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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Clear Suction Cups Won’t Stay Clear
  2. Low KH/ High GH in shrimp tank
  3. Help me find the brand! Urgent!
  4. Snail population
  5. New Tank Questions
  6. Is there enough surface agitation for oxygenation in my tank?
  7. Is there a trick to vacuuming around plants in sand without pulling them up?
  8. Water top-off help
  9. need advice: planted tank for a kid?
  10. Hydroponics in a metal shed
  11. Is the temprature of a tank the same as the room it's in?
  12. fishless cycle dosing ammonia with nitrite spike
  13. 20g sump refugium
  14. Can someone guide me with specific help?
  15. Can you keep a nicely planted high tek tank with only 20% wwc?
  16. Newbie
  17. Water testing
  18. Christel Kasselmanns 2020 edition
  19. 125g overhaul project
  20. Question: Quick water change using PVC pipe
  21. Quarantine Tank Question
  22. HELP! Pygmy Cory not eating enough?
  23. Questions from a reef guy
  24. Filter media
  25. Has anyone seen this before
  26. I left the cap off CO2 indicator fluid overnight
  27. Mts
  28. Where to Buy Plants Online?
  29. Anyone know a source for true weeping moss?
  30. moss wall noob
  31. Recent grad returning to hobby: Advice?
  32. General cure or Paraclease
  33. Stocking a 20g tank :)
  34. Strange Brown Stuff All In Tank (photos attached)
  35. New to planted tanks
  36. Betta fish BIOTOPE project
  37. Back to the world of tanks!
  38. New to this, but here's my plan for my new 4 foot tank!
  39. Plecos carrying plants in there mouth
  40. I can't find the balance between healthy plant growth and algae and it is driving me crazy.
  41. Purigen didn't regenerate well
  42. Carpeted Plats and pleco
  43. 45 Gallon Community Planted
  44. Do I need to quarantine otos?
  45. Fluval spec v Iwugumi stocking
  46. White fungus spores on glass??? Not sure
  47. Aquascaping glass tank.
  48. If I withdraw CO2 injection will plants die?
  49. Trimming tips
  50. Fluval Spec and Co2
  51. Can u spot anything bad other than GH?
  52. Out of the planted tank hobby for 15 years - need help getting back in
  53. What would happen if I just take my pressurized co2 off my tank?
  54. Don't know what I did wrong
  55. African Dwarf Frog Not Eating, Please Help!
  56. What to do next?!
  57. Rimless Tank Stand Question
  58. question about "remove filter media" instructions
  59. Plant doctors to the emergency! Please help
  60. Clean Up Crew Suggestions!
  61. hello, and help keep me sensible stocking my 29g
  62. Breeder tanks
  63. Converting a planted aquarium to a terrarium?
  64. RCS Planted tank!?!
  65. Algae Pearling.. Ha
  66. Water changes
  67. Looking for help choosing 20L inhabitants
  68. Just rescaped my 5.5g into a planted tank! Thoughts?
  69. Light purple finger/hair like gro
  70. Co2/Ph
  71. First High Tech Struggles
  72. Why does everything have to be so hard?!?
  73. Help! Will this hold/be suitable for a fish tank?
  74. The big return - help needed
  75. New Aquarium. Dont know wat is going on.
  76. Propagation tank only?
  77. Newb....filltration and water changes
  78. Any High Tech Fluval Spec V players out there? What type of light do you have?
  79. (ideal) position for inflow and outflow?
  80. When to regenerate purigen
  81. Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate Spike After Trim
  82. DIY lid for 36G bowfront
  83. 40 Breeder stocking suggestions.
  84. I hate tannins/mopani
  85. Please help ID hitchhikers!
  86. Identification help
  87. Journey to the Microcosmos YouTube
  88. Anyone have some advice?
  89. To cycle of not to cycle.. that is the question
  90. Is there such thing has too much water flow?
  91. Help to Identify Black plaque on plants
  92. First proper planted tank. I have some quick/simple questions.
  93. Understanding Seachem Purigen
  94. Anyone know what this creature is?
  95. Co2 electric solenoid getting hot
  96. Wild Moss Aquatarrerium
  97. Mold in emersed setup
  98. Huge ph flucuations with (co2 day) then (oxygen night)
  99. Temporary Top Lid?
  100. How do I cycle my first planted tank?
  101. Breaking Down Tank
  102. Environmental enrichment in a planted tank?
  103. Unknown blue green dust like substance
  104. New member, New tank.
  105. Can i have filter improvements?
  106. Plumbing question
  107. tank pH quite a bit higher than tap pH?
  108. Need help identifying these clear specks on glass
  109. First few days..
  110. 40 breeder stocking question
  111. "Pests" in tank??? not sure
  112. No Filter Jarrarium
  113. Online plant stores
  114. Type of LED light causing slow growth?
  115. Filtration question
  116. Why can't I get PVC parts in the UK to build a rex griggs reactor
  117. Marineland tank seams
  118. Cheap Chinese vs GLA vs Co2art CO2 regulators - My experience
  119. Hydrogen Peroxide for Brown Hair Algae?
  120. Internal Filter
  121. First set up advice
  122. White fuzz on plants
  123. My rock is pearling...???
  124. New Setup Ideas
  125. 8' x 3' 350 Gallon Planted build and questions
  126. Strange white substance on one of my plants. Help!
  127. strong water flow root cause of fin rot?
