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  1. SE Asian plants
  2. Greets from a newb
  3. Cardinal Tetra in a planted aquarium - possible?
  4. gravel/sand mix
  5. Cuttin Sword Plantlets, will mother plant send new runners?
  6. Thank you
  7. Riccia prices
  8. Stem plant growth
  9. Increasing stem plants
  10. (un)safe adhesives for aquariums
  11. Growing aquatic Plants Emersed in soil............
  12. Plant I.D.??????
  13. To Bow or not to Bow.
  14. Amazon Sword holes in leaves
  15. Help with flowerin amazon sword
  16. Hazy water
  17. 60 gallon cube setup
  18. help getting tank balance right
  19. water changes bad?
  20. Reuse of Florlite ?
  21. Plant recreation?
  22. coldwater plants
  23. What a trouble
  24. Mild trouble with swords (Pics attached)
  25. Just planted my 58.
  26. Would just a regular home flourescent bulb be good
  27. My first pearl ever!!!!!!!!
  28. what dechlorinator?
  29. Cutting roots harmful?
  30. Planting Riccia
  31. Hagen CO2 and hair algae question
  32. Bio-Chem Zorb and Bio-Chem Stars Questions
  33. Plantex solution?
  34. Best time of the day to dose?
  35. Streams of bubbles
  36. Riccia not flourishing:(
  37. Setting up tank in one day??? Possible??
  38. tiger lotus ?
  39. Plans for the Future
  40. Start-up questions
  41. Disintegrating Plants?
  42. Plants
  43. Does Java Moss...
  44. Is this riccia?
  45. How do I get rid of snails?
  46. Two CO2 for Hagen Reactor
  47. Planting a large water sprite question
  48. can anybody identify this plant...
  49. Momotaro's 15G question
  50. Red Red Red...horemani
  51. Need help setting up fertilization routine?
  52. Indian River Plants
  53. Tearing a Tank Down
  54. SNAILS!
  55. Fess-up
  56. Pennywort
  57. Crystalwort (Riccia Fluitans) work with Cories and Angel?
  58. Could somebody please give me the correct name for these?
  59. Tank status >:o(
  60. Ludwigia sp. 'Pantanal'
  61. no minimum order vendors
  62. Fishes and Co2
  63. Low cost alternative to Flourish Iron
  64. marine planted tank
  65. Learning from Mistakes/Hygro Question…
  66. Java Fern with disintegrating leaves
  67. Question!
  68. how do you plant dwarf hairgrass?
  69. Help plz with red tiger lotus
  70. Algea grouth
  71. GSG: Glosso Stopped Growing
  72. Intensifying the red in red plants
  73. Your wish list
  74. Name this plant??
  75. Planning my 110 Gallon Tank.
  76. Java Fern
  77. Fertilizer dosing woes.....KCl is it good?
  78. Anubias won't sprout new leaves
  79. Plants growing weird????
  80. 800 # for Ebo Jager?
  81. Plant stores in Houston...?
  82. Help! I have tiny white worms in my tank!
  83. Getting A New Tank.. A Few Questions
  84. chemicals and ferts
  85. Changing the rock decor and adding plants to 55 gal cichlid
  86. Interesting evening...
  87. 30 gallon cube tank
  88. I have a critter in may tank that worries me
  90. CO2 reactor and air pump question
  91. Think it's time to clean my Filter?
  92. good plants for my new krib tank
  93. Kasselmann book ready to order
  94. low light plants
  95. Oh, what a nice surprise!!
  96. My setup, what do ya think?
  97. Going from beginner plants to the next level
  98. [b]PVC pipe[/b]
  99. Wisteria and Sword Deficiency?
  100. co2??
  101. My planted tank problems
  102. Think i got everything for my planted tank, anything i miss?
  103. Question for Hagen natural plant Co2 users
  104. Ground covers?
  105. Should I remove my UGF
  106. Experience with Aponogeton boivinianus, A. Ulvaceus
  107. Ferts, where to get them and which ones to use...
  108. wants to use real plants??
  109. What light do plants need?
  110. Contrasting?
  111. Plant Id
  112. Do you guys use carbon in your fishtanks?
  113. Plant growth
  114. Carolina Fanwort
  115. how should i go about cleaning my canister filter?
  116. What is a nice backround plant?
  117. New tank...fertilizer questions and problems
  118. Nice looking Plants for 2 watts/gallon
  119. You gotta love CO2
  120. Where did you get your plants from?
  121. Judges and deadlines for Aquascaping contest with prizes
  122. heat from lights
  123. Building A Tank
  124. Training plants?
  125. Fluorish Excel
  126. Wasserpest...
  127. So...What's it like in a Aquatic Plant Nursery?
  128. Peat in the Filter
  129. Ought a tank have any odor?
  130. How do you clean your tank?
  131. Blue-green spots on my plants
  132. Plant ID ...
  133. Have anyone heard of the Tom Barr System?
  134. help me start a garden
  135. Need Advice.......
  136. Is softwood really toxic?
  137. I heard a thump in the middle of the night
  138. A new way to kill snails?
  139. Planted cichlid tank ?s
  140. Java fern Windelov
  141. What are best fertilizers for my plants?
  142. What type of wood makes good driftwood.
  143. Java fern pruning >>
  144. What are good foreground plants?
  145. Pearling = Healthy?
  146. Good Books
  147. Co2 liquid does it work?
  148. Found another piece of wood...
  149. Can Carbon extend the useful life of DIY CO2 generators?
  150. How to clip plants?
  151. Anyone tried Seachem flourish
  152. adventitious roots
  153. Starting a new tank
  154. My driftwood adventure - Prologue
  155. film on water
  156. 75g Layout, Dutch style?
  157. Ready to start ordering some supplies and I need some help.
  158. liquid fertilizers - at what rate?
  159. Can u guy's post some pics of your Anubias
  160. Sick Sword???
  161. Aquatic Insects
  162. Odd Plant id's 56 k warning
  163. foreground plants
  164. Cloudyness and Flourite
  165. Would i be ok, since i planted this way
  166. Thoughts about water surface movement.
  167. Sunset Hygro
  168. Dormancy Question.
  169. Small plants
  170. I think i got petie anubias, not sure
  171. replacing evap with RO water????
  172. Does this wood look ok??
  174. Strange snail...think its a pest?
  175. GOOD Size Crypts for a 10G Tank
  176. I got some wood wet.
  177. They're out there...
  178. West African planted tank .........
  179. Trimming...
  180. Why does my rotala rotundifolia look different?
  181. CO2 question....
  182. Rotala Wallichii
  183. How long will it take to observe plant improvement with CO2
  184. Cabomba turning brown!
  185. How can i tell if i bought a anubias barteri or nana
  186. Monoselenium Tenerum
  187. Best way to "store" plants while redecorating tank
  188. Ammania bonsai and Nuphar formosa
  189. Boring Output Nozzle Question
  190. Help me with my new tank...
  191. Anubias barteri v. nana "petite" and intense light
  192. Occlusive top made pH decrease
  193. What do u guys think about this Co2 factory
  194. Advice Re Ailing Anubias barteri v. nana
  195. Need some advice
  196. Plants in a temporary home
  197. Greetings, new to the board
  198. Looking for plants, What do u guys think about Anubias nana
  199. Are the bubbles coming out from the plants a good sign
  200. I don't know why I didnt do this before...
  201. Hemianthus callitrichoides?
  202. Plant suggestions needed
  203. Emersed plants, dying leaves, and tank issues :(
  204. Java fern reproducing.....???
  205. Did anyone get good results with flourish excel
  206. Would you get a 65 or a 58?
  207. Blank Canvas 4 footer
  208. Unforseen probs in 10gal
  209. The Language of Plants
  210. Pellia was renamed
  211. Diana Walstad's Methods Discussion
  212. nutrient absorption
  213. My 135 Gallon tank LEAKED!
  214. How do i get rid of water flies
  215. what do u guys use to clean aquarium glass
  216. How to control algae in a low light tank?
  217. Growing Java moss
  218. omg I'm stupid....
  219. Eleocharis acicularis question
  220. newest plant availability limited numbers
  221. red tiger lotus dormancy period?
  222. Are there any ways to reduce glass reflection?
  223. How to identify an MTS?
  224. Grade B Glosso?
  225. Aquarium salt in planted tank
  226. new tank Ph level question.
  227. Must-Haves
  228. Ammonium alum for snail removal?
  229. Time to remodel...
  230. Java Fern Help!
  231. Plant suggestions
  232. PVC Pipes
  233. Planning something Scary
  234. Bubbling plants... ?!?
  235. Aquascaping Question: How in the world do you create DEPTH?
  236. Aquaria Eliteism
  237. Has anybody put in an entery?
  238. Glosso Carpets
  239. Plants growing in completely WHITE
  240. Plant ID !!
  241. temp range for hairgrass
  242. Stream tank (decent current) -- glosso or hairgrass?
  243. Tank getting hot?
  244. Training submersed growth to grow emersed
  245. Plants are in the mail...what should I do to prepare?
  246. Fish pond gunk....good fertilizer?
  247. Basics for Planted Tank
  248. Aquarist's Nightmare Come True !
  249. strange fish behavior
  250. Aquascaping?! How-to's?? Need help