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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Odd Plant id's 56 k warning
  2. foreground plants
  3. Cloudyness and Flourite
  4. Would i be ok, since i planted this way
  5. Thoughts about water surface movement.
  6. Sunset Hygro
  7. Dormancy Question.
  8. Small plants
  9. I think i got petie anubias, not sure
  10. replacing evap with RO water????
  11. Does this wood look ok??
  13. Strange snail...think its a pest?
  14. GOOD Size Crypts for a 10G Tank
  15. I got some wood wet.
  16. They're out there...
  17. West African planted tank .........
  18. Trimming...
  19. Why does my rotala rotundifolia look different?
  20. CO2 question....
  21. Rotala Wallichii
  22. How long will it take to observe plant improvement with CO2
  23. Cabomba turning brown!
  24. How can i tell if i bought a anubias barteri or nana
  25. Monoselenium Tenerum
  26. Best way to "store" plants while redecorating tank
  27. Ammania bonsai and Nuphar formosa
  28. Boring Output Nozzle Question
  29. Help me with my new tank...
  30. Anubias barteri v. nana "petite" and intense light
  31. Occlusive top made pH decrease
  32. What do u guys think about this Co2 factory
  33. Advice Re Ailing Anubias barteri v. nana
  34. Need some advice
  35. Plants in a temporary home
  36. Greetings, new to the board
  37. Looking for plants, What do u guys think about Anubias nana
  38. Are the bubbles coming out from the plants a good sign
  39. I don't know why I didnt do this before...
  40. Hemianthus callitrichoides?
  41. Plant suggestions needed
  42. Emersed plants, dying leaves, and tank issues :(
  43. Java fern reproducing.....???
  44. Did anyone get good results with flourish excel
  45. Would you get a 65 or a 58?
  46. Blank Canvas 4 footer
  47. Unforseen probs in 10gal
  48. The Language of Plants
  49. Pellia was renamed
  50. Diana Walstad's Methods Discussion
  51. nutrient absorption
  52. My 135 Gallon tank LEAKED!
  53. How do i get rid of water flies
  54. what do u guys use to clean aquarium glass
  55. How to control algae in a low light tank?
  56. Growing Java moss
  57. omg I'm stupid....
  58. Eleocharis acicularis question
  59. newest plant availability limited numbers
  60. red tiger lotus dormancy period?
  61. Are there any ways to reduce glass reflection?
  62. How to identify an MTS?
  63. Grade B Glosso?
  64. Aquarium salt in planted tank
  65. new tank Ph level question.
  66. Must-Haves
  67. Ammonium alum for snail removal?
  68. Time to remodel...
  69. Java Fern Help!
  70. Plant suggestions
  71. PVC Pipes
  72. Planning something Scary
  73. Bubbling plants... ?!?
  74. Aquascaping Question: How in the world do you create DEPTH?
  75. Aquaria Eliteism
  76. Has anybody put in an entery?
  77. Glosso Carpets
  78. Plants growing in completely WHITE
  79. Plant ID !!
  80. temp range for hairgrass
  81. Stream tank (decent current) -- glosso or hairgrass?
  82. Tank getting hot?
  83. Training submersed growth to grow emersed
  84. Plants are in the mail...what should I do to prepare?
  85. Fish pond gunk....good fertilizer?
  86. Basics for Planted Tank
  87. Aquarist's Nightmare Come True !
  88. strange fish behavior
  89. Aquascaping?! How-to's?? Need help
  90. Collecting plants at the local swamp...
  92. Frankenstein Fish
  93. Great article on Freshwater fish parasites
  94. Have you ever "made" an aquatic plant?
  95. Plant People in the Philadelpha Metro/Tri-State Area
  96. What the world?!?
  97. Plant newbie needs ideas
  98. Oh so many questions from the Newbie!!!
  99. emersed water plants
  100. Newbie Help
  101. Help with proper ID and Care
  102. What kind of plant is this?
  103. Background plants?
  104. 2la Top makes it big time
  105. aponogeton species
  106. fe question
  107. hi, new here - need tips
  108. What is the best cleanup crew?
  109. Free plant for todays trivia question Name the 2 families of
  110. Attack of the Ich!
  111. plant online
  112. Deficiency Question
  113. jobes fern and palm spikes
  114. Foreground Woes
  115. Time to catch up with my tank! What does pearling mean?
  116. ICH help!
  117. Playsand good or bad?
  118. Looking for tiny fish.
  119. New site entrance page
  120. Just logged in and the site is different!
  121. new to planted tanks
  122. Phosphate Test Kit Ingredients
  123. ecospheres
  124. Little Green Anenomes...???
  125. Plants index
  126. Help me with my 55 gallon, sorry long post
  127. GWAPA workshop - DC Metro area
  128. Aquariumcabinet
  129. please answer.
  130. Madagascan now you see it, now you don't
  131. Water Aggitation & CO2?
  132. fish
  133. Article on sunset hygro virus
  134. Plesae answer?
  135. Hello and what is this???
  136. Question about "Lawns"
  137. How do you get rid of RICCIA ????
  138. Can the impossible be done?
  139. Alternate viewing angles
  140. cabomba question
  141. Aponogeton dormancy
  142. Question about Glossostigma....
  143. Name This Native Plant ?
  144. mycrosorum pteropus var windelov
  145. SAEs are feasting on the Java Moss
  146. New photo's coming soon!
  147. Plant id's
  148. halloween bug in my tank Scary 56k warning
  149. Ticking Clock...
  150. Crypt. Balansea
  151. Amano Tanks
  152. Holes and spots?
  153. New updates for members here of
  154. plants for goldfish tank
  155. Question about fert plugs
  156. Virtual aquascape program?
  157. New and need of suggestions for 15g (pic)
  158. how can i improve my aquascape *pic included
  159. 55 gallon
  160. java moss online
  161. Vote: Carbon Inserts?
  162. Best way to ship snails?
  163. What and when are you feeding...
  164. The right kind of foreground plants...
  165. Marilea Crenat? Anyone familiar with this.
  166. how many plants?
  167. Some days I really hate big fish..
  168. Plants are becoming deceased
  169. Siamese Algae Eaters and Rotala Wallichi
  170. Light colored Anubias and algae
  171. 16 gallon? New tank I got for free need suggestions
  172. Newbie questions
  173. Where to buy plants???
  174. Artificial Decorations and toxins...
  175. German Pet Stores
  176. Recommended sources of wood
  177. Sam: This would be a good one for FAQ - Aquascaping
  178. Want to find the plants Amano Uses?
  179. How much in demand are MTS...
  180. Plants that grow on driftwood ?
  181. Jobes Fertilizer Spikes
  182. 20 Gallon long setup ????'s
  183. White dots in water column?
  184. Cheapest setup for 10 or 29 gallon planted
  185. About to give up on ICH? HELP PLZ
  186. is carbon bad?
  187. Java Ferns. This may not be a not so quite new topic
  188. New To Tanks (babble warning)
  189. Anybody here doing Pellia?
  190. Did I get a good deal or what?
  191. Grassy Plant Identification
  192. Phosphate Wars
  193. dark green plants?
  194. Planted Tank Too Hot?
  195. Cleaning the 'ol tank.. watch out.
  196. POLL: em or hate em?
  197. How big are anunias nana petit?
  198. Plant ID!
  199. Where to Buy Java moss In Dallas
  200. New Plant book
  201. I hate tannins! How can i get rid of theM?
  202. how do you sterilize new plants?
  203. True SAE's sellers in MN?
  204. Quick question about lighting/CO2
  205. Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  206. Improving my fertilization
  207. remove hard water/mineral stains from glass?
  208. Jungle Val and Melon Sword questions.
  209. 20 watts over 20 gallons...
  210. 2nd Aquarium Plants Kasselmann, Christel
  211. Plant ID: comes from local pond
  212. Plant ID
  213. Aquariums and stress reduction...
  214. old 150 gallon tank w/crack - need ideas
  215. plant ID
  216. Live Chat: What do you think?
  217. Got a 29 gal. I want sand!
  218. Ludwigia losing colour
  219. TMG dilution
  220. How long can plants be out of water?
  221. WOF (World of Fish!) Tank Sales
  222. New growth on my Crinum thaianum
  223. Old 43 gal tank
  224. First post - co2 question
  225. Young Java Fern Plants -- what to do?
  226. What to do with newly arrived plants
  227. New to plantedtank, Q about new planted tank
  228. Free plants in Portland
  229. Never tell someone if their fish looks sick....!
  230. Eclipse cover ?
  231. Chat room!
  232. Phosphate from NaH2PO4?
  233. Advice for 30g tank
  234. Why do people like discus?
  235. Why are my plants turning brown on the bottom?
  236. Anything else that I need
  237. Tank Weight.
  238. Emergency Kit
  239. Tips for moving large plant
  240. ACK my poor sword!
  241. To Expand Or Not to Expand...
  242. Height of glosso
  243. roots from plants
  244. peat in my filter? how much?
  245. Sealing Aquarium
  246. YAENPTS Question(s) - Yet Another Newbie Planted Tank Setup
  247. Small fast growing stem plants?
  248. What are some small sized plants for a 10 gallon
  249. ground covering for a sand substrate.
  250. How do i know if a plant was growing emersed or submesed?