  128. Random Fry found in tank!
  129. Can you clean driftwood without bleach?
  130. My fake river seiryu stones
  131. Best way to mount diffuser further from glass
  132. The Planted Tank Guide
  133. Favorite/preferred tank size?
  134. A big thanks for all the help
  135. 53 gallon planted disaster; out of ideas
  136. Planted Tank Help
  137. White Fuzz on Tigerwood hasnt gone away in months
  138. My planted tank
  139. My tank is a hit on Facebook
  140. Fin rot?
  141. Cycling a fresh water tank
  142. Organic Potting Mix / Wilting Plants / H2S?
  143. Water Skimming Net????
  144. Balancing Lights/CO2/Fertilizers
  145. Lowering Nitrates Through Decrease in Fertilization
  146. New 125g. gold fish tank with 2 plant tanks as filters underneath. HELP?
  147. Ideas on Fish for 29 Gallon
  148. Missing Tetras and Cloudy Water (HELP!)
  149. Can I use river sand for my tank?
  150. Connect male thread barb to pvc pipe?
  151. Moving Dwarf Puffer to new planted tank
  152. Is my tank over planted?
  153. Rock ID
  154. General Advice For Struggling Tank
  155. Water flow rate question
  156. Its been 3 years!
  157. Can anyone suggest where to get Juwel Lido tank in the USA?
  158. What are these bugs?
  159. Has anyone used DIY CO2 setups with good results?
  160. What changes should I make?
  161. Ideal stand height for 75 gallon tank
  162. Opinions on glofish in a planted tank? Are we unreasonably biased?
  163. Do I have a deadspot under my spray bar?
  164. Clearing cloudy surface from water
  165. Easy Planted Tank
  166. Calling all plant experts for my new hardscape
  167. Copepods (cyclops) in new plants. The elephant in the room.
  168. Getting back into the hobby—75 gallon rainbow fish
  169. Micranthemum Monte Carlo as an Epiphyte?
  170. Plant and Algae Issues in Discus Tank
  171. New 20g.
  172. parameters seem OK but algae & fish not great
  173. CO2 Diffuser next to the outlet?
  174. Can You Reuse Seachem Matrix?
  175. Benefits of dosing liquid carbon along with pressurized co2
  176. Should I add CO2?
  177. I am the only one switching to easy green?
  178. Looking for a 20g Tank.
  179. Who all quarantine’s new fish
  180. Spray bar vs CO2 Loss vs Oxygen Levels
  181. Fish advice?
  182. Over-complicating Your Tanks: Stupid Simple Concept
  183. Petco/Petsmart opening
  184. Tell me about python water changing apparatus...and other fish maintenance helps
  185. Parasites in planted shrimp tank
  186. is 1 week in bad lighting okay til new light arrives?
  187. Need help with treatment
  188. Ozark Spring Water
  189. Water changes with Tetra Lifeguard.
  190. New member and discouraged
  191. Calcium prevention
  192. Advice for Plants for 65G & 20G Long
  193. Fluval Spec V Algae Problens
  194. this is my small fishroom
  195. best algae eaters for soft water?
  196. Canister filter
  197. Difficulty Keeping Plants Healthy
  198. The Dog and The Tank
  199. But why? Am I missing something?
  200. How to post pics as images vs. links
  201. Day 33 of DSM and running into issues :(
  202. Tank recommendations
  203. Reducing nitrate - seachem purigen/prime
  204. Is it snails, shrimp, pests or something else?
  205. Ammonia Poisoning? Please Help Me Save My Rescued Betta
  206. Plants not surviving
  207. How long can plants survive in the mail?
  208. Cloudy tank, Bacteria bloom or Matrix dust?
  209. Overstocked aquarium?
  210. Storing plants for planting
  211. CO2 Consumption
  212. Strange Spikey Growth
  213. What is this?
  214. New Walstad Method Tank - 10 Gallon
  215. Anyone tell me what this is?
  216. Does Flourish Excel Work?
  217. New member needing some advice ....
  218. Shipping Plants in Heat Sealed Bags versus Wet Paper Towel in Ziploc Bag: Which one is better?
  219. My Ich Strategy...will it work?
  220. Flow set up
  221. Wet Dry Filter for Planted Tank
  222. Name that infusoria
  223. Will adding Co2 to a gravel substrate planted tank cause algae issues?
  224. 135g Tank for Plant Propagation?
  225. Hello from a new member!
  226. A little help with 10 Gallon stocking ideas
  227. Hard water, brown hairy tank struggle
  228. Wish shopping site? Experience?
  229. What the Heck is THIS!
  230. Gross Canister Filter lines
  231. Fish or Disease or...? Killing These Plants?
  232. Where do you put your intank CO2 diffuser?
  233. What kind of algae is this?
  234. NPK ratio for aquatic vs terrestrial plants
  235. Water change killed my snails - when to stop?
  236. Easier Water Changes
  237. Root tabs bleeding into water column
  238. Fendenbazole/Panacur C Safe for Plants and Biological Filtration??
  239. Can you help me identify this worm?
  240. Gasping fish and shrimp deaths, help! COVID-19
  241. Backhouse Fishroom with Edsal Rack
  242. DIY CO2 stable levels
  243. When can I get rid my 3rd filter?
  244. I need a chemist
  245. CO2 Drop Checker and Water Agitation
  246. Worms in my tank - need advice
  247. New to planted tank
  248. Can I move it?
  249. Anybodies Help with Planted Tank
  250. Buying Plants Online???