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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Will these fish eat plants??
  2. Lush and green to yellows and brown. What can I do?
  3. Best place to buy live plants??
  4. Drift wood nasties
  5. Corporate culture Petco vs Petsmart? The same or different?
  6. ADA Unzan stone degradation.
  7. 30/29 Gallon tank hanging "on" wall?
  8. Lots of Questions
  9. Orange County - local fish stores
  10. What big box fish store lets you custom order fish?
  11. What is the best day to buy fish from LFS? Delivery day? Day after, 2 days after,etc?
  12. 150g stocking and equipment?
  13. Starting a new tank.....and......
  14. How much flow do you actually need?
  15. Need Medication recommendation on Swim bladder issue
  16. 50 gal rescape experience and pics
  17. Will this stock work? Aqadvisor?
  18. 75g Walstad w/ Complete Food Chain
  19. Ohko Stone chemical composition question
  20. An idea Regarding CO2 Rates
  21. What is the point of biomedia in filters?
  22. Tiny black balls on driftwood- What is it?
  23. How to kill fungus on a plant without killing the plant??
  24. EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy safe?
  25. Best "center piece fish" for 20 gallon long?
  26. General advice needed Seaclear System ii
  27. Is it beneficial to wash substrate in nitrifying bacteria?
  28. Ammo lock while cycling with fish
  29. Type of woods that are safe for the aquarium?
  30. What do I do after a power outage?
  31. Help with Planted Tank
  32. Aquatop HOB UV filtration
  33. KH, PH, Co2, substrates, fish and plants !
  34. Is this feasible?
  35. Fake to real plants HELP!
  36. Looking for some tips on my set up
  37. Expiry dates on food
  38. I hope my new tank counts as a planted tank...
  39. Help! Chemotherapy and planted tanks
  40. coolest phone wallpaper ever!
  41. Which tank should i BUY?
  42. Can a vet prescribe antibiotics for my tank?
  43. need advice on extra fry,sell fish online?
  44. What are these creatures?
  45. What tank to buy?
  46. Anyone ever heard of a "Super feeder" automatic fish feeder?
  47. Advice on rescaping.
  48. 20 Gallon long flow
  49. Show me your bigger 100g planted tanks and above
  50. Mountains of Colossa - 90 Gallon
  51. 2 tanks and co2
  52. First planted tank ever need help.
  53. feeding frequency
  54. Decomposition for co2
  55. Best co2 systems?
  56. My list of Good vs Bad Tetras from experience and reading this forum.
  57. Just set up second tank! Need advice on sand...
  58. Sterilizing Equipment
  59. Can I start my fishless cycle now?
  60. Phosguard safe with shrimp?
  61. First planted tank
  62. Cloudiness = Nitrifying Bacteria
  63. Estimated value of a setup?
  64. UGF reuse ?
  65. Stocking ideas? :)
  66. Fish are out of control!
  67. Some Ideas
  68. Advice Please
  69. Surprise snail party in my tank ?
  70. Lava rock natural colors?
  71. What am I doing wrong?
  72. Question on 20g light schedule + fertilizer
  73. Video of my brand new startup, help me with any info!
  74. Cloudy water, I don't think it's the usual suspects
  75. di water?
  76. May be getting a 125g, I need help!
  77. Cycling Tank question
  78. Help with correct co2 tubing
  79. Ideal quarantine tank setup?
  80. New 75 W/ Discus
  81. API REEF master on Freshwater?
  82. Shrimp store in Japan
  83. What do you think?
  84. what a steal
  85. Upgrade lighting or wait it out?
  86. New fella to this forum
  87. Liquid Co2(API, Seachem,etc.) require you to turn off air pump to avoid Co2 loss?
  88. Will this support 55g
  89. Activated carbon in planted tanks
  90. Can you have UV sterilizers with LED bulbs?
  91. Should I fit a background to this tank ?
  92. New 37g Setup suggestions
  93. Are frozen blood worms safe for Aquarium
  94. Is anyone using a grow tower for emersed grown plants?
  95. moving/shipping question
  96. What Are These Tiny White Bugs?
  97. Egg crate???? $$$
  98. The Un-Planted Tank
  99. Newbie
  100. Help regarding buy plants
  101. An unwelcome guest
  102. Setup thoughts - 30 gallon cube
  103. Looking to get a new tank planted (before adding fish)
  104. Moss Tank - Need help
  105. What's a reasonable price?
  106. I need help from an experienced aquascaper!
  107. Glassfish still sold without dye injection?
  108. What type of fish are Glofish?
  109. RO water treatment
  110. Kuhli Loach on Eco-Complete?
  111. Help with New Fluval Edge
  112. Automatic Water Changing System
  113. 2 Shrimp died after starting daily dose excel
  114. Balancing New Set-up and Battling Velvet (I think) at the same time.
  115. Opinions: 54g Corner vs 56g Column
  116. Foggy/Etched Glass Canopy top.
  117. Questions on Purigen
  118. Setting up my co2 system
  119. Inline diffuser method?
  120. help turning a low tech 40b into high tech
  121. new canister owner. Question
  122. Ick
  123. The planted app for that?
  124. discus paul or?
  125. First new tank
  126. iPhone app for record keeping?
