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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Wood trim vrs black trim.. repile tank vrs fish tank?
  2. Big Al's Seachem sale
  3. Converting to sub-tropical
  4. planted frag tanks?
  5. Black Blasting Sand & pH?
  6. How much could i over stock?
  7. Some strange "spheres"
  8. arizona aquatic gardens
  9. South American tank suggestions?
  10. starting a 300g planted aquarium project - will need assistance in planning
  11. Canister filter get really dirty if you don't clean them in a while.
  12. Is this thing bad for my tank?
  13. super glue
  14. Non-Tannin Leaves?
  15. Going to pressurized co2...need help
  16. need advice
  17. Replacing/painting green EHEIM inlet and outlet pipes
  18. New to Hobby, help appreciated!
  19. What type of Fish is this? I'm 99.9% sure its salt water.
  20. Brand new Canister filter. Can I just rinse off or do I need bleach?
  21. Native/Local fish/plant biotope discussion - Mackinaw River, IL
  22. Anubias coming out my ears what to do with them?
  23. Desktop Aquarium
  24. I have a problem...
  25. Is this 40g tank seam failing?
  26. 20 year old silicone, does age matter?
  27. "New" 125 gallon tank!
  28. Giving up on Mopani Wood
  29. What is this stuff on my substrate?
  30. Help planting pothos on the back of african cichlid tank
  31. What do you do when you hate your tank? (Advice etc.)
  32. Need help with this reactor ID
  33. Need advice hardwater 55g iwagumi
  34. Any Money In Fancy Guppies?
  35. New tank and Nutrafin Cycle
  36. Help me figure out which fish to choose!
  37. What I found in my sump.
  38. Do you think this is overstocking?
  39. Question about quarantining new fish
  40. Should I prune emersed growth?
  41. New 40g and having some uncertainties.
  42. Quick question about evaporation and sumps.
  43. Paint Fumes Bad For Tanks?
  44. Shipping plants in summer
  45. Angelfish Eggs! Help!
  46. Re scaped my 40g :)
  47. Pimafix and Melafix
  48. Overflow Box Bulkhead Help
  49. Anxiety creeping in lo
  50. Need advice on a new setup
  51. I was lied to by my LFS, now I'm stuck.
  52. New to Forum & Planted Aquarium; Detritus Worms
  53. Hubby has MTS
  54. Too low Bioload? Is it a bad thing?
  55. If you thought you overfeed!!
  56. Near Death Experience
  57. Fish and/or Shrimp for My Conditions?
  58. Cleaning Water with Ultrasound
  59. dryer vibrations
  60. painting background?
  61. Filter floss ? no more?
  62. 180 gallon planted tank????
  63. What do you use to paint the back of a tank?
  64. fans
  65. Eheim 2217 & 2 turtles - help!
  66. My first planted tank
  67. Rainbow Fish Breeders
  68. How long can beneficial bacterial live during a power outage inside canister filter?
  69. When do you replace the UV sterilizer light bulb?
  70. Difffuser under Intake
  71. C02 How long will a 10# tank run
  72. CO2Art shipping method(updated!)
  73. Stocking a 36g bowfront
  74. Lava Rock for 180 gallon
  75. Lighting time if adding CO2
  76. Apex Controller
  77. Aqua Journal access
  78. Is this mulm build up on leaves or something else? It's driving me crazy
  79. Temperature and ci2
  80. HOB and Sponge Filter questions??
  81. Books
  82. Thoughts on this PVC Reactor Design
  83. Noob frustrated with type of wood for stand.
  84. Amazon and fish supply orders
  85. Seeding a new filter
  86. Negative Ions With Aquariums?
  87. Driftwood hitchhikers (Warning: pictures of worms)
  88. Planted tank sealed Sump help.
  89. Are Low Iron aquariums worth the price?
  90. Reseal or not to reseal - 180 CL Journey
  91. Safestart and Prime
  92. Petco Dollar per Gallon Sale 6/27-7/16, and now includes 75 gallon tanks!!!
  93. Python Water Changer Mechanical Help
  94. How much would you spend for wood?
  95. Physical Disabilities and Tank Maintenance: Tank size suggestions wanted.
  96. Biocube - stock flow too high for shrimp?
  97. Can i use this type of wood for a stand?
  98. Large Plants For a 180
  99. Is it safe to use warm water from your tap?
  100. Found a UFO in my sump today, preying mantis shrimp/snake?
  101. Are bubbles/air stones bad for vallisneria ( Vals) plants?
  102. I just found a slug on top of my tank!
  103. What do you think?
  104. Does it look weird for a tank to have 2 types of vals?
  105. Help with roots rotted
  106. Ammonia for Fishless Cycling
  107. In Line CO2 Diffuser failure…..Monday Night Panic!
  108. 30g planted shrimp. Looking for some help with stuff.
  109. Hiding internal canister filter.
  110. New tank cycling issue
  111. First attempt at planted tank
  112. Tank Upgrade Process
  113. Debris from Driftwood?
  114. Brand new Red Sea! Tell me what you think!
  115. Aquavas 90cm systems on sale for $1600
  116. tank build with specs and info..
  117. beginner here... need some advice
  118. 180g hardware/ stocking list suggestions
  119. my tank and some java fern ...
  120. just got petco started c02 kit....
  121. Redoing Scape-Question
  122. suggestions on large tank filtration.
  123. Moving from Cali to Texas
  124. Light or co2?
  125. CO2 + PH Controller
  126. Anyone growing bolbitis under Aquasky?
  127. 100 Gallon Display Tank
  128. What Do you do for vacation?
  129. height of Aquarium
  130. 220 Used Price
  131. Clear Water
  132. What level (low vs high tech) does a nature aquarium require?
  133. Aquarium Storage
  134. Got my tank planted and stocked with fish!
  135. Anyone from South Florida go exploring for plants?
  136. Newbie Advice
  137. New planted nano
  138. Planted Tank Mentor!
  139. Where to buy Anubias
  140. Are wave maker dangerous for smaller fish in the aquarium getting sucked in?
  141. co2 time in 40 breeder
  142. Is my tank overstocked?
  143. Is it bad to have Co2 in a tank with a Denson barb?
  144. White film on water surface
  145. My planted tank - 16l
  146. Noob can't keep clean-up crew alive
  147. Liquid's Planted 75
  148. Bulk dechlorinator?
  149. What do you think
  150. Interesting sized tank
  151. Porous volcanic below Flourite?
  152. Does anyone use a battery gravel vac?
  153. Are there any carpeting plants that don't require Co2?
  154. Stupid have same shipping mandates on Freshwater plant as exotic reef animals?
  155. Aquarium Choice Help
  156. Finding the CO2 Sweet Spot
  157. Convert Aerogarden(hydroponics) into a aquaculture using Aquarium?
  158. Blacking out an aquarium
  159. Aquaculture actually clean water or just reduce water?
  160. Estimated Index: Episode 8
  161. Good aquarium books:...
  162. Dr Foster and Smith sale
  163. Aquarium Distance From Wall
  164. Question for the Fishkeeping Chemist/Scientists
  165. Does Purigen remove Iron iron supplement and other fertilizers from aquarium?
  166. I added plants during fishless cycling. Do these numbers make sense?
  167. Doubting the silicone on a new to me aquarium
  168. Probably a Dumb Question..
  169. Testing water from fish store
  170. Shipping: How to hold at PO for PU
  171. Anyone have heavily planted tanks with destructive fish?
  172. Deficiencies everywhere....what am I doing wrong?
  173. Finally getting CO2, anything to expect?
  174. Critique my tank...
  175. Niko
  176. What to do on vacation?
  177. The random thread
  178. AQUAsition
  179. Upgrading filter questions
  180. Full Spectrum vs 10,000K Daylight???
  181. Advice for 0.9 gallon pico tank
  182. Is my tank a disaster waiting to happen??
  183. Quarantine Fish? TTM Prazipro?
  184. Custom CO2 Reactor
  185. Comparing Fluval Spec V Gen 1 & 2
  186. Cockatoo Cichlids in a planted tank
  187. This is so confusing...
  188. CO2 and Hard water
  189. Another way to use TPT forum
  190. Aquascaping Hills, Anaerobic Bacteria
  191. New to planted tanks and need help please
  192. Tank progression
  193. How to go about cleaning driftwood
  194. Websites online for driftwood
  195. Two 20 gallons or one 40 gallon?
  196. CO2 Diffuser Problem - No bubble Count
  197. Dragon Bonsai
  198. Giant Cory cat!!!
  199. New product launch
  200. New tank, thinking about transitioning from liquid CO2 supplements to gas.
  201. 92 gallon tank problems.
  202. Larger tank water changes
  203. New guy here, setting up a new tank (55 gal)
  204. Help with my 75 gallon.
  205. aquarium Store?
  206. Advice about upgrading to a larger aquarium
  207. potting soil and cap or just sand?
  208. next dpg sale
  209. New Tank, New Problems
  210. Well Water Woes (75 Gallon)
  211. Is it possible for a fish to be racist?
  212. Hospital Tank Questions
  213. Cycled fluval spec v
  214. Used tank - safe to use?
  215. Looking for plant and fish ideas for new 55 gallon tank
  216. Worried and trying to avoid a disaster
  217. Newbie :- Seek advice for future tank
  218. Has anyone kept Pristella Tetra with Red cherry shrimp?
  219. Semi-automatic Gravel siphon / vacuum, would it work? Does it already exist?
  220. pH and bicarb dosing in freshwater
  221. Trying to prevent snails
  222. need help with "crud" on tank glass
  223. Golden Wonder Killifish Peaceful or Semi-Aggressive?
  224. Anyone keep Red cherry Shrimp with Cherry barbs?
  225. What move should I take next?
  226. Is there a special type of light to show of Killifish colors?
  227. Do all iron supplements tan / color the water equally(if at all)?
  228. New Tank New Stock
  229. Planted Help
  230. Old days confessions!
  231. Will API stress coat ( added Aloe Vera) hurt Gourami 's labyrinth organ ??
  232. Lazy fishkeeper
  233. Bog habitat tank setup?
  234. Temperature variation question
  235. New To Planted Tanks , Have a Few Questions
  236. Ok to turn off air pump if C02 system running but not if no C02?
  237. Aquarium Joints! Beginner question
  238. Which better? LAVA Rock or piece of Drift wood to attach a Bucephalandra plant?
  239. Thoughts and ideas - 75G Replacement Build
  240. My desktop tank at work
  241. wood type question
  242. Need help to identify the bug in my planted tank
  243. Bacteria For Cycling
  244. 4 months out of town!
  245. Reseal a 110 or buy new
  246. Kribensis Experience
  247. Advice on restarting my tank
  248. Every Plantlet is Sacred.
  249. High temp in planted tank issue
  250. Deep cleaning?