
  136. Ember tetra has white fuzz?
  137. What causes it?
  138. New Tank - Fishless Cycle
  139. New planted aquarium
  140. Purigen during fishless cycle
  141. Has anyone found a good plant supplier?
  142. Please help with filter choice
  143. switching tank while cycling
  144. Ember tetra story
  145. Timers
  146. One large filter vs 2 smaller
  147. 75g Planted Apisto/Ram Community Tank - Update 5/24/20 - Progress!
  148. Looking for thoughts and tips for new 40gb
  149. Dry start method iwagami to CRS tank.
  150. sourcing erythromycin
  151. Simply Python script to read data from Seneye Reef System
  152. Will rummynose tetras kill crystal red shrimp
  153. Is complete darkness at night OK for my fish? Nearby nightlight may bother them?
  154. Spend my money! (55 gallon tank build)
  155. Reactor for 800 litre tank
  156. how to make a “forest” in a shrimp tank
  157. 90 gallon aquarium with 20 gallon sump ideas
  158. stuck cycle
  159. Best Practices for Second-Hand Setup
  160. getting minor scratches out of tank glass
  161. Question: Should I put an airstone in the filter? FLuval Mega Flex
  162. Help! I've got a bizarre "two biome" tank and I'm struggling with flow/filtration!
  163. Ohko Dragon Stone leeching clay, any tips?
  164. Cycle Help!
  165. DHG Lighting question: Kessil A80 Tuna sun, Satellite Plus Pro
  166. Thoughts on cycling a new tank
  167. Waterbox Clear 16
  168. Advice needed for first planted tank
  169. Petrified wood increases ammonia levels?
  170. Aquascape inspiration
  171. Egypt want to buy some plants Help !
  172. New 55g Tank
  173. Replacing Dark Water without pH shift
  174. How to add a small section of emersed/terrarium plants?
  175. QUICK CHINESE TRANSLATION PLS (Received strange bugs in a bag from khrghystan)
  176. Shrimp time?
  177. Seachem Matrix Reset after 2 days dead filter
  178. Aquascaping with manzanita?
  179. Help - cloudy water & fin rot (maybe)
  180. Bubble Strings
  181. Planted tank equipments and accessories in India?
  182. Razors edge of CO2....
  183. What is this bug and how to remedy it?
  184. Trouble with Cycle
  185. Broken Tank; A Sad Tale of Buying Third Party Online
  186. UPS on fish tank? You are using the product wrong!(according to APC)
  187. First tank (Help!)
  188. Low tech plants
  189. Canister crud dump after cleaning
  190. Cloudy water in empty tank
  191. CO2 limit at 0dkh??
  192. Help with my planted tank
  193. Cheapest easiest way to grow out aquatic plants?
  194. Planted Fluval Spec 16 flow mods for Betta fish
  195. Help Balancing Planted Tank
  196. Co2 Question
  197. Where can I buy large bog/driftwood in the UK?
  198. Did I just overdose too much excel?
  199. Water Turned Red After 50% Water Change
  200. 24" tall what to plant and what light?
  201. Topless tank?
  202. Yoga Mats - Textured OK?
  203. Scuds, good? Bad? Control??
  204. How much flow is too much? Converting reef tank to high tech planted
  205. I'm so pissed... fixed 1 problem know all my plants are turning yellowish and brown
  206. Went to the Aquarium in Portugal
  207. Strange foam at surface near filter.
  208. Structural question
  209. Cycling a planted tank for the first time in years
  210. New member introduction and advice needed / tank progression
  211. Clear black canister filter tubing?
  212. Algae eaters for a CRS tank.
  213. Methods for maintaining tanks with height
  214. Krylon All in One Paint Safe?
  215. Green Hair Algae
  216. Stocking 20 Gallon High
  217. methelyne blue for fish but not plants
  218. Safe to put thes plants in the tank?
  219. USPS Holiday Present for Shippers
  220. Red worms found in outdoor tank
  221. Well Water is Gassing fish
  222. Glass Lid Ideas Wanted
  223. Super High Phosphates - is this killing my plants?
  224. Large no-filter aquarium advice?
  225. Center brace bowing?
  226. Planting Timeframe
  227. Cleaning Low Iron Glass
  228. Nature's Supreme Aquascape
  229. planted, 3 months in
  230. Fish tank substrate
  231. MAG-FLOAT: how to prevent from scratching glass??
  232. First Tank: Plans and PH
  233. Christmas purchases
  234. Is this forum used anymore?
  235. A million Dollars to the one who can figure this out.
  236. Water Changes & Floating Plants -- also, lighting question
  237. New planted tank is (almost) complete!
  238. Just a thread for really big plants
  239. Adding New Plants
  240. Cloudy Sediment in Tank
  241. sealing materials for fine and intricate structures?
  242. Designing tanks that will be moved
  243. Sulfur in my substrate??
  244. Such a thing as TOO clean ???
  245. Something wrong with my Co2 setup
  246. Newbie Tank!
  247. 30 gallon Co2
  248. Filter output direction when using inline CO2 difuser
  249. Floating Plants and Overflow
  250. 10 gallon stocking help