  127. How many shrimp to keep a cycle going?
  128. What is this used for ?
  129. Fuval Spec V Tank dimensions?
  130. Weir box
  131. Neat Videos -DIscoveryPlanet-
  132. Carbon For Freshwater? Help Removing Metals?
  133. Dwarf hairgrass in Flourite
  134. Is there a way to cultivate small worms for fishfood?
  135. CO2 dissolving a little too slow
  136. Quarantine/Hospital Tank Sizing
  137. If you have enough plants, do you need a biological filter?
  138. What temperature do you keep your aquarium?
  139. Was gone for two months and came back to my tank looking like this
  140. plant help
  141. Anyone have any idea what these are?
  142. Two Dead Finnex 24/7s - Need More Reliability
  143. which size light hood for 20gal long
  144. Silent Cycling Planted Tank Nitirites at .25PPM - need advice
  145. Which snails?
  146. Advice on RO Water for newbie who may have made a mistake (help?)
  147. HELP on my edsal shelving
  148. CO2 Regulators and Diffusers
  149. $1 gallon sale
  150. CO2 & Lighting Advice Please
  151. Done and done. 90 gallon tank set up
  152. Oxygen and plant growth
  153. 60 gal planted aquarium-adventure what?
  154. Will Driftwood ever stop making the Aquarium brown(without Purigen)?
  155. Cycling question
  156. Real Pearling?
  157. Using filtered water.
  158. CO2 Test Kit
  159. How To Prevent A Tank From Cracking
  160. Plant Quarantine Questions
  161. Why do water changes max out at 50% instead of 90%
  162. Do aquarium heaters thermometers not monitor real time?
  163. Good for outdoor plants? Dirty fish vs chemical water conditioner toxic ?
  164. Organic worm castings/vermicompost as filter media?
  165. How much c02 is too much?
  166. How much do water changes cost?
  167. Replanting my tank.
  168. Can I use soil with Chicken manure if its planted tank only( No fish at all)?
  169. Why does this forum Censor plant names?
  170. Is The Planted Tank Forum ONLY For Planted Tanks?
  171. My DIY ADA 120P in Dry start HC Emersed
  172. Can you ship a plant without it dying? Zip lock bag with water or other procedure?
  173. Any cure for Dropsy ?
  174. overheard at the fish store...
  175. It's a Jungle in here!
  176. Can't decide if C02 is right for me
  177. Co2 distribution
  178. Is Malaysian drifwood too spiky?
  179. Weaning a tank from CO2
  180. word to the wise!
  181. Yellow Leaves solution
  182. Co2 for a 22gal long
  183. sense of humor
  184. Soon to be Discus dad
  185. Moss carpet, yay or nay?
  186. Should I only have my air pump on during the day(lighted tank)?
  187. How much aquarium Salt for a black Molly ?
  188. If Anyone Has Any Information About...
  189. ATM Colony Freshwater Fixes Bacterial Bloom in New Planted Tank
  190. The Scoop on CO2 Boosters
  191. It's a fish wouldn't understand...
  192. Suggested Equipment for a planted 10 gal
  193. New 46 gallon bowfront build
  194. Entire tank of fish dropping dead
  195. 75 Gallon - Need to avoid craigslist. lol
  196. Water Damage Recovery
  197. Newbie Confusion
  198. will common pleco eat Broadleaf Anubias
  199. Kordon Ich Attack using in planted tank???
  200. Aquarium filled with beta fish possible if all brother/sisters?
  201. How long should I keep my black molly in a melafix hospital tank?
  202. Does anyone here ever keep freshwater clams?
  203. Canister filter have to be middle or can it be on the side with long hose/short hose?
  204. Strange little creature in plant bag.
  205. YouTube?
  206. Transition to High Tech
  207. What do you think of a Rosy Barb for a planted community fish tank?
  208. What would light stocking look like for a 30 gallon?
  209. Driftwood ID?
  210. Root Tabs
  211. Tank conversion
  212. Been a long while.... New Tank Advice
  213. The Sequel
  214. Great local store vid
  215. DIY/New Plant Fail: Need Advice!
  216. Fluval Spec quarantine tank
  217. 30g stinks!!!
  218. 75 gallon on hardwood
  219. Ladies "knee highs" for purigen
  220. Follow up to Humic Acid addition to tank being statrted
  221. Members who've made Significant Contributions/Discoveries/Inventions to the Trade?
  222. Hi all!
  223. 2016 Great Plains Aquatic Convention
  224. Finally! Pearling in my tank
  225. a few of my tanks
  226. Help with Planted Tank Set Up
  227. Cheap Nano Reef Questions (sorry lol)
  228. Alternative aquascaping?
  229. Back to the beginning
  230. Dinner Time
  231. extra circulation
  232. Random CO2 Questions
  233. White/tan film on airline tubing
  234. The Ethics Of Fishkeeping
  235. Outside driftwood
  236. Ehiem/Jaeger customer service
  237. What kind of stand??
  238. Trying to find hardscape
  239. A secret to preventing algae
  240. Vendor for big tank
  241. How to respond to "what kind of fish do you have"
  242. Suggested beginner equipment?
  243. Added a large amount of spider wood, is this normal?
  244. What should I do with the baby fish in my tank? How do I protect them?
  245. Are there any Fish you started out not liking but now like?
  246. Canister filter or Hang on back filter? Which is better for a planted tank?
  247. Started new tank water is color of dark beer???
  248. Hardscaping/searching for Ohko Stones!
  249. Water changes- how often?
  250. just for